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March 24, 1963 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1963-03-24

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SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 1963



"Sorry, I Only
Go Out With Guys
Who Ride Bikes
From Beavers.
Especially Guys
Who Save all that
Money on the New
Bikes for.only
I'm a


Broad Vertical Stripes
Set Sportswear Tempo'

Hair Characterizes Continentals, Playboys

Pastel reds and blues in broadr
vertical stripes set the tempo in1
men's sportswear this spring, with
seersucker as the fabric.
Sport shirts will boast lightc
backgrounds with darker stripesr
or prints overlaid. Overbiouses1
seem strong.t
Terry cloth and cotton knits
will appear with pockets, without
collare, in three-quarter length
sleeves. Banlon and madras en-l
Stretch Shoulders
Windbreakers will i n c lu d el
stretch shoulders with ventilated
View Conflict
In Dress Styles'
Madison Ave. seems to have two
conflicting views about its dress
standards. The jaunuty sharpness
practiced by brash account execu-
tives is countered by the staunch
advocates of the grey flannel suit.
True to the Madison Ave. tra-
dition, however, vehement uphold-
ers for the one extreme or the oth-
er are not to be found. The middle
road seems to be the rule, because,
in the words of one executive, "we
can't afford to be regarded as

mesh, in tan or denim blue. Or
nylon shell windbreakers will dou-
ble as windbreakers and as beach-
For the beach, matching or co-
ordinated sets of suits and shirts
may be reviving. Swim suits will
be shorter, will feature broad ver-
tical stripes and will be of seer-
sucker or stretch nylon.
Hats mean either denim sailor
caps or straw golf caps, especial-
ly in cheap and versatile coconut.
Another strong accessory is the
ascot, worn with sportshirts, in
polka dots, paisleys and plaids of
silk or cotton.
English Sandals
An accessory that is out is knee
socks. But Bermuda shorts are in
all the way, in Madras and strip-
ed seersucker. Below the sockless
knees one may find English rub-
bersoled sandals.
Sportcoats show broad-striped
seersucker, washable and-since
the addition of dacron-able to
keep their shape. Solid colored
blazers are on the rise, and Mad-
ras and boutique are recovering
from obsolescence. Synthetic-cot-
ton blends with linen texture also
Aping the East, students may
wear such sportcoats with tan cot-
ton slacks or the popular white
levis, and cap it all off with broad-
ribboned straw skimmers. Tennis
shoes go on the feet.

Men, the latest way to assert
your personality is your haircut.
One can let the world know that
one is a Twister, a Continental, a
Playboy or any one of a number
of other dynamic, modern, forward
looking types merely by the way
your locks are snipped.
Today one cannot simply stride
into the barbershop and ask him
to "take a little off the top." First
of all, there are no more barbers
around-only hairstylists, and ob-
viously a hairstylist can't just give
a haircut. Those days are gone
Chippy Sneer
No longer will the chippies sneer
as you pass by, "There goes Clyde
the clod, let's ignore him." Now
they will eagerly exclaim, "There
goes Clyde the Continental clod,
let's ignore him." Great, huh?
No doubt you have seen these
dynamic heads trapsing around
campus and wondered what the
names were for these exciting cuts.
The boy that looks like he badly
needs a haircut is probably proud-
ly sporting his new "Continental."
It is typical of the 'new longer
fuller cuts, combed back on the
Of course, the J.F.K. cut is very
big. Similar to the Continental, it
differs only in that the top is
fuller, and also in the expression
on the wearer's face.
Proud Look
He who wears the proud Ken-
nedy look must appear trustwor-
thy, loyal, helpful, friendly, cour-

Beaver's Bik
and Hardwal

605 Church


All Colors, All Fabrics,

All Patterns, All Sizes

teous, kind, obedient, cheerful,s
thrifty, brave, clean and reverent,v
as opposed to the Continental
wearing Continental, who natural-1
ly looks knowing and slightlyr
In New York, they call themE
"rocks." In Detroit they are
"hoods." But to the stylists (for-
merly barbers) they are Twisters.1
Their plentiful hair is twisted in
the front, sort of like locked locks.t
When properly bedecked, they
are outfitted with high Italian
Gobi. boots, tight Jeans and of
course, a very mean expression.,;
The more traditional "Twisters"
still prefer to wear the backs of
their collars up, in the "dirty neck
style," but this is rarely seen on
this campus.
Out, Damned Spot
The "crew cut," and "flat top,"
are definitely "out" No one, and
I mean no one, is wearing them.
University men who have been
mistakenly accused of wearing
flat-tops are in reality strutting
Princeton cuts,
The Princeton is slightly longer
and shaped to the contours of the
customer's head. Of course there is
Striped Shirts
Set New Mode
For Summer
When the sun begins to shine
and the weather warms up, the
well dressed male student will be
wearing bold striped seersucker
walking shorts.
Those students prefering other
material will have their choice of
madras and chino shorts. Red,
blue, gray and olive solid colored
walking shorts will also be popular.
Dacron and cotton are almost
the exclusive fabrics used for the
shorts that are worn on campus.
The style of these shorts always
remains the same in a college area.
The shorts are slim cut with a
slightly tapered leg.
The walking' shorts which are
worn on campus are one inch
longer than Bermudas. The wear-
ing of knee socks with either
variety is out.
One store manager termed the
wearing of knee socks with shorts
as "ridiculous." He noted that
shorts are worn to keep cool and
that knee socks hinder this end.
The only time that a person would
wear knee socks is if he were
attending a formal dance wearing
a white jacket and black shorts;
The color of shorts is determin-
ed by the color and the style of
summer sport shirts. People want
shorts with sport shirts to match
and vice versa. This year sport
shirts will be primarily solid. So
shorts will be solid and striped
to go with them.
Seersucker Still
Appears Popular
Seersucker is the oldest finished
fabric which is still worn today.
Seersucker, which is becoming a
very popular summer material,
looks, like stretched out crepe
paper. It will be seen this year in
walking shorts, belts, shirts, slacks
and shoelaces.

such a thing as a short Princeton,
which is tres "in."
The hairstylists of America
proudly report a great increase in
men's hair tinting. The word is,
"look mature, unless of course you
are mature, in which case look
youthful." It seems that two out
of the latest list of. Amerca's Best
Groomed Men of 1962 "use gray
in their hair," believe it or not.
Politically Aware
Of course, this fashion data per-
tains only to the "socially aware."
With the "politically aware," the
big thing again this year is beards.
All sizes and shapes can be seen
crossing the Diag on a good aft-

ernoon. If one is lucky, one can
spot a Fu Manchu moustache in
the group.
This, however, is nothing new
because beards have been "in"
with the "politically aware" ever
since they were thrown "out" by
the "socially aware" in the nine-
teenth century.
With art students, styles are
completely out of the question
again this year.
So unless you only visit campus
around exam time (when things
get a little earthy), you will be
treated to a good cross section of
the latest fashions from our local
hairstylists (formerly barbers).

FOR SPRING SHOWERS--In addition to the conventional um-
brellas many varieties of raincoats will protect their wearers from
the spring monsoons. The basic protective fabric will still be the
traditional cotton dacron mixture. The basic design of umbrellas
will remain unchanged, while the country of origin will vary.
Umbrellas from Italy, India, and, of course England will grace
Ann Arbor's rains.

IVYS" "Continentals"

Traditional "IvyW"
for the backbone'
of your wardrobe.
Big selection of
patterns & colors.

For those who
prefer the tradi-
tional "Continen-
tal"' slack. Several
styles, all colors &

Today's wanted,
slender slack with
side zip pocket.
Narrow Waistband.
Buy several pair

Tight as a second
skin with unusual
comb pocket,
erted "S", pockets
comb included,
inverted "S"
pockets, 12.7 cuff-
less bottom.

498 798
"Sabers" feature a Slim line Contin-
continuous waist- ental pants. The
band with invis- newest thing from
ible pickets. 13 the coast.
inch bottom.



Just what the
name means . . .
no pocketsnse..
that you can see.
Iridescent Shark-
skin i choice of

"ZIPPS 1i'1
Side pockets con-
cealed by zippers
on the seam. Hip
pockets hidden on
waistband. Get on
the beam buy

When spring comes to Ann Ar-
bor, a young man's fancy lightly
turns to thoughts of rainwear. ?
Given the idiosyncracies of
Michigan's climate, and a burn-4
ing desire to be in style though
soaking wet, the modern student
must face a crucial dilemma.
He can buy a foldup plastic
raincoat which keeps him dry but;
gives him the appearance of be-
ing wrapped in smoked cello-
phane; or he can wear the stylish
affair that warded off the snow
so well all winter, and arrive at
his destination drenched to the
Or he can buy a combination
of overcoat-raincoat -- like most
everyone else is doing.
Long a big seller in Ann Arbor,
this type of coat undergoes the
same mild fluctuations in style;
that most men's wear shows from
year to year.
This year's crop includes new
muted patterns, especially in dark
colors, to supplement the usual
selection of single-color coats. The
most popular shade, however, con-
tinues to be the trench-coatist
light beige-the "natural" color,
they call it.
Eliminate Accents
But the belts and buckles of
the spy-movie trenchcoats have
disappeared. In fact, all horizontal

accents have been eliminated, in
accord with the -general "slim"
appearance of the 1963 batch of
men's styles.
Another development is the
combination of raglin sleeves-no
seam at the shoulder-with the
more dressy seam-shoulder. Cloth..
ing-industry masterminds insist
that by running a seam across the
front half of the shoulder, while
leaving the back in raglin style,
the dressy effect of the former
and the comfort of the latter could
be combined.
As yet, President Kennedy has
not stated his position on the is-
Drippy-Day Necessity
Like the overcoat-raincoat, an-
other drippy-day necessity can
be put to use even when the sky is
clear (a condition which reported-
ly prevailed in Ann Arbor for a few
minutes one day back in the sum-
'mer' of,'88). This is the umbrella,
which opens on rainy days to
keep at least the top of the bear-
er's head dry, and can be closed
during fair weather into a slim
walking stick, marking its owner
as a socially-aspiring freshman.
Style dictates, of course, that
these umbrellas must be black
with a chrome tip, but permits
subtle variations in such things as
the handle style, the thinness, the
lightness and the price.


That old stand-by... corduroy in the newest continental
styles. Lots of colors. Also in "Ivy." See them all - buy
several pair from the town's largest selection.






WiLD' 11.Wme. 11__
} 1 AF I 1 I i -,I' OTT
If you can't go to India, gentlemen,*
let India come to you in
It is a pleasure for those who travel to the land of the Taj
Mahal to see the great American interest in this hand-
some Indian fabric. The American male finds it flatters
his appearance, cools his body, and is kind to his wallet.
The proprietor has hand woven Indian Madras in wide -
Sport Shirts ..,...8.95 Sport Coats . 29.95 up
Walking Shorts . .8.95 Swim Shorts......8.95
L IV7 T T T1 A * o



8:30 P.M.

- , .

Our University Shop cites for Spring--
the gabardine suit in Dacron-and-worsted

Focusing on the leading trend-our University Shop
features the gabardine suit in a lightweight, wrinkle-
resistant new'blend of Dacron' polyester and worsted.
Designed for every phase of a young executive's spring
and summer plans, its cool, business-like impeccability
is assured on our own natural-line model. Made exclu-

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