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November 19, 1971 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1971-11-19

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6th WEEK 40M

DIAL 8-6416
At 1-3-5-7-4

"It is a trip much worth taking. Not since '2001' has a movie
so cannily inverted consciousness and altered audience percep-
tion." -Time Magazine

Keep your eyes on what she cannot see

new s,,.briefs
By The Associated Press
mously yesterday to allow the government to take far-reaching
measures againstsubversion, including suspension of individual
liberties and guarantees.
A resolution said that the government may adopt the "neces-
sary measures" but did not spell out what they were.
The flexible wording of the resolution, according to news sources,
could be applied to the country's African possessions of Portuguese
Guinea, Angola and Mozambique.
* * * .
THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION has announced it is
appealing the decision by U.S. District Judge Stephen Roth in
the Detroit segregation case.
Roth ruled on September 27 that the Detroit Board of Educa-
tion and other official agencies, including the state board, were
guilty of maintaining de jure segregation within the Detroit school
The state board had previously tabled a motion to appeal the
Roth decision until the court order had been "received and studied,"
according to the state Board of Education Pres. Dr. Edwin Novak.
The Detroit board also is planning an appeal.
REPORTS ABOUT SOVIET restraint in arms shipments to
Egypt have turned out to be a product of wishful thinking
yesterday when U.S. officials reported the arrival of a new batch
of Soviet aircraft at Russian-operated airbases south of Alex-
Secretary of State William Rogers had said in a weekend inter-
view that the Soviet Union "in the last four or five months has
operated with some restraint as far as military shipments to Egypt
are concerned."j

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Friday, November 19, 1971 Page Three
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Da tit

3020 Washtenaw
Between Ypsilanti
& Ann Arbor
7 & 9 P.M.


-Associated Press
TWENTY-THREE major area industries were ordered to close
down by a federal judge yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama as
pollution engulfs the city. The industries will remain closed un-
til the pollution, caused by high levels of dirty matter in the air,
Pollution cause Ala.
industrial shutdown

Yesterday, however, State Department press officer Charles Bray
said, "We are going to see whether these deliveries may not have
opened a gap in what we have described as restraint."
* * *
WITH UNEMPLOYMENT nearing depression levels, Britain's
Rebellion against traditional film structures Conservative government came under sharp attack in Parliament
Violation of genre conventions yesterday for failing to deal with the problem.
Absurd plots The number of jobless jumped by 40,346 this month to 90,022,
Ab l ch od the highest level since the depression years of the 1930s.
Aruptly changing moods Roy Jenkins, the Labor Party's spokesman on economic matters,
Jump cuts announced that the opposition will strive to censure the Tory gov-
Brechtian alienation devices ernment for its failure to deal with unemployment.
Fragmented, episodic style* * *
Scenes shot quickly on location PLANS FOR A STUDENT lobby in Lansing, will be the sub-
Sceessht uiklyonloatoject of a conference in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. this weekend
Documentary techniques-close-up interviews where delegates from colleges and universities in the state will
Mobile camera, often handheld gather, according to student organizers.
Beautifully composed shots by Raoul Coutard In addition to conducting the lobby to deal with issues affecting
Intellectual games students and education, the group will also provide an information
center for common campus problems.
Tongue in cheek symbolism * * *
PETER LAZAROS, was convicted on 12 counts of perjury
yesterday by a Detroit federal-court jury.
COME ON OUT TO The conviction on all counts - including charges he lied in
testifying that he made payments, or saw them being made, to
former Detroit Mayor Jerome Cavanagh - makes Lazaros eligible
for the maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.
Defense Atty. F. Lee Bailey indicated, there would be an appeal.
FRIDAY NIGHT FIELD MARSHAL Thanom Kittachorn said yesterday one
reason for his sudden anti-democratic coup Wednesday was fear
that the People's Republic of China's entry into the United ,
Nations would spurn Chinese in Thailand to insurrection.
Thanom cited rising crime and terrorism as another justification
for the coup in which he ousted the Thai cabinet, dismissed parlia-
DIR. JEAN-LUC GODARD, 1965. An advertising !ment, and suspended the constitution.
executive (Jean-Paul Belmondo) leaves the absurd-
ity of his job and married life to run away with his
former love (Anna Karina) for a brief idyll on the RC Players
Cote d'Azure. The definitive romance of our times.
7:00 and 9:05 75c East Quad Aud. Thurs.-Sat.
8:00 P.M. Nov. 18-20

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (P) -- In
response to extreme air pollu-
tion, a federal court judge yes-
terday ordered an injunction to
shut down 23 major Birming-
ham industries.
U.S. District Court Judge Sam
Pointer Jr. made the unprece-
dented decision at the request
of the Enxironmental Protec-
tion Agency (EPA), through the
Justice Department.
The move invoked the emer-
gency powers of the 1970 Clean
Air Act to force the shutdowns
until the pollution situation
According to forecast-
ers, changing weather patterns
yesterday diminished the se-
vere air pollution.
' John White, director of the
The Michigan Daily, edited and man-
aged by students at the University of
Michigan. News phone: 764-0552. Second
Class postage paid at Ann Arbor, Mich-
igan. 420 Maynard Street, Ann Arbor,
Michigan 48104. Published daily Tues-
day through Sunday morning Univer-
sity year. Subscription rates: $10 by
carrier, $11 by mail.
Summer Session published Tuesday
through Saturday morning. Subscrip-
tion rates: $5 by carrier, $6 by mail.

EPA's enforcement division,
said his staff would decide this
morning whether to ask Point-
er to lift his shut-down order,
depending on the effectiveness
of the shift in weather.
The request for the injunc-
tion came after the particulate
level, or count of dirty matter
in the air, soared above 700 for
the second consecutive day
Wednesday. The EPA considers
a particulate level of 625 as the
warning stage.
The agency says the dirty air
count should not exceed 260 for
more than one day a year. Bir-
mingham has had nearly 70
such days in the past year and
averages a count of 167.
A thin haze hung over the
city all day yesterday, causing "
some persons to complain of
burning eyes.
County health officials said
there was no marked increase in
respiratory patients admitted to
local hospitals. Persons with
respiratory and heart ailments
had been warned to stay indoors
and avoid exercise during the
air pollution crisis.

SAIGON 0- - With the military situation becoming cri-
tical in Cambodia, U.S. warplanes have stepped up their sup-
port of Cambodian troops, official American sources reported
Reports circulated in Saigon that the South Vietnamese
government was considering a Cambodian request for infan-
try and heavy weapons for the defense of Phnom Penh.
Hand-to-hand fighting was reported near the western out-
skirts of the Cambodian capital.
Dispatches from Phnom Penh reported U.S. Cobra heli-
copter gunships have been thrown
into the battle raging from 10
to 12 miles west of the capital.m
bodians have been getting sub-
stantially more American air sup-
port in the last 10 days, and one to remain on
source declared, "They, asked the
United States for more air sup- -
port because they were in a w age board
p Critics of the Indochina war
have maintained that while the MIAMI BEACH (P) - AFL-CIO
President is winding down U.S. President" George Meany won la-
troop involvement, he has mark- bor approval yesterday to stay on
edly increased air support. President Nixon's Pay Board but
They cite recent air strikes in refused to cooperate with wage
Cambodia, Laos and North Viet- rulings he considers unfair,
nam in attacking what they be- "If the President doesn't like
lieve is a stepped up air war. the terms we 'ye laid down he can
The increased support to Cam- kick us off," he said.
bodia has been mainly U.S. fight- The AFL-CIO convention of
er-bombers, flying from bases in 1,000 delegates representing near-
South Vietnam and Thailand, the ly 14 million workers unanimous-
informants reported. The planes ly approved the action, after
have been active on Cambodia's Meany said he would quit the
northeastern front. ' board if he decides there is no
A Cambodian officer on the hope of winning fair wage con-
front west of Phnom Penh said trols.
the rockets of the Cobras were The convention approved a reso-
unable to penetrate the jungle lution that "our representatives
cover of enemy bunkers and add- remain on the Pay Board only so
ed that heavy weapons are need- long as a reasonable hope exists
ed. This would account for the of securing recognition of the
request for South Vietnamese validity of contracts and achiev-
heavy guns. ing justice for working people
A dispatch from Phnom Penh generally," and especially for low-
said Cambodian and enemy troops income Americans.
fought with knives and rifle butts "We'll decide when that hope
in flooded rice fields 12 miles is gone," Meany said.
from the downtown section of "Until those objectives are as-
the capital. sured, labor cannot associate it-
Three clashes were reported self with the actions of the board
near the village of Sre Ampil, or encourage cooperation with
about five miles from the Phnom their administration or enforce-
Penh city limits. Field reports said ment," the resolution said.
a Cambodian advance was halted The action came after Meany
in hand-to-hand fighting. bitingly accused Nixon and his
The U.S. Command announced Pay Board of threatening to ruin
that last week five Americans the nation's economy, and an-
were reported killed in action- nounced Nixon would confront the
the sixth consecutive week of 1,000 AFL-CIO delegates in a
fewer than eight combat deaths. speech here today.


film critic 0
social critic
ary 0 Jean-Luc
Godard Cinema
Guild * this
week 0 Nov. 22


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