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November 15, 1966 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-11-15

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lief that the time would be wasted j ments of that society. Needle:ss toI

must be shown that this system is
the first step in effective student
representtaion. That step will be
lost if they do not offer their sup-
port and participation.
Greater contact with the stu-
dent body and greater efforts on
behalf of the advisory board sys-
tem are the two keys to the suc-
cess of student government at this
university. The students rmust be
made to recognize this opportun-
ity; failure to do so can only con-
tribute to a frustration with stu-
dent government as ef fective stu-
dent representation.


Michael Dean
Incumbent--Student Government
Member-JJC - SGC Joint Com-
mittee on the Judiciary
Co-chairman--SGC Committee on
Former chairman of the board of
directors-SGC Bookery
Former REACH vice-president and
member of the executive and
administrative boards
Former Assistant Night Editor -
Michligan Daily
Former head-Regents and Ad-
ministration beat-Michigan
Former SGC Reporter for the Mi-
chigan Daily
U of M Delegate to the Young
Democrats State Convention
Member-political science honor-
ary--Pi Sigma Alpha
Similar to most of the other
candidates in this election, I sup-
port such efforts as the Student
Housing Association, the referen-
dum to ascertain student opinions
on the draft and class rankings,
and the evaluation of current pro-
cedures and the search for better
alternatives i n t h e academic
sphere of the University.
But there is one issue whose
prospects overshadow all these in-
dividual efforts-the chance for a
student voice on all levels of the
University. This is where I place
the emphasis of my campaign and
on which I base my hopes for re-
By the time the ballots have
been counted, two of our major
projects-the draft referendum
and the 18 year vote campaign-
will be practically completed. The
question then becomes one of di-
rection-where do we turn from
here? Our project-oriented com-
mittees must be continued and in
some, cases revitalized. But we
must not lose our chance at one
of the greatest breakthroughs in
the history of student-University
relations, the ticket to this break-
through being the advisory board
Through the advisory board sys-
tem, students will be given a voice
in University policy and in Uni-
versity decision-making. Whether.
it becomes an effective voice and
whether it spreads, to encompass
all levels of the University-this is
for us to decide.
- Those who in the past have not
participated in SGC and like areas'
'because of a lack of time or a be-'

ay the university society is ever-
hanging, and each decision and
uling is subject and should be
ubject to re-evaluation. Thus I
would commend, recommend or
disapprove the following:
1. Realizing that many of the
961 University Regulations con-
erning Student Organizations are
no longer applicable, and at times
detrimental, I add my support to
he suggestion by the Committee
an Referral that a committee from
he academic community be
ormed to study these regulations.
2. Agreeing with the SGC in-
estigatory positionhconcerning
ophomore Women's hours and
Housing Regulations, I believe
hat Sophomore women are ma-
ure enough and responsible
nough to determine their own
hours and their own housing ar-
3. I support the position of SGC
n its formation of an investigat-
ng committee concerning Police
Relations and the University.
4. I suggest that the pass-fail
system be extended to all levels
of the University, especially to
those distribution courses required
by the University for graduation.
5. I am disappointed with theI
University administration for its
failure to accept a binding Draft
Referendum by passing the juris-
diction of power on to the Regents.
6. I suggest that the SGC com-
mittee on Counseling work to in-
crease the freedom of the student
in his choice of courses outside his
7. I suggest that serious con-
sideration be given to a new or-
ganizational structure for SGC for
I believe that the present struc-
ture is incomplete without the
coordination of the Graduate Stu-
dent Council in its power and de-

on Tuesday, November 8, then policy in matters directly concern-
there can conceivably be a strong- ing them. This responsibility is
er student representation in the for students to act in an intelli-
affairs of Ann Arbor. SHA can be- gent manner with full regard to
come much rpore effective in rep- the impact their decisions and ad-{
resenting the complaints and the visory capacities will have. Never
wishes of the students through before has potential manifested
this expanded suffrage; SHA can itself so fully. Students are equal-
work for new zoning laws through ly capable of filling this potential.
this voting power. In addition to It remains for them to direct their
working with the Common Coun- efforts into areas which are most
cil of Ann Arbor, SHA should work relevant to their lives.
with OST to establish higher re-
quirements for off-campus hous-
ing, protection for the studentI
occupant and lease reforms.
Student organization rules are
a principal function of SGC. I feel
that policy of the University when
dealing with Student organiza-
tions should be that determined
by the SGC. This function of deal-
ing almost total authority over the
rules for student organizations
should be followed by the admini-
stration as well as by the members~
of Student Government Council.
This authority is established in
parts 4A and 4B of the functions
of SGC as defined by the Student
Government Council Plan (Re-
vised). f

jectives and its priorities. The rel-
ative worth of various projects
must be determined and emphasis
must be given to those projects
which will effect a meaningful and
significant contribution to both
students and the University. How-
ever quality goals alone are not
enough. As equally important .is
the need for quality action, since
not only must the Council initiate
good projects but it must see that
they are skillfully executed. Too
many projects and continually
shifting priorities have in the past
undermined the potential effect-
iveness of SGC.
The project which I believe de-
mands immediate attention is the
development of effective boards to
the administrative officers of the
University. The Advisory Board
Plan which was approved by the
Regents on October 21 of this year
must now be given form and sub-
_ K elly stance. Talented and qualified
gently and persuasively must be
found, since the success of these
Chairman: SGC Committee on boards will depend on the quality
Educational Affairs, of their personnel. This tremen-
Chairman: SHA sub-committee on dous opportunity for students to
University Off-Campus Housing play an important role in the de-
Policy. velopment of University policy
must not be wasted.





Leslie Mahler'
Assistant to the Administratives
Vice President-SGC.g
Chairman of the Young DemocratI
Committee on the 18 Year Old t
Homecoming 1965-member of thed
Advertising Committee
Member of Kappa Alpha Theta-
Activities Committee
The philosophy of University
education is to provide an oppor-
tunity for the individual to pursue
not only his intellectual interests
but also to develop his powers of
constructive criticism-his ability
to evaluate, judge and choose. The
educational system of the class-
room attempts to present the wide
range, the expanse of knowledge,
the various channels toward truth;
the world outside the classroom
provides the structure in which
the individual can make his
choices. The student has not only
the power and opportunity of
evaluating, judging, and choosing
his society, he has the responsi-
bility of determining that society.
He can and should help to formu-
late the rules he must observe
while at the University and the
type of University he attends.
Even though the University is
extremely complex and diverse, its
members are divided by circum-
stance into three groups: students,
administration and faculty. Re-
lationships amongst the groups
should not be based on fear and
competition but rather, interaction
while attempting to achieve ther
fullest participation of the stu-
dent in his determination and
choice of his society. Student
choice of his society. StudentI
Go.vernment Council attempts to
draw the student into the creation
of this society and at the samet
time to reflect and voice the views1
of the previously determined ele-1


Bruce Kahn
Incumbent SGC
Co-Chairman Draft Referendum
Jpoint Statement'
Mike Koeneke
3 ,john Preston
Bruce Kahn

The past year has been one of
mixed success for SOC. While itf
has initiated several projects that
directly concern students such as
the vice-presidential advisory
committees and the Student Hous-
ing Association, it is not yet cer-
tain that these efforts will pro-
duce significant results. I want
to become a member of SGC in
order to help carry these import-
ant tasks on to a meaningful con-
Pending the outcome of an in-
vestigation being conducted by
SGC vice-president Cindy Samp-
son, I support the proposed eli-
mination of sophomore omen's
I support the revision of SGC
regulations for student organiza-
tions according to the needs of
these organizations themselves

There are two important sub-
stative areas in which SSGC should
concentrate its efforts. These are
academic reform and student eco-
nomic welfare. The advisory board
to the Vice-President for Aca-
demic Affairs is a available me-
chanism for substative academic
improvements as well as a means
fOr the development of additional
channels for student involvement
in policy making at the College
and departmental levels. Problems
of student economic welfare can
be tackled partially by the advis-
ory boards to both the Vice-Presi-
dent for Business and Finance and
the Vice-President for Student Ar-
fairs. SGC's, Student Housing As-
sociation and its Voter Registra-
tion Committee have already made
gains in this area andt these ef-
forts should be continued.
The task before the Council is


The basis for the formation of a
K o pj (1 student goverment is the philo-
tsophythat students are mature
and capable enough to effectivelyj
Incumbent SGC make decisions concerning matters
Voter Registration Chairman directly affecting them. It is in
Former SGC Personnel Director this singular vein that SGC must
National Student Association orient itself. For on this alone will
Delegate the Council's effectiveness be jud-
Believing that there is no Present efforts indicate direc-
stronger influence than the vote, tioni in a long and short range
Mike Koeneke, Voter RegistrationI sense, as well as misdirection and
Chairman, is strongly in favor ofIlack of direction in vital areas.
a large registration of 21 year old! The Vice-Presidential advisory
University students in the city of board system should prove to be
i AnniArbor.. a crucial factor regarding the
At the present time the city voice students must have in the'
clerk is denying many Michigan formation of University policy.1
students the right to register on The concept has been well form-
the grounds that these students ulated and accepted. The largest
do not meet the residency require- portiono of the work remaining is
ments in Ann Arbor. However, in two areas-staffing them with
the requirements the city clerk capable people, and establishing a
sets down are very arbitrary and working rapport, once this is done.
differ from student to student. The remaining job is communica-
ment C futureshould workovern- There has to be a clarification of ting the work these boards have
mu uent ncilshouldworkn tho aswhat requirements students have accomplished and channelling to
sure student participation in the to meet, and if they do soi they them students' needs and opin-
decisions ofathe Uniersiy. isfeel should be eligible to register and ions.
t -evote in Ann Arbor. The Student Housing Associa-
by: !Some professors and students in tion has lacked effective leader-
-The complete utilization of the Law School are aiding the vo- ship and coordination this semes-
the Student Advisory boards; these ter registration work by doing. le- ter. Communication of student
boards will be an extremely im- gal research concerning the rea- complaints and housing needs,
portant method of communication sons why the city clerk denies both long and short range, has
between the administrators and some Michigan students the right not been evident as much as is
the student body; to register. This could possibly lead possible. Voter registration is a vi-
-Cooperative effort and com- to a test court case challenging tal area in which SGC needs to
-;4 a these reasons for denial to register, continue its efforts. A large body

and not outside interests. by no means an easy one. It re-
The establishment of the Psy- quires students with an excellent
chology Undergraduate Associa- understanding of the University
tion is an important advance in and a willingness to commit them-
the area of student participation selves fully to the organization..
in academic affairs. Since it will
present an example to more re-;
luctant departments of the value
of student participation, this or-
ganization and similar organiza- PO LL
tions should be encouraged by P

Member-Public Relations Board,
Executive Assistant - S t u d e n t
Housing Association.
If elected, I will endeavor to
achieve the following goals:
1) Implementation of my pro-
posed credit hour allowance for
heavy course loads; that students
taking more than normal four-
course load would be given one
extra credit hour per extra course.
2) Publication of quality and
cost ratings for off-campus stu-
dent housing by the University or
its authorized student group.
3) Formation of an autonomous,
student oriented, University police
force, thereby eliminating harass-
ment from Ann Arbor police on
4) Review of University food
purchasing and processing pro-
cedures to improve dorm and quad
meal quality.
5) Elimination of sophomore
women's hours.
{AT 8:00 P.M.
Results Will Be
As Soon As
Final Tabulations
Are Made

The success of the Psych Under-
grad Committee in setting up a
more personalized counseling sys-!
tem demonstrates the feasibility of
a better counseling relationsh p
for all students. SOC should try
to extend this improvement to
other departments.
While the issue of over-all stu-
1 dent economic welfare is import-
ant, I think SGC should continue
to concentrate on the most im-
portant area of economic welfare,
housing, until concrete accomp-
lishments and student interest'
warrant efforts in other areas.

SGC Office


i r


Part One
The University should cease the compilation of class ranks to be '
used by the Selective Service.
The University should continue the compilation of class ranks
to be used by the Selective Service.
Part Two
A Regarding drafting of men into the armed forces,4
I would prefer that:
1. All able-bodied males must serve.
2. Only some able-bodied males randomly selected by lotterys
-must serve, with no deferments granted.
3. Only some able-bodied males, chosen on a selective basis
-must serve with deferments granted for:
(if this is your choice, select one or more of the below):t
a. critical skills
b. completion of education
c. all married men
d. only married men with children
e. other (specify)
4. The government should not conscript for military or non-:

munication between the members ;
of Student Government CouncilI
and the"University Administra-
-Staffing, the student advisory
boards fully with qualified people;
-Distributing information about
what is currently occurring on
these boards so that the student
boards are in fact representative
of student opinion.
It must also be the duty of the
members of these student advisory
boards and the members of SOC
to impress upon the administra-
tion the decisions of these boards.
These measures are defined as the
functions of the Student Govern-
ment Council in the Student Gov-
ernment Council Plan (Revised)
in parts 4G, 4H and 41.
Based upon part 4G of the Stu-
dent Government Council Plan
(Revised) it is the function of the
SGC to represent the student body
to ". . . the outside student and
world community." The draft ref-
erendum is an outgrowth of this
function and is important, how-J hn'
ever, the SGC Plan (revised) does
not specify any binding decisions
made by either the students or Incumbent SGC
SGC. For this reason I do not feel Police on Campus Committee
that the draft referendum should Chairman
be binding though it should be Joint Judiciary Revision Com-
carefully considered by the ad- mittee Chairman
ministration before any policy is John Preston has thus far work-
changed or reaffirmed. ed principally in the area of Joint

of stuident voters can have a defi-
nite influence on housing and
zoning regulations.
The revision- of the judicial
structure and the clarification of
linens of authority andn appeal
also present the same opportunity
for students to make themselves
the principal voice in non-aca-
demic discipline. Thus far, stu-
dents have acted merely as a
sounding board for ideas origi-
nating in the Office of Student
Affairs. Full participation of stu-
dents is imperative in the creation
of an equitable judiciary system.
The complex task which must'
occupy much of SGC's future will
be establishing and maintaining
lines of communication and a
working rapport. Beyond that lies
the task of coordinating the work
of these boards into effective leg-
islation and policy formation in
an intelligent manner.

SGC has 21 polling stations located
over all of the central campus, and
at several of the dormitories. All
polling stations will open at 9:00 a.m.
and will remain open until 6:00 p.m.
The Polling Stations are as follows:


S t u d e n t Government Council
member, 2 terms
Co-sponsor of the plan for student
advisory boards to the Presi-
dent and Vice-Presidents of the
University (approved by the Re-
gents on October 21, 1966)
Student Housing Association, City
Planning Chairman and Voter
IRegistration Director
SGC Assistant to the Adminis-
trative Vice-President
Delegate to the National Student
SGC Public Relations Committee
SGC Personnel Director

South Quad
West Quad
East Quad
Markley Hall
Palmer Field
Clements Library
Law Quad Facing
Beta Theta Pi

Engine Arch
Law Quad
Bus Stop on North U
Frieze Bldg.
North Campus at
Commons Bldg.
Hill & Washtenaw




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