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November 18, 1978 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1978-11-18

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The Michigan Daily-Saturday, November 18,1978-Page 3

In yesterday's article about the annual meeting between the
University Regents and the Senate Advisory Committee on University
Affairs (SACUA) Thomas Roach was misquoted. The article says
Roach "agreed that 'We can give up on the legislature' to stop the
faculty salary erosion, but added that the faculty 'won't get ready
support from this board for a ten per cent salary increase'." Roach'
actually insisted that "We cannot give up on the legislature" to stop
the support of higher education, but added that the faculty "won't get
ready support from this board for a ten per cent tuition increase."
Our sincere apologies for this error.
They won't gobble this gobbler
Some vegetarians around campus will be holding an early "turkey
lunch" Tuesday in honor of Thanksgiving. But they won't be eating the
gobbler, they'll be sharing their lunch with him. "The purposeof the
lunch," said Vegetarian Society spokesman Gul Agha, "is to acquaint
people with turkeys as living, satient beings. We hope that this will
help people empathize with the animals upon whom incredible
suffering is being inflicted." Students in the Vegetarian Society will be
feeding the turkey, passing out alternative Thanksgiving recipes, and
answering questions on animal rights and nutrition from 11-1 Tuesday
on the Diag. The turkey will then be donated to a farm and given
shelter. We're sure he'll give his thanks for that.
Take ten
A teachers' union voted on Nov. 18, 1968 to end what was the worst
educationaltie-up in the nation's history. The bitter citywide strike
had kept most of New York's 1.1 million public school children out of
classes for seven weeks. Also on that day, the A&P store on Huron
Street announced it would not sell California grapes as long as the
United Farm Workers continued its boycott against California grapes.
Cinema Guild - Pink Flamingoes, 7, 8:30, 10 p.m., Old Arch. Aud.
Ann Arbor Film Co-op - The Serpent's Egg, 7, 9 p.m., Aud. 3,
Cinema II - The Duellists, 7, 9p.m., Aud. A Angell.
Mediatrics - Hitchcock night, Suspicion, 7, 10:20 p.m., Murder,
8:40 p.m., Nat. Sci. Aud.
East Quad Midnight Cinema - The Last Picture Show, midnight,
Residential College Aud.
Music School - Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro," 8 p.m.,
Men's Glee Club - lVtichigan and Purdue Men's Glee Clubs, 8
p.m., Hill Aud.
PTP - Fugard's "People Are Living Here," 8 p.m., Trueblood,
Celebrants - "Godspell," 8p.m., Holy Trinity Chapel, Ypsilanti.
Go Club -2 p.m., 2050 Frieze.
International Center - trip to Eastern Market, Detroit. Sign up
for transportation, Room 18, International Center, leaves 9 p.m.,
International Center.
Arbor Alliance - Program on nuclear powe, noon, First
Presbyterian Church, Monroe, Michigan.
Eclipse - Ann Arbor Jazz Workshop, beginners' session, 3:30
. p.m., Anderson Room D, Union.
Apn Arbor Country Dance Orchestra - New England Contra
Dance, 8 p.m., St. Andrew's Church.
Union Programming - Prohibition Party, 9:00 p.m., Union
Left in the dark?
Some of the University's libraries save energy by keeping lights
in the stacks turned off while the area aren't in use. Apparently the
folks at Washington University in St. Louis thought that was a good
idea, too. But the Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Wash U
has added an additional twist to its energy saving plan. Library
patrons must still slip the switch on for lighting, but the lights shut off
automatically after 20 minutes. This and other efforts have netted
Wash U savings of $75,000 annually in the'library alone. The gains
seem impressive, but what we and the Chronicle want to know is how
many students they've lost in the stacks.

Last chapter for alternative bookstore?

A Periodical Retreat, Ann Arbor's
alternative bookstore, stands a good
chance of folding up shop if business.
doesn't pick up woon, owners Sam and
Kay DeJong Mahaffey said.
"The crisis now," Mahaffey said "is
that someone has always worked
'somewhere else to keep the store afloat,
and that isn't the case now."
THE SHOP ALSO suffers from a lack
of customers, due in a large part to its
location at 336% State Street, a second
story spot above Music Mart that's a
short 30 feet away from the main flow of
"If enough people find out about us,
we know the business can survive," Ms.
Mahaffey claimed. "We've put out a lot
of ads in the papers, handed out
materials door-to-door and tried to pass
the news by word of mouth. We have
also tried to make a lot of personal con-
"Business is picking up," Sam
Mahaffey said, "but if things don't start
getting better, we just can't stay on.
Our funds are drying up fast. The trend
looks good, but things are awful hard
THE MAHAFFEYS feel the loss of
their business would also be a loss for
the Ann Arbor community in general.

"Most of our materials aren't han-
dled by the large distributors, so we
have to go direct to the publishers," Ms.
Mahaffey said. "The expense of getting
these periodicals and books are helping
to put us under."
The owners had never planned A
Periodical Retreat as a money-making
operation, being content to pay off the
debts and other incurred costs. They
also depend a great deal on volunteer
help to keep the shop afloat.
The selection of the materials in the
shop is diverse, ranging from journals
on alternative energy, poetry, radical
politics and cookbooks to items like
posters, calendars and games.
"MOST BOOKSTORES deal with one
or two distributors, and what the stores
Volume I.XXXIX. No.63
Saturday. November I, i97
is edited and managed by students at the University
of Michigan. News phone 7640562. Second class
postage is paid at Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109.
Published daily Tuesday through Sunday morning
during the University year at 420 Maynard Street,
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109. Subscription rates: $12
September through April (2 semesters): $13 by mail,
outside Ann Arbor.
Summer session published Tuesday through
Saturday morning. Subscription rates: $6.50 in Ann
Arbor: $7,00 by mail outside Ann Arbor.

carry is basically a matter of what the
distributor carries," Mahaffey said.
"The basic way we go about getting our
materials is first to determine what the
people want and need. Then we deter-
mine what the best journals are to
carry. Finally, we write directly to the
publisher and set up the arrangements
to get the materials."
The Mahaffeys also carry a large
number of back issues of the journals,
they carry, unlike most of the other
bookstores in town. "In many ways,
we're almost like a library without the
funding," said Mahaffey.

"Right now, everything depends upon
how many people find out about us,"
Mahaffey said. He added that if con-
ditions don't improve within the next
month, a meeting with the store's staff
and customers will be held to determine
A Periodical Retreat's future.
"There are a lot of materials that
should be offered to the public that
aren't because they aren't
economical," Mahaffey said. "We think
that isn't a good enough reason not to.
And we are willing to do anything we
can to keep the shop open."

Thanksghiin Weekend Special
BILLIARDS at reduced rates
Open 1 p.m. Thurs.-Sun.
atithe U NION


Paid Advertisement
On a Theory Concerning the Human
Sexual Function
"I bel'eve you have truly rendered Reich's ideas about the energy functions of the orgasm."-
Alexander Lowen, M.D., Executive Director, The Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis.
by Robert W. Milnes


The following account is based on the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. It is
written with the assumption that the reader is familiar with that work. If not, a
suggested initial reading list would include The Sexual Revolution, The Discovery
of the Orgone, and Character Analysis, all by Reich.
Briefly, Reich adhered to Freud's postulation of libido and the sexual etiology
of nAurosis. He answered the question, "How does libido function?" with the
tension-charge formula after much clinical experience. He later discovered the
orgonomic sexual functions through experimentation and research. However, he
failed to correlate them as I have done Figure 1-1. This is understandable because
Reich was essentially a pioneer in this field and had many pressures on him.
It is now possible to understand libidio (or orgonomic) function as simply the
alternation between T.C. formula with respect to divergence (life process) e.g.
growth, perception, experience, exploration, creativity etc. and the T.C. formula
with respect to convergence (sexuality). This is an attempt to describe to-the best
of present knowledge the nature of orgastically potent i.e. healthy sexuality in
human beings. It will be called, as Reich did, the Orgastically Potent Genital
We can begin the description with a man and a woman, both of whom are
orgastically potent (as defined by Reich). As indicated on Figure 1-2, they are in a
supine position on coronal plane QUVZ. The outline of the male and female figures
will represent the vegetative periphery P. The distance between their peripherys
should be greater than 0 cm and probably for best results less than 30 cm. The
circle in the solar plexus region will represent vegetative center C. The circle G
in the region of the genitals will represent the genitalia. The point in G, labeled
F, will represent what we will refer to as the focal point. Physiologically, F is
located in the male on the underside of the glans penis, in the female on the under-
side of the glans clitoris. We will assume that the man and the woman have decided
to engage in coitus and are in a comfortable, private location which is conducive
to this activity.
In state 1, the principle characteristic is sexual arousal or orgonotic lumination
as defined i.e. energy direction C-P. The analogous process in mitosisis charac-
terized by what is called mitogenic radiation. The energy direction C-P corresponds
quantitavely to a profound parasympathetic reaction re: autonomous nervous
system. The antithetical energy direction i.e. P-C is associated with a state of
anxiety or fear. It corresponds quantitavely to a reaction of the sympathetic
nervous system re: The function of the Organism, Chapter VII (seven), section 3.
In stage 2, the energy flow has proceeded to a point of beginning to travel
from the periphery to the other periphery, i.e. periphery of male to periphery of
female and vice versa. This was called by Reich in The Cancer Bipathy "sexual
contact." Since these are egoic phenomenon, the radiation will involuntarily contact
only the corresponding point of physiology. However, since male and female are
dipolar or mutalry antithetical phenomenon, the radiation will exist a point only
to impact the opposite corresponding point on the partner's periphery, e.g.
radiation exiting the male's left foot will impact the female's right foot. The
radiation begins at the feet, being the area farthest from the vegetative center of
the human body. Beginning in a nerly linear path, it soon develops into a para-
bolic path along the entire anterior periphery. The linear path is along the peri-
phery'closest to the mutual axis of symmetry, line segment SX. This is illustrated
on Figure 1-3. These parabolic paths correspond to the spindle phenomenon in
mitosis. This process, like mitosis, should be more properly thought of as a con-
tinual process that has been divided into four stages for convenience of description
and analysis.
In stage 2a, which is not illustrated the radiation proceeds to the point of
involuntary rotation of the male and female toward each other along the mutual

axis of symmetry. As illustrated, the male would rotate laterally, pivoting on the
individual axis of symmetry line segment RY. The female would rotate medically,
pivoting on TW, until they physically embrace one another. The exact degree of
rotation with respect to QUVZ is presently unknown, but an educated guess would
be male 120 degrees, females 60 degrees. This new position lends itself to signifi-
cantly increased sexual arousal and intensified tactile and sensory experience due
to the proximity of the partner. It is during this stage; rnuch to the contrast of
orgastically impotent coitus, that the genitals become turgid (erection). The vagina
has become moist. Then the interpentration of genitals occurs and pelvic thursting
In stage 3, pelvic thrusting continues to fusion. Pelvic thrusting is -simply the
,process by which via sexual friction (as defined), orgonotic energy is accumulated
at F. Once the energy level reaches a critical point, orgonotic fusion is preci-
pitated, lasting for I or perhaps,2 seconds. It is, physically speaking, analogous
to an electric arc. However, unlike orgastically impotent coitus, this occurs simul-
taneously in both partners. Functionally speaking, the genitals have become a
single organ in which, there is only one orgasm, shared by both. Thus the striving
for'mutual orgasm, which presently permeates sexual activity, is rendered super-
flouous. Mutual orgasm necessarily results from the orgasticlly potent genital
embrace. Since F in the male and female are not directly in contact, the existence
literally of an arc of sexual energy can be postulated., What the phenomenon of
orgonotic fusion is actually like is difficult to imagine since there is nothing like
it in contemporary human experience. Since a literal, physical fusion of egos would
have occurred, it must mean that the entire experience of the partner up to the
time of fusion has been incorporated into the ego of the self. This would truly be
a profoundly pleasurble, gratifying and communicative experience.
Stage 4 is simply a reversal of the process. After orgonostic fusion there is
ejaculation in the male and corresponding contractions (approx. 6) of the vaginal
musculature. This takes approx. 15 seconds. However, the couple will remain
locked in embrace and gradally the radiating bridges, which have held them to-
get her, will recede to theoriginal periphery.
In addition to the qualitative difference of an orgastically potent couple, there
is the quantitative. I estimate an orgastically potent couple would be capable of
10-15 orgastically potent embraces per day.
Thus, there is a theoretical basis for predicting the existence of an entirely
different socio-sexual order: one of life-affirmation (as defined) as opposed to one
of life-negation (as defined). These are mutually exclusive systems with an irre-
versible transition period between. Quite clearly we are presently' enmeshed in a
self-peretuating life-negating socio-sexual order. This is the genuine meaning of
the sexual revolution.
Needless to say, the postulation of the specifies of such a phenomenon is
unprecedneted to the best of my knowledge. I will not go into the complex political,
religious, historical, characterological, and social ramifications here. Reich has
already done this in his The Mass Psychology of Facisn and The Invasion of
Compulsorv Sex-Morality. I just want to let it be known to anyone who reads this
that I compile this theory myself after reading Reich's work, without which I
would still be struggling in the :surrounding mire of confusion, ignorance, and
fear. I'd like to end this paper by quoting Reich from The Function of the Orgasm,
which is Volume One of The Discovery of the Orgone. This is the last three
sentences and was written nearly 40 years ago. "Sexuality and the living proces
became identical, and a new avenue of approach to the problem of biogenesis was
opened. What was psychology became biophysics and a part of genuine, experi-
mental natural science. Its core remains, as always, the enigma of love to which
we owe our being."

Figure 1-1: Correlation of tension-charge formula, mitosis, orgonotic, sexual

High-stepping it
Some crooks would not only' take the shirt off your back, they'd
take the shoe off your foot as well. At least that's what happened to
Robbi-Jo Olsen in Seattle. Seattle police report a man chased Olsen
down the street, knocked her to the ground, and made off with one of
her high-heeled leather clogs. It was the fourth such attack in the city
in recent months. All the victims say the thief absconds with the best
of the two shoed they are wearing. We don't know if the shoe fits.
Green - but not with envy
It was a cold, blustery day in Denver as workers toiled at a
downtown high-rise construction site. A wise guy in an existing
building next door spotted the shivering workers and held up a sign for
them to read. It read: "It's 72 degrees in here." Maybe so, but the
workers felt no pangs of jealousy. "It's $15 an hour out here," a worker
scrawled in response. So there.
Verres de terre
A competing fast-food firm says the rumor that McDonald's
hamburgers contain ground worms is nonsense - worms cost too.
much. "If the public knew the cost, of red worms, they would
understand that you couldn't possibly be filling the meat with worms.
They're too expensive," Donna- Fleishman of the Atlanta-based
Krystal chain said. "They cost about $7.50 a pound." That. of course, is
way above the price of Grade A ground beef. But in Chicago, the owner
of Earthworms, Inc. said it's only a matter of time before dried worms
will take their place alongside the Quarterpounder in the American
diet. Darrell Richard said he bakes worm cookies and worm cakes at
home about once a week. He even has a collection of 100 recipes using
the protein-rich dried worms as food supplements. Here's one way to
prepare them: "Boil them for five or six minutes to remove the dirt.
Then put them in a 350-degree oven for 15 minutes," Richards advises.
"They come out crispy like a french fry." They'd probably go well
with McDonald's hamburgers.

functions and corresponding energy directions.
State T.C. Formula Mitosis
1. tension prophase



than the ability to

Orgonotic S. F.
lumiinat ion
decide with full

C. E. D.
center center
knowledge of the

Note: This partial listing of names and addresses of Neo-Reichman organizations
is for the convenience and information of the reader and is not intended nor should
it be construed as a acknowledgment of, endorsement of, or agreement with the
contents of this ad.
For frther information contact:
The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund, The Inst. for.the New Age of Man
382 Burns St. 340 East 57 St.
Forest Hills, New York 11375 New York, N.Y. 10022
The Inst. for Biogenergetic A nal/vsis Robert W. Milnes
144 East 36 St. 16 E. Cedar Ave.
New York, N.Y. 10016 Oaklyn, New Jersey 08107
This ad has appeard in:
The Colorado Dailv, Boulder, Colorado 9/14/76, The Berkelev Barb, Berkeley,
Calif. 10/4/77, The Soho Week/y News, N.Y.C. 7/27/78, TakeOver. Madison,
Wisconsin 8/13/78, Majority Report 9/16/78


ree will is nothing other
ts."-F. Engels

Centers C
Genitals G
Focal points F!






- 4 - ______ ' '' '
tL/) *N\J
L 1''~




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