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October 30, 1960 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1960-10-30

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Foreign Students Learn Bitter Lessons

Associated Press Feature Writer
SYRACUSE (P)--Wherever he
saw an "apartment for rent"
sign, the African student knock-
The answer never changed: No
An Arab, in America studying
political science, wrote a letter
to a newspaper disagreeing with
ith claim that Arab nationalism
and Communism were identical.
A few weeks later the student
received a letter from the State
Department telling him to cease
all such political activities or face
These are the bitter lessons
that some of the 50,000 foreign
students in the United States are
-earning. They come to learn of
American democracy, of freedom.
Instead some find bigotry, cen-
sorship. America can do better.
Student Survey
And in many instances it has.
A survey by an Indian journalism
student at Syracuse University
where I also studied, Saaduddeen
M. Saleem, found that what im-
pressed foreign students most
about Americans was their friend-
Next in order of approval were
the Americans' high standard of
living, opportunities, informality
of the people, dignity of labor, in-
dividualism, equality of men and
women and the ability of their
In describing Americans they

MEET PREJUDICE-For many of the 50,000 foreign students in
the United States, exposure to democracy may bring disillusioh-
ment. Widespread discrimination, prejudice, and sometimes ac-
tual censorship belle the American ideals of justice and equality.
used such words as "hardworking" leadership in the United Nations,
. "unassuming" ... "resource- the CARE program and the medi-
ful". . . "honest" . .. "frank"...- cal ship Hope which is in Asia.
America, they say, is young, Should Be Concerned
dynamic, technologically advanc- Why should Americans be con-
Can Be Different cerned about the impressions for-
eign students have of America?
But for some it can be lonely, For one reason, many of the
frustrating, humiliating. students will some day be in the
For instance, the African high echelons of their respective
dhre Iwentoecountries. The ,attitudes they as-
three weeks to get an apartment. sume toward America today may
The shock was too much. For the determine if their attitudes will
rest of the year he lived a com- be favorable to American inter-
pletely hermitic life, not going ests tomorrow when they are
out to one restaurant or theatre. leaders.
And he was no ordinary stu- Another point is that America
dent. He was a government em- today needs and wants to be un-
ployee and $6,500 had been spent derstood in its true light.
on him for this one year of train- And what group pf foreigners
inA. would one expect to understand
Another African student, newly Americans better and more sym .
arrived in Evanston, Ill., couldn't pathetically than the foreign stu-
get a haircut for a month until dents who live and learn in this
he walked into a Negro barber- country?
shop. Show Country
SAnd the Arab .Like many. he h -ny


. often, America disap
every Sunday nigh
6:00 P.M.

I. 4

lookd upn Aeric wih a igh Foreign students can have bet-
looked uo mrc ihahg e mrsin fAeiai
mystic expectation, the leader of ter Impressions of America if
the free world and guardian of Aimericans let them see the coun-
democracy where freedom of the try and people from within, not
press was guaranteed by the from without. It is through their
s , Constitution. The incident withr wholesome experience and full
the State Department was the participation in daily life that
biggest disappointment of his stay American ideals will become wor-
gheresmthy and valuable.
_ Sometimes American democracy Yet too often, the newcomers
appears more like hypocrisy, are simply dumped out at air-
*T Certainly Americans are friend- ports and harbors. From there
ppolnts ly. But at times their ignorance of they are on their own and be-
the rest of the world is dismay- come easy victims of shocks and
IC ing to the foreign student and frustrations.
their attitude toward the over- When in Rome do as the Rom-
at seas visitor, while well intention- ans do, but how do you begin?
ed, often seems patronizing. The foreign students should un-
The undertone from some com- dergo preliminary orientation i
U B ments I recorded in my interviews eronconre ndti s
was that Americans must shw already being done in Korea,
ht more interest in world affairs. But Formosa and South Vietnam.
a majority of foreign students I The Institute of International
interviewed said that Americans Education provides orientation
T were mindful of world affairs. programs at American campuses.
They pointed to the vigorous The Methodist Church has a sim-
ilar program as does the Inter-
national Cooperation Administra-
tion in Washington.
Experience proves that the ori-
ented student faces the intrica-
3 W itches cies of life more calmly and is
better able to mix with and un-
derstand the American.
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reventStdPa Cuban Premier Tells of Largea Mi
HAVANA OA'-Cuban 'Premier
F !>ar k 1 / idel Castro appealed yesterday Some ,Americans in Moscow took '"Every an an
(J L~J/ t ( forcalm in Cuba but warned that this as 'an attempt by Khrush- .wants to take upsa
C o n any invaders would be thrown chev to put a check on Castro by "But it is importa
UNITED NATIONS ('}-Fifteen back by his expanding civilian pulling the rug from under hi:
g9 African and Asian countries were militia. Sihl.sa tyu ok
named yesterday to a United Na- He did not refer directly eth- A report In a Cairo magazine in emitie
tions committee to go to the Con- er to the United States or the quoted Castro as saying that he Appealing for Ca
go and seek peace between rival Soviet Union during a one-hour and his government would not be of invasion threats
A rm y H eadpoliicalleadrs.televised speech, which was set such "idiots" as to attempt to will need only par
Diplomats reported this after against the background of events seize the Guantanamo base by to deal with .anyor
a thee-hur rivae metin ofinvolving the two great powers. force.Th Cua r
t oleta t three-ecretary u General PrvtDag' eg Hamf- United States Marines number- In his speech yesterday, Castro ~meanwhile assaile
markiod'sadvisory committee on ing 1,450 visited Guantanamo dealt with his growing armed 'States and accused
N o Cha lenge 8 countries with troops in the tion and a concentration of Unit- "With every week that passes vide 'a pretext for
United Nations' force in that ed States warships near Puerto we will have thousands more or Cuba.
counry.Rico was reported. Government ganized defenders in Cuba," Cas- TIhe semiofficial n
They said that committee de- controlled newspapers used these tro said. "Our enemies know, too, olucion appealed
New Clash. with UN- cided that its 15 African and Asian two incidents to heighten "inva- that, with every day that passes America "to batt
Troop members would make up a mis- sion fever" here. In Washington, their hopes for successfully i- perialist prvcati'
TrosBlock Arrest sion to attempt reconciliation of the Marines' landing was, seen as vading Cuba are less." ;messages of supp
LEPL IL A)Cl 0such Congolese figures as Presi- a classic show of force. But he warned Cubans against 'from student and l
seph Mobutu 'said EPL sa yesterday J he dent Joseph Kasavubu, deposed The Soviet news agency Tass becoming victims of their own n- half a dozen Latin A
never will permit the return of premier Patrice Lumumba and published a statement by Pre- thusasm. tries.
Soviet influence to the Congo so secessionist leader Moise Tshom- mier Nikita S. Khrushchev that
long'as he remains alive. be. Soviet rocket support for Cuba
The 30-year-old army leader "Tey said a few members of must be regarded as ""symbolic." UN V R I Y1LY R
sai hewoud nt tlerte nythey advisory, committee would
chaleng tohiswilleiter romdraw up proposed instructions for _
theUnied atins r fom hethe mission and the full cor-,
challengeotodhisewilloeitherWfrom Puerto Ricafns ritohnes' splashing fare
thseniedNtonlse orlfromten tteol et rbbyWd
supnedCnols arim nt.esday to approve such instruc Pic
"My will is the supreme power tins and discuss when themi-P c e H o s
et ous
in the Congo," he said. "My army sion should leave for the Congo.
obeys my orders and is powerful TecmiteatdudraO
ewohoursarli er, aotac h- omteeatdune rchhishop TEFO
enouh t cary tem ot." resolution the General Assembly
Attempt Arrest adopted Sept. 20 in emergency
sasession. The resolution appealed SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (rAy) Ar-n n s t" ryn
ment, of Mobutu's army tried to to all Congolese to seek a speedy A silent parade of 400 to 500
arrest and expel Associated Press solution of their internal conflicts persons marched before the resi- Thurs. thrun Sat., 8 P.M., arsity Swi
correspondent Michael Goldsmith "with the assistance, as appro- dence of Archbishop James P.
but was forestalled by a show of ,piate, of Asian and African rep- Davis yesterday carrying black j -:.2
United Nations force. United Na- resentatives appointed by the ad- flags to protest pastoral letters
tions mission chief Raieshwar visory committee on'the Congo, forbidding Roman Catholics to featuring Varsity swimmers, divers, Mihifish
Dayal said "we cannot permit in consultation with the secretary vote for Gov. Luis Munoz Main's Dance Deprtment Choreography Workshop
general, for the purpose of con- politi n party. Mon.-Sat, 1-5,gMrndelssohn Theatre; Thus
Canadian, Ghanaian and Indo- ciliation." Before the march, the, Spanish P.M., as Pooly
nesian troops rescued Goldsmith Informants said the advisory language newspaper El Mundo P.,VasyPol
from his hotel room after he had committee agreed to put all 15 was in print with a statement
been besieged for more than an of ts African and Asian mem- from the Rev. Fr. Victor M. Naza-
hour. bers on the peacemaking mission I rio, chancellor of the Ponce
Mobutu rescinded the expulsion only because the Africans, who di 10 se, that any Catholic
order after a 90-minute meeting first consulted among themselves "preaching or publicly supporting"
in his fortified encampment with on the matter could not agree on the Popular Democratic party S.x.Co
Goldsmith and Associated Press a smaller number.n "not only commits sins but also
correspondentr Andrew Borowec. The countries that will make can be excommunicated (cut offa
He told them he objected to up the teamare Ethiopia, Ghana, from the Church's sacraments.)"
their reports describing his re- Guinea, India, Indonesia, Liberia, The three Catholic bishops in Ch r y pa
gime as shaky. He dismissed the Malaya, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, the island commonwealth havess
rumbling revolt in his army as un- Pakistan, Senegal, Sudan, Tuni- issued two pastoral letters assail -_dingCub __are__es."_mesage___f__upp
important and said he had failed sia and the United Arab Repub- ing Munoz Marlin's party. They
to take rigorous action against lic ns sai anyone voting fore party
mthiou usi etra edetJsp aa u dp sid aTheoingeforagePay s eo n im o h'r n n al dznLai
neen troops "to avoid un- will beuilty of sin.rThePChan-rLundhdIGyr u .ties.
necessary nC I cellr's mention of excomunicaton
blood e emishie. Paperov TONockGHTuator7farnCub
Gives Explanation doViet was the first to go that far.
He gave the same explanation A small truck with a loudspeakerThe s sG
ier P e CLu aw tlt a Th MGNpInFnICEnn
Sfor his thfailure o pdarreste pre kta cs nU. . drove ahead of the parade pro-
lin th e offoa h p ri m in sV cession, solemnly droning over and A M BERSO NS
ister's residence under United Na- Thy A rrests over:a
tonsg protection. against the Catholic Church. This ryt.euJOnEPH CO TTN
Mobutu claimed any report MOSCOW P)-The Soviet gov- is a protest against the pastoral
suggesting he might not be in full emient newspaper Izvestia told letter. The pastoral letter is an
control of the situation was "sabo- the United States yesterday that infringement on the freedom of TIMAMOLT
tage" of his effort to bring order the Soviet Union "will not toer- mind of the citizens." AGNES MOORHEAD
to rthe Congo. ate provocations with regards to Doctors, lawyers and business-.,,r
"It is I who commands here" its citizens, including those who executives took partyin the march,k DOLORES COSTELLA BARRY
he declared, worknat the United Nations. which was initiated by a group
Mobutu acknowledged he is in The warning came in a cor- of University of Puerto Rico par-gic6
open conflict with the United Na- mentary on the arrest of Igor ties - the "Populars" (Popular'tnsvnertDapnrymknaoChiradUrDphy)Werkssa
ts ove artrnt pa drlaentry"eh a Sd 1t o vie tizenrp and Un- Deotcat, tay h R eliansh n.dt, 05 edesonTear;T
ruled ed Nations employe, by FBI the Independentistas (Indepen-
agents in New York Thursday. dents).
He is being held, along with W i-AlRHrITECTUREAUDITORI
H old Socialist ie anHirsch, a German-born free- Sateie F.ountr M. Cents
lance b artist, on charges of es- ,at ellr of te PCent
A Soviet py lionage.cae thereas no Gives Cuba LoantL
foundation to the spy charges and
BONN MAh-A Socialist member said the Americans had no right VIENNA f}-Communist Czech-
of West Germany's parliamentary to arrest him since he enjoIe oa ha granted Cu a new
defense committee has been a- diplomatic immunity as a United $20 million long-term loan, in-
rested on suspicion of feeding gov- Nations employe. creasing its total investments in
enment secrets to Communist The StateDepartment has al- Cuba's ailing economy this year
spies, the Interior ministry said ready put the Soviet Union on to $40 million, Radio Prague said
yesterday . notice that Melekh did not have today.
Justice Minister Fritz Schaeffer diplomatic immunity.
identif ed the opposition Social "Neither the State Department
Democratic Party deputy as Al- nor anybody else has any ground Cimay of
fred Frenzel, 61, Wh~o also is chain- whatsoever to prefer charges Cia fFL
man of the Bundestag (lower against Igor Melekh of carrying
house) restitution committee, outactivities incompatible with International reek
This committee deals with in- his official status as a United
demnifying victims of Nazism. Nations employe," Izvestia said. " n, N o.t6 1 o
tion proecton- gaint te Caholi Chrch.ThE
Mout caiedan rprt MOCO (-Te oie gv. i aprtetagint hepatoa Wth J SEH."T O
su getnghe m gh otbei fl e nm n n w pa er I vetaS u n ete . , e Ns o vet. b n IM H L

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