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March 11, 1965 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1965-03-11

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Despite American Resistance,
Thant Presses for Asian Parley,
By The Associated Press The Viet Cong representative Announcing that the men would olic soldier in a card game Sun-
UNITED NATIONS, N.Y.-De- said the National Liberation Front hold a general review of world day.
spite a United States brush-off, struggle will, at the opportune problems, Press Secretary George Vietnamese rangers fired into,
pesed detedminatonbresh-rda' moment, result in formation of ' E. Reedy said, "there's no specific the air to break up a crowd of
presed -GeeraUtio n esterda national union government in Sai- problem or no specific issue that Buddhist demonstrators shouting
to push his diplomatic campaigny gon. He did not elaborate. will be involved in this." ' anti-Catholic slogans.
to achieve peace in Viet Nam Will Continue Efforts One topic could have been the Ill-feeling between Vietnamese
through negotiations. Thant has in mind a conference revival yesterday of rejigious frie Buddhists and Catholics is of long
But the Communists are re- of North and South Viet Nam, Red tion in Viet Nam, featuring ar- standhg mi this area.
portedly also not interested. China, the United States, Britain son and gunfire in Da Nang, the At the same time United States
A U.S. State Department spokes- France, and the Soviet Union. site of a strategic air base newly Air Force fighter-bombers stageC
Washington Mon- Yesterday morning Thant author- reinforced by 3500 U.S. Marines, another raid, apparently against
man had said in Communistn bases andfoce supl lineSMries
day that the United States ap- ized a spokesman to say that the Hommuist bas and rp ln
predated Thant's suggestion that secretary-general will "continue Hot Card Game in the Pathet Lao-held territory
aseven-nation conference be call- with his efforts to explore ways Buddhist youths burned the of eastern Laos. As In such strikes
Ed to hold exploratory talks on and means of finding a peaceful homes of four Roman Catholic; in the past, the F-100 and F-105
a Viet Nam settlement. solution of the Viet Nam problem." in reprisal for the fatal stabbing jets returned without fanfare, 0]
But the spokesman reiterated Thant said also, through the of a Buddhist soldier by a Cath- official comment,
the U.S. view that negotiations spokesman, that the view voiced
were not possible until the Corn- in Washington was the first "of fi ig Supp orters
they will stop aggression against States regarding the suggestion.
South Viet Na . In the afternoon the secretary- C o
No Conference general issued another statement ol t 30 o u C a m p s
In Phnom. Penh, Cambodia's through the spokesman, saying l
capital, a political representative' that Thant meant to convey that
of the Viet Cong said yesterday it was the first "public official By MICHAEL HEFFER
he doesn't see the opportunity for reaction."

Washington Hashes Student Aid Plans
By The Associated Press jective that few of us would quar- tional expenses, as some Congress the colleges make them.
WASHINGTON-In an attempt rel with-turns into tomorrow's members have proposed. She also said the subcommittee
to ease the financial burdens of loophole, draining vital revenue Surrey said, "A tax credit foi would write "more stringent laws"
higher education on students and' that could have been used far tuition expenses--costing us a bil- to see that the long-term, low in-
administrations, concerned Wash- more effectively to attack the lion dollars-could actually slow terest loans were repaid. Students
ington officials and congressmen problem directly," he charged. !up rather than hasten our prog- are now given 10 years to re-
are debating alternatives of edu- Tax Reduction ress in education by giving bene- pay, starting a year after they
cationa g financing. Several members of Congress fits to those who have no real leave college.
Assistant Secretary of the Treas- have proposed plans to reduce tax- need for help, thus wasting tax The subcommittee said the ma-
es for those who have college ex- revenue which could be used di- jor problem was keeping track of
y tat Dproposals to grant tax penses--either for themselves or rect to finance a constructive pro- the students after they leave col-
credits for college tuition pty-'would permit a tax credit for col- most need it." the Internal Revenue Service and
ments would give lege tuition-permitting the sub- Agency To Handle Loans the Social Security Administra-
who have no real need rhelp. traction of all or part of tuition Chairman of the House Educa- tion be empowered to help locate
Surrey, known in the past to re- from the amount owed to the gov- tion subcommittee, Edith Green students delinquent in their pay-
ton thnking in this fldaids ernment. (D-Ore), said a possible answer to ments.
tax credit is not a substitute for'this is a much greater benefi, the'collection problem was to have Some students, the officials said,
tJrdnseorsto the taxpayer than merely per- all the loans administered and seem to regard the loans as a
President Lyndon B. Johnson's mitting the deduction of educa- collected by a federal agency after government handout.
student assistance program and
could actually slow up progress in
- education.{v_- - _ -- ___j
Meanwhile, students have been
the object of criticism from ad. Do you want to c p out on the Union steps this fall?
ministrators of college student
loans in the Washington area. The Do you like to hear your next door neighbor snore?
administrators a s k e d Congress
Thursday for the right to take
court action against students de-
linquent in their payment. R

an international conference on
South Viet Nam.
Buynh Tan Phat, chief delegate
of the South Viet Nam National
Liberation Front, made the state-
ment at a news conference held
after closing of the Conference
on the Indochinese Peoples.
U.S. May Hit
China Bases
If Reds Act

Period of Times
Thant said he has been present-
ing his suggestions over a period
of time to U.S. Ambassador Adlai
Thantadded that on Feb. 27
Stevenson had conveyed to him
privately the reactions of the U.S.
government to the idea of the sec-
se-retary-general and "to certain
proposals and suggestions from 1
other quarters."
Meanwhile, President Lyndon
B. Johnson flew to his Marine-
guarded mountain retreat near
Thurmont, Md., yesterday to con-
fer with key military and diplo-

WASHINGTON ()-The United matic avisers.
States is keeping its hands free Meets with Four
to allow U.S. planes and war- Johnson flew by helicopter to
ships to strike at Red Chinese air Camp David, the presidential
and naval bases if the Chinese cloister in the Catoctin Moun-
should intervene directly in South. tains, with Secretary of Defense
east Asia. Robest S. McNamara, Secretary of
Although U.S. officials will not State Dean Rusk, Special Assist-
discuss the "rules of engagement," ant Bill Moyers, and McGeorge
it is likely that Red China would Bundy, assistant for national se-
not enjoy any "privileged sanctu, curity affairs.
ary," as it did in the Korean War
when American planes were bar- tS
red from pursuing Chinese air-O l
craft beyond the Yalu River boun-
dary. Foundation for
Government authorities carefu-
ly have avoided making any state-
ments indicating the U.S. would
observe any such sanctuary this
time. By The Associated Press
Official silence on this point i
considered extremely important WASHINGTON-President Lyn-
and top level officials believe the don B. Johnson asked Congress
significance has not been lost on yesterday to authorize federal aid
the leaders of Red China and for dance groups, the theatre, and
Northl Viet Nam- in painting, literature and other
Lop Nor Stands High cultural activities.
The Chinese realize that their Johnson submitted, with ad-
.tomic development at Lop No vance support from Senate and
in Sinkiang province stands high House subcommittees, a bill that
on the U.S. target list if they would create a National Founda-
should invite retaliation. tion on the Arts and Humanities.
President Lyndon B. Johnson i It would authorize $10 million for
mindful of the lessons of the Ko- first-year use in providing grants
rean War. He is pictured as feel- and loans.
ing that whenever a nation sig- University President H a r 1 a r
nals its refusal to use all armec Hatcher testified in favor of such
power available it weakens its free- a foundation last week.
dom of action militarily and daso Unexplored Areas
undercuts its bargaining power in A White House aid who worked
event of negotiations, on the measure said the primary
Johnson and Secretary of De- aim is to offer aid in areas which
fense Robert S. McNamara prefer get the least support from such
to keep the Red Chinese and, private groups as the Ford and
Communist North Vietnamese Rockefeller Foundations.
guessing as to U.S. intentions. The proposed National Founda-
Problem Hasn't Arisen tion on the Arts and Humanities
Actually, the problem of "hot would operate along the pattern
pursuit" and "privileged sanctu- of the National Science Founda-
ary" has not yet arisen in the, ion, which encourages creative
Southeast Asian war, wors n he scientifi field.
The Communist Chinese have Artistic Achievement
about 30 MIG fighters on fields In a statement, Johnson said,
around Hanoi. But they have not "Trs it of artistic achievement
tried to challenge American and and making the fruits of that
South Vietnamese bombers and achievement available to all it
fighters during raids on infiltra- people, Is among the hallmarks of
tion bases and other military in a great society."
stala tions in North Viet Nam re- He said that "no government
Gety. can call artistic excellence intc
U.S. fighters flew combat pa- existence" but that "government
trols over the striking aircraft, can seek to create conditions un-
just in case the Chinese should der which the arts can flourish
come out-but they didn't. through recognition of achieve-
So far as is known, the Red Chi- ments, through helping those whc
nese have made no move to con- seek to enlarge creative under-
test, in the air, the repeated U.S. standing, through increasing the
strikes against Communist supply access of our people to the work
routes and positions in Laos. of our artists, and through recog-
nizing the arts as part of the pur-
suit of American greatness."
The new proposal would be th
first to provide for federal match-
- - ing grants to non-profit private
groups and to individuals operat-
Stt ing in the arts and humanities
Don't I


An Ad Hoc Committee to Aid the Vietnamese collected $30 in
the Fishbowl last week for medical supplies to be sent to wounded
South Vietnamese citizens. The money will be distributed by thes
National Liberation Front.-
The NLF, claiming to be the true representative of the Vietna-
mese, is the political wing of the Communist Viet Cong.
Stanley Nadel, '66, spokesman for the group collection donations,
said "The United States bombings are inhuman and the people;
--___ _- - . definitely want us out." Sending
1 medical supplies thus constitutes
Suden t M a rc h a gesture of nesce. he said.
Favorable Response
To Protest W ar "The response was remarkably
favorable," Nadel said. "It took,
only three days to collect the $30."
A march on Washington to pro- He also received "60 signatures on
test the continuation of the war! a petition pledging that the sig-
in Viet Nam, is being planned for natories would not serve in the
April 17 by the Pease Research army while the United States is
and Education Project (PREP), a 'in Viet Nam."
student organization affiliated i Nadel pointed out the men sign-j
with the University's Center for ed the petition understanding they
Research on Conflict Resolution. , might be violating the draft act.
Todd Giltin, Grad, the Ann Ar- He added that more would have
bor coordinator for PREP, predict- signed had they not been afraid
ed recently about 50 University of prosecution.
students will participate in the Faculty Signatories
demonstration organized on a na- The petition, also including the
tionwide basis by Students for a signatures of faculty members, will.
Democratic Society. Gitlin said be added to petitions being col-
that SDS expects about 10,000 lected by the Committee for Non-
students to participate. violent Action, the War Resistors
The demonstrators will picket League, the Student Peace Union
the White House and will then and the Catholic Union.
march down the mall to the Nadel said the committee is try-
Capitol to present a statement to ing to obtain a film made in "the
th Congress. liberated areas of Viet Nam, those
Sen. Ernest Gruening (D-Alas- occupied by the Viet Nam."
ka) and journalist I. F. Stone have Film Seized
agreed to address the students Two copies of this film were1
from the Capitol steps. , seized by the government as they
The demonstration is being pro- were brought into the U.S.
moted through the distribution of Nadel said he is working "in
literature on the war in Viet cooperation with Voice and the
Nam, prepared by SDS and an International Socialist Alliance ir
organization called Massachusetts trying to get the U.S. out of
Political Action for Peace. Viet Nam."

Agncies for Debt
A further request, made by s
panel of officials from six col-
leges, asked for authority to turn
overdue studentdebts over to pri-
vate collection agencies, with the
cost of the agency being borne
by the delinquent student.I
Surrey said the proposal to grantE
a blanket tax credit is a case of
a special tax treatmnt being used
to attain a non-tax objective.
"Far too often today's tax in-
centive to achieve some specific
non-tax objective-usually an ob-___

Board Studies
Tech's Branch
LANSING A')-The State Boare
of Education has scheduled anoth.
er hearing on a university branch
question-this one involving Mich
igan Technological University'.
Sault Ste. Marie campus.
The board decided Tuesdai-
night to visit Sault Ste. Marie
April 21 to look into proposed ex-
pansion of the Sault campus from
a two-year to a four-year opera-
Last week, it went to Flint tc
hear pros and cons on the Uni,
versity's proposed expansion of it
Flint campus from the present
junior-senior setup to a full four-
year college.
Gov. George Romney has ask
ed for a delay in the expansion
plans to allow the board time to
develop tn overall policy or



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2. SIGN the University approved lease
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sanctions completed buildings)
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Sponsored by Joint Judiciary Council
for school year 1965-66
Room 3 R-S, Michigan Union
Thursday, March 11, 7:30 P.M.

Dr.Dewey Carpenter
Professor .of Chemistry
Georgia Institute of Technology


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