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September 27, 1966 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-09-27

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SWhat could be more enjoyable than making beautiful
music together, my dear?







By The Associated Press both losers last Saturday.
Michigan State increased its Michigan's Wolverines, mean-
lead over UCLA while Notre Dame while, advanced from ninth to
gained the most ground in the eighth place on the strength of
weekly Associated Press major- their 17-7 conquest of California.
college football poll announced Michigan State collected 22
yesterday. first-place votes and 367 points
Georgia Tech and Tennessee are in the balloting by 40 selectors
the new members of the Top Ten. after walloping Penn State 42-8
They replaced Purdue and Baylor, to bring its record to 2-0.

The second-place UCLA Bruins, and Tennessee began its season
behind by ten points last week, re- with a 28-0 triumph over Auburn.
ceived only 332 votes despite whip- Baylor, tenth last week, was up-
ping Syracuse 31-12. set by Colorado, 13-8.
Alabama, defending national The top ten, with first place
titleholder, held the number three votes in parentheses, won-lost
position, followed by Notre Dame, records, and total points on a
Southern California, Nebraska, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 basis:
Arkansas, Michigan, Georgia Tech, 1. Michigan State (22) 2-0 367
and Tennessee in that order. 2. UCLA (11) 2-0 332
The Crimson T i d e; though 3. Alabama (2) 1-0 266
trouncing Louisiana Tech 34-0, 4. Notre Dame (2) 1-0 261
stayed barely ahead of Notre 5. Southern Cal (1) 2-0 205
Dame, who climbed from eighth 6. Nebraska 2-0 203
to fourth by out dueling seventh- 7. Arkansas (1) 2-0 201
ranked Purdue, 26-14. It was the 8. MICHIGAN (1) 2-0 112
first game if the season for both 9. GeorgiaTech 2-0 66
victorious schools. 10. Tennessee 1-0 64

Life on the Potomac is not all behind-the-back political skull-
duggery, wild frug parties, and signing autographs for hoardes of
visiting high school students who mistake you for Bobby Kennedy.
Well, at least not quite all. A fascinating variety of sports events
abound in the nation's capital. Touch football games, dodging re-
porters, touch football games, finding reporters, touch football games,
dodging constituents, touch football games, witch hunting.
It seems that witch hunting is making a special bid to cap-
ture the hearts of Washington sports enthusiasts this season. Boy
Scouts are now searching for flying ladies rather than running
grunion. Toy companies are displaying more "Blacklist Your Own
Pinko" kits than James Bond attache cases. The Washington
Redskins have all been put under file with the FBI. A flag that
is only white and blue may fly over D.C. Stadium. Betsy Ross'
descendants may be kicked out of the DAR.
Now the height of Washington's great new pastime is being
reached. It is rumored in the highest circles that HUAC may investi-
gate the World Series this fall. The blow from this decision must
have been hard felt at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where the President
learned of the situation from an aide.
Aide: "Mr. President, those Iowa Congressmen are at it again.
HUAC is thinking of investigating the World Series as a subversive
Prez: "What?"
Aide: "Well, sir, the Russians are claiming they invented
baseball again, and the World Series is being accused of serving
as a front for the International Communist Conspiracy."
Prez: "Oh, that's hogwash. Why, that Abner Randomhouse, or
whatever his name was, supposedly invented the game before Marx
ever wrote anything. And Marx invented Russia, didn't he?"
Aide: "I'll have to check on that, sir. But that's beside the point.
You'll have to cancel your ticket to that Series game you were going

In other games involving Top
Ten teams, Southern Cal over-
whelmed Wisconsin 38-3, Nebraska
conquered Utah State 28-7, Arkan-
sas defeated Tulsa 27-8, Georgia
Tech whipped Vanderbilt 42-0,

Others receiving votes, listed
alphabetically: Baylor, Colorado,
Duke, Florida, Houston, Missis-
sippi, Missouri, New Mexico,
Ohio State, Oklahoma, Purdue,
Southern Methodist Wyoming.


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They knock on rock every time.
RPI (Rennsalaer.Politechnical In-
stitute) finds a team that's in its
class at the bottom of the gridiron
echelons. It's been so long since
RPI has won a game that the
scoreboard now only flashes the
visitors' score.
But all is not lost. RPI gets to
exchange dirty looks with hung-
over Hamilton this week, and
things could get tense.
Take your pick and knock on
The Daily door with your selected
selections by midnight Friday. Last
week's winner-Fred Salomon of
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1. North Carolina at MICHIGAN 11. Ala
r (score) 12. Wa
2. Michigan State at Illinois 13. Gei
3. Missouri at UCLA 14. Dul
4. SMU at Purdue 15. Cor
5. Northwestern at Notre Dame 16. Ric
6. Texas at Indiana 17. Arn
7. Pitt at California 18. Tu]
8. Wisconsin at Iowa 19. LSI
9. Kansas at Minnesota 20. Rex
10. Washington at OSU

bama at Mississippi
ishington St. at Baylor
)rgia Tech at Clemson
ke at Virginia
rnell at'Colgate
e at Tennessee
my at Penn State
Lane at Stanford
U at Miami
rnsalaer Poly at Hamilton







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Prez: "But, but, that's impossible! Baseball's the Great American
Game-why it's as American as apple pie ... the 4th of July . . .
[BJ. Besides, the game's going to be televised."
Aide: "My gosh, that's right! You were going to remind the
American people that they are solidly behind your foreign policy."
Prez: "I was going to tell them they love me."
Aide: "Please don't cry, sir."
Prez: "I wanted a hot dog."
Aide: "But, sir .."
Prez: "Anyway, aren't the Redskins in it this year?".
Aide: "You mean the Senators, sir."
Prez: "I told you not to mention that word around here."
Aide: "The American League team that represents the District
of Columbia will definitely not be in the Series this year. And if you
attend the game, HUAC might subpoena the Commissioner for the
list of fans that were there; and your name would be on it."
Prez: "Something like that could ruin me politically. It could
destroy the national consensus. I might be accused of disloyalty!
Of, of being a (shudder) 'Nervous Nellie.' Of (gulp) all kinds of .
uh, terrible things! By the way, Joe, make a note of that-we need
to think up some more terrible things!! !"
Aide: "Wait a minute. I've got an idea. We could send the
junior Senator from New York in your place."
Prez: "Why, that's brilliant, Joe! Brilliant! Er, Joe . . . why
would we want to do that?"
Aide: 'It's simple, Batman! I mean, Mr. President! That way
you-know-who's name would be on the blacklist instead of yours!"
Prez: "Joe, I think you're right! You've done it again! (Leans
back in chair and closes eyes....)
"Ah can hear the broadcast of the game now . . . and if it really
were Communist inspired..."
"Hello, everybody, this is Pinky Reese along with Red Barber
bringing you the seventh and final game of the World Series
between the Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Red Sox,
"I see that we have a distinguished visitor in the person of Sen-
ator Kennedy sitting in the Rose-colored tier here at Reds Stadium,
and I see he has an unidentified fellow traveler along side him. He
seems to be carrying a card reading 'Let's Go Redskins!'
Pinky Reese: "Now, wait a minute, fans. There seems to be a
commotion up in the upper deck about something. It seems that
someone is passing a list around for people to sign. Give us the
story, Red."
Red Barber: "Yes, indeed, sports fans, there is a list being dis-
tributed about the upper deck here where I just happened to be
watching the old ball game. You, there, sir-what do you think of all
Unidentified fan: "I, uh, think that this is, uh, a uh, disgrace
to the, uh, country. If my, uh, father hears about this or my, uh, little
brother, there will be trouble, and, uh....
Friend: "Ah am horrified that such a thing as this would
happen in this great country of mine-er, ours. Ah am...
Red Barber: "I hate to cut off this gentlemen, but right now
chaos is breaking out up here in the upper deck where the list is still
going around. The two fans we've just heard have refused to sign,
citing as the reason Article IX of theConstitution (innocence on the
basis of ignorance), and are being hauled off by the SPCA in a
flurry of protest.
"And all because they wouldn't sign the petition proclaiming the
week of October 10 as National Poodle Week. I don't even think
they read it... "


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