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November 11, 1966 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-11-11

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UAC Academic Affairs Committee Presents

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Mon., Nov. 14

7:30 P.M.

UGLI Multipurpose Rm.

English Professor Marvin Feiheim
Psychology Professor Harlan Lane
Philosophy Professor Arnold Kaufman
The three men are floating on a raft in an ocean. There is a certain
amount of food and water on the raft. Each' man will argue why he, being
whather;eresents in the academic world, has the right to the food and

The Daily Official Bulletin is an
official publication of the Univer-
sity of Michigan for which The
Michigan Daily assumes no editor-
ial responsibility. Notices should be
sent in TYPEWRITTEN form to
Room 3519 Administration Bldg. be-
fore 2 p.m. of the day preceding
publication and by 2 p.m. Friday
for Saturday and Sunday. General
Notices may be published a maxi-
mum of two times on request; Day
Calendar items appear once only.
Student organization notices are not
accepted for publication. For more
information call 764-8429.
Day Calendar
Cinema Guild-Fritz Lang's "M": Ar-
chitecture Aud., T and 9:05 p.m.
Dept. of Speech University Players
Performance-Dennis McIntyre's "Cow-
boy in Absentia": Trueblood Aud., 8
School of Music Concert-University




of Michigan Arts Chorale, Maynard
Klein, conductor: Hill Aud, 8:30 p.m.
Astronomical Colloquium-At 4 p.m.,
Room 807 PhysicsAstronomy Bldg. Nor-
man Johnson, Astronomy Department,
will speak on "Transistor Circuits in
General Notices
TV Center Programs: On Sun., Nov.
13, the following programs will have
their initial telecast on Detroit sta-
8:30 a.m., WXYZ-TV, Channel 7 -
"Understanding Our World: One to
One." A documentary film on tutorial
projects at various colleges and uni-
versities, the special relationship be-
tween one tutor and one child, and
how they can help each other,
12 noon, WWJ-TV, Channel 4-"Ger-
many Today." Premiere of a new series.
Prof. Clarence K. Pott and British poli-
tical historian Edward McCabe consider
"Militarism and the German Mind."
Winter Program of Graduate Student
Research Fund Grants: Is now open for
In preparing his application, of which
15 copies should be submitted to the
Graduate School, the student should
present a clear statement concerning
the nature of his research problem and
the estimated cost of the specific items
of expenditure. The application should
oe accompanied by a supporting let-
ter of which there should also be 15
copies, from the chairman of his doc-
toral committee.
For information and proposal guide-
lines, contact departmental chairmen
or Room 1014 Rackham Bldg. Deadline
for submission of applications is Tues.,
Nov. 15.
Doctoral Examination for Napoleon
Alphonseau Chagnon, Anthropology;
thesis: "Yanomamo Warfare, Social Or-
ganization and Marriage Alliances," Fri.,
Nov. 11, Room 210 Angell Hall, at 12
noon. Chairman, E. R. Wolf.
Doctoral Examination for Wallace
Henry Bratt, Germanic Languages &
Literatures; thesis: "Heinrich Von
Kleist's Religion: An Exploratory
Study," Fri., Nov. 11, Room 1084 Frieze
Bldg., at 3 p.m. Chairman, C. K. Pott.
Summary of Action Taken by Student
Government Council at Its Meeting
November 9, 1966
Approved: Revision of University Reg-
ulations concerning Student Organiza-
Approved: Letter as a resolution and
to be distributed with the revised Uni-
versity Regulations concerning Student

Appointed: Sue Yuness as personnel ognition as a student organization1
I chairman. should notify the Office of Student1
Appointed: Ed Robinson, Bob Smith Organizations, 1011 Student Activities!
and Margaret Asman to serve on the Building, to receive permission to use
interviewing committee for Student Ad- University facilities for organizational
visory Boards to the Vice-Presidents. meetings. To be considered for rec-+
ognition, members of the organization
UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS should submit to Student Government
Concerning Council through its administrative sec-
Student Organizations retary the following documents:
Student Organizations at the Univer- 1) A statement expressing the objec-+
sity of Michigan operate within a tives and plans of the organization
framework established by Student Gov- signed by at least two officers. These
ernment Council and the vice-presi- names will be published by Student1
dent for student affairs under author- Government Council for the use of+
ity granted by the Regents. The rules interested students. A membership list
described in this booklet became ef- may be submitted to the Office of+
fective in the fall of 1966 and super- Student Organizations for the purpose1
cede all past regulations, of supplementing personal records.
Recognition of Student Organiza- 2) Copies of its constitution (see
tions: Appendix C) stating affiliations with
Student Government Council is em- ither groups.
powered by the Regents in the Council 3) Special requirements must be sat-
Plan (see Appendix A) to recognize a isfied by:
student grou pand to grant the group a
setcertain privileges as a student orga- snta) ReigioufroupsthOffmustopRe-
nization within the University coim- a lette fromuthe Office o e-
munity. Recognition carries with it ligious Affairs concerning the desir-
certain responsibilities and does not ability of recognition.
signify the endorsement of specific b) Nationality groups who must pre-
r ideals or programs of the organiza- sent a letter from the International,
tion, but provides an opportunity for Center concerning the desirability of
kthose interested in such a group to se- recognition.j
cure the advantages of being affiliated c) Academic honor societies who must
* with the University (see Appendix B). present a letter of approval from the
' Bases for Recognition: deans of the schools or colleges in-
Bstue foeonitin: oni ae volved.
rStudent Government Council bases d) Cooperatives, international houses,
recognition of a student organization fraternities and sororities function as
on the. following criteria: approved residences for students un-
1) Membership: der regulations established for such
a) No group may adopt, maintain, housing by the vice-president for stu-'
or apply a membership policy that dent affairs. Their activities are gov-
is based on race, religion, color, creed, erned by the regulations for student'
national origin, or ancestry; nor shall organizations as established by Stu-
it accept a veto from alumni or ac- dent Government Council in addition
tive members based on a discrimina- to being subject to the regulations of
tory membership policy, their respective governing bodies: In-
b) Student Government Council upon tercooperative Council, InterfraternityE
request from the International Cen- Council and Panhellenic Association.
ter or from the Office of Religious These governing bodies have original
Affairs may designate an organiza- jurisdiction for legislation concerning
tion as a nationality group or a reli- their members, such legislation being'
gious group which will have certain subject to Student Government Coun-
exemptions, as defined by Student cil.
Government Council, from the above Procedure for Registration of Stu-
membership statement. dent Organizations:t
c) Every recognized student organi- By the third week of each ter'n,
zation is required to file a written every recognized student organizati( n
statement containing all material rele- must submit the signatures of at least,
vant to membership selection with the two officers. These names will be;
vice-president for student affairs to published by Student Governmentr
be used by Student Government Coun- Council for the use of interested stu-j
tl's Membership Committee. Each or- dents. A membership list may be sub-
ganization must file a supplementary mitted to the Office of Student Or-1
membership selection statement by the ganizations for the purpose of sup-
end of October of each even numbered plementing personal records.
year to make its membership selection Deactivation-Reactivation:
statement current. An organization will be considered
2) Officers and voting members of to be deactivated if it has not reg-
student organizations are to be stu- istered with the Office of Student Af-
dents in order to insure that the orga- fairs for a period of one year of if It
nization's activities are directed by has notified that office of its deactiva-
students. tion. To re-establish recognized status
3) The objectives of the organization after this period the organization mustI
should be consistent with the broad re-petition SGC following the proced-,
educational goals of the University. ure outlined.
4) Student Government Council, in Changes in Organization:
reviewing a petition for r'ecognition, will Proposed changes in existing con-,
consider to what extent the new orga- stitutions must be presented to thec
nization would duplicate the function administrative secretary of SGC at leastj
of existing organizations. two weeks in advance of the meetingc
5) Student Government Council en- at which such changes are to be con-
courages the organization to obtain a sidered. Original wording of the ar-f
faculty advisor, who may be a member ticles and suggested amendments there-;
of the faculty, research or administra- to must be shown.
tive staff, because both educational Any changes in organizational struc-
and practical benefits can be derived ture, purposes, bases of membership,t
from good faculty advisors. or affiliations with other organizationsL
6) The organization shall adopt the must be presented to SGC for consider-
financial procedures outlined by the ation and shall not be consumated;
auditor for student organizations, 2503 until approval is given by the Council.
Student Activities Building. Rules for Open Activities:
Procedure for Recognition: Activities sponsored by student or-1
k Students planning to apply for rec- ganizations which are open to the en-

tire campus or to a large portion of
the campus are defined as open ac-
tivities. When a student organization
sponsors an activity, it assumes the
responsibility for the planning and
execution of the activity. Advertising
an event is considered sponsorship.
Student Government Council must ap-
prove all open activities.
Only recognized, registered student
organizations may petition to Student
Government Council to hold open ac-
tivities. The University Activities Cen-
ter is considered a recognized student
organization for the purpose of calen-
daring open activities. Fraternities, sor-
orities, cooperatives and residence hall
housing units must request permission
to hold an open activity through an
all-campus organization, the a-cam-
pus organization then assumes the re-
sponsibility for sponsorship.
Any student organization that wishes
to reserve a specific date for an open
activity may request permission to
sponsor the activity from Student
Government Council. The Council an-
nounces a filing date for these permis-
sions usually six weeks before the end
of the winter term.
In the request to sponsor that is
filed with Student Government Coun-
ci, the student organization should in-
dicate the date and facility desired,
the nature of the activity, the pur-
pose for which it is being held, the
precise use of intended profits, past fi-
nancial record, and the signature of
the petitioning organization's president
to indicate his awareness of the regu-
lations regarding student sponsored
Once Student Government Council
has granted permission to sponsor an
activity, the Council turns over the
requests to calendar the activity to the
secretary of the University Calendar-
ing Committee which coordinates all
University calendaring. Permission to
sponsor an activity does not guarantee
that the activity will be calendared.
Because of the number of requests
for sponsoring and calendaring events
received by Student Government Coun-
cil and the Calendaring Committee, a
list of priorities have been established.
Activities have been divided into two
classes. Class I activities require the
approval of the entire Council. Be-
cause of the nature of the activities
included in this group, it is wise to
have these events calendared during
the spring to insure an appropriate
date. Those activities in the order of
their priority Include:
1) Activities sponsored by the aca-
demic departments.
2) Fraternity and sorority rush.
3) Student organizations wishing to
sponsor events of more than one day
on the weekend which involves the
scheduling of day and evening activi-
ties, i.e., Homecoming, Winter Week-
end, World's Fair.
4) Events sponsored by University
organizations held under the auspices
of academic departments and student
organizations both involving schedul-
ing of evening activities o more than
one day on the weekend and requiring
the same facilities, l.e, University Play-
ers, Musket, Soph Show, Gilbert and
5) University organizations and stu-
dent organizations that provide ex-
tensive service to the University com-
munity in the areas of public rela-
tions, to the student community as
a whole in the area of entertainment
and where academic credit may be in-
volved, Le., University of Michigan
Band, Michigan Men's Glee Club.
6) Student organizations who wish
to sponsor events involving evening ac-
tivities on one day of the weekend in
Hill Auditorium.
Class II activities may also be cal-
endared during the spring. The presi-
dent of Student Government Council
or person designated by him approves
petitions to sponsor these activities
on behalf of the Council and then
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Petition for Student Advisory Boards to the Vice-Presidents
Petitions Now Available at the SGC Offices in the SAB


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