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November 05, 1966 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-11-05

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By Jim Tit-ndoll

Quotes and Notes/Or the
Saturday Morning "Blues"
Detroit Free Press sports editor
Joe Falls (on why the Californiaj
crowd is going skiing this winter):j
"What disturbs the people in
Pasadena is that this year they're
not even getting the' second best
team in the Big Ten. That's be-I
cause the second best team is
Michigan assistant coach Hank
Fonde (on why Michigan isn't inI
second place): "Remember that
th'e second best team is determined
by won-lost records. Remember
also that Michigan isn't out of
the race yet."
The football bookies (on why
Michigan can still go West):
Michigan (2-2) is a touchdown
favorite over Illinois (2-2) today
Wisconsin (1-2-1) could be
the "sleeper of the week" in its'
game with Purdue (3-1).
Pretty Backs, Frozen Toes
Illinois scout Jack Hart (on why

The Lineups

Sipp (216) L
Phillips (228) Ll
Hanna. (22) L
Dayton (220) C
Bailey (214) R(
Hribal (220) R7
Clancy (192) Rl
Vidmer (185) Ql
Detwiler (215) Ll
Ward (178) Rl
Fisher (210) Fl


team. Illinois has come up with
three basic formations-all d;er-
ent-just for keeping the other
team honest in defensing Wright.'
Musical Wright

November 5:
With 'P tie' and 'B" mper

Wright (193)
Fields (274)
Guenther (210)
Anderson (234)
Jordan (225)
Robertson (228)
Timko (213)
Naponie (190)
Huston (158)
Bess (193)
Brooks (223)

Note: Wright has caught passes
as a split or lonesome end, a, a DAILY-E**iotts. I would like to investigate a few aspects of
flanker on the same side with the today's game that are rarely touched on by the press. First of all,
split end, and as a wingback or what about this "brother" thing? P: ete, could you tell me just
slotback. The Illini offense chan- what it REALLY feels like to coach against your brother?
ges correspondingly from an I-for P*TE-Well Daily, that's a real stumper because until now I never
with an unbalanced line. All of really thought about it. Bmp and I write letters and stuff
the musical-chair strategy is sup- rivalry you say?
posed to keep opponents from! DAILY-B*mp?

than the fans. At
have to sit with
Note: A tarp wh
field at Michigan
tected the gridiron
fall flurries thisv
stadium attendants
to push the snow of
onto the floor of th
(Walking aroun
cle anin off eaeh

LEADING BIG TEN rusher Dave Fisher of Michigan forced Wis-
consin to band together in order to stop him in last week's game.
Fisher suffered a shoulder injury in the game but is expected to
start today.

Michigan is favored): "They have parable to hand-
the best backfield in the confer- piale white line do
ence. If we didn't have to play of a highway.)
them today, I'd say it was a thing
of beauty to watch." Clippy for th
Michigan assistant coach Tony' WWJ weatherma
Mason (on why it won't be so (on what to expect
beautiful watching either team you're watching th
today): "The players and the ing the moon or
coaches are going to be better off somersaults walki

least we won't
our ankles in.
ich covered the
Stadium pro-v
lawn from thes
week. But theY
only had time
ff the seats andr
e stands. t
d the stadium
seat is com-C
painting a 36-a
wn the middlet
e Asthmas
in Sonny Eliota
today whetheri
e game, paint-t
doing fronta
ng down Hill
tiisaitilsss~iliiilsisste a E

r :Xr" .",t.
rr f4 " ?' ,^SV vN. ,J
,,,arA a Yy ". rrS ,
' : .".Sh :trn.«rq. .n ..:S nn-rt":":r: :. :N:":h r'J.r .
J^.};. , ra , Sr? X"."."".,.{N,..n"N''f.?J. M}L^...,...,... ... ..,",:1114.. .a.,..........::" ........a..,..a........,a,.......:' L ........................................... ......... .
!,ar i..: "a~"S". «, ..... ...'"NA": :"s r:"... «:::.fir ,;;^:J...... .. ", a,,., r...,.,,.... a.. «^r,... .a".,,.,. ",.err.. a......."~a, ,.,,..... , .. ..... ... .. ....
.:"::: r4^::,: {.:}::rte ?.!.;:.'r.;::?r...r.. y' h X h:. M a .....
...... .a.:. . . . .,:"n , "a ".. r.n .,r": ".. . :.n.JrJ Xr: rr: " "r "" .:.«,«««,....a....1., .,.r". ,. ",....« .. ...,... ... .r.4t.4.4"t..hl"N:. rX.1hrr""rr"r"", "rt"
., ... .. ".. 1 ,1 . a . a . r. ... f. . .r rn..r n" r« 5... , r . . ...........a . . 1.. ,,:tr , r,.r ...... .L. 1 ..... ,.. ;., ..... r...: ;r.r::::a".'.:^. '.;{: r: .....r ...,.::::. 'r: "":. fir: "r::.
yy {. ryrr
t4v.%...:. .n .F. r.. t rr. "7h v.":t:a .n.. ..tar 'n1^. .-y ''r .r1.......,... J. ..."' "rX. . 1: vrnrr: ...
" . .:X" .':s: {.. . .r}r t.".n?4 drr}. 4h "... n... ". "rs ." ....... .... }4.. {.. .L:f r. ";... ...."r ................ ..
p..«r..........7 .}:K. t... Sn.. ."" ..... .....rXfn ..{s.....n.a.r.,....frt...... .?..«....,r.,.L.ti.'. .n.,...a..:^...n1.....'.,...sn{X}r;h/'{"',"'T,4'".rv:r.":?hq.:":;"'rX: "v".Lhhh.:: X::. .: :. .......{...v:.g;.?:" :{? i}"::$":C4:}:{: is:?4:{;: i f"{.'":h;irj:ii

Street): "It's going to be clippy
.'cl' for cloudy and the rest for
Fullback Dave Fisher (on the
weather): The cold will sting his
sore shoulder muscles, but the low
humidity will help his asthma. He
is expected to start even though
he missed two days of practice
this week.
Fonde (on why Fisher's confer-
ence-leading status in the rushing
department is in danger): "There;
are three outstanding points about
the Illini defense . .. one, it has
allowed only four touchdowns on
sustained drives all year-two
against Purdue last week . . . two,
it has been extremely .tough on
third-down short yardage situ-
Fonde (on why Jack Clancy'
won't be watching Revelli and his
troubadors at halftime):
three, Illinois leads the Big Ten
in pass interceptions. It had five
against Purdue and Bob Griese."
Whose the Eagle Scout?
Note: In spite of Griese's All-
America badge, Michigan's Dick
Vidmer and Illinois' Bob Naponic
have gotten just as many merit
points in Big Ten passing this
year. Vidmer leads, Griese is sec-
ond and Naponic is third.
Bill Abraham, Hempfield High
(Pa.) football coach, who tutored
both Vidner and Naponic in their
prep careers, (on what to do at re--
unions): "The tough part is pick-
ing one to root for. Maybe I can
do like the President at the Army-
Navy game and spend a half on
each side of the field."
Michigan assistant coach Don
James (on why Naponic has been
able to set up a successful airline
business) : "His receiver, John
Wright, is the best player on the

double-teaming Wright.
James (on Michigan's defensive
strategy): "We're just going to
have to watch very closely in the
first quarter to see if Illinois de-
velops any kind of pattern. It's
really hard to practice for this
sort of versatility . . . and being
inside didn't help either. One of
the big problems is putting moo
much emphasis on Illinois' passing
game. They've been very effective
in maintaining ball control by
running inside with their backs."
Note: Ron Bess, charging half-
back, will be back in the Illini
lineup today after sitting out two
weeks with an injury. Halfback
Cy Pinder, candidate for all-Big
Ten honors, however, is doing all
his running with crutches.
Bye, Bye, Bo
Illinois coach Pete Elliott( on
what happened to the injuryitis
jinx of Ann Arbor): 'Where's My
Line? !"
Note: Illinois has lost defensive
tackle Dick Stone, defensive guard
Al Waters and defensive end Bo
Batchelder on the line. It will have
only five seniors among its 22
starters today.
James (on new starters in Mich-
igan's lineup): Gerry Miklos is
going to take over Bob Mielke's
spot at middle guard and Dick
Williamson will replace Bill Hardy
at defensive tackle."
Note: Miklos is a sophomore, is
starting his first Big Ten game
and is "one of the fastest improving
players on the team." Williamson
is regaining his job after losing it
for two weeks. Ken Wright-in-
jured for most of the season-
moves into a second-string tackle-
In addition, tight end Clayt
Wilhite and soph linebacker Bob
Wedge are expected to see --t least
'limited action."
Michigan coach Bump Elliott ...
with a wink (on why Michigan has
won its last six games with 1li-
nois) : "It's always nice to win."

B*MP-Daily, THAT is a very provocative question. For instance,
P*te and I talk shop, but we never have gotten around to Michigan vs.
P*TE-That's just it Daily, we always seem to talk about some-
thing else. A rivalry ... maybe .. .
DAILY-E**iotts, I not only submit that there is this rivalry
thing, but that you, B*mp, have beaten brother P*te six straight
times. P*te what do you have to say about that record? A jinx?
P*TE-Are you sure about that record?
DAILY-Well, uh, I mean I'm pretty sure that . . . I could
check the record book again.
B*MP-Listen Daily, it really doesn't make any difference about
this rivalry thing. We just happen to be .coaching for opposing
schools, and the better prepared team will win today. Right, P*tie?
DAILY-B*mp would you explain why you called your brother
P*TE--Maybe I could answer that for you Daily. It seems that
"B*mper" was always the older of the two of us. It has always been
that way. And there was this time.. .
DAILY-Yes P*te?
P*TE --Well there was this time when we played baseball with
the kids from the neighborhood, and B*mper and I were on opposing
sides. Well B*mp was pitching and the game went on and on and on.
B*MP-Remember it was getting dark and we had to be home
early because we were having stew for dinner?
P*TE-Well anyway, every time I went up to bat B*mp struck
me out. He did that six times.
DAILY-Six times P*te, do you think that number is sig-
P*TE-It COULD BE Daily, but anyway, the game had gotten
out of hand in the top of the inning, and there was nobody on and two
out when I got up in the last of the 17th.
B*MP-I was really getting tired then, and my arm hurt a little
P*TE-Naturally I was a little tired of getting fanned every
time I got up there. In fact some of the guys were saying that I
couldn't get a hit at all off my brother. So I was up there with no
pressure on me at all.
B*MP-Boy was it dark out too. I figured P*te couldn't see
much of the ball so I decided to give him a fast one on the first pitch.
P*TE-No B*mper, it was a curve, because you knew I could never
hit a curve, remember?
B*MP-Yup, it was a curve, and a good one too. You missed it by
a mile.
P*TE--OK, but remember when you tried to feed the same pitch
again, I fouled it off.
DAILY-Well, what happened?
B*MP-Oh, then we had to go in to eat, and we never finished
the game.
DAILY-Well, what would you have thrown next B*mp?
B*MP-Mmmm, a high, hard one I guess.

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sity of Michigan' for which The
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Calendar items appear once only.
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information call 764-8429.
Day Calenda).
Computer Fundamentals Workshop -
North Campus Commons, 9 a.m.
Center for Research on Learning and
Teaching Faculty Workshop-"Program-
med Instruction": Rackham Building,
9 a.m.
Football-U-M vs. Illinois, Michigan
Stadium, 1:30 p.m.
Cinema Guild Satyajit Ray Festival
-The Apu Trilogy, "The World of Apu":
Architecture Aud., 7 and 9:05 p.m.
Professional Theatre Program Per-
formance-APA Repertory Company in

Sartre's "The Flies": Lydia Mendelssohn
Theatre, 8 p.m.
General Notices
TV Center Programs: On Sun., Nov. 6,
the following programs produced by the
University of Michigan Television Cen-
ter will have their initial telecast on
Detroit stations:
8:30 a.m., WXYZ-TV, Channel 7 -
"Understanding, Our World: On the
Way to Wonderland." Mary Ann Steven-
son and Prof. Russell Bidlack tell the
story of children's literature, from the
Puritan books on the exemplary life for
a child, to Lewis Carroll's "Alice in
Wonderland," which began a new trend
toward imaginative literature for chil-
12 noon, WWJ-TV, Chanel 4 - "This
World of Waters: Man and Sea." Man
and sea, man and space-in both areas
man encounters a hostile environment.
Prof. John E., Bardach contrasts the
two areas of exploration and speculates
on man's future use of the sea.
Law School Representative: A repre-
sentativefrom the University of Illinois
Law School will be on campus Mon.,
Nov. 7,. to talk with any students inter-
ested in that law school. A large group
meeting will be held at 4 p.m. in Room
4 Angell Hall and individual appoint-
ments may be made through the Jun-
ior-Senior Counseling Office, 1223 An-
gell Hall.
UAC Academic Affairs, Law School
Discussion: Information concerning the
entrance to Law School, Mon., Nov. 7,
4:15 p.m., UGLI Multipurpose Room.
Center for Russian Studies and Dept.
of Economics Lecture: Prof. James Mil-

the interview. Please return forms and motive Center, Warren, Mich. - More
update your files as soon as possible. than 500 students hired by them last
Call 764-7460, General Division Desk. year. Good opportunities this year. MustY
MON., NOV. 7- take Office and Science Assistant Exam.
Pennsylvania Railroad, Pittsburgh, Applications filed no later than Dec. 9S
Pa.-BA Gen. Lib. Arts, Econ., Educ., for Jan. 7 testing.
Engl., Hist., Math, Poll. Sci., Psych., & 'Opportunities in the San FranciscoC
Soc. For Mgmt Trng., Merchandising, Region-Summer jobs available, qualify
Sales & Personnel, by taking Office & Science Assistant
Harvard Business School, Boston,, Exam. Pickfupfat Summer Placement
Mass.-BA any field for candidates for Service and file by Dec. 9.
MBA. apKhnGenAbr ih
State Farm Insurance, Marshall Mich. Camp Kohana, Glen Arbor, Mich -
-BA/adv. degrees Econ., Gen. Lib. Arts, Dishwasher, male or female, kitchen
Hist., Law, Math, Poll. S., irls and housekeeping girls. Exception-
Speecr, Soc., Bus. Admin. and Acctg. al salaries.C
for Elec. Computing, Insurance, Mgmt. * * *
Trng, Actuarial, Personnel, Admin. Details and applications at Summer
Services & Investments, Placement Service, 212 SAB, Lower Level.E
TUES., NOV. 8--
Allstate Insurance Co., Southfield, ENGINEERING PLACEMENT INTER-
Mich.-BA/adv. degrees Econ., Educ., VIEWS: Make interview appointments
Geog., Gen. Lib. Arts, Hist., Engl., Poll. at Room 128-H, West Engrg. Bldg.
Sci., Journ, Law, Math, PublicrHealth, NOV. G1- .
Psych., Speech, Soc. Work for Trng. Aerojet General-Sub, of General Tire
Prog,, Undersrtng., Acctg., Pers., Office & Rubber.
Admin., no sales. Atlantic Richfield Co.
John Hancock Insurance Co., Detroit, Bechtel Corp.
Mich.-Afternoon only. BA/adv. degrees Chevron Res. Corp.-PhD's only.
Engl., Gen. Lib. Arts, Hist., Philo., Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc. - Aircraft,
Psych., Speech, Soc. and Bus. Ad. For Missiles & Space Div.
Ins. Sales and Sales Mgmt. Mitts & Merrill, Inc.
Bendix Systems, Ann Arbor, Mich.- National Standard Co.
Nov. 7 and 8, at College of Engineer- Philco, Aeronutronics Div. - Sub. of
ing. Adv. degrees Econ., Math, Poll. rord.
Sci., Geol. and Phys, for Elec. Com- Pure Oil Co.
puting, Stat, and Res. & Dev. Contact Sealed Power Corp.
Engineering Placement Office for ap- Texaco, Inc.
pointments. Union Carbide Corp.-Nuclear.
WED., NOV. 9- U.S. Naval - Pacific Missiles, Ship
Union Carbide Corp., Nuclear Divi- Missiles Systems.
sion, Oak Ridge, Tenn.-Afternoon only. Wheelabrator Corp.
BA/adv. degrees Libr. Sci., Math, Phys.,
Biochem. and all fields of Chem. For
Biology, Botany, Zoo., Elec. Computing.
Libr., Personnel, Production, Purchas-
ing, Stat., Tech. Writing, Res. & Dev.,
Instrumentation, Testing & Analysis.
Detroit Bank and Trust, Detroit, Mich.
-BA/adv. degrees Econ., Engl., Qen. Lib.
Arts, Hist., Math & Speech. For Bank-
ing, Elec. Computing, Mgmt. Trng.
Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd.,
London, England-Must be citizen of
any British Commonwealth nation. PhD
and post doctorals in Math, Microbiol., g
Phys., Chem.--all fields. For research !
in Chem., Phys. and Engrg. and all
fields of mgmt. Interviewers will be
glad to give advice and information to
anyone interested in a position in a
British university.
Maritime Administration, Wash., D.C.
-BA/ad. degrees Econ., Journ., Law.
Math. For Mgmt. Trng., Public Admin.,
Public Relations and Transportation.i
Group Division, Aetna Life & Casual-
ty, Detroit, Mich.-Afternoon only. Any
degree any major for Insurance, Terri-
torial Sales and Field Reps.
THURS., NOV. 10-
Additional Interview: Kellogg Co. -
Will be interviewing at the Chemistry
Department Thurs., Nov. 10. For the
position of Assistant to .the Director of
Marketing Research at corporate head-
quarters in Battle, Creek, Mich. BS/MS
in Mktg. Res. Call Chemistry Place-
ment Office for appointments, 764-7317.
212 SAB--
Department of the Army-Tank-Auto-


--- T .._ __ -

.rr.rror. ...

- ~iu


lN//lIj lar of the Department of Economics,
University of Illinois, will speak on
'The New Soviet Economics at 3:10
USE OF THIS COLUMN FOR AN- p.m., Mon., Nov. 7, in Room 101 Eco-
NOUNCEMENTS is available to officially nomics Bldg. All interested persons
recognized and registered organizations
only Forms are available in Room 1011?

* * *
Lutheran Student Chapel, Hill St. at
Forest Ave., worship services at 9:30
and 11 a.m. with Bible study at 9:30
a.m., Sun., Nov. 6. Supper at 6 p.m.
followed by speaker at 7 p.m.: Dr.
Harry Wolf, Lutheran Social Services,
'A * *
Gamma Delta, Supper and meeting,
Nov. 6, 6 p.m., Pastor Richard Kapfer
in charge of a program: "Communicat-
ing the Christian Religion Through
Drama," 1511 Washtenaw, UniversityI
Lutheran Chapel.
* * *
U. of M. Square Dance Club, Second'
in series of square dances and square
dance lessons open to all students and
faculty, Nov. 5, 8-11 p.m., Women's1
Athletic Bldg.1
* * 'A
ATID (United Synagogue College
Youth), Bagels and lox luncheon, Nov.
6, 1 p.m., 1429 Hill. Rabbi J. M. Kranz
of Detroit leading discussion.
* * *
University Lutheran Chapel, 1511
Washtenaw, 9:45 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.
services, guest preacher, the Rev. G.
Kohn. Bible class at 11:15 a.m.: "Con-
temporary Problems."
Folk Dance Club (WAA), Folk dance,
Mon., Nov. 7, 8:30-10:30 p.m., Women's
Athletic Bldg.
Graduate Outing Club, Hiking andr
ice skating, Sun., Nov. 6, 2 p.m., Rack-
ham Bldg., Huron St. entrance.
B'nai Brith Hillel, Hillel Dell House
-reservations 663-4129 for Nov. 6, 5:30
p.m., 1429 Hill.
Young Friends, Nov. 6, supper at
Friends Lake, 4-8 p.m., leaving from
Friends Center. Call Margaret, 662-9890,
if you can give rides.

Peace Corps Placement Tests-Given
every second Saturday of the month.
Next testing date is No. 12. Applica-
tions should be completed and mailed
to Wash., D.C., before the test, or
taken to the testing center. Applica-
tions available at Bureau of Appoint-
Michigan Department of Civil Service
-Applications may be submitted any
time, but should be received 14 days
prior to being scheduled for an exam-
ination. The first written test is Nov.
19, and on a Saturday each month
thereafter as applicants warrant. Near-
est testing center is Ypsilanti. State
residence requirements waived. Em-
ployment lists for numerous positions
In varied fields will remain in effect
until Nov. 22, 1967.
ates and seniors make appointments by
4 p.m. of the day preceding the visits
by the following companies. All em-
ployers expect to see your file before

Sunday, November 6

7:00 P.M.


330 Maynard
1 1 :00 a.m.-Holy Communion and Sermon.
306 N. Division
8:00 a.m.-Holy Communion.'
9:00 a.m.-Holy Communion and Sermon.
11:00 a.m.-Holy Communion and Sermon.
7:00 p.m.-Holy Communion.
(North Campus)
1679 Broadway
9:00 a.m.-Morning Prayer and Holy Com-
2309 Packard
8:00 a.m.-Holy Communion.
9:15 a.m.-Morning Prayer.
1 1 :00 a.m.-Holy Communion.
The Rev. Don Allen, Episcopal chaplain to the
medical community, guest preacher.
1001 E. Huron
Calvin S. Malefyt
Reformed Church of America
10:30 a.m.-Service: Dr. Calvin Malefyt will
speak on "The Living God."
7:00 p.m.-Donald VanHoeven will speak on
"God Is Dead: An Evaluation."
Corner State and Huron Streets
Phone 662-4536
Hoover Rupert, Minister
Eugene Ransom, Campus Minister
Bartlett Beavin, Associate Campus Minister
9:00 and 11:15 a.m.-Worship Services. Dr.
Rupert, "If We're So Rich, What's Eating
6:00 p.m.-Prayers of Intercession, Chapel.
6:15 p.m.-Fellow hip Supper, Pine Room,
cost 35c.
7:00 p.m.-Program, Wesley Lounge.
7:00 a.m.-Holy Communion, Chapel, follow-
ed by breakfast in Pine Room. Out in time
for 8:00 a.m. classes.
6:00 p.m.-Wesley Grads, Pine Room. Sup-

W. Stadium at Edgewood
Across from Ann Arbor High
Rev. V. Palmer, Minister

10:00 a.m.-Bible School.
1 1:00 a.m.-Regular Worship.
6:00 p.m.-Evening Worship.
7:30 p.m.-Bible Study.
Transportation furnished for all
NO 2-2756.


Exchange Student at

Tuskegee in 1966

State and William
Services at 9:15 and 11:00 a.m.-"Possessive
or Possessed," Rev. Terry N. Smith. Loyalty
Church School at 9:15 and 11:00 a.m.
Student Group meets at 7:00 p.m., Mayflower
Guild House, 802 Monroe, 2-5189.
Corner State and Huron Streets
Dr. Raymond H. Saxe, Pastor
Morning Services-8:30 and 11:00 a.m.
9:45 a.m.-Sunday School.
6:00p.m.-Training Hour-Classes for all
7:00 p.m.-Gospel Services.
Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30 p.m.
If it's Bible you want, come to Grace Bible-
Cundamental, Pre-Millenial, Biblical.
423 So. Fourth Ave.
Telephone 665-6159
Pastors: E. R. Klaudt,.Armin C. Bizer,
W. C. Wright
9:30 and 10:45 am.--Wrship Services.
9:30 and 10:45 a.m.-Church School.,

1236 Washtenaw
Donald Postema, Minister
10:00 a.m. Morning Worship. Sermon: "Faith
and its Difficulties."
5:00 p.m. Service of Holy Communion
6:00 p.m. Sunday Night Supper
6:45 p.m. Discussion with Monsignor John F.
Bradley, rector of St. Mary's Chapel, on
"What Do We Mean by Ecumenicity?"
512 E. Huron
James H. Middleton, Minister
Cleo Boyd, Associate Minister
Ronald Tipton, Campus, Minister
9:45 am.-Church School Hour.
I 1 :00 a.m.-Church Worship.
Presently meeting at the YM-YWCA
Affiliated with the Baptist General Conf.
Rev. Charles Johnson
9:45 a.m.-University Fellowship Bible Study.
1 1 :00 a.m.-~What Baptism Ought to Mean."
7:00 p.m.-Miss Dorothy Shaler, missionary
appointee to Bolivia.
1511 Washtenaw Ave.
(The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod)
Alfred T. Scheips, Pastor
Sunday at 9:45 and 11:15 a m.-Services with
sermon by the Rev. Gerard Kohn.
Sunday at I1:15 a.m.-Bible Study.
Sunday at 6:00 p.m.-Gamma Delta Supper-
Program. "The Church and Drama" as dis-
cussed by the Rev. Richard Kopfer.
Wednesday at 10:00-Midweek Devotion. The
Rev. Prof. Donald Mossman, guest preacher.
National Lutheran Council
Hill St. at Forest Ave.
Dr. H. 0. Yoder, Pastor

1432 Wpshtenaw
(50c) Supper at 6:00
Call reservations: 662-3580 or 665-6575
All Students Welcome




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deposits on lenses.


Southern Baptist Convention
1 131 Church St.
Rev. Tom Bloxam

9:30 and1 11:00 a m.-Worship Services.
9:30 a.m.-Bible Study.







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