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January 19, 1962 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1962-01-19

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(Continued from Page 5) t
rent semester, you are urged to call in
person at 515 Admin. Bldg. not later
than Jan. 23. This does not apply to
students in Engineering and Law.
Attention January Graduates: College
of Literature, Science, and the Arts,j
School of Education, School of Music,'
School of Public Health, and School of
Business Administration: Students are
advised not to request grades of I or X
in January. When such grades are ab-
solutely imperative, the work must be
made up in time to allow your instruc-
tor to report the make-up grade not
later than 8:30 a.m., Mon., Feb. 5. Grades
received after that time may defer the
student's graduation until a later date.
Recommendation for Departmental
Honors: Teaching departments wishing
to recommend tentative January gradu-
ates from the College of Literature,
Science and the Arts for honors or
high honors should recommend such
students by forwarding a letter (in
two copies; one copy for Honors Coun-
cil, one copy for the Office of Regis-
tration and Records) to the Director,
Honors Council, 1210 Angell Hall, by
4:00 p.m. Fri., Feb. 2.
Teaching departments in the School
of Education should forward letters
directly to the Office of Registration
and Records Room 1513 Administration
Building, by 8:30 a.m., Mon., Feb. 5.
The Early Registration Pass Commit-
tee will meet in Conference Room 2 of
the League on Feb. 6 and 7 from 8:30
to 12 and 1:30 to 5. No persons work-
ing less than 15 hours per week or
normally registering on Feb. 7 are eli-
gible for " passes. Organizations should
submit lists of their requests to the
SGC secretary in the Student Activities
Bldg. by Jan. 24.
Students whoare definitely planning
to transfer to the College of Literature,
Science, and the Arts, School of Edu-
cation, School of Music, School of
Nursing, College of Architecture and
Design, or the College of Pharmacy
in February 1962 from another campus
unit should come to the Office of Ad-
missions, 1220 Student Activities Bldg.
immediately to make application for
Student Identification Cards: A cor-
rect student identification card will be

necessary for registration, Spring, 1962.
No student will be permitted to enter
Waterman Gymnasium without a card
that has his given name printed after
the surname. A delay may be avoided
at registration by replacing or changing
cards as follows:
Those students who still have cards
with the given name printed before
the surname (family name) may ex-
change their cards the week of Feb. 5-
10 in 414 Mason Hall.
Students who need a new card be-
cause of a name change resulting from
marriage, should immediately apply at
Window No. 2 of the Cashier's Office,
Admin. Bldg.
Lost I.D. cards may be replaced by
immediately making application at
Window A, Office of Registration and
Records, Admin. Bldg.
Martha Cook Building is receiving ap-
plications for September 1962. Present
Freshmen and Sophomore women may
apply. Please telephone NO 2-3225 for
an appointment.
Application Blanks for the NDEA Stu-
dent Loan Program for the year 1962-
63 will be available in the Central
Loan Office on the third floor, Student
Activities Bldg. after Feb. 1, 1962.
Predoctoral Fellowships for the Sum-
mer Session, 1962, have been announced
by the Horace H. Rackham School of
Graduate Studies to make it possible
for the recipients to continue their
thesis research without interruption.
The applicant shall be registered in
the Horace H. Rackham School of Grad-
uate Studies in the second semester of
the current year and shall have been
recommended to candidacy by his doc-
toral committee not later than the be-
ginning of the second semester of the
current year. Application forms are
available at the Fellowship Office, 110
Rackham Bldg. Deadline for receipt of
all materials is March 1, 1962.
The General Library and the Under-
graduate Library will close at 5 p.m.
beginning Thurs., Feb. 1, and will be
closed evenings, Sat., and Sun., through
Feb. 11. During this period between
semesters, hours in both libraries will
be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. through Fri.'
The Audio Room in the Undergraduate
Library will be closed during the in-
Divisional libraries, with the excep-
tion of the Medical Library, will be
closed evenings beginning Thurs., Feb.
1, and will be on short schedules there-
after, until the opening of the second
semester. Schedules of hours to be ob-
served following the examination per-
iod will be posted on the doors of each
All libraries will resume regular
schedules on Mon., Feb. 12.

Chicago Divinity School Fellowship: A
fellowship with a stipend of from
$2,000 to $2,400 a year for the Bachelor
of Divinity degree is available to a
University of Michigan student, who
plans to enter the ministry of the
Christian church. Applications for this
fellowship and further information
may be obtained at the Scholarship
Office, 2011 Student Activities Bldg. Ap-
plications must be submitted not later
than Fri., Feb. 16, at 5:00 p.m.
Room Assignments for Final Exami-
nations: English 123 and 124, Tues.,
Jan. 23, 2:00-5:00.
English 123-Barrows, Aud. A; Bing,
Aud. A; Blankenship, Aud. A; Clark,
Aud. A; Jacobusse, Aud. A; Blake, Aud.
C; Donnelly, Aud. C; O'Donnell, Aud.
C; Archibald, 25 AH ;Casale, 25 AH;
Kenney, 25 AH; Wykes, 33 AH; Creeth,
35 AH; Edwards, 35 AH; Seager, 35 AH;
Mundell, 231 AH; Terry, 231 AH; Vance,
231 AH; Engelberg, 1025 AH; Falke, 1025
AH; Frank, 1025 AH; Flora, 1025 AH;
Gindin, 1035 AH; Fuchs, 1035 AIH;
Trowbridge, 1035 AH; Cohen, 209 AH;
Daye, 1007 AH; deBonneval, 2003 AH;
Perera, 2003 AH; Schoenberg, 2003 AH;
Flood, 2014 AH; Mintzlaff, 2029 AH;
Stewart, 2029 AH; Fowler, 2223 AH; Al-
berda, 2225 AH; Bernd, 2225 AH; Stein-
hoff, 2231 AH; Jacobs, 2231 AH; Fuller,
2231 AH; McNamara, 2235 AH; Horne,
2235 AH; Ogden, 2235 AH; Fader, 3209
AH; Novak, 429 MH; Bernciak, 429 MH;
T. Moore, 439 MH; W. H. Brown, 443
MH; Frankenfield, 1408 MH; Gill, 1412
MH; Powers, 2402 MH; J. M. Brown,
2402 MH; Heaton, 2407 MH; Hendon,
2408 MH; Caskie, 2412 MH; Meyers, 2413
MH; Squires, 2429 MH; Lardas, 2429
MH; Pearson, 2435 MH;
Ruihley, 2439 MH; Schulz, 2440 MH;
Steiner, 2443 MH; Wanamaker, 5 Econ.;
Johnson, 101 Econ.; G. -Kennedy, 101
Econ.; Wild, 102 Econ.; West, 103 Econ.;
Wilson, 202 Econ.; Bittricli, 203 Econ.;
Houppert, 207 Econ.; Staples, 215 Econ.;
Billiar, NS Aud.; Church, NS Aud.;
Cronan, NS Aud.; Frederick, NS Aud.;
Leach, NS Aud.; Dadhuber, NS Aud.;
Martin, 2042 NS; Kinney, 2054 NS;
Haas, 2054 NS; Squier, 2082 NS; Stone-
burner, 3 Tap.; Spaan, 203 Tap.; Van-
der Meulen, 207 Tap.
English 124-Bender, Aud. B; Dunn,
Aud. B; S. Moore, Aud. B; Williams,
Aud. B; W. R. Brown, 2037 AH; Kuiper,
2203 AH.
Summary of Action Taken by Student
Government Council at its Meeting of
Jan. 17, 1961
Approved: Minutes of the previous
Appointed: Ann McMillan and Mar-
garet Walter to the Committee on Stu-
dent Activities, terms to end Septem-
ber 30, 1962.


Appointed: Ken Miller as Chairman
of the Committee on Student Con-
cerns, term to end September 30, 1962.
Appointed: Sandra Gentry to the
Cinema Guild Board, term to expire
in May, 1962.
Adopted: To mandate the Executive
Committee to act as a fact-finding
board to investigate the problems re-
garding the collection of statements as
required by the University Regulation
of December 13, 1960. The Executive
Committee shall report to the Council
and recommend a course of action at
the earliest possible time.
Postponed: Consideration of proced-
ures to insure adequacy of statements
filed by fraternities and sororities, un-
til the next regular meeting. The fol-
lowing motion was under considera-
tion at the time of postponement:
"Inasmuch as the President of Stu-
dent Government Council, acting for
the Council, sent out the original let-
ter notifying fraternities and sorori-
ties of the University Regulation of
December 13, 1960, and inasmuch as he
is the chief executive of the Council,
it is incumbent on the President of
Student Government Council to make
some determination as to whether
statements filed have fully met the
Therefore, the President of Student
Government Council must inspect the
statements filed in order to give notice
to any organization which has not
met the requirements of the University
Regulation of December 13, 1960.
The following procedures shall be
adopted to insure the adequacy of
membership selection practice state-
ments from fraternities and sorori-
1) Fraternities and sororities whose
statements do not include all infor-
mation and the accompanying interpre-
tations as required under the Univer-
sity Regulation of December 13. 1960,
shall be notified of such deficiency by
the President of Student Government
Council before February 23, 1962.
2) Corrected statements shall be filed
with the University in the Office of
the Vice-President for Student Affairs
within a period of not more than 60
days from the date of notification.
3) Fraternities and sororities who
fail to submit the required informa-
tion and accompanying interpretations
by the deadline imposed above shall
be subject to disciplinary action by
Student Government Council as out-
lined in University Regulations Con-
cerning Student Organizations (Revised
to September, 1961), pages 25-26; Dis-
ciplinary Action: Recognition and Ac-
tivities, except" that all proceedings
shall be conducted in closed session.
4) Letters shall be sent by the Pres-
ident of Student Government Council
to all local fraternities and sororities
informing them of the procedures that
Student Government Council is using
in determining adequacy of these
statements and the rationale behind
these procedures.
5) If the President of Student Gov-
ernment Council finds that a group has
not submitted an adequate statement
in terms of the University Regulation
of December 13, 1960, within the pre-
scribed time, he shall report this to
Student Government Council and, with
the consent of the Committee on Mem-
bership in Student Organizations, sub-
mit all relevant documents and cor-
respondence. The Council shall then
proceed under the provisions of number
(3) of this action."
Doctoral Examination for Charles
Thomas Qoetschel, Chemistry; thesis:
"Carbon-14 Tracer Studies in the Iso-
camphane Series," Fri., Jan. 19, 3400
Chemistry Bldg., at 2:00 p.m. Chair-
man, W. R. Vaughan.
Doctoral Examination for David Paul
Street, Sociology; thesis: "Inmate So-
cial Organization: A Comparative Study
of Juvenile Correctional Institutions,"
Wed., Jan. 24, 5609 Haven Hall, at 3:30
p.m. Chairman, Morris Janowitz.

Jr. Coll. Bus. Ed., Fine Arts, Music,
Humanities, Lang., Libr., Life Set.,
Nursing Ed., Chem., Physics, Engin.
WED., FEB. 14-1
Grand Blanc, Mich.-Elem.; Jr. HS1
Libr., Engl., Math; HS Engl., Latin,
Music, Sp. Corr., Visit. Teach.
Pomona, Calif. - Elem., HS Libr.,
EngI., For. Lang., Math; Jr. HS Libr.
Wasco, Calif.-Fields not announced1
Mt. Kisco, N.Y. (Bedford Pub. Schs.)
-Elem., Elem. Libr., Remed. Read.; Jr.1
HS Engl., Span./Fre.
THURS., FEB. 15-
Carmichael, Calif. - Fields not an-
nounced yet.,
Willoughby, Ohiox- Elem. Jr. HS Engl.,
Soc. Stud., Girl's PE, Math, Ind. Arts,,
Set., For. Lang.; HS Engl., Soc. Stud.,l
Set., Math, Ind. Arts, For. Lang. (Fre.,
Germ., Latin, Russ., Span.); Guid.
Couns. (Woman); Libr.; Sp. Ther., Spec.
Ed. (Slow Learner).
of Appointments-Seniors & grad stu-
dents, please call Ext. 3544 for inter-
view appointments with the following:
TUES., FEB. 6-
Stanford University Graduate School,
of Business, Stanford, Calif. - Men &
WOMEN with degree in any field for
graduate programs leading to MBA &
PhD. Especially interested in under-,
graduates in Liberal Arts, Sciences &
Engrg. rather than Bus. Ad.
TUES., FEB. 13-
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast
Guard Recruiting Teams-All five of the
military services will be on campus to
talk to all interested students. Both
men & women officers will be present,
representing all of the programs in
each of the services.
WED., FEB. 14-
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast
Guard Recruting Teams-(See Tues.).
National Security Agency-Feb., June
& Aug. grads-Men & WOMEN. NSA
is a Dept. of Defense installation or-
ganized within the framework of the
Federal Government.
1) Men & Women who have taken
the NSA professional qualification test
on Dec. 2, & passed the exam with de-
gree in Liberal Arts or Bus. Ad. for
research positions.
2) Men & Women with degree in
Math, Physics or Engrg. for Research
& Development involved in Agency ra-
dio equipment & related areas. These
people not required to take exam in
order to interview.
Army Special Services Overseas, Dept.
of the Army-Location: U.S. & foreign
countries where Army bases located.
Men & WOMEN-Feb., June, .& Aug.
grads. Responsible for library & rec-
reation programs. Degree in Art Educ.,
Drama, Arts & Crafts, Libr. Sc. Phys.
Educ. or other appropriate field.
National Steel Corp., Research & Dev.
Dept., Weirton, W. Va.-Will interview
at Engrg. Require BS-MS in ChE, Met
& Chem. PhD in ChE, ME, Met, Physics
& Chem. Must be U.S. citizen. Make
appointments by signing schedule on
bulletin board opposite Engrg. Place-
ment Office, Rm. 128 H W. Engrg.
Dept. of Navy, Bureau of Naval Weap-
ons-Many & various openings through-
out U.S. & Overseas. Positions include:
Engineers, Chemists, Physicists, Math-
ematicians, Librarians, Microbiologist,
Staff Nurse, Statisticians, etc.
Michigan Civil Service-Applications
for the following should be made by
Feb. 12: Statistician-BA with minor
in statistics or math; Psychiatric Nurse
Superintendent-Bachelor's in nursing
& registration as graduate nurse in
Mich.; Physical Therapy Aide-Degree
in physical therapy.
Mindru Yamasaki & Associates, Birm-
ingham, Mich.-Opening in Interior De-
sign Dept. Grads with background
which would qualify them for this po-

Rinshed-Mason Co., Detroit, Mich. --
Seeking applicants for several future
production supervisor positions. Grads
with background & exper. pertinent to
position. Opportunity for progression to
advanced operating mgmt. positions.
Armstrong, Lancaster, Pa.-Openings
as follows: Non-Technical-Sales; Ac-
counting; Advertising, Promotion, &
Public Relations; Credit Mgmt.; Pro-
duction Planning; Purchasing. Techni-
cal - Chemist-Doctorate; Chemical
Engnr.; Engrg.; Ceramic Engnr.; Physi-
cist-Doctorate; Physicist.
Rohm & Haas Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
-Biometrician for Agricultural Field
Testing Group. BS or MS in Statistics.
Not necessary to 'have science bkgd.
\Vill consider Math major with interest
in statistical analysis. Also openings in
Chemistry (BS-MS) & Chemical Engrg.
The First National Bank of Cincin-
nati, Ohio-Young WOMAN recently
graduated or about to graduate from
Journalism College. Position includes
doing some creative advertising, pre-
paring & handling a "house organ,'
writing publicity releases & performing
other similar functions. Require typing
& some shorthand. Well qualified in
English as well as Journalism.
Apex Smelting Co., Chicago, Ill.-In-
terested in men from Feb. graduating
class for position as Sales Engrg. Metal-
lurgists, Chemical Engineers, & Chem-
ists. Position entails 50 per cent travel
time in Mid-West area. Will be trained
under competent metallurgist.
Talon, Inc., Meadville, Pa.-Project
Engineer. Prefer ME or Physics major
with minor in ME. Exper. in project
engrg. Also Various engrg. positions,
machine accountant, & Sales Trainee
for N.Y. district. (College grad - no
exper. necessary).
* * *
Please call General Div., Bureau of
Appts., 3200 SAB, Ext. 3544 for further
The following part-time jobs are
available. Applications for these jobs
can be made in the Part-time Place-
ment Office, 2200 Student Activities
Building, during the following hours:
Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. til 12 noon
and 1:30 til 5 p.m.
Employers desirous of hiring students
for part-time or full-time temporary
work, should contact Jack Lardie, Part-
time Interviewer at NO 3-1511, exten-
sion 3553.
Students desiring miscellaneous odd
jobs should consult the bulletin board
in Room 2200, daily.
1-To live in and supervise group
activities two nights during the
week 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. and either
Saturday or Sunday 1 p.m. until
10:30 p.m., $1.25 per hour.
-Several busboys, 12:00-2:00 and 5:30-
7:30. Pay rate is $1.00 per hour.
1-Nuclear Engineering student to
work with isotopes and reaction,
must be an American Citizen.
1-Electronic Technician to repair and
service electronic equipment in
Radiation lab and construct new
equipment when needed. Must be
an American citizen
1-Library Science major to work on
a % time basis, hours are flexible,
Must have transportation.
1-Electrical Engineer or Physics ma-
jor with a 3.00 average. Must have
2-Animal caretakers to work from 6
a.m. to 10 a.m. every morning, Sat-
urdays and some holidays. Must be
-Several waitresses, 12:00-2:00 and
5:00-7:30. Pay rate is 85c per hour.
1-Baby sitter and house keeper to
live in, evenings and weekends off.
Room and board plus salary.

Sizes 3 to

the Junio
'1" andL




Overseas Teaching Interviews - The
Air Force will have representatives in
Ann Arbor on Feb. 8, 9 and 10 to in-
terview teachers for positions in the
Dependents' Schools abroad. For ap-
pointments contact Miss Marjorie Ful-
ler, Overseas Placement Officer, Office
of Civilian Personnel, Selfridge Air
Force Base, Michigan. The Army will
have representatives in.Detroit to in-
terview teachers for their schools over-
seas on Feb. 1, 2, 3 and 4. For appoint-
ments write to the Employment Secur-
ity Commission, Commercial and Pro-
fessional Office, 7310 Woodward Ave.,,
Detroit, Mich., or phone Trinity 2-4900
"overseas teaching." For additional in-
formation contact the Bureau of Ap-
pointments, Education Division, 3200
SAB, 663-1511, Ext. 3547.
Beginning the week of Feb, 12, 1962
the following schools will be at the
Bureau to interview candidates.
TUES., FEB, 13-
Fontana, Calif.-Elem.; Jr. HS Music,
Girl's PE, Math, Home Ec., Ind. Arts,
Gen. Set., Engl.; HS Bus. Ed., Engl.,
Remed. Read., Journ, Span.; Speech
Ther.; Ment. Retard.; Electricity, Radio,
Fullerton, Calif.-HS Art, Bus. Ed.,j
Engl., Girl's PE/Health Ed., Home Ec.,
Ind. Arts, For. Lang., Math, Voc. Mus.,
Gen. Set./ Biol./Phys. Set., Chem./Alge-
bra, Biol., Hist., Soc. Stud., Counseling.

Free training with pay. Free airline passes
for self and parents. Minimum age 20.
Height 5 2" to 5'9".
For immediate Spring and Summer classes.
Mrs. Jacqueline Anderson, TWA Suite,
Student Union Hotel, Tuesday, January 23,
9 A.M. to 1 P.M.; OR write:
TWA Employment Office
10 Richards Road, Kansas City, Missouri


An equal opportunity employer



w. :: }""~
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_ . S.'
ti ;i;d

This semester, the Student Book Exchange has
$1500.00 IN CASH to give to you, the student
body, in exchange for your books. YOU NAME
YOUR PRICE!! There will be cash for books
in room 528e in the basement of the S.A.B. all
during exams from 3:00 to 5:00.
AS A SPECIAL SERVICE we will visit the
dormitories on the evening of January 29th;
Markley at 7, Lloyd 8, East Quad 9, South
Quad 10. There, too, we will give you cash for
your books. We also have 3000 plasticized
book covers to give away free.'"


STUDENT'S BOOKS will be resold at "low-

arnel jerseys, some woois and

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