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January 15, 1960 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1960-01-15

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To Decentralize



Second Front Page
January 15, 1960 Page 3
Red Chinla Warns Japanese
Charges Collusioit for Preparation of War;
Says Pact Menaces Asian, World Peace

Ike Asks Shift to Civilian Space Power

WASHIN GTON {(A>) -Presidents
Dwight D.Eisenhower asked Con-
gress yesterday to concentrate
responsibility for the nation's
peaceful space program in the
civilian space agency.
At the same time, Eisenhower
informed Congress of his plans to
shift the Army's rocket research
team, headed by German - born
Wernher von Braun, to the civil-
ian-run National Aeronautics and
Space Administration.a sn
After a reading of Eisenhower's
two special messages, Chairman
Overton Brooks (D-La.) of the
House' Space Committee said he
found the proposals reasonable.
No opposition developed on Capitol
Hill immediately.
Underscores View
Once again the President un-
derscored his view-and here he
may be in for Democratic criticism
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-that "there is at present no clear
Department of Defense require-
ment for such very large" rocket
boosters as the Saturn.
Saturn is the name given a pro-
ject for developing a giant three-
stage rocket, with a basic thrust
of 11/2 million pounds, to boost a
manned vehicle far into space.
Von Braun's team, based at the
Army ballistic missile agency in
Huntsville, Ala., has been work-
ing Star said yesterday political
associates of Gov. G. Mennen Wil-
liams of Michigan expect him to
retire this year rather than seek
an unprecedented seventh term.
Unnamed associates were quot-
ed by the newspaper as saying the
governor, a Democrat, may an-
nounce his decision before the
end of January.
The article noted Williams'
present term has been marked by
bitter controversy with the Re-
publican-controlled legislature
over state fiscal policies.
Williams 'associates in Michi-
gan and Washington were quoted
as saying the damage done by the
tax fight is one reason he will step
down this year. A second factor,
they were quoted further, is Wil-
hiams' feeling that after a dozen
years in office any political lead-
er becomes bit shopworn.
Friends of the governor report-
ed he is against running for the
Senate, and would prefer a place
in the cabinet of a Democratic
President if one is elected in No-
Williams' reported inclination
not to seek reelection, the Star
said, is not expected to interfere
with his expected selection as
Michigan's favorite son for the
Democratic Presidential nomina-
tion. It might weaken his infiu-
ence over the delegation when the
time comes for it to switch to an-
other candidate, the newspaper

ing on the Saturn which already
has been transferred by Eisen-
hower to NASA.
In one message, the President
asked for legislation to eliminate
what he said are deficiencies in the
1958 law authorizing the space
effort. Eisenhower said that law
has provisions which tend to ob-
scure NASA's responsibility for
planning and running a program
of peaceful exploration in space.
Among other things, Eisenhower
asked that the President be re-
lieved of legally imposed duties for
planning and detailed survey of
space programs. He also proposed
abolition of the National Aero-
nautics and Space Council whose
only function, he said, is to ad-
vise him in this connection.
In a second message, the Presi-
dent. formally notified Congress of
his plan, announced Oct. 21, to
transfer to NASA the Army Bal-
listic Missile Agency and its force
of scientists, technicians and
others numbering between 4,600
and 5,015. Most are at Huntsville.
Eisenhower said the changeover
would spur work on super rocket
Endorse Shift
The missile agency, transfer will,
go through automatically in 60
days unless either house of Con-
gress rejects the plan.
Von Braun and Maj. John B.
Medaris, soon - to - retire . c om-
mander of the Army agency, both
have endorsed the proposed shift.
Pinpointing what he said were
defects in the 1958 Space Act, Ei-'
senhower spoke of an inherent
concept - "which I believe to be
incorrect" - of a single compre-
hensive program of space work
embracing both the military and
The President added that the
law, as written, "implies that a
multiplicity of unnamed agencies
might have responsibility for por-.
tions of such a program."
From experience in the 18
months since NASA was created,
the President said he is convinced
the law needs changing "so as to
place responsibility directly and
unequivocally in one agency,
NASA, for planning and managing
a national program of nonmili-j
tary space activities."

Red Leader
Set To Move
To Caucasus
Ballis Says Changes
Continue Past Policy
The Soviet Internal Affairs
Ministry has beenabolished and
a major party official sent to the
Caucasus Mountain area, but
both moves are seen as parts of
long-standing Russian policy.
The internal affairs office -
former secret police boss - was
decentralized Wednesday, with its
remaining functions being trans-
ferred to groups in the individual
And Alexi I. Kirichenko, often
mentioned as heir-apparent to So-
viet Premier Khrushchev, was
transferred to an obscure post in
the Rostov-on-Don area.
Prof. William Baills of the po-
litical science department saw the
move as part of a "general trend
to decentralize the government
that has been going on for about
three years."
Gives PeopleIdea
"Khrushchev is trying to make
the Soviet government more effi-
cient," he continued, "by reduc-
ing the Moscow bureaucracy. He
also wants to give the Russian
people the idea life is becoming
freer and better."
But this doesn't mean the po-
lice character of the USSR is
eliminated, Prof. Ballis warned.
The police are simply being
handled on a different basis.
Khrushchev men are in firm
control of the republic govern-
ments, so no central control has
been lost, Prof. Ballis added.
He did not think abolition of
the ministry was directly connect-
ed with the arms cuts Khrush-
chev announced yesterday; but
said both moves are part of a
propaganda campaign to show the
Russian people and the world that
the old, oppressive characteris-
tics of the Soviet regime are no
longer evident.
Prof. Ballis also said the Ki-
chenko move was part of anr ex-
isting trend in Soviet policy -
"when things don't go right, oft-
en some big party official is sent
out to take the key party position
in the area of trouble."
There are great agricultural
difficulties in the North Caucasus
region at present, Prof. Ballis am-
Identified With Ukraine
Kirichenko has for many years
been identified with the Ukain-
ian party apparatus, and as
Khrushchev's right hand man, he
The transfer may mean that
Kirichenko, often mentioned as
number two or three man in the
Soviet Union well may not be as
close to the Premier a previous-
ly thought.
However,' only time will tell,
Prof. Ballis added.
The other transfer announced
replacement of Jacob Malik by
Alexander Soldatov as ambassa-
dor, to Great Britain, was seen by
Prof. Ballis as a routine diplomat-
ic move. Russian ambassadors are
mere "messenger boys," he said.

TOKYO IP)-Communist China
yesterday warned Japan against
signing a new military treaty with
the United States and charged it
signifies a revival of Japanese
The ,pact is to be signed in
Washington Tuesday.
Peiping Radio broadcast a state-
ment from Red China's Foreign
Ministry attacking the new pact
as "collusion for the preparation
of new aggression and war, and
menacing Asian and world peace."
The broadcast appeared directed
at boosting already strong Japa-
nese sentiment against the revised
United States -Japan security
treaty. Leftists, and even some
members of Premier Nobusuke
Kishi's Conservative Party, have
complained that United States
troop movements from bases here
could bring retaliation to Japan.
The Japanese Cabinet gave the
new treaty formal approval yes-
terday. Kishi leaves for the United
States Saturday. Political fire-
works are expected when the pact
comes before Parliament later. The
new treaty is a revision of the old
security pact signed in 1951, when
Japan was still under American
postwar military occupation. It is
under that agreement that United
States troops are stationed here
Even before Peiping broadcast
yesterday's statement, Kishi told
a news conference that under the
new pact both Japan and the
United States must agree before
any. American troops are moved
from Japan to combat emergencies
in other countries. In tie future,
he added, Japan may oppose such
Grand Jury
Indicts No One
In Lynchin

deployment and there will be
"cases when Japan will have to JOH N L EIDY
say no."
"The treaty does not use the Phone NO 8-6779 * 601 East Liberty
term veto," he continued, "but if
we do say no, we will have a very *,,.., .tm ° v.' '. ° '"' ' .,
good reason and I am confident nd.v.'_. .
the United States will under stand Read and:Use Michigaxn Daily Classified,"
and abide."


:.. .. v

DIAL NO 5-6290
one of the most force-
ful screen documents I


BILOXI, Miss. (Al) - A special
federal grand jury ended its in- a < -:
vestigation of the Mack Charles .. 10:10 PM Halftime.Encourage Cosumption ofrefreshments while
Palmer lynching yesterday with- S.all listen to Fiorello! (original cast), the brand-new Broadway smash
out returning indictments in the it' cer-tO-knoWthe-WOrds-afd-music from.N.Y.newspaper critics
nine-month-old case.=- (the "Seven Blocks of Granite") turned to fine-screen gravel over
A mob of hooded men had Fiorello!One of Time's dramassassins said it "brings back an engag.
dragged Parker, 23-year-old Negro ingly dynamic tMayorl La Guardia and his gaudy, high-kicking era
truck driver from oumberton, out with a bang." Anyone whodoesn't appear tobe gettinga-bang Out of
of his second-floor jail cell at Fiorellolis asleep, and should be taken home
Paplarville last April 25 and p "?';:..:::< '
killed him .,. .. ,,«-. ...:..."::,. .
The lynching came two days
bef ore Parker's sceuled tri ay on io:44 PM Very danceable. The party has been going 01 folsore
chore Parkers scheduled trial on time and it may be well to turn down some lights to conserve power.
white mother Hear what the Shearing Quintet's latin tempos can do for home-
The jury foreman, Charles Long grown standards like All Or Nothing At All, Dearly Beloved and Its
said the jury of 20 white men and gEasy To Remember.Then there's Afro #4, Mambo Balahu and things
one Negro heard 32 witnesses dur j-- that are supposed to sound that way. Be considerate; this is the time
ing nin ;da when guests will wish to strengthen friendships, consolidate social
<>.... gains. Ater all, they're only human.
In New York, the National Assn.
for the Advancement of Colored
People set ya teeram to Und ; 11:30 PM Play a couple of the Glen Grays again, then put on the
Rogers, G n Wilam P Gleason. If there are older chaperons, they will probably be growig
the urin him telease to tired and will appreciate being shown to a quet room where they can
FBIsre portoli the llyhe read. The Gleason album should be well received. It employs Io
FBT'hepoAAC on thslyncding - orchestras (strings and brass) is curiously pleasant, and contains
law the world to "know who ath highly romantic Gleason ornals plus ballads you know like She
suspects are. ad to ow'whothe Funny That Way and Yesterdays. The meaning Of the album titl
suspecs are... ad to appraise : .<:;: aFrnh h;)i b~r. od uk
the quality of justice administered a Freach phase j Obsure.Good luck.
in the state of Mississippi."







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