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December 06, 1970 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1970-12-06
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Page Six


Sunday, December 6, 1970

Sunday, December 6, ]974


And Pooh's search continues...

...-~ ' ~ *~ ,~Tter h..F'-.. , r^~'~ - ' - d -'nn;iU r,!aiit a!Wf . n' i5 .'-sz... -TL _4a.. '.. ".i." "._".

.. .Images

(Continued from Page 5)
did, who didn't he store up hay-
corns for the cold season? Now
they are all covered with this
white stuff."
"That's easy," said P oo h,
"Anyone knows that the only
storage place small pigs (and es-
pecially small bears!) have is
their own tummy-tum-turn."
"Still," said Rabbit, "I think
Piglet is big enough to take care
of himself."
"Shush," said Robin, "So a r e
you. But you're still our friend.
Now, Piglet, t ell me what's
wrong, small friend. Maybe I
can help you, for now I am sev-
en. And with the help of the
Brains of Pooh, I am sure I can
help you."
Piglet sniffed, "Oh, hi; here
I am a very small pig, weighing

as I do almost nothing at all
and now no food for the winter.
I am afraid I will just disappear
away to nothing."
"Oh no you won't," said Pooh.
"Of course not," Rabbitrin-
sisted. "You will only be a trifle
hungry, nothing really, at least
for the time being. Tell me, Ro-
bin, about this snowing a n d
"Well, Rabbit," said Robbin, "I
think we should take care of the
smaller questions first, you
know, little things like anxious
bears and hungry pigs. After all,
what's all the snowing a n d
Christmasing in the world if
Piglet doesn't have. any hay-
corns to eat. Tell you what, how
would you like to lead the rest
of us on an expedition to find

haycorns in the snow for Pig-
"Well, I would Robin, but I
wonder what Owl would think of
that," Rabbit replied.
Just at that moment, o p e n
flew the door and who was there
but Owl and Eeyore. Owl, of
course, was first, pulling the Re-
lucant Donkey by the right ear
("Ouch, my left ear sounds like
it hurts!" Eeyore had insisted).
"Well, by now, I assume you
have discovered that it is snow-
ing and Christmasing," said Owl,
still slowly dragging Eeyore in-
to the house.
"Actually, we hadn't discussed
that point yet," replied Rabbit,
"However, I was just about to
bring it up with Robin here. Af-
ter all, there are more important
things to do than look for hay-

corns for one small pig. So Ro-
bin, now, that we are all here, I
gather that all this stuff on the
ground has something to do with
snowing, but Piglet here seems
to be a little mixed up about
Christmasing. We, meaning Owl
and I, were goinng to tell him
earlier all about it, but we know
you could tell him so much bet-
"I'd rather have haycorns re-
ally," said Piglet, "But yes, tell
us Robin, what is Christmasing
"Well, don't worry," said Ro-
bin, "it'll happen in good time,
Piglet. We'll see. But as f o r
"Eggzactly," said O w 1 who
knew Robin was more interested

in haycorns, "We'll see. Now as
for haycorns-"
"Eggzactly," said Eeyore, "Re-
member me? You're still pulling
on my ear, but as you can very
well see, I am already well in-
side the door of my own some-
what free four hoofs. And may
I now ask, what, eggzactly, is
the reoson I have been abduct-
ed from my comfortable hut, so
graciously rebuilt by you fellows,
and dragged on a forced march
to this dwelling? May I ask,
humbly, before you interrupt
me, what I have done to de-
serve this deed you have perpe-
trated upon me? Why have you
done this thing to me?"
"Eeyore, we've really done it
See POOH, Page 8

ft ~ THE MAN
R " A N D
" alias THE WOMAN (etdo'~TEG
the man
. . . And it came to pass that there was a man and his name was Julius
he did verily make the best pizza in town. But it was a f a c t that the
was unhappy for many people came from afar who wished to cons
the fermented juice of the hop plant with their pizza and he coulc
give them that which they desired.
And it came to pass that one night, as he lay asleep in his tent, there c
f. unto him in a dream a woman and she said unto him "Behold, I can su
your customers with the fermented juice of the hop plant that they so r
desire. For verily, I am the girl next door and my name is J ulia and
beer and many other things and I welcome p e o ple unto my store Ia
night, yea, verily unto the same hour that thou closest also."
- And the man woke up and saw that it was a good idea, yea, a very
ff.. idea.
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Happy Christmas. .
or Merry Birthday

My mother threw-up her 31st
Christmas dinner because she
had given birth to me the day
before. I often wonder if nine
months before she and dad real-
ized they had perpetrated the
"Christmas baby" syndrome on
their daughter.
I guess I have a lot of com-
passion for all of us Christmas
babies. Every year it was the
same perfumed set of aunts
handing us the proverbial barbie
doll with two extra outfits or

- - - ---------- - ------ -
--------- - ---------- - - -

Computer Football, Hockey, Bas
Eectric Football
Another Game For Thinkers From Wff 'n F
Hundreds of Gift Giving Items for Ev
22 . AFACTS and FUI
j~ 224 S. MA IN


'bal l

the erector set with the electric
motor and say beamingly, "This
is for both Christmas and your
birthday, honey."
It was so hard to keep those
thank you notes from becoming
cynical. And don't think we
didn't become cynical early.
While the rest of you were en-
joying your mounds of booty,
we knew that all of ours was
worth a lot less.
And when you reached 15 or
16 and started blasting the pet-
tiness and hypocrisy gift-giving,
we sat back and smirked. Christ-
mas babies grow up early.
You don't have to be Chris-
tian to be a Christmas, baby, I
should know. Luckily, coinci-
dentally, or deliberately, Cha-
nukah, or the festival of the
lights for those who can't pro-
nounce the gutteral "ch," a
historically joyous occasion for
Jews, was amplified to fill the
bill, right down to lavish pres-
ents to rival anything in Chris-
Having a birthday near
Christmas also means scanty
parties due to family vacations
and clannish celebrations which
excluded friends. I remember
one year, to boost enrollment, I
bribed the dumb little kid who
lived in the house behind us. I
told him he could come to my
party if he contributed $3 to the
money I had to raise to rent a
horse-drawn hayride for the
a air.my amazement, he came
up with the money and even
brought me a present which I
still have today. How does one
throw away cocker spaniel salt
Birthday's are a time to shine.
What's neater than being the
birthday-girl w hen your mom
brings out the cake and your
dad is shooting movies and all
your friends scream to sit next
to you? And after the party, the
whole day is yours and .you can
even stay up late and don't have
- to dry the dishes, and everyone
can say how grownup and smart
you are'for your age.
But how can. you expect a
newly-turned nine year-old, a
Christmas baby, to compete with
Jesus Christ?

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ft * ft ft t*1-=* * ft t f t Z .' ' i.t'lL ftin ftIrr Z "''T


r.' +'." /FT.' ^7^ '" +rz rt ii:T "" rc ^ r iw '!'+ t y' '*'t s: f'TT" fi'.r7^ .^t^R^ K? 7' ^+ +iz' ^ +' ss rrt ws: ^wT'- s.T+-. y..w r^.. ..s;" -" ...rr' . .^f- - rr- +'- .

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