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November 21, 1979 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1979-11-21

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Page 2-Wednesday, November 21, 1979-The Michigan Daily

Protesters call for end

to harassment

(Continued from Page 1)
ferent view on that subject, as he joined
the march from the,Diag to the Federal
Building on Liberty Street. ,
"I disagree with terrorism," he said,
"and I'm not sure we should deport the
shah. But I'm not concerned with a loss
of American international prestige if
we do. The U.S. supporting dictator-
ships as they are doing in Chile and
South Africa is doing more to under-
mine American influence than any shah
deportation would."
SEVEN OR eight Ann Arbor police
were present at the rally, along with
several security guards. There were no
major disturbances, although two
minor scuffles broke out, one on the
Diag, and another en route to the
Federal Building. Both were quickly

ended by State Security guards.
One spectator ran through the crowd
and tore a banner which members, of
the demonstration party were un-
furling. In another incident, an egg was
thrown at a speaker addressing the
group in front of the Graduate Library.
Several of the spectators were
University administrators, including
Vice-President for Student Services
Henry Johnson, who expressed concern
over maintaining a quiet atmosphere'
on campus during the Iranian situation.
Allan Smith released a statement
yesterday commending Iranian studen-
ts on this campus for the "propriety" of
their conduct, and reminding other
students that deliberate provocation of

violence is a "distortion" of the right to
free speech (See Page 2).
Thirty-five individuals organized by
senior art student Mary Nash met
Monday night at the International Cen-
ter to draft a statement in support of the
protection of Iranian students on cam-
"We felt that the majority of people in
the University community did not favor
any kind of violence against anyone,
and needed a forum to express their

views," Nash said.
LAST TUESDAY, the Michigan
Student Assembly (MSA) also passed a
resolution urging the U.S. government
to "deal with Iranian students in the
United States with magnanimity," and
to reconsider the recent decision to
deport all Iranian students who are in
the country illegally.
MSA also commended all students for
"refraining from acts and statements
which could promote violence and
disorder on campus."

Graduate student Denis Hoppe, also
of YSA said af yesterday's demon-
stration, "I'm concerned about the gag
order on Iranian students. It gags
American students' rights to protest
American intervention as well."
As ,for the American hostages in
Tehran, Hoppe said, "They don't want
American troops to be sent. We'd also
like to remind people that the shah isn't
a hero. He should be put on trial. This
country doesn't have a policy of har-
boring criminals."

Carrier, escorts sail as U.S.

talks of possible

(Continued from Page 1)
stoked the religious frenzy by broad-
casting film taken last year of a series
of bloody riots against Shah Moham-
mad Reza Pahlavi that led to his exile
in January and the downfall the next
month of the government he left behind.
State Department spokesman Hod-
ding Carter said any trial of the
hostages, even one that ended in a par-
don, would be a "mockery" of inter-
national principles.
"If there is anything more unaccep-
table than the taking of hostages it
would be this (a tyial)," he told repor-
ters in Washington. "It is an outright
violation of diplomatic relations and
diplomatic protection."
U.S. DIPLOMATS attempted unsuc-
cessfully in New York to convince other
U.N. Security Council members to con-
demn a possible spy trial for the
hostages. Council President Sergio
Palacios de Vizzio of Bolivia said only
one unidentified member of the 15-
member council supported the U.S.
Former U.N. Ambassador Andrew
Young told State Department officials
in Washington he planned to go to

Tehran to try to
hostages. U.S. off
acting on his own.
Today's march
largest anti-Am
militants occupie
Council declared
holiday to comm
the march byt
Mohammad from
what is now Sau
which concludes
Moharram, is on
Moslem year and
beginning of the 1
Presidential §p
told reporters aft
"The United S
peaceful soluti
through the Unit
available chan
preferable tot
available to the Ui
"Such remed
recognized in the
Nations," Powe
sanctions milil
diplomatic acti

mi itary action
win freedom for the CARTER PREVIOUSLY had been
icials said he would be careful to rule out the possibility of
military action to induce Iran to free
is expected to be the the hostages.
erican protest since Meanwhile, several thousand persons
d the embassy. demonstrated in New York's Wall
Ruling Revolutionary Street area yesterday in support of the
I the day a national American hostages in Iran as reaction
nemorate the hegira, heated to continued threats to put the
the Moslem prophet hostages on trial as spies.
n Mecca to Medina in The lunch-hour crowd cheered and
udi Arabia. The day, waved small American flags as former
the holy month of U.S. Sen. James Buckley said, "We will
e of the holiest in the not yield to blackmail."
d this year marks the FORMER SECRETARY of State
5th Islamic century. -Henry Kissinger said yesterday that
okesman Jody Powell lack of national leadership has allowed
er Khomeini's speech, the United States to become weak and
States is seeking a encouraged the kind of crisis now faced
on to this problem in Iran but he would support the Carter
ed Nations and every administration in any effort to end the
nnel. This is far hostage crises.
the other remedies Kissinger made his comments to the
Jnited States." nation's Republican governors in
dies are explicitly Austin, Texas, shortly after they passed
charter of the United a resolution condemning the
41 said. The charter Democratic White House and Congress
tary, economic and for subjecting the American people to
on by an aggrieved economic grief at home and em-
barrassment abroad.

_ -y

... urges campus restraint

A Thanksgiving celebrator hamed Ray,
Overindulged, and it prompted him to say
"I'll just run to Health Service,"
But he then turned nervous,
'Cause the Fletcher doors were allIocked
for the day.

Smith ask s,
for calm oan
Iran. issue
Interim University President
Allan Smith issued the following
statement yesterday:
"I would hope that in the
current Iranian crisis, the prime
concern of all Americans would
be concern for the lives and
safety of those persons being held
in Tehran. Conduct which
jeopardizes or threatens their
safety can hardly be justified.
The Iranian students on our cam-
pus have conducted themselves
with propriety whatever may be
their feelings. The rest of us can
do no less than that, whatever
may be our feelings. To speak out
on any issue and seek to persuade
is our right. To so conduct our-
selves as to provoke confron-
tation and violence is a distortion
of that right, and in the current
international crisis may well
produce jeopardy for the
"We at the University have a
responsibility to provide for all
students an environment which is
free from harassment, and no
student should be subjected to
harassment or threat of physical
violence. Our basic commitment
to non-discrimination includes an
obligation to refrain from
discrimination on the basis of
national origin, race, sex,
citizenship, or religious or
political beliefs."

Health Service will be closed Thanksgiving
Thursday, Nov. 22 and Friday, Nov. 23.
We will resume our regular hours on Saturday, Nov. 24 from
8 a.m.-12 noon. The Emergency Clinic will also reopen on Saturday from
noon until 8 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
For Service information during the
holiday weekend call: 764-8320

Gunmen, alleged Iranians, hold mosque

(Continued from Page 1)
which Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah
Khomeini is a spiritual leader. The
Great Mosque houses the Kaaba shrine,
which houses the Black Stone, the most
sacred object to Islam.
State Department officials in
Washington said they had unconfirmed
reports the gunmen were Iranian
Telephone and telegraph com-
munications with Saudi Arabia were
severed at midday yesterday.
The Saudi delegation here, led by
Crown Prince Fahd, was not able to
confirm the report of the raid. But Fahd
was preparing to leave for home in
what appeared to be an emergency in
his country, the world's largest oil ex-
porter and the birthplace of Islam. A
Saudi spokesman in Tunis said Prince
Daily Official Bulletin
Daily Calendar:
Psychiatry: Ramon M. Greenberg, Boston, "Were
the Six Blind Men irrational?, Varying Perspectives
on the Psychobiology of Dreaming," Aud.,
Children's Hospital, 9:30 a.m.
Medical Care Organization: Michael Pozen,
"Evaluation of Strategies of Care for Cardiac
Patients in the community," SPH, Vaughn, rm. 3001.
Ctr. Study of Journalistic Perf.: Dean Baker, "Can
Journalistic Ethics Be Taught?", 2040 LSA, 1:10
Museum of Art: Deborah Fenton, Camille
Pissarro's painting, "Peasants Resting," Museum,
12:30 p.m.

Fahd was "in urgent consultation" with
other members of the delegation, but
refused to elaborate.
newspaper said "a large number of
Khomeini's bands" staged several an-
ti-government demonstrations in Saudi
Arabia during the pilgrimage season
last month, and specula ted the at-
tackers might be Iranian. It said the
raiders entered the mosque before
=The Egyptian newspaper said the
Saudi army recently had put a ring of
tanks and troops around the Grat
Mosque and had begun helicopter sur-
veillance of the area.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas
said a group of "hirelings" had stormed
a building in Mecca and took 90 persons
hostage. It did not identify the building
or say whose "hirelings" the invaders
flew from the capital city.of Riyadh to
Meccas to take personal charge of the
security forces there, sources in Tunis
Yesterday was the last day of the
Islamic year 1399, a religious period. At
this time of year, Moslems from around
the world traditionally make a sacred
pilgrimage to Meccas to visit the Great
Mosque around the Kaaba.

Dayan optimistic about talks

Continued from Page 1)
Dayan said the possible deportation by
the Israeli government of the mayor of
Nablus - the largest city on the West
Bank - would not endanger the
(USPS 344-900)
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Wednesday, November 21, 1979
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delicate autonomy talks as some
American diplomats have predicted.
The Israeli government called for
Bassam al-Shka's deportation after it
was learned he sympathizes with tac-
tics of the Palestine Liberation
Organization (PLO). The Israeli
government's decision provoked 25
moderate mayors on the West Bank to
threaten to resign if the Israeli
Supreme Court affirms next week, the
Begin government's decision.
"I'm not seriously concerned with
those talks of resignation. I Chink

they're just bluffing, and there's no
danger with the talks," Dayan said.
THROUGHOUT his 45-minute ad-
dress, Dayan emphasized the theme
that terrorism is gaining strength
around the world. Pointing to the
Iranian takeover of the U~S. Embassy
in Tehran, the former cabinet member
said it symbolizes terrorism's elevation
as a viable diplomatic weapon in the
He warned that this growing problem
would have to be dealt with forcibly by
the western nations and specifically the
United States.

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Iraq to Arab nations:
Deny oil to Israel
(Continued from Page 1
Bourguiba of Tunisia. which was convened primarily to map
League Secreatary-General Chedli strategy against Israel and re-establish
Klibi of Tunisia rejected a proposal to the Lebanese government's.control over
admit the non-Arabic but militant southern Lebanon.
Moslem Iranian regime to attend the EGYPT, THE largest Arab nation,
meeting as an observer. Iran's was expelled from the Arab Leaue at a
revolutionary leader, Ayatollah summit meeting last year in Baghdad,
Ruhollah Khomeini, sent a delegation Iraq, for signing a peace pact with
anyway to Tunis to seek support in its Israel, and Egyptian President Anwar
confrontation with the United States Sadat was the target of renewed
over the seizure of the U.S. Embassy criticism at the Tunis summit.
and American hostages in Tehran. Libya and Syria are the only two
There was disarray at the summit, league nations that have expressed
support of the Nov. 4 takeover of the
U.S. Embassy by Iranian militants.
League sources said Libyan Foreign
Minister Ali Triki not only demanded
admission of the Iranian delegtion but
annuaaes also renewed his call for joint Arab
reprisals against America for freeing
Iranian government assets in the
nce-key error United States.
g of the Saudi Arabia met with the other
Western-oriented gulf states of Kuwait,
W IBEVULE ahrein, Quatar, and the United Arab
Emirates to discuss "the situation in
hac beaV po n Iran," Saudi sources said.


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