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November 22, 1974 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1974-11-22

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Friday, November ZZ, 19 11


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Speaker talks on assassination theories

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According to Cohen the assas-
sination of John Kennedy in
1963 was a military coup ex-t
ecuted by the Cowboys. Cohen
claims they arranged a con-
spiracy to kill the President,<
and put their own Cowboy, Lyn-i
don Johnson, in power.
Cohen attempted to back his
theory with a myriad of relatedl
facts, claiming that Oswald1
couldn't have killed Kennedy,
and that he was patsy, framed'
by the conspirators.
"OSWALD'S friends said he
couldn't hit the broad side of a
barn, much less a moving tar-
get," said Cohen. "Just before
he was killed by Ruby, he yelled
out to newsmen in the police
station 'I'm just a patsy, II
didn't kill anyone'," Cohen con-
"The W a r r e n Commission
made him out to be a poor con-
fused communist, when he was
actually working for the CIA.
Even his mother said she be-
lieved he was working for either,
CIA or Naval intelligence,"
Cohen maintained.
Cohen also disputes the War-
ren Commission's final theory
on how Kennedy was killed and
former Texas Governor John
Connally wounded.
He called the Commission's
explanation "The magic bullet
theory. The report concludes
that Kennedy and Connally were
hit by the same bullet, a bullet
W~~~6 -

which first went through Ken-
nedy, hit Connally in the should-
er, went through his shoulder
then through his wrist, and fin-
ally hit his knee. Then this
same bullet fell out of Connally
at Parkland Hospital, perfectly
intact and clean."
COHEN maintained that at
least three people fired at the
presidential limousine, forming
a triangulation of fire, and it
was the last shot entering from

the front, not the back as the
Warren Report claims, that!
killed Kennedy.
The famed Zapruder film, a
color home movie of the assas-
sination was shown to the ex-
cited crowd last night, and Co-E
hen claimed it supported his
theories. "You can clearly see
that Kennedy's head snaps!
back, like you would expect if
someone was hit from the
front," Cohen said.
Cohen went on to claim that

the JFK killing was only the
first in a series designed to
keep the Cowboys in power.
Cohen also asserted Bobby Ken-
nedy's death was planned by
the Cowboys because he p:sed
a threat to them, and insured
Nixon's election. Cohen said the
attempt on Alabama Governor
George Wallace's life in 1Q72
was also engineered by the
Cowboys to put him out of ac-
tion and guarantee Nixon's re-

Court grants tuition refund

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University could be faced withE
another demand on its precar-
ious financial situiation.
Administrators have budgeted
ing disposition of the case. This
a $1.4 million reserve fund pend-
money would be used to fi-
nance refund requests.C
BUT THE refunds may easily
exceed $1.4 million. If only 20!
per cent of the 9,000 students!
affected qualify for thesrefund,
and if the average fee differ-I

Use Dai.y Classifieds

resident tuition rates gave to CARPENTER said yesterday
go up." that either he or another at.r-
All students who qualify for "ey would sit in at all sessons
refunds will be notified as s on involving the refund requests,
as litigation is over, according acisioumaingdemadeatlic
to Carpenter. They will then cision making be made pubac.
have three months to apply for Another possible dispute over
the money, or else forfeit all the erms of the refund proced-
rights in the matter.ure involves the character of
righs i themater.the residency rules. Daane said
It is unclear whether hear- that the new special regulations
ings will be held before Uni- would be similar to zurrent res-
versity officials, or whether a idency regulations.
process similar to that now Those regulations, w h i ch
employed by administartors to have been criticized as too
determine in-state status will tough by many students, re-
be used. Presently, students de- q',ire a one yearstate tesi-
srnresidency submit data to dency, plus evidence of inten-
siring tion to reside in Michigan on a
administrators, who then make permanent basis. This evidence
their decisions in closed meet- can include tax payments, car
ings and with little explanation registration, ownership of prop-
of their decisions. erty and other data.


The Tech Nihi Thanksgiving, Sale

ence is calculated to be $1, 00
over two full terms, the total
is $1.8 million.
Vice President for State Re-
lations Richard Kennedy said.
last night that Governor Mil-
liken's plan to ask for a 1.5 per,
cent reduction in this year's!
University spending, coupled
with the threat of the refunds
would prompt "a lot of rethink-
Asked about a tuition increase,
he said, "I don't think you can
rule out anything at this point."
Kennedy said that there' was,
however," a great deal of feel-
ing within the administration
and the Regents againstrany
further increases in tuition.'
DAANE, however, raised the!
spectre of a fee increase. "To
the extent that everyone getsI
resident tuition," he said, "thel


ERIM delays request
for county funding

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If that's how your radio or
music system sounds, get rid
of the turkey. Buy a better
system at The Annual Tech
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122 East Washington St.
Ann Arbor.

DELI at Hillel
Sunday, Nov. 24
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ers in either a general or spe-
cial election.
"The resolution to authorize
Industrial Development Reve-
nue Bonds through direct vote
in the County is fair, and may
be a very helpful course of ac-
tion at some later date," Brown
stated in the memo.
Opposition to the ERIM move
has come from many sides. The
Ann Arbor School Board, for
instance, opposed the re-location
because the new site would be
tax exempt.
SEVERAL ad hoc organiza-
tions staged a protest prior to
the board meeting, attacking
ERIM's alleged war research.
Previously Brown defended
ERIM's work - half of which
is financed by the Department

of Defense - because the re-
sults could be put to non-mili-
tary uses.
Currently ERIM employs
about 440 persons and is engag-
ed in operations concerning
medical technology, pollution,
optics, and radar.
Apparently ERIM will seek
either federal or state assist-
ance in funding its relocation.
ERIM is currently still planning
to shift its operations into the
"For the immediate future
ERIM does not request any de-
finitive action on the part of
the Board (of commissioners);
however, we hope you retain an
affirmative outlook with respect
to assisting ERIM when assist-
ance becomes necessary,"
Brown told the county in his



l IJc1

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* caarbi
gar 1
key and
em by the'
the trim-
ned quali-
tely so
jer roost-

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L _ __
I .

I . i
j I
,, !
_ T-_ _.
,r < ,, , -.

Probably not. All things considered you do
what you do pretty doggone well. After all, no one
has taken your job. And you're eating regularly.
But have you ever considered what doing your
job just a little better might mean?
Money. Cold hard coin of the realm.
If each of us cared just a smidge more about
what we do for a living, we could actually turn that
inflationary spiral around. Better products, better
service and better management would mean savings
for all of us. Savings of much of the cash and frayed
nerves it's costing us now for repairs and inefficiency.
Point two..By taking more pride in our work
we'll more than likely see America regaining its
strength in the competitive world trade arena. When
the balance of payments swings our way again we'll
all be better off economically.
So you see-the only person who can really
do what you do any better is you.


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