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September 09, 1972 - Image 8

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Michigan Daily, 1972-09-09

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Page Eight THE MICHIGAN DAILY Saturday, September 9, 1972

. Page Eight


Saitueday, September 9, 1972

A look at book buying

Rice shortages touch off riots
in Cambodia, threaten regime

S ..

Getting the best deal on textbooks is easier
said than done. You can spend hours tramp-
ling over students' weary bodies in the Uni-
versity Cellar's maze to get the lowest prices
on new books
But you may. also find that the Cellar's
used book prices are either the same or slight-
ly higher than those at Follett's or Ulrich's.
And the Cellar's used books are often marked

at different prices - varying as much as 50
cents on the same book - even though they
are apparently in the same condition.
It is difficult to draw any conclusions about
price differences between Follett's and Ul-
rich's. Ulrich's, however, seems to have a
more complete stock.
This list should not be interpreted as the
final word on prices. It is intended only as a
rough guide, using as examples eight of the
most demanded books for this fall's classes.


Anthropology 223
"Sorcerers of Dobu"
Chemistry 227
"Experimental Methods in
Organic Chemistry"
English 350
"Complete Works of
Shakespeare" (Harrison-ed.)
English Language Institute
"English Pronounciation"
History 101
History of Art 103
"Love's Body"
Math 286
"Elementary Differential
Psychology 170
"How to Lie with Statistics"

'U' Cellar
new used
$ 2.14 $ 1.60
$ 7.40 $ 5.70,
$ 6.00
$10.40 $ 8.20
$ 2.80 2.10
$ .65 $ .50
$ 1.95 $ 1.35
$10.70 $ 8.45
$ 1.95 $ 1.35,
$ 1.45

new used
$ 2.25 $ 1.30
not in
not in $10.10,
$ 2.95 $ 2.25
$ .65 $ .45
$ 1.95 not in
$11.25 $ 8.40
$ 1.85 $ 1.45

new used
$ 2.25 $ 1.50
$ 7.75 $ 5.75
$10.95 $ 7.75
$ 2.95 $ 2.20
$ .65 $ .45
$ 1.95 $ 1.30
$11.95 $ 8.95
$ 1.95 $ 1.40

By The Associated Press
A severe rice shortage in the
Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh
has touched off massive rioting in
the city's market districts.
Yesterday, hundreds of Cambo-
dian troops pillaged rice shops in
the downtown areas while Presi-
dent Lon Nol appealed for an
American or South Vietnamese air-
lift to relieve the increasingly des-
perate situation.
Lon Nol further accused "sub-
versives" of buying rice to drive
the prices up.
Many observers believe the crises
could topple Lon Nol's two and
one half-year-old regime.
The rice shortage is being
caused, incpart,becausesCommu-
nist forces have cut Highway 5
between the capital and the na-
tion's rice growing areas.
First-quality rice has more than
seek unionI

tripled in price in the last few
SMeanwhile,in South Vietnam Lt.
Gen. Nguyen Van Minh-entrusted
with the defense of Saigon-claim-
ed the North Vietnamese are now
incapable of anything b e y o n,d
"making noise" in the capital re-
This optimistic assessment, how-
ever, was contradicted by U.S.
military officials who are worried
about a new Communist buildup-
especially among Viet Cong forces.
They are especially concerned
about the fact that the Communists
now control a swath of territory
along the entire 200 mile Cambo-
dian border. They2say it is doubt-
ful the South Vietnamese will be
able to mount a campaign to re-
gain this territory in the near
Near Da Nang, tank-led North
Vietnamese assaults have isolated
40,000 civilians near the town of
Tien Phuoc.
American officers said only 2,000
civilians have been able to flee
the battle zone. An estimated
7n Ann,«,..,remain - rn . L1..^-uuc w -

Kompong Trabeck was besieged
by Communists in the spring and
then recaptured by South Vietna-
mese in July.
Man injured
in fall from
'U structure
A 26 year old Ann Arbor man
jumped or fell from a level of the
University's Th o mp so0n Street
parking structure yesterday after-
noon, injuring himself seriously.
Local police identified the man
as Richard Illy of 2001 Brampton
Ct. Illy is not a student at the'
The fall occurred at about 1:30
p.m. A witness at the scene, Rob-
ert Jongward, a psychology grad-
uate student, said that he heard
a scream and saw Illy hit the
pavement directly in front of the
parking structure entrance.

+ +;
S x
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. .:.! i::vC City .
_ _ _ :?-F.+ i? : ::iii?:Y.r"..... :4 Yf.'Y{ :.
:: ::.:................................ .
........................:::::::::::. ::::::.v:.i::' vCi"}:i ...w:::::.:::::::.:v::: i:{3i::-S:- :::::::::::::v: r: vx:::::.
.......... ...............: 4^"' v.:.
........................... -:: ii:-::::-i}: }}i: is-: i:"iii: : }iii'-:.::{:: i:'1::% iiii:}:}4}?{y:": }}:..:...,J: ...?in4 ":"::: " r
W 4 ' . trr:?rr ": J v ri<v}:.J}v.,n. :: '.;.v:: titit
- o-_k :. ::::.;::.}:- r.t..+ : ... - :".a"}'r:":':":::Y' ".v.": .r":'?Y} .t:1".?{;: ,.'44.J
.. ' r., 4 rn;t.t :}J:v;"r: :""::::.i;Y:y;>{ > ..:t+.t r
..........:.......... v::::::::::::::::... _......: -::: n-::.:v::::::.v:: ..............- ' t r :"x..: :.. x.: {yY:>YJ:":.v..:r":: S:h
"tY %k%:: ::f ty r :%iY'.L>:'r. }J JR"i'%Y" i:;' 3: ;;:;:;;
- :%i}fvr::::nr:::n":ntv.v::i.}}}"}}'i}}}}i}r}}i<:t:::}i::?:y;i:;:;:j;::}'{':' iu:::=_ii :'?{:
..............: ........... ................. ........x:::::::.:- :::n.,:"::. '"i: ........ .: - ": i:"J?:%i:?-ii:- i:{%'i:i y-:i;i. 'y 'L n
..... ......... r::.. -"::"}:: ii}::J} %' .::i ..::- ' £ :": is .... .. ..... ....:: .v::.! -::.y::::
:.:vy:::. ".v::
-:::::::":.:?-.v:::::"} ....... .::": :::?i'}}:-}i:. ... :: i: ':%iii=}:i?}ii::-}:": :i?'.}::"::CC-}: i}:}: }::::.v::::::::::..v::::":::.v-: t ::n}:"h$$-,:.
.........:::.:v:::::: ............ ":.::::.::: i::4:-}}i}:3:::{C-:::.: :::::.: ..................................... v r'%%f-:"JJ:n. r:.:..:.
::.r:":"r::::.. .}:::.}::.;}:::.: :.: .:..::--:::.:.: .-::: "::.}::: :.: ..-:: .. _.::, ns:.. :4..:Y,.;:,.:.r::;':.;;:::::.}'":.;:-}:.::.}-::-::::: .:. : ..{::'J':;;;r .xJ:.
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..:::::.v:v:::.v: ::::: ................... .................. :..":::::: :: ..::: nom;::::: :-::.v::::::::::::::.:..... ....
, p -::.v.Yn}:{"i}JiJ:^::.C4:::: J}:}:{:C }}::v >:::-:ii:_:>::^::}:-i:: ::}: i::C":1. :{i::i:-:: }i:::;:Cv: Y:.:::{v::.":.: x:..:. tr:::;,.}jv{:
:': :::ii.:...::: :::isi::.:.:v::i::T:C"'::isi::i:::i::'F:?i:::::{{:i:..: J.:v ::":%:.v:::::: ':.:.}iii:::: i:::.ii::..: _:.ii:::"::!: yr .. :;:. .}:.:.... .:'.:-" :x:v:: r::::::: -::.;i ::i.;{4:. _{
- - ;+}rv
4 .v::::::::::.8}}J:v:J:"J}:i:}:-}::O:J:.-iC?":}}i:}}::}}Ji}:}Y:}}}}:JJ:::" ..: ......... ................... .... v::"r}tt rl.....:."}:
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.. ...... ........::: -.v.n"..........................._..........,.::v::::::...... v:. ::::::: :::. ::::::::. _::::: :"::.-::.v:::.v ...
ti::{{ i:%iji:in%.::}::;isisis":.:}-:.:-..v:.'::.}:....,..,.: ...Y...: _ __ v: r:":
?r .ii%:t':: J: }iii:%ii:-:.: ::%ii:>.%i:i::.'.': i: :Y _ ::-:i:%'%i "iiii::::::%ry;? _ - __
:v. S: - :: {J:"::vi},:i"C-}:y:4 :fit .ft.
:" 4ii+%ii:v:}i:-i:: iiii ::iiiii:-i=i: r::%i: : iiii::%:iii=: :?;:?ij;:::::%:ii:}r iii: :%i:ii:%:-'rya::;::C i}::-i;I-:i::: ::v}:: -: }i: ::C i}}J::yv:-
. 4
: .} :+- CY
..ni:%i7XYAPMIIFi:yv:{:rt'r::i::;:; i:t:}:'y:r,{:} x::'t:r'':;:jr {v Si i: ;:%'r: i::i::ii::}y:.:": ':..
,...-.. -... _. ..:........:.-:":.v::..v:::. i:; i??}:iv:}:J}}}isnv}}:-?:JJii:C{4i}:"}i>:-:ri}2::"}J:i:-. r.n r.

City crime rate increasing

(Continued from Page 1)
record player for $10 the person
interested must have an idea that
it was stolen," Krasny says. The
answer is to refuse to buy.
Krasny dismisses criticism of
his department for its inability to

control the crime wave.
"We can only do so much. Peo-
ple have to assume some respon-
sibility for their own protection,",
the police chief says.
But while Krasny may be con-
vinced that the burden of pre-

Rep. Schmitz claims U.S.
indirectly aids N. Viets

LANSING (/P) - Rep John
Schmitz, American Party candi-
date for president, said yesterday
the real "dynamite issue" of the
presidential campaign is that the
"United States is furnishing the
sinews of war" to both sides in
Schmitz said American has fur-
nished the technology to the So-
viet Union that enables it to build
weapons to supply the North Vi-

Speaking at a news conference
here, the California congressman
said that both American blue col-
lar and white collar workers have
been put out of work by having the
"technology transferred to a com-
He said the competitor, the So-
viet Union, then uses "slave la-
bor to build up a war machine"
to furnish materials to "the other
side in a no-win war."


vention lies more on the victims
of crime than on the police, others
on campus will disagree.
One high ranking University
safety official continues to main-
tain, although privately, that the
only answer to crimes against stu-
dents is the establishment of an
autonomous University p o l i c e
force, coupled with a freeing ofI
.Ann Arbor officers to patrol the
rest of the community.
But that is unlikely to happen.I
Both University administratorsI
and city officials seem happy with
the present arrangement, with oneI
police force - subsidized by the
University - handling both tasks.
In the meantime, students
might do well to remember the old
adage that an ounce of preven-
tion - in the form of locked doors
and increased vigilance - isI
worth more than a pound of cure.1
How good is
ID system?
(Continued from Page 1)
partment's offices in city hall, 100
N. Fifth Ave.
But just how successful Opera-a
tion Identification has been in its
one year of trial in Ann Arbor re-
mains a mystery.
Despite their enthusiasm for the
scheme, police are unable to pro-
vide any concrete statistics prov-!
ing the program either a success
or a failure.
A major flaw of the program -
despite the insistence of police
that it acts as a deterrent - is
that only about one per cent of all
stolen property is recovered, and
so even if items are engraved,
they will not necessarily find their
way back to their owners.
Despite the flaws of the pro-
gram the police and local insur-
ance agents have so far persuaded
about 5,000 individuals to join the
plan. The city has a population of
over 150,000.

30,000 remain in Tlien Phiuoc dis-1
(Continued from Page 1) trict, about 40 miles south of Da
seen by the improved financial Nang, and another 10,000 are trap-
status of faculty members at ped in Hau "Duc district, eight
places where they have bargain- miles east of Tien Phuoc.
ing." In Cambodia, troops guarding the
Fusfeld says a new bargaining strategic town of Kompong Tra-
system if it succeeds will aug-. beck have been cut off by Com-
ment but not replace the old con- munist-led battalions reportedlyC
sultation scheme. backed by tanks which forced
"We're still very much in fa- troops to withdraw from eight po-
vor of consultation," he says. "It sitions along Highway 1 leading
just doesn't work well, that's all." to the town.
The poll which showed most of --
the faculty to be dissatisfied was
organized by an ad hoc group of D elhe v de m
faculty members. It was distribu- D e
ted to 2,700 faculty members, a hed n
sizable majority, and 700 replies (Continued from Page 1)
were received. stated, was not issued because
Forty-three per cent of those re- Mason admitted that Harvey neith-1
sponding favored "some sort of er struck nor attempted to strikei
collective bargaining," 25 per cent him.
were dissatisfied with current pro- A malicious destruction of prop-
cedures, and 32 per cent were op- erty warrant was not issued, ac-
posed to any sort of collective bar- cording to Delhey, because "the
gaining. evidence of what was allegedlyt
In addition to Fusfeld, the UM- destroyed (the film) is not avail-
ACB will be headed by engineer- able to this office."
ing Prof. William L. Porter, vice Mason expressed no surprise at
president; speech Prof. Donald the news of Delhey's decision. "Ii
Sharf, secretary; and education didn't think they would go for aE
Prof. William Medlin, treasurer. warrant," he said.
The group's executive board in- Postill also said he was not sur-
cludes the officers, as well as prised.
psychology Prof. William Gerler, "I have in the past asked the
education Prof. Gale Jensen, biol- prosecutor for warrants against
ogy Prof. William Murphy, art Harvey. He continues to protect the
Prof. Jon Rush, and social work sheriff," Postill said.
Prof. Robert Segal. In 1968 Postill sought warrants
Army spying uncovered
(Continued from Page 1) constitutional rights of speech, re-
It is believed that there are or ligion, association and petition."
have been two army intelligence
offices in Ann Arbor - one at the The CONARC files' credibility is
Army Reserve Training Unit on S. as much in question as their con-
Industrial Highway, and one in a stitutionality. For example, they
small suite of offices on the second claim the rally at which they ob-
floor of the Armory near City Hall. served Fleming was sponsored by
Repeated inquiries at these two the Students for a Democratic So-
offices by reporters have yielded no ciety, when SDS actually had little
comments.0if anything to do with the protest.
Modern military surveillance be- Each .person in the intelligence
gan in the 1960's during the riots files is given a nine-digit number-
in major U.S. cities. After a year Fleming's, for example is 000004282.
of research, Ervin concluded that Ervin's subcommittee thinks t h e
most of the reports "pertain to the numbers may refer to yet ano-
peaceful activities of nonviolent ther computer file containing even
citizens lawfully exercising their more information.

involved in an abortive attempt to
form a union.
Warrants were denied in each
Harvey could not be reached for:
comment yesterday on Delhey's



A large crowd of students and Bus routes-as
other passerbys drawn by sirens
watched as ambulance attendants ( MOST MODERN SYSTEM
worked over the prostrate form of
Illy, lying in, a pool of blood. The BRUNSWICK, Germany (AP)
injured man was then bundled The most modern high magnetic
into an ambulance and taken to field system in Europe, for re-
St. Joseph's Hospital. search in atomic and nuclear phy-
Illy, suffering from head and sics, is located at the Physical In-
abdominal injuries, is expected to stitute of the Technical University;
survive. of Brunswick.
___rv___e. _The Bitter-Magnet can reach an
attracting force of 200,000 Gauss-
one million times greater than the
Ies w arrant magnetic field of the earth.
About 350 tons of water must be
pumped through the magnet hour-
against Harvey for allegedly hiring ly to keep the copper discs of
out-of-state deputies as strike- t
breakers and threatening deputies the magnet from melting during
.. _1--A - _-+- -++_ use.

Have a flair for
artistic writing?
if you are interest-
ed in reviewing
drama, dance, fim
or writing feature
stories a b o u t the
arts: Contact Arts
Editor, c/o The
Michigan Daily.
Ann Arbor Alumni Chapter
invites all members to a
Sat., Sept. 9, 2 p.m.
1931 Coronado, Ann Arbor
For Information 665-2209

U of M Barbers
and Hairstylists
8:30 a.m. thru 5:15 p.m.
Monday thru Saturday

Daily Map by Cindy Hall
they are now
Student Football
Priority groups 3, 2 and 1 will
be expected to have one stu-
dent in line for each four tickets
at all times.
As in the past grouping of
more than four tickets will be
permitted with entrance at the
Group door.
Entrance to the Yost Field
House will be from the South
State Street doors and hours of
distribution will be from 8:30
a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Distribution dates a r e as
Group 3 Sept. 11
Group 2 Sept. 12
Group 1 Sept. 13
Roman armies marching into
Spain and Northern Europe took
cats with them as pets.
207 E. Liberty


The Daily Official Bulletin is an
official publication of the Univer-
sity of Michigan. Notices should be
406 E. Jefferson, before 2 p.m. of
the day preceding publication and
by 2 p.m. Friday for Saturday and
Sunday. Items appear once only.
Student organization . notices are
not accepte ,for publication. For
Mnore information, phone 764-9270.

Computing Ctr. Films: "Basic Use of
the IBM 029 Card Punch," Aud. D,
Angell Hail, 4, 7, & 8 pm.
Computing Ctr. Films: "Advanced
Use of the IBM 029 Card Punch," Aud.
D, Angell Hali, 4:30, 7:30, & 8:30 pm.
Carillon Concert: Hudson Ladd,
Univ. carilloneur,:Burton Memorial
Tower, 7 pm.
Computing Center: "The Use of
Engle, Seminar Rm., omp. Ctr., 7:30
Music School: Mark Gruett, baritone


"Introduction to Peace Research:
Methods and Models in the Quest for a Warless World"
Political Science 491, Section 036 "@4 Hours Credit 0 No prerequisites.
The course will meet from 7 to 9 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
Further information is available in 4549 L.S.&A. Bldg.-or come to the
first meeting on Sept. 12 at 7:00 p.m. in B-116 Modern Languages Bldg.
Sponsored by the Peace Research Applications Group and
the L.S,&A. Student Government
Advising Instructor: PROF. J. DAVID SINGER, Dept. of Political Science

TV Center Film: "The Computer doctoral, Sch. of Mus. Recital Hall,
Revolution," wWJ-TV, Channel 4, 8 pm.
Music School: Mu Phi and Sigma Al- CAREER PLANNING & PLACEMENT
ph~u Schol: nus le3200 SAB
pha Iotas Joint Musicale, School's Re- j
cital Hall, 2:30 p.m. INTERVIEWS AT CAREER PLAN-
Music School: Steven Silverman, pi- NING & PLACEMENT: Sept. 11 & 12
ano, Sch. of Mus. Recital Hall, 8 pm. U.S. Navy & U. S. Marine Corps will
each have two Officer Selection Of-
ficers in this office to interview can-
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER ii .didates interested in obtaining a cam-
SACUA Meeting: 4th Floor, Ad. mission.
Bldg., 2 pm. U of M Baha'i Student Group meet-
Computing Center "Introduction to ing, Sept. 15, 8 PM. Michigan League
U-M BASIC," Seminar Rm., Computing Conference Rooms No. 3 & 4. Films,
Center, 3 pm. ' songs, and discussion.






5+.<' i:?:{}}y: is r:;i:iW:i.. ""::4'f."ii:i }i:
{t :+? r i:. '"i:: is
: ;


tiz'z y N<: .... .. h ...............

....n ........... .. }........... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ....
Are you interested in that
GRACE BIBLE CHURCH -1300 S. Maple Road (at Pauline)
Meet our college-age Bible study groun (ALPHA-OMEGA
FELLOWSHIP)-over 80 U of M students who meet each
Sunday morning to study the Bible
Light Dinner - Fun - Fellowship - No Charge
P i l C~rne nt lgnc +Angw _ #

10 Speed

Imported Bicycle FREE
new Toyota or "quality checked" used car


__. ____

with purchase ofi
One-half ton pickup, V-8, 3-
speed, radio, 672 ft. fleetside
6-cylinder, automatic, radio,
new tires.

'71 DATSUN "510"
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5-speed, AM-FM radio, mags,
radial tires, extra sharp, 27,000
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356C Coupe
Sharp finish, runs good,
clean for a '64.


TOYOTAS, 100% warranty
Corolla 1600 4-door, 4-speed,
a low mileage car.
4-door sedan, automatic, clean


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