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September 13, 1966 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-09-13

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Filibuster Hit, Atlanta
Quieted, Granada Integrated
WASHINGTON .r( - Senate met with Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Carmichael has been in jail on
Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield yesterday to discuss how to end $10,000 bond four days on charges




i .

Not Allowed
On Ballots
Only 20 Military
Candidates Elected;
Some Ky Critics Wii
SAIGON, South Viet Nam -
Elated Premier Nguyen Cao Ky
reported yesterday an 80 percent
turnout in South Viet Nam's elec-
tions for a constitution-drafting
assembly and said this presages
"a brighter, more beautiful future"
for his nation, torn by war for 20
The returns showed the election
of only 20 military men and 97
civilians, somne of them critical of
military rule.
Ky called the outpouring of vo-
ters in the face" of Communist
threats and terrorism a stunning
defeat for the Viet Cong. The
clandestine Viet Cong radio ang-
rily branded the elections a fraud
built upon "concocted phony fig-
Ky Critics
While some of the civilians elec-
ted to the Constituent Assembly,
due to meet Sept. 26, are critical
of Ky and his regime, all are anti-
Communists. All candidates had
been screened and those deemed
to harbor Communist or neutralist
sympathies were barred from run-
Officials recognized that the
turnout was partly the result of
the drive by Ky's regime to ob-
tain a big vote. However, the size
of the vote surprised some prev-
iously pessimistic U.S. officials
who had felt Ky would be lucky
to obtain a majority or perhaps a
60 percent turnout.
! Foremost among the elected as-.
semblymen is a former chief of
state, Phan Khuc Suu, 61, an inde-
pendent who was jailed by the
regime of President Ngo Dinh Di-
em before it was overthrown Nov.
1, 1963. Suu became civilian chief.
of state in October 1964. He bowed
4 out in July 1965, after a coup that
brought Ky to power.
Also in the assembly are two
mountain tribesmen who once led
separatist movement, and such
outspoken critics as former Eco-
nomics Minister Tran Van Van.
The task of the assembly is to
draw up, by March, a constitution
to replace the one thrown out
with the overthrow of Diem.
Other elections will be held la-
ter to fill the offices the constitu-
tion provides. These most likely
will include a president and a bal-
ancing Congress. Ky says he then
will turn power over to the elected
officials. This is expected to take
a year or so.
4.2 Million
In the voting Sunday, 4-2 mil-
lion of South Viet Nam's 5,288,512
registered voters balloted for 108
assembly seats, the government re-
ported. The other nine seats went
to mountain tribesmen who used
their own traditional methods to
select their representatives.

of Montana - with the odds outbreaks of violence andt
against him - moved yesterday for the release of severa
to end the Senate's shadow fili- Negroes.
buster and force a vote on civil "Our chief concern is c
rights, for those arrested, those v
Republican Leader Everett M. in the areas of the disturt
Dirksen of Illinois said he has no said the Rev. Samuel V
doubt that Mansfield's move will head of the Atlanta chapte
fail when it comes to a vote late National Association fort
Wednesday. vancement of Colored Peo
It would take two-thirds of the "Some innocent peopl
senators voting to halt debate on caught up and jailed," V
a motion by Sen. Philip A. Hart, told a news conference a
D-Mich., to put before the Senate meeting with the mayor.
the broad civil rights bill passed Asked if Stokely Car
by the House Aug. 9. national chairman of the
Mansfield indicated that if the Nonviolent Coordinating C
bill's supporters can get majority tee, was included in the pl
backing for their debate-ending liams replied: "We're inter
move, he may file a second peti- those residents of Summer
tion for cloture. Mechanicsville," p r e don
Atlanta Meetings Negro areas in which rec
In Atlanta, Ga., Negro leaders breaks have occurred.
GOP Blasts Presidential
Anti-Inflation Proposals

to plead of inciting a riot and creating a
1 jailed disturbance. Many of the chants
during Sunday night's outbreak
lemency were, "Get Stokely out!"
who live Grenada Integration
bances," In Grenada. Miss., a throng of
Williams, angry whites wielding ax handles,
er of the pipes and chains surrounded two
the Ad- public schools that were integrat-
ple. ed yesterday and attacked Negroes
.e were who attempted to leave when
Williams classes were over.
fter the An estimated 150 Negroes dese-
gregated the city's two all-white
-michaelschools, one elementary, the other
Student a high school. They are situated
Commit- side-by-side.
ea, Wil- The 150 students entered un-

[ ,

rested in challenged, but late comers en-
hill and countered white antagonists. Two
minantly young girls tried to pass through
ent out- the whites and were pushed to the
ground. They flea to a church.
Sound Truck
A truck equipped with two-way
radios cruised the area to alert the
whites to head off the Negroes.
Classes were held for only half
the day Monday. When the session
was over, white students left with
their parents, one by one. The

the Atlas-Agena missile that sen
CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. ( ) -
Skillfully guiding their tiny space-
ship across the skies yesterday, the
Gemini 11 astronauts, command
pilot Charles Conrad, Jr., and Na-
vy Lt. Cmdr. Richard Gordon
sighted and closed in on the Age-
na satellite for a record first-orbit
rendezvous and linkup.
They accomplished all they had
planned the first day aloft. At
about 5:40 p.m., they called it a
day, cutting power in their tiny
vehicle to a minimum and going
to sleep.
"Thank you very much," Conrad
told a tracking station when sign-
ing off. "Good night."
And, a good night to you," tre
station replied.
Above Pacific
The rendezvous 'occurred ap-
proximately 185 miles above the
Pacific and the word was relayed
by the pilots when they passed ov-
er a tracking station at Point Ar-
guello, Calif.
Conrad and Gordon accomlish-
ed the quick first-orbit rendezvous
nearly three hours and two orbits
faster than any previous Gemini
They steered their tiny space-
ship through a series of maneu-
vers as they pursued the Agena
over an 18,000-mile course, catch-
ing it above the Pacific some 80
minutes after they rode a thunder-
ing Titan 2 rocket from Cape Ken-
About 10 minutes later, at 12:15
p.m. EDT, high over the United
States, Conrad slipped the Gemini
nose into a docking collar on one
end of the Agena.
Mechanical latches gripped the

r h k ,* WASHINGTON Aj - President; 7 per cent of their equipment Negroes stayed.
;; .. jJohnson's anti-inflation proposals spending-and of especially fav- Shortly before the Negroes left
ran into critical Republican ques- orable depreciation rules. the schools, the whites left to con-
tioning on Capitol Hill yesterday Decrease Pressure gregate around the town square,
-Associated Press as administration spokesmen in- The administration wants the their ax handles still in thei
T SHOWS THE LAUNCH OF bot h rockets involved in yesterday's Gemini II mission. At the right is sisted the proposals' main purpose special incentives to business sus- hands.
t the target vehicle up. On the lef t is the Titan that carried the astronauts' spacecraft. is not to raise tax money. pended so that there will be less About two hours after the white
At the same time the stock mar- pressure on industries making children left, the Negro children
ket surged ahead to its best gain equipment and on the money mar- were taken out In groups of 25,
in more than 14 months. ket to finance it. led by the sheriff.
leet Upw iarget Trading was active.,ds
Some Wall Streeters said theyW o de su d
felt "the air was cleared" by the e
governmental proposals to ease
~i? il inU t s /I ter li~if ofMeantime, the effects of the
suspension of the 7 ect fbu By The Associated Press If convicted, Shelton could be
- .. ness investment tax credit appar- TOKYO - Red China hinted sentenced to a year In jail andn
two as they sailed as one rigid ve- nally was launched at 8:05 a.m. ground, has two important impli- ently was seen as less severe than yesterday at new and important fined $1,000.
hile. EST when the Atlas hurled the cations for America's man to the originally supposed changes at the top of its political
Conrad called out as Gemini 11 26-foot-long Agena into an orbit moon program. The Dow-Jones average of 30 ladder and cast vague doubts on RENO, Nev. - A jarring earth-
approached for the record rendez- ranging from 180 to 191 miles. -It simulated an emergency industrial stocks closed up 15.04 the status of some of party chair- quake shook the backbone of the
vous: Maneuvers To Come liftoff from the moon by two ae- points at 790.59, the largest gain man Mao Tze-tung's oldest com-.High Sierra country yesterday
'Would you believe an M equal These other flight highlights tronauts who might have to make since June 30, 1965, when it gain- rades. with minor damage to area pro-
one?" the 36-year-old Conrad ex- were planned: a hasty rendezvous with an Apollo 3ed 16.63. A listing of leaders indicated per ty.
claimed as he neared the agena -Two space excursions by Gor- ship in lunar orbit. Tax Increase that such high figures as Presi- The quake was felt up and down
target. ,don: a 107-minute stroll outside -It demonstrated the ability of The possibility of future direct dent Liu Shao-chi, aged marshal California's Central Valley, west
"M equal one" is the astronaut's and a 140-minute standup through the astronauts to use their com- tax hike requests was left open Chu Teh and Chen Yun are no toiSan Francisco, east to Salt Lake
term for a first-orbit rendezvous. an open hatch. puter, inertial guidance system when Secretary of the Treasury longer members of the Politburo's -City
The launch ran into a final -Firing the Agena's engine and radar to calculate all their Henry H. Fowler told the House prestigious seven-man standing A T
problem just two minutes before while docked to shoot to an alti- maneuvers on board instead of re- Ways and Means Committee: committee. En C ission announced the
the liftoff of the Atlas-Agena tar- tude of 863 miles, nearly 400 miles ceiving help from ground stations "We cannot offer blueprints for-Eery-yisi dnunde ,
get. Technicians could not seal the higher than the Gemini 10 record as earlier Gemini hunters did. future programs. The only prudent WASHINGTON - A jury was cho- firing of a low-yield underground
spacecraft hatch over command of 476 miles. Shortly after docking, Conrad course is to maintain a flexible, sen Monday to try Ku Klux Klan nuclear test at Its Nevada test
pilot Conrad. -Linking the Agena and Gem- fired the Gemini thruster rockets step-by-step approach." leader Robert M. Shelton, 37, on ge Monday. A low-yield test is
They reopened it, then closed it ini together on opposite ends of to push the Agena forward. The A past step, Fowler said, was contempt-of-Congress charges, then equTvTlet o as tha20,000
again and finally pronounced it a 100 foot cord to see if this is an purpose of this experiment is to the restoration of some excise tax- The charges against the imper- tons of TNT. It was the 28th weak
ready for flight. But the count- effective fuel saving flying forma- test the technique and accuracy of es early this year. And the next ial wizard of the United Klans of pons-related test announcedthis
down had to be pushed back so tion. a direct contact method of deter-|step, he went on. is Jonhson's re- America stem from his failure to year.
there was a delay of 16 minutes.' The fast maneuvering, achieved mining the weight of an orbiting quest for a 16-month suspension produce Klan records subpoenaed READ AND USE
The 11th in the Gemini series fi- with almost no help from the object-in this case, the Agena. ( of the investment credit-which by the House Committee on Un-
--.-.now allows businesses to recover American Activities. DAILY CLASSI EDS
______________ -i- -_-_---_--_-_-----


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