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June 28, 1968 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1968-06-28

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rriuury, ,tune LAS, I Vb6


n 1

A look at
T he Green Berets'
by Darviel Okrent

Taste has reached its all time
low. What's worse, the lack of
same, as portrayed in John
Wayne's The, Green Berets,
wasn't even forwarded on pur-
It is one thing when a direc-
tor will go out and slap togeth-
er a morally-putrid monstros-
ity and then, through lurid ad-
vertising, pad'his bankroll com-
fortably. 'At least this type of
Hollywood technician makes no
excuses. He is pandering and
he admits it.
But this is not what John
Wayne wanted to do, I am
sure. What he wanted was to
send movie-making 25 years
backward, deep into the depths
of World War II, and produce
a spectacular piropaganda piece
for the hawks and ghouls who
make up so large a portion of
our population.'
True,. he did send movie-

making back 25 years, but he
did it by playing into the hands
of his audience, the shallow
depths of his own mind, and by
being horrifyingly stupid as
The cliches that amass in
this film - which, at least,
keep it from becoming boring
- build up to such a fever
pitch that they all but blind
what is really happening in the
You see, John Wayne cuts
his own throat by showing Col.
Mike Kirby (played by Wayne)
losing half of his troops in suc-
cessfully defending a worthless,
near-theTDMZ allied outpost,
by revealing how VC .infiltra-
tors end up manning important
positions in the South Viet-
namese Army, by giving a fea-
tured role to a pathetic Viet,
namese orphan. He has shown
how the critics of the Vietnam

War have been so right for so
long in characterizing this as
a brutal, senseless, unwinnable
conflict. It isn't propaganda for
the U.S.; all the politicizing
ends up working for the other
Oh, the audience that nearly
packed the State last night,
didn't see it that way, bdcause'
no mind could possibly be
changed at this point, especial-
ly by a John Wayne film. And,
of course, those who went saw
what they wanted to see, as far
as political documentary is con-
But how anybody, anybody at
all, could not have seen (you
won't believe this) the sun set
in the ,east as Big John placed
his hand on the shoulder of
the little orphan who has just
been made an honorary Green
Beret, is entirely beyond me.
And that's the kind of film
it/ is.

'U' budget:
$104 million
(Continued from Page 1)
the new budget. Despite rising
costs for many goods and services
purchased by the University, most
departmental operating budgets
in nonsalary areas will be held at
the 1967-68 level, a spokesman
said yesterday,
The University will share $211,-
298 with Wayne State University
for a joint Institute of Gerontol-
Ogy, and $200,000 for a joint com-
puter network with Wayne and
Michigan State University.
The $200,000 for the computer
network will not be released, how-
ever, unless the institutions raise
matching funds from other
The 'higher education bill allo-
cates a total o'f $251 million to
state colleges and universities, $8
million less than recommended by
Michigan State University re-
ceived $62.3 million which was the
second highest appropriation of
the 11 state supported schools and
colleges. The figure is $8 million
less than MSU requested.

Though courtesy and sympathy
may elicit for an amateur pro-
duction pftise for effort, in the
case of the Speech Department's
Troilus and Cressida, the realities
of the production get a resound-
ing pan. The play is admittedly
hard to do, not only because of
its cast of thousands, but also
because it is not one of Shake-
speare's most lovable. Taking on
"a problem," however, is no vir-
tue in itself. Perhaps where ama-
teurs are concerned virtue would
be in assessment aforehand of the

embarrassments that a difficult
play may cause its executors.
Troilus and Cressida is a play
potentially rich-rich in idea-
but also dramatically confusing.
For it has trappings of conven-
tional romance and martial hero-
ism, but *its energizing ideas un-
dermine these conventions. The
play is thus hard' to do because
it incurs the double trouble of
achieving both its own dramatic,
clarity and the clarification of
already diffuse and ambiguous,
material. This is an ambitous pro-
ject, and as a certain Roman says!

Troilus, Cressida: Pitfalls of problems'

in another play, "ambition should-
be made of sterner stuff." Rather
than giving us a sense of large
human energies frustrated by hu-
man ambivalence, this production
bogs us down in its own bulk and
For one thing, the cast is some
thirty-five strong, and the parts
are fairly even; there are per-
haps five "principals" with the
rest getting equal time. Since the
script does, not do the job of
relegating lesser talents to les-
ser roles, and since the resour-
ces of an amateur company are
not up to supplying equal talent,
most of the cast is undistinguish-
ed as well as indistinguishable.
It is clear too that in some cases,
casting is done because people
"look the part," a necessity
which can make one squirm be-
cause as soon as the character
opens his mouth the compromise
tends to be more dramatic than
the role.

Phooey on Maddox

ATLANTA, Ga. (R) J Gov. Les-
ter Maddox yesterday received the
first official copy of a communi-
cation dreamed-up especially with
him in mind-a "Phooey-gram."

Gov. Maddox: I just couldn't wait.
Moore said he conceived the
campaign one day at lurch with

that undermine those coXnven-
The play also consummates, it-
self in alarms and dint of battle.
Shakespeare's dint of battle, even
when it is not to compounded by
some of the more discordant pas-
sages from Schoenberg, or Bartok,
or later, has been a source of
glee for satirists of Shakespeare
(remember Beyond the Fringe for
example) because anything short
of alletic timing looks ridiculous,
viz. more like ballet than fury.
And in these scenes you can hear
the warriors counting one, two,
three parry, with a lot of the ef-
fect of heat and unruliness being
provided for by said discordant
pasages. There are as well many,
many Greeks and Trojans par-
rying, and then running off into
thewings to return smeared with
blood, costumes clean for the next
performance. While blood is all
right for verisimilitude, and clean
costumes for economy, one would
not imagine that even the gal-
lant soldiers of then would man-
age to come through battle with
anything like the quaint sym-
metrical smears they do.
T1rhe, single set, ofd platforms,
stairs, archway and second level
overbridge is decent, if modest.
The "point" of such a set is that
its spareness can be versatile, but
well enough has' not been left
alone in this production and to
reassure us of our whereabouts,
we get "drops" to accent every
change of scene: pillar for Greece,
a crazy-quilt for Achilles tent, etc.
In a similarly honorable attempt
to portray time and, place accur-
ately, the costuming is unrelent-
ingly ugly.


" .... . .. ........ ...........::._ .... ._ ..".,...v :S : .:... ^..... .. ..... .... .....:...... ........ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .:.. . . . . . .:{.

bearing just one
along with the

are telegrams
word, "Phooey,"
name of the

The Daily Official Bulletin is an Doctoral Examination for: Frank w i
official publication of the Univer- Howard Hartman, Education, Disser- to
sity of Michigan for which The tation: "The Political Evolution of
Michigan Daily assumes no editor- Public Act 379 of the 1965 Michigan n
ial responsibility. Notices should be Legislature," on Friday, June 28 at F
sent in TYPEWRITTEN form to 11 a.m. in West Council Room, 3026 in
Room 3528 L. S, & A. Bldg.. be- University High School, Chairman: L. ex
before 2 p.m. of the day preceding W. Anderson.
publication and by 2 p.m. Friday Doctoral Examination for: Emil Mc- c
for Saturday and Sunday. General Kee Sunley Jr., Economics, Disserta- co
Notices may be publisheds Kmaxi- "The Detrminans o ssern o
mum of two times on request; Day Lin "TeDtrnasofGvn-f
Calendar items appear only once. ment Expenditures within Metropoli- o
Student organization notices are tan Regions," on Friday, June 28 at e
not accepted for publication. For 11 a.m. in Room 107 Economics Bldg., g
more information call 764-9270. Chairman: H. E. Brazer.
Doctoral Examination for: Jack Ber- P
FRIDAY, JUNE 28 nard Schroeder, Political Science, Dis- a
sertation: "Federal Protection of the to
CD.dRight of Equal Access to Public Ac- c.
D y Calendar commodations: An Explorat.ion of the e
Constitutional Issues," on Friday, June u
Center for Programmed Learning for 28 at 2 p.m. in 4th floor Conference a
Business-"Instructionlal Design Work- Room (Political Science) Haven Hall,
shop": Michigan Union, 8:30 a.m, to Chairman: J. E. Kallenbach. E
5:00 P.m. Doctoral Examination for: Clayton a
Bureau of Industrial Relations Semi- Thomas Shorkey, Social work & Social M
nar-"New Frontiers in .,Management" Psychology, Dissertation: "A Study of M
Statler Hilton Inn, 8:45 a.m. to 9:00 Variables Related to Conditionability
p.m. of Verbal Behavior in Schizophrenics,"
LE.E.E. Joint Automatic Control on Friday, June 28 at 3 p.m. in Room
Conference-First Session, Lecture Hall, 2540 Frieze; Co-chairmen: E. D. Gaim-
Rackham Building, 9:00 a.m. brill and J. V. McConnell.
Audio-Visual Edtcation Center Sum-
mer Previews-Beethoven: Ordeal and
Triumph: Multipurpose Room, Under- Placement
graduate Library, 1:;30 p.m.
Astronomical Colloquium-Dr. Adolph BUREAU' OF APPOINTMENTS
N. Witt, Ritter Astrophysical Research 3200 SAB
Center, University pf Toledo, "Inter. GENERAL DIVISION
pretatidn of Diffuse Galactic Light" Current Position openings received'
Room 296 Physics-Astronomy Bldg., 4 by Gen. Div., call 764-7460 for further
Cinema Guild-Alec Guinness in Mani
in the White Suit: Architecture Audi- Interagency Board of U.S. Civil Ser-
torium, 7:00 and 9:05 p.m. vice Examiners for Wash., D.C.-Ca-
Department of Speech University reers in engineering, architecture, earth
-Players - William Shakespeare's Troi- sciences, physical sciences, and mathe-
lus and Cressida: Lydia Mendelssohn matlal sciences at grades 9 through
Theater, 8:00 p.m. 15. File Form 57 (after July 1968 this
is being changed to Form 17 ). Basic
entrance is with BS degrees, 5rovisions
General Notices for superior academic achievement.
Air Force Systems Command, Wright
TV Center Program: On Sunday, June Patterson AFB, Ohio-Supervisory Gen-
30 the following program produced by eral Engineer, Systems Analysis, BSE
the TV Center will have its initial and 3 yrs, exper. in synthesis, analysis
telecast in Detroit: and functional integration of advanced
12:00 Noon, WWJ-TV, Channel 4 - aerospace systems, with management
AFTER EDEN: "The Garden Overrun." knowledge or exper.
A survey of the effects of four centur- Rock County Court House, Janeaville,
lea of Tartar-Mongol invasion on the Wis. - Assistant Sanitarian, Public
Fertile Crescent between 1000 and 1400 health or environmental health degree,
"Educational Testing Service French
and German Test. The Educational
Testing Service Test in French and
German administered by the Graduate
School for doctoral candidates is
scheduled 'for Thursday night, August TODAY !
1, at 7 p.m. in, the Rackham Lecture
Hall. ALL students planning to take CONTINUOUS
the test must register by 4 p.m. Thurs-
day, August 1, at the Information from 1:30 p.M.
Desk in the lobby of the Rackham
Building. The fee is $6.00. For further
information call the Information Desk,

ill need to become registered sani-
arian in Wis.
City of Battle Creek, Michigan-Fi-
ance Director for community of 45,000
in. Dept. numbers 16 members, degree
n finance and several years of finance
xper., pref. in a municipality.
Leo A. Daly Co., Omaha, Neb.-Ar-
hitect, Engr., Planning firm seeks new
,ollegegraduate for Washington, D.C.
office. Architect, BA degree, no exper.,
ffice will include about 20 arch, and
ngrs. Work on variety of commercial,
overnmental and office-type bldgs.
Ayerst Laboratories, Inc., Rouses
Point, N.Y. - Seek chemists, engineers,
nd pharmacy graduates for manufac-
urer of biological and pharmaceutical
,hemicals of ethical nature, such as
ndocrines for ora land intramuscular
se, analgesics, anethetics, ophthalmics,
ntibiotics, and vitamin preparations.
Bristol Laboratories, Syracuse, N.Y.-
ngineers, Che, Biochem. Chemists, all
reas. Pharmacy, several degree levels.
Microbiologist. Veterinary Pathology.
,D. Dir. Clinical Research, MD de-

sired, familiar with stat, and modern
computer tech. Programmer. Budget
Analysis, Cost Analysis, and Mktg. Res.
Globe-Union, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.-
Positions in Research, Design and De-,
velopment, Man'ufacturing, Industrial
Engineering and Testing, and Applica-
tions for BS level degrees and 0-5 years
Chandler Nature Center, Willoughby-
East Public Schools,' Willoughby, Ohio
-Naturalist-Teacher, conduct classes,
field trips, maintain nature center, 12
mo. contract, 1 mo. summer vacation,
work with grades 5-12. Man or woman,
degree in biol. sci. preferred, Teaching
cert. preferred, not req.
Engineering Society of Detroit - Girl
with bckrnd. in writing, Journ/Engl.
to put out Society's magazine and
newspaper, both monthlies. Some ex-
per. with publications pref.
Cuyahoga County Public Library,
Cleveland, Ohio - Recent professional
graduates, MALS, second largest coun-
t ysystem in U.S., unusual opportuni-
ties for advancement.

The first offic'al on-e was sent
by 39-year-old Atlanta attorney
James H. Moore, who has initi-
ated a whole Phooey campaign-
phooey-butons, phooey - bumper
stickers and maybe even a phooey
But news of the move had al-
ready begun to spread, and one
anxious Maddox anti-fun beat
Moore 'to the draw.
There was no official report on
the numk~er of telegrams sent to
Maddox, but unofficially it varied
from "several" to 20.
Maddox's office Wednesday re-
ceived a wire which said, "'Dear

friends. "We were discussing how But credit where it Is due:
obnoxious Lester was and what Rober Mcil as Pandarus Is
a name he was giving the state," superb-he flutters, coos, leers, his
said Moore., whole body speaks in the creation
"We thought how great it would of a character unabashedly and
be if millions of Georgians would comically disgusting. I also ad-
just say phooey on him." mired Robert C. Chapel who does
In addition, he hopes to erect a languld but brutish Thersltes,
somewhere a phooey flagpole, making scurrilous comments on
which will not operate above half the degradation of the heros, al-
staff, That is in memory of Mad- ways at an effortless center of
dox's proclamation lowering the himself. Unfortunately their valid-
flag to half staff in mourning for ity only emphasized the general
a recent school desegregation de- soddeness of a 'large company of
cision by the U.S. Supreme Court. rather coarsely sketched stereo-
Maddox appeared to take the types.
campaign in stride. "Phooey on The direction, in fact, as much
the whole crowd," he retorted, as the acting, is short of pellucid,
And the governor did have the for it hasn't quite decided be-
last laugh yesterday. When tween conventions and the ironies
Moore's telegram arrived at the
executive offices at the Capitol,
it was readily apparent that it
had missed the mark.

_.__.. . TL _Y_.;

This Sunday, June 30, 9 p.m.
Canterbury House - 330 Maynard, in the alley
(1937 )
Photographed in Madrid, in a nearby farming village, and on the
line of defense before the fall of the capital to the German- and
Italian-aided fascists. Directed by Joris Ivens with a simple text
written and spoken by Ernest Hemingway. Beautifully understated,
this film documents the common people at work and on the

"Mulberry Bush
is, simply and
clearly, amusing"
-Mich. Daily
4 4


CALl 761-9701

New: Yin orum inare
"New Cinema Comes to Ann Arbor"

FRI. and SAT. EVENINGS 1 1 P.M. and * A.M.
Opening Week-Every Performance


NOW 4 1 J


-this car/h is ours"
/h, dea /d £ Ca nc front a no/ er
CO/illI/ry . . . U'ytook, /hese
.,la/engents fron the dead, but
id/ the/etters that ice real
u're -rt sad."

RI/>(r'/ fIrank
an important work of the recent
American cinema - at 10:15
after intermission.
75c -- sponsored by Voice-SDS
Coff ee & rolls at cost


Introducing an exciting new company that brings
a much nee ed lift to the field of crime.





Doctoral Examination for: Jacques
Florian Derome, Meteorology, Disser-
tation: "The Maintenance of the Time-
Averaged State of the Atmosphere," on
Friday, June 28 at 10 a.m. in Room
2038 E. Engineering, Chairman: A.
Here's what the critics have
been saying about this
movie - "That's a funny
movie. That's a very funny
movie! . . ."

Green when they began...like the color of
their berets...but when the going got rough...they
became the toughest fighting force on earth!




Two great stars in an action
film directed by Academy
Aword Winning director,
Norman Jewison.

Paul Burke JackWeston



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