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April 23, 1963 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1963-04-23

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The Daily Official Bulletin is an
official publication of The Univer-
sity of Michigan for which The
Michigan Daily assumes no editorial
responsibility. Notices should be
sent in TYPEWRITTEN form ' to
Room 3564 Administration Building
before 2 p.m. two days preceding
Day Cd endar
7:30 a.m.. to 5:00 p.m.--University of
Michigan Sixth Annual Workshop for
Office' Personnel-Registration: Lobby,
Second Floor, Michigan Union.
.3:30 p.m.--Baseball-U-M vs. Western
Michigan Univ.: Ferry Field.
8:30 * pm. School of Music Recital--
Barbara Holmquest, pianist: Rack'hani
Lecture Hall.
Mathematics " Colloquium: Tues., 3
p.m.,. Rm. 2003, Angell Hall. Prof. Kurt
Hirsch, of Queen Mary College, will
speak on "Polycyclic Groups." Refresh-
ments in Rm.,3212 at 2:30 p.m. {
f General Notices

Wed., April 24, 2310 E: Engin. Bldg.,
at 2 p.m. Chairman, L. FKazda.
Doctoral Examination for Nancy Mar-
garet Willard, English Language ERs Lit-
erature; thesis. "An Experiment in Ob-
jectivity: The Poetic Theory and Prac-
tice of William Carlos Williams and
Rainer Maria Rife," Wed., April 24,
2601 Haven Hall at 2:00 p.m. Chairman,
Morris Greenhut.

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'<^o-9 y J f ,cl
. ; i : " f ^ f ,crry f°" fffl r": {' ffrf} ~ ~f?
.s.,,.- .. '.. ... .. : - l.... rr~.'"c:: F;rx.n. 4 : a4, 4E::"sy t 'v"f $:w:.., i..." .v
NTW APPOINTMENTS--Chosen 'by the Board InControl of Student Publications for 1963-64 were
(top, left to right? Lee Jatros, Accounts Manager; Judith Lepofsky, Associate Business Manager;
Philip Sutin,, National Concerns Editor; and Barbara. Lazarus, Personnel Director. Also chosen were
(bottom, left to" right) Gail Evans, Associate City Editor; Marjorie Brahms, Associate Editorial Di-
rector; and Gloria Bowies, Magazine Editor.

Board, Sets'


Theories Remain, Unresolved


He noted that even those paleon-
tologists who held -that there was
a "progression 'of _life" shown in
the ,. fossil record, from primitive
to recent forms, still believed in +
a, Creator' and' in Creation. They
felt that there was an "absolute
fixity" 'of species, as opposed to
the 'idea of transmutation from
one species to : another proposed by
Charles Darwin in 1859.
.These fundamentalists who still
oppose Darwin't theory do so on
the basis of several concepts, Prof.
kitland, pointed out. They feel
than the strata occur in no given
order and were in fact laid down
all at the same time. They further
state that the major geomorphic
features of the earth's surface
were caused by the Deluge.
He, noted that there is a rea-
sonable degree of 'order which
exists among strata. The condition
of one area or another may cause
some people who have not viewed
the whole picture to think that
no order is present.
The greatest problem which con-
fronts those Who try to support
an evolutionist idea by means of
the fossil 'record is the marked
lack of intermediate forms which
are supposed to have occurred as
transitions between known types.
This' problem is even, greater
Pospox a Lecture
By Voice Speaker
Carl Winter will not speak on
campus as scheduled. Voice poli-
tical party was sponsoring his
appearance, but', an illness has
postponed his engagement for two

where plants are. concerned. If
the fossil record were complete,
it would appear that most flower-
ing plants suddenly appeared fully
evolved in the Cretaceous Period,
Prof. Ritland said.
Another major obstacle for evo-
lutionists is the abrupt appearance
at the- base of the column of fos-
sil-bearing strata. These strata are
of a great variety of M complex
types representing most animal
groups which now inhabit the
earth, while lower strata are de-
void of fossils.
According to creationists, this
abrupt appearance shows when the
creation of such forms by a Di-
vine Being occurred, Prof. Ritland
Bad Explanation
The idea often used to support
this phenomenon is that the miss-
ing fossils are of a composition,
such as soft-bodied creatures,
which is not readily fossilized. But
it is ; not a good explanation, for
such organismsi are still 'found
elsewhere higher up the scale, Prof.
Ritland noted.
Evolution is still stated as a
fact proven by the documentation
of the fossil record. But it should
be said instead that one can find
support for any theory one chooses,
be it evolutionist or otherwise, on
the, basis of this criterion, Prof.
Ritland said.
The religious dogma of the past
has been replaced "by a scientific
dogma handed down by higher
authorities, and the latter dogma
is just as capable of blinding the
eyes of workers to new facts as ; is
the former, Prof. Ritland said.
Thus the fossil record can only
support evolution as a working
hypothesis and not as a scientific
fact, he concluded.

N w Staff,
For Dail
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the the' business staff, Aronson t
will succeed Thomas Bennett, 163- t
BAd, as Advertising Manager. He I
is a, physics major from Grosse I
Pointe and a member of Sphinx
junior men's honorary and of I
Delta Kappa " Epsilon fraternity. 1
Succeeding Susan Turner, 163,
Miss Lepofsky is a political science
major from Detroit. 1
Miss Jatros follows Ruth Stev-
enson, '63. She is a sociology major
from Detroit and a member, of t
Alpha' Xi Delta sorority, t
Wilton and Sutin; were named 1
summer co-editors of The Daily.
Jon White, '65,. was- appointed
summer Business Manager. The
St. Johns resident is a member of ,
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. I
The Board's relatively brief, ap-
proval of the seniors' recommend-
ations is in sharp contrast to the i
situation last year, when a month-
long crisis developed when the
students' recommendations were
rejected for the first time in about
20 years.
A compromise was reached, i
however, and several technical
changes were made in the timing j
of the Board hearings to prevent
further s u c h debacles f r o m 4
Cong. Disc. E & R Stud. Guild, Cost
Luncheon: Discussion; "Community,"
Prof. Hellenbecker, April 23, Noon, 802 '
* * e
Deutscher verein, Kaffeestunde (Cof-
fee Hour), April 24, 3-5 p.m., 4072 FIB.
* s *
Joint Judiciary Council, Open Meet-
ing to Present New Constitution, April
30, 7:30 p.m., sGc Council Room, 3rd
Floor SAS.
U..of M. Friends of SNCC, Mass Meet-
ing, April 24, 7:30 p.m., union, Rm. 3D.
* * s
Voice Political Party, Carl Winter's
lecture has been postponed because
of the speaker's 'illness," previously
scheduled for April 23.
Wesleyan Guild, Class "Evangelists
for Undergraduates?", April 23, 7 p.m.,
(Green Room; Open House, April 23, 8:30
p.m., Jean Robe's Apt.; Holy Commun-
ion, April 24, 7 p.m., Chapel.
* * *
Chess . Club, Meeting, April 24, 7:30
p.m., Union, Rms. 3K-L. Join the ladder
tournament. Everyone welcome.
Campus Reform Political Party, Or-
ganizational Meeting---Discussion and
voting on proposed constitution and
statement of purposes of the party.
Everyone welcome who is interested in
a moderate political party on the cam-
pus, April 25, 7:30 p.m., 3529 SAB.

Foreign. Visitors
Following are the foreign' visitors
programmed through the International
Center who will be on campus this
week on the dates indicated. Program
arrangements are being made by Mrs.
Clifford' R. Miller, Ext. 336$, Interna-
tional Center.
Ahmad Ardalan, Counselor, Iranian
Embassy, Washington, D .C., Iran; April
Dr. Kurt Sontheimer, Prof. of Politi-
cal Science, Otto-'Suhr -Institute, Free
University of Berlin, Germany, April
Wilfried Rohrich, Asst. at Seminary
for Political Science, Teacher Training
College; Frankfurt/Main, Oermany,
April 21-24.
78, Teachers,, Institute of Education,
University of London, England, April 2Z.
F. A. Khan, Director of Archaeology,
Government of Pakistan; Karachi, Paki-
-.stan, April 25-28.
The Honorable H. °B. Masawko Chiper-
bere, Minister of Local Government,
Zomba, Nyasaland, April 26-28.
The Honorable M. W. Kanyama Chi-
ume,, Minister of Education, Social De-
velopment and Information, Zomba,
Nyasaland, April 26-28.
*Eduardo Casaiderrey, Engineering
Student, Student Leader, University of
Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 27-May 1.
*OVerto Contreras, ;Economics Stu-
dent, Student Leader, University of
Cordoba, Argentina, April 27-May 1.
*Carlos Comas, Engineering Student,
Student Leader, University of Buenos
Aires, Argentina, April 27-May 1.
*T-Accompanied by Gonzalo Rubiano.

Student Government Council Approval
'of the following student-sponsored ac- $
tivities becomes effective 4 hours after
the publication of this notice. All pub-
licity for these events, must be with. t
held until the approval has become ef- 2
Alpha Phi Omega, Peace Corps Book t
Drive, April 22-26, All day, Residence
Halls* faculty offices.
Friends of SNCC, Mass Meeting, April, . a
24, 7:30-10:30 p.m.,s Rm. 2D Union.
. Voice Political Party, Literature Ta-
ble in Fishbowl, April 22 & 23, 9:00-
5:00. c
There Will Be a Special Meeting of
the Faculty of the College of Litera-
ture, Science, and the Arts on Tues.,
April 23, at 4:10 p.m. in Angell Hall,
Aud. A.
Tickets Now on Sale for U-M Players"
production of "The Madwoman. .of
Chaillot." Wed.-Thurs., $1.50 and $1.
Fri.-Sat., $1.75 and $1.25. 1
Petitions for, Membership on the Lit- i
erary College Steering Committee may
be obtained in 1220 Angell Ball. These
must be returned by 5 p.m, on Wed..
May 1. 1
Undergraduate Honors: Convocation: j
The annual Convocation recognizing i
undergraduate honor students will be
held at 10:30 a.m., Fri., April 26, at Hill
Aud. Dr. Shio Sakanishi, member of 1
Japanese Governmental Commissions, i
including the Constitutional Commis- i
sign; Broadcaster, Poet; and Literary,
Critic, will speak on "Education of a f
Heathen: Position of Women in the
New Japan." 1
All classes, with the , exception of e
clinics and graduate seminars, will
be dismissed at 9:45 for the Convoca-
tion. However, seniors may be excused
from clinics and seminars.
The honor students will not wear
caps and gowns. Main floor seats will
be reserved° for. them and for members
of their families, and will be held until
10:15. Doors of the Auditorium will
open at 10:00. The public is invited.
Events Wednesday
Sigma Xl Lecture: "Standard of Meas-
urement and Nursery Rhymes," by Dr.
Chauncey D. Leaks, Dept. of Pharma-
cology, Univ. of California, School of
Medicine. Wed., $ p.m., Rackham Am-
Doctoral Examination for Abd El
Moneim Youssif Bilal, Electrical Engi-
neering; thesis: "The Analysis of a
Certain Class of Non-Linear Systems,"
Gilbert & Sullivan
Tickets only 75c
at SAB Wed.-Fri.
at Lydia; Sunday
8:00 curtain

B noi B rith Hillel Foundation



5haws at 1:05-3:40-6:20-9:00
Feature at 1:30-4:00-6:45-9:25

related work exper. required. Will per-
form assignments requiring a basic
knowledge of employe relations prin-
Baltimore, Md. Civil. Service-Position
for June grad as Naturalist. Degree
with courses in the biological Sciences.
Under direction, will supervise the ac-
tivities of the Cylburn Wildflower 1 re-
serve & Garden Center & carry out an
assoc. educ. prgg.;' & will do related
work as required. Apply by May 24.
Buick Motof Div. of GMC, Flint, Mich.
--Position for June female grad with
BS degree in Psych. Above average aca-
demic record. Desire to work in Indust.
Employment Testing. Would be classi-
fied as Test Administrator' & would
set-up, administer, score, analyze & pro-
file various test batteries= 'relating of
jsalaried & hourly personnel.
Management Consultants in East' ---
1) General Merchandising Manager--De-
gree. Well-grounded in retail merchan-
dising. Minimum 5=14 yrs. volume retail
merchandising. 2) Division General
Manager Degree. plus exper. with a
firm engaged in the dev. & Mfg. of
some of the following items: mech or
electro-mech., pressurization or cooit&&

equipment for aircraft, missiles, or
ground vehicles.
Amphenol Borg Electronics Corp.,
Broadview, Ill.-Openings for Physicists
& Chemists on Research Dir's Staff for
men with PhD's. Also positions as Staff
Engnrs. for those with BSEE degrees &
5 yrs. exper. Also openings for Project
Engnr. & EE.
Crucible Steel Co. of America, Pitts-
burgh, Pa.-BS Engrg. grads interested
in Operations Research: For further in-
formation, please contact Engrg. Place-
ment, 128-H W. Engrg.
Ford Alotor Co. of Canada, Windsor,
Canada-Canadian students with BS in
ME or Met. Will work in Quality Con-
trol, Chemical or Met. operations or
foundry & heat treat plant. Sea Engrg.
Placement for further information.
International Nickel Res. Labs, Bay-
onne, N.J.-Technical Editor & Library
Supervisor. Engrg. or Physical Science
degree with strong course bkgd. or ex-
per, in English & technical writing.
See Engrg. Placement for further infor-
For further Information, please call
(ContinuedouPage 5)

at NfLLEL, °
on Thursday, April 25, at--8 PA.'.
Lecture No. Sin its series on "Judaism-=-AfLiving Force~
will be given by
Congregation Esras Israel, Chicago

.1429 Hill Street



U-M Players present
jean Giradoux's




Prof. Claribe'l Baird
in the title role





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