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May 13, 1961 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1961-05-13

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SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1961



T~~i3.. Tt~

Historian Cites Duty

r AT7 7

nits U.1.
Segments of the American
press, education, and govern-
ment are heavily responsible for
the rise of Communism in Cuba,
H. W. Balgooyen, executive vice-
president of a major Latin Amer-
ican utility corporation, told a
session of the thirty-third alumni
conference of the business admin-
Istration school.
"Despite the daily outpourings
of hatred against the United
States, we still have our notorious
Fair Play for Cuba Committee
our pro-Castro Harvard profes-
sors, and our Prof. C. Wright Mills
of Columbia University who auth-
ored the diatribe "Listen Yankee,
"algooyen declared.
He charged that Cuba was a
Communist state which Castro
created in betrayal of the Cuban
people. The peasant, who was
promised land, has become a slave
laborer on a collective farm,
The property owners whose
possessions have been stolen and
Tax Benefits
May Promote
Investment tax benefits should
be offered for consumer invest
ment, Prof. George Katona, of the
Survey Research Center, said yes
terday at a conference on con
rumer problems at the Universit
of Texas.
In a recent special message t
Congress, President John F. Ken
nedy requested tax benefits fo
business investment, but accord
ing to Prof. Katona this is no
sufficient to stimulate the econ
"Growth and expansion of ou
economy have become dependen
on consumer investment as wel
as business investment. Yet meas
ures intended to stimulate th
economy have been limited to in
centives for business investment,
Prof. Katona said.
Cites Slump
Purchase of consumer good
have slumped since the summer o:
1960, Prof. Katona observed. "To
day the consumer remains hesi
tant." Yet, he said that "the con
sumer is receptive to favorabl
As a stimulus to the economy
Prof. Katona proposes tax credit
for buyers of houses, automobiles
and expensive appliances. The re
duction of automobile excise taxe
would also help, he asserted.
Hluimbell Notes
U.S. Progress
The success of the America
free enterprise system is note
matter of economics, Russell J
Humbell, president of DePaui
University told the first genera
session of the Michigan School
master's Club here yesterday.
"Remember that the progres
and development of our natio
has been dependent upon free en
terprise in intellectual and spiri
tual areas as well as in economics,
he told his audience.
Free enterprise of mind an
spirit are reflected in our ad
vances in science, technology
health, agriculture and commerce
The growth of United State
freedom is the result of "the pro
pulsive power of men made fre
by the knowledge that they wer
potential sons of God," Humbel]
e American way, he said, i
to rely upon individuals to develo

and express individual opinion, an
to depend upon educational insti
tutions to seek the truth and teacg
it without fear.
"Freedom is not the right to do
whatever we wish, but the powe
to become what we were intendec
to be," he concluded.
Stillings Publishes
New Music Series
An annotated translation M
Prof. Frank S. Stillings of th
University school of music will ini
tiate a new series to be publishes
by the Yale University school o
Financed by a grant from th
Publication Fund of the Rackhan
school of graduate- studies, th
series will be composed of Englist
translations of important works or
music theory from the middl
ages through the nineteenth cen

Ioru CuDanm tIuaLion 1 4o lNon-w est
the "God-fearing mothers and anything which threatens to weak- By MICHAEL OLINICK
fathers" whose children have been en or destroy this system must be The West must work to raise t
"indoctrinated to atheistic Com- resisted with every resource in the standards of living for the s
munism" have been betrayed, he our possession. non-West, which holds the great tr
said, "When I know that Communist majority of the world's population, b
Balgooyen denied that American agents are trying with fanatical British Historian Arnold J. Toyn-
companies controlled the economic zeal to destroy confidence in pri- bee told an Honors Convocation
life of Cuba. "Even in the sugar vate enterprise, particularly Amer- audience yesterday.
industry, American ownership had ican private enterprise, I feel I Toynbee labelled such an action pr
been reduced from over 75 per must speak out with all the vigor as "the biggest problem ahead" in C
cent to between 30 and 35 per of which I am capable," he de- securing a common purpose for m
cent." tlared, which to work. "Competition inr
activity has increas- the Cold War is now becoming
ed greatly in the last year, he " one of positive contributions.
warned. The Communists spend P est Toynbee, awrded an honorary
$200 million annually and extend doctor of laws degree by the Um- o
into virtually every city, village, versity at the ceremonies, saw a
and rural area of South America. ~ ~two-fold crisis the West is passing
s.nd r r aUa e S u t m e i c .th r o u g h : th e p o w e r s e a t o f th e a
"I do not wish to be an alarm- West has switched from Europe to a
ist or to needlessly disturb any- Ws a wthdfo uoet
ne'srcomplacency. Butust as . A Byzantine rite Mass was said the United States and, the more
beie withlallennvc.Btionusof in English by The Very Rev. Fr. important one, the West seems in m
believe, with all the conviction of John Zaveyl of the Byzantine rite opposition to the majority non- e
zwhich I am capable, that 'the sys- ,ahlcCuc t t aysSu West o
tem of free private, competitive Catholic Church at St. Mary Stu- Two Great Powers i
eenterprise is the best and only
way for freedom to achieve last- Three of Father Zavell's chil- In contrast to 1914 when eight i
ing economic progress-so I must dren explained the differences be- great powers existed, only two
bieve withqualcon vict-on, I st tween the Latin rite and the By- countries have the power of first d
believe with equal conviction, that zantine rite, which allows their rank-the United States and Rus- a
priests to marry, at a panel dis- sia. If a third power should arise, d
cussion held Wednesday at the Toynbee predicted that it would v
for Consumer Nwman Club. be Communist China,
The Byzantine rite (not to be World domination by one na-
IJV.s . Econoconfused with the Greek or Rus- tion or group of nations is usual-
Y sian Orthodox Church) is a Cath- ly temporary, Toynbee said, be-
olic rite directly under the Pope cause this is an "abnormal" his-
. just as the Roman Catholic torical position. "The liquidation
Church is. of temporary supremacy is a re-
trn to normalization."
The chief internal problem of
Daily To Publish the West is "our own offensives
e sagainst our moral principles,"
. M 'Exam Schedule Toynbeo charged. In World War
- &I and World War II, the West
ye The examination schedule for fought against its conscience, he
this semester will appear in to- explained. "Between the U.S. Civil
o morrow's edition of The Daily. The War and World War I a change
schedule corresponds with the list- in attitude had occurred; the ma-
r ings in the Time Schedule pub- jority of people had come to feel
- ished at the beginning of the that war-like slavery was an in-
semester. stitution that should be abolished
t Continuous Today
L From 1 o'clock
s ... views consumer problems
If In answer to the argument that
- tax incentives would just meanIi
borrowing from the future, Prof.is
Katona said that this is only valid poweMul
e "if we assume that technological and
progress is nonexistent and the
automobiles offered for sale in realistic
s 1962 or 1963 will not be more de- has-
' sirable than the 1961 models."shocking
Consumer Demand ~ ,
Prof. Katona's studies show power. . -
that consumers do not trade in --Crowther,
automobiles because they wear N.Y. Times t °
out, but because they "are at- -
tracted by something new."
Attraction for products is also
affected by price considerations. * Please Note Time Schedule
A tax incentive plan would create
n increased price attraction, he sug- ' lb A Memorable Motion
a gested. Picture Event To Salute
. Once tax advantages are in- the Civil War Centennial!
w stalled, they could only be re-
l scinded in prosperous times, Prof.
- Katona pointed out.
"The striving for improved pri-
s vate living standards is the basis 1
n of our prosperity. The more we TECHNICOLOR
- have, the more we are willing to
- spend collectively on defense,
" schools, and hospitals," Prof. Ka-
tona said.
The government should attempt
- to stimulate investment in humanTk
capital-schools, student grants, The love ?y
. hospitals-for such investment story that
s would also aid economic prosper- thrilled
- ity, he added. millions
e in all its
Men's Glee Club sweeping
To Give Concert gl

d The Men's Glee Club will pre-
- sent their one-hundred and sec-
hond annual spring concert at 7:00 .r WINNER OF TEN
and 9:30 p.m. today in Hill Aud. - ACADEMY AWARDS
Under the direction of Philip
r Duey, the concert will feature the 3 SHOWS DAlL
d Arbors and the Friars in addition IVIIG 3 SHOWS DAILY
to the 71-member glee club. ..a12:30-415
Week/-4ys c utl430-Eves. 90c--Sunday 90c
y now showing
t- S* * *
d Lets Make Love -. -. -
e and the
n Pajama Game*
DORIS DAY TONIGHT and Sunday at 7 and 9
Shows at 1:00 - 7:05 FELLINI'S NIGHTS
5:10 - 7:05 and 9:iS
5:10 - u7:15 and 4:25 O F CA B IRIA
Feature at 1:09 - 3:15
S5:i2 - 7:15 and 4:25
- - - +ta ~t ~iawith

ere Masses
War is some sort of institution,
hus it must have rules, Toynbee
aid. "Atrocities and violations of
eaties and international law
reak those rules."
Advises West
Toynbee advised the West not
> commit such breaches because,
ragmatically, the Russian and
hinese Communists can do a
nch better job at breaking the
iles than we can."
The London-born historian, who
ilieves that man is growing out
f the nation state and into one
f an international nature, stress-
d that "All of us are morally im-
licated" in the actions taken by
ny part of the West.
"We are justly proud that Ger-
nan music is a part of the West-
rn civilization, and we must rec-
gnize then that the West is also
able for the German atrocities"
i World War II.
"The Outlook for the West To-
ay," which Toynbee tried to
tnalyze, has its credits, too. A
eminution of socialinjustice pro-
ide greater equality and oppor-
unity now than in 1914, he said.

Experts Absolve Business

The balance of payment defi-
cit is not caused by American
commerce, two experts told a ses-
sion on "American Business in a
Changing World" of the thirty-
first alumni conference of the
business administration school
In fact, trade and commercial
investment abroad net the United
States a favorable balance of $7
billion, Ray W. McDonald, vice-
president and general manager of
a Detroit manufacturing corpora-
tion, said.
However, governmental military
expenses and foreign aid reduced
this profit by $5 billion and capi-
tal outflow and gold conversion of
$3.7 million created the deficit.
Old Phenomenon
The imbalance is not a new
phenomenon, Prof. Paul Mc-
Cracken of the business adminis-
tration school said. "With the ex-
ception of the Suez crisis, there
has been a deficit for the last ten
years, but half of the deficit has
occurred in the lastthree years."
He predicted that the problem
will be a chronic one with a hardI

core imbalance of $2 billion an-
"This may be bad. The United
States ought to have a balanced
flow as its target. It should close
the long term gap," he said.
Expresses Alarm
McDonald expressed alarm over
proposals that business cut its
overseas trade while government
increases foreign spending.
"There is no reason for spend-
ing non productive capital," he
McDonald said that the balance
of payments difficulties should de-
ter American industry from in-
Lombard To Tak
Oan Strife in South
Rudy Lombard of the New Or-
leans Congress of Racial Equality
will speak on the struggle in the
South at 3:00 p.m. today at the
Guild House.
The meeting is sponsored by
the Ann Arbor Direct Action Com-
mittee and the Political Issues

vesting abroad. There is a poten-
tial market of one billion people
in the free world to be. tapped.
Western Europe and the British
Commonwealth are two areas with
a highly advanced market. They
are determined to reach the Amer-
ican standard of living and pro-
vide a market to attain this goal.
With the development of the
rest of the world the market may
be four or five times its present
size by 1980, McDonald predicted.
American companies first enter
the international market by ex-
por ng and as long as foreign
fir do not know how to make
te product the companies do not
uild plants in the area.

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