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April 06, 1975 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1975-04-06

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Sunday, April 6, 1975


Page Nine

Sunday, April 6, 1975 THE MICHiGAN DAILY








City Planning

City income

Top three budget

Allocation of
revenue sharing

Day care

Rent control


Crime control

Mass transit

Pet Control


James Stephenson
Al Wheeler

Opposed. "A bad Opposed. "Would Opposed. "It is con- Favors widening Opposed. "I support a rape 1. Better streets and Supports Citizens' Favors increased Opposes city-wide
way to operate the not encourage ducive to graveyar State St., Geddes squad." Police bud- roads. 2. Control ov- Committee report. and expanded leash ordinance,
city's budget." growth." voting." Rd. get is adequate." er city spending and mass transit.
ducive to graveyard taxes. 3. Reduction
of crime rate.
"Opposed because it Opposed. Supports. "A step Repair of present "Would support "I support a rape 1. Accountability Supports Democrat- Favors increased Restrain loose dogs.
is sloppily written." "Too long and slop-- in the right direc- streets comes before some kind of grad- squad. I am op- for city finances. ic proposal for and expanded mass Increase number of
pily written. tion." we build new ones. uated income tax." posed to building 2. Human services CDRS funds. transit. dog wardens.
more jails." 3. Become an active
lobbyist for city.

Carol Ernst




Opposes money for
new street construc-

Favors "steeply
graduated income

Would cut back on
police budget. Sup-
ports rape squad.

1. Reorient social
services. 2. Affir-
mative action. 3.
Cross communica-

Supports HRP
CDRS proposal.

Favors closing
areas of city to cars
and using shuttle

Opposes leash law.
City should set up
dog areas.


Karen Graf
Liz Taylor

Opposed. Proposal Opposed. "It will Opposed. "It leaves "There must be Opposed. "Would "Cut crime with job "City upkeep, gar- "Citizens of the "Expand the bus "Dogs should be
is too vague." have a disastrous ef- too many unans- community input in hurt low income training. Give peo- bage collection, fire community made system. Make dial- kept under control."
fect. We have wered questions." development." families more than ple alternatives to protection." their decision. a-ride on time."
enough problems." property tax." crime.'
Opposed. "City Opposed. "Supports Supports. "Make Supports zoning "We should have "Putting police on a. Reallocate money "Hire more housing "Get more people to "Low license fees
Council should fund the concept of Rent participation in elec- changes to allow some combination foot patrol will cut within police dept. inspectors. Give use busses. Expand and high fines en-
day care." Control, however. tions as easy as pos- residence in busi- property and income down on burglar- b. cut personnel ex- landlords subsidies service, build rider- couraging neutering
sible." ness areas. tax." ies." penses for adminis- for improvements." ship." of animals."
trators. c. More
money to social

David Goodman

Supports. "Passage
is vital."

Supports. "Rent
Control alleviates
high rents and poor

Supports. "Voting is
a right, not a privi-
lege. Registration
with drivers license
renewal a possible

"Top priority is low
cost housing. Rede-
velop downtown and
discourage urban

"Opposes city
income tax without
rent control."

"More emphasis on
curbing violent
crimes like rape."

a. Human service
programs. b. Hous-
ing inspection for
rental housing.
c. tougher enforce-
ment of anti-discri-
mination laws.

"CDRS was mandat-
ed for low income
people." a. Human
Services. b. Hous
ing needs. c. Job

Supports 24-hour

Supports restraint
laws. Dislikes loose



Bob McDonough
Carol Jones
Frank Shoichet

Supports. But op- Supports. "It's a Supports. "100 per- Wants large park Supports. "Severely Thinks crime will 1. Rent control and "Whole gamut of Feels Dial-A-Ride "Teach responsibil-
posed to wording. well written, solid cent in favor." incorporating Huron graduated income drop with movement day care. 2. City- city services could inadequate, wants ity about pets; un-
ordinance." River and bike tax" over current to central ci:y. wide recycling. be provided." 24 hour service, in- claimed strays
paths. property taxes. 3. City gov. support- creased public should be put
ing consumers. transportation. away.
Supports. "Would Supports. "Feels Supports. "The city Sewage treatment Favors graduated Omit victimless 1. Social services. "Gear money to- Needs improvement, Supports neuteriza-
like to see even tenants here are in ought to do every- plant over capacity; income tax; "Peo- crimes to give cops 2. Building and wards low and mo- favors all-night op- tion of strays and
more money allo- desperate situation thing to get these new parks and low ple who have more more time on beats. safety dept. derate income peo- eration, revision of extermination by
cated for day care." from high rents." people registered cost housing. money pay more." 3. Youth services. ple for social current routes. humane society.
who can be." services.

Supports. "Will fund
almost half the
needed spaces."

Supports. "Ann Ar-
bor's high rents
speak for them-

Supports. "Voting i
a right, not a privi-

"We need 6000 units
of low cost hous-

"Only equitable with
rent control."

"Cut ripoffs by
shifting some of the
money spent on ad-
min. and fancy
equipment to heroin
detoxification pro-


Day care.
Health care.
Improving hous-
ing code enforce-

See 7, take steps so
city can subsidize
new housing.

Beginning to work.
Should have all nite

Encourage spaying
and neutering.



Robert Henry

Opposed. "I'm not Opposed. "Rent con- Opposed. "It would "We need industrial "We don't necessar- "I don't believe in 1. Police, fire. Supports the Citi- "When AATA gets Favors leash law.
in favor of subsidiz trol has never dem- create a tremendous development be- ily need a city in- citizens review 2. Street repair, zens Advisory working, we'll see
ing day care cen- onstrated its useful- problem." cause we need more come tax." boards." cleaning. Board proposals. an eficient system."
ters." ness." tax revenues." 3. Human services.
Opposed. "It's not Opposed. "Land- Supports. "It en- "Against new roads. "I can't see it ever "There isn't much 1. Police and fire. Child care and "Dial-a-Ride pro- "To do a really good
clear what money lords and owners courages more peo- Downtown should getting passed." police can do. I 2. Transportation. medical services. vides a good, econo- job we'll need
would be used for." would not invest in ple to register." be re-developed." don't believe in a 3. Water, sewage, mical transportation more dogcatchers."
maintenance." civilian review and garbage. system."

Michael Broughton

Everett Guy

Supports. "We have
something concrete
with day care."

Supports. "New
construction here is
too expensive."

Supports. "The
more people regis-
tered, the more rep-
resentation there

Opposes growth.
"We need to main-
tain streets, not
build new ones."

Opposed. "I don't
think the solution is
more taxation."

"I'm not sure what
they can do."


Health care.

Alternative services,
ie. Ozone House and
Free People's

"AATA is a very
good start, but not
adequate yet."

"The spaying clinic
is a right-on idea.

Ron Trowbridge
Bill Bronson
Judy Gibson

Opposed. "People Opposed. "It would Opposed. "It would "Natural areas Supports city in- "Give police the 1. Roads. "I approve of the Supports a thorough Supports a leash
stuffed with taxes be a disaster for enable one party to should remain so. come tax with a equipment they 2. Parking in decision reached by city-wide transit law.
want no more." students." preclude others." Growth must be "resonable ceiling." need." Southeast Ann the citizen's com- system.
stringently con- Arbor. mittee."
trolled." 3. Housing.
Supports. Opposed. "Wording Supports. "More low income Would support a Speed up police 1. Road repair. Money allocated Favors more bus- Supports a leash
is bad. Landlords housing, a clamp on graduated city in- response time, put 2. Dog control. should go for human sing to outlying law.
need to make a liv- industrial growth." come tax. more police on ordinances, services, city areas.
ing too." streets. 3. Change city fi-
nancial priorities.

Supports. "Day care
situation is super-
ior t9 nuclear

Supports. "It will
encourage mainten-
ance, capital im-
provement without
hurting landlords."

Supports. "Voting is
a right, not a privi-

Opposes Main St.
bypass and State St.

Favors graduated
income tax, opposes
anticipation notes.

Legalize heroin and
barbituates under a
controlled system.


Human services.
Mass transit.
More economic
running of city

More money for
human services.

Supports Dial-a-ride
and improvement of
bus system.

Favors leash ordi-

Gerald Bell
Dnin White

Opposes. "Bill fi- Opposed. "An ex- Opposed. "Bill vio- "The city should "Flat income tax "Violent crime re- 1. Road repair. Likes budget pass- "AATA not doing "I don't have any
nancially unwise ampl of people ex- lates state law and determine the ar- more just than duction might ne- 2. Police and fire. ed by council. job. Expand service solutions."
and poorly written." perimenting with gives no insurance chitecture of new straight property cessitate increasing 3. Snow and gar- to downtown."
city government." of fairness." construction." tax." police budget." bage removal.
Opposed. Opposed, but willing Supports. Right to "Growth should be "An attractive idea "Foot and bike 1. Restructure 1. Day care ($400,- "Moree regular "Effectively elforce
to look at ordinance vote is a basic towards higher den- but needs more patrols would re- weight and gas tax 000). 2. Public routes should te the present ordi-

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