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March 01, 1966 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-03-01

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Who is your ideal date? . Yu
WnW th s uch a persons but
making contact is som ' le
Central Cotros P~inn
advacedtechnique tpyhl~
adca d ent and computer
cat easre illput you in touch
th the persofl who will be your
perfct . _; illout our

hois your aecnat
ssi gns You to maecn ct
these five will be perftlookmachd
with you in interests , tloan
Central Control tells Youtayo
will find any one of thee jivor all
of hemat once, very ~~ybe
Central Control tells Youllthat°
meeting9 Your ideal date will beon~e
of the most memorable experiencese
ot your life. it you do norhavehe
most wonderful timnea ool.fd
not admit it to CentralwConol
,e Our computer cannot bewog


fat if yo vvtraire and send your
of $3, we oVid t

names of1

_ tneill UI V v I _

of $3S e Wl ach of 'n
five persons.
+p,0, Boy 2.
42.0 Maynard t.
An" ArbonrMcs
Dedicated 9AOnrrlonI
find theiheough

A~ARRIAGE (conf.l
p. Would you omrry a peentin who was of another race?
~dYOnCed technolO9~
(This Questionnaire I, 1w sIngl, persons only)
a. Yen


Her's all you do
Fill in the Central Control personal
study questionnaire. Answer all
questions honestly. If you have no
questionnaire, contact Central
Control at our massive international
Mail the questionnaire, together
with your $3 fee, to Central Control.
Wait a few short days while our
data processing section reduces
your whole personality, your secret
dreams and inner powers, to digits
in a punched card. You are then
processed in a huge high-speed
computer, which knows about any
number of other numbers, repre-
senting members of the opposite
sex. Some of these are ideal for you.
The computer knows. In seconds,
the computer spews out the identi-
ties of five perfect dates for you.
I 4.
You receive your assignment from
Central Control. The five names are
provided to you, and your part of
the action begins. You are to make
contact, and remember, the person
you contact is waiting to hear from
you, because you are ideal, too.
Fulfil. your assignment and go out
with- your ideal date. It is not
required by Central Control that you
file any kind of report with us.
Sorne things can be kept private.

{This Questionnaire Is for single persons only)






(Pleaise ansywer the following questions honestly in order to insure accurate matching)

1. Which it the most important in appearance?
a. Well groomed hair
h. Good postutr
2. If you had a choice', whch of the following would you
a. Attend a sports een ct
b. Play cards
c. Neither.
3. Whichi of the following social events do you preefer?
a. Dances
b. Casual gatherings
c- normal dittier
4. Wfihitch of the follointg ado you miost enjoy?
a. Campinig nod fishiog
5. Which of the following sub~nct interest you most?
a. philosophy
b. Psythology
C. Socology
d. None are of interest
6. Whih of the following is of the most interest to you?
a. Poetry.
1, As a (told dd you attend church snd Sunday school?
a. Regularly
b.s Dtsisnallv
r. Never~
2. De, your famnily jpray?
a. Regularly'
b. Occasiotnally
C. Seldom
d. Never
3. Whtich of the following mast closely approaches your
concept of God.'
a. .L og and forgivinug
bs. ludicifal and sympathetic
c. Unfiorgiv'ing antpunishi~g
d. No concrete concsept
4. If two ple wsC ho marry arc not of the same faith do
yosu thins: the c hildretn should beo?
a. Editcated in te faith of the fattier
h. IEducatedl in the faith of the mother
c. Left to decitde for thtemselves
5. Would you enter into an iter-faith marriage?
a. Yes
b. No
e. Depends on the person
6. Would you enter marriage with a person who professed
no religious faith?
4, Yes
h. No
c. Maybe
1. Where would you prefer to meet someon?
a. Church functions
b. Socitl funoctins
c. Itterest grotups
d. Introtduced hy friends and relatites
2. Which of the following do you prefer to do on a
irst date'
a. ittss
Is. IDancte
C. Visitation
d- Nonte of these

3, Which type of person from tie following types tee youa
most comfortable with?
a. Aggressive
b. Shy and retiring
c. Talkative
4. Plans for a date should be atrived at by
a. Male
b. Fetmale
C. Mutual agreement
3. Wouild you kiss on a first date?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Perhaps
6. Would you pet on a first date?
A. Yen
b. No
c. Ptrhapsi
7. Woiald you pet vatth a person withs whom you woe
nor engaged?
a. Yes
b. Never
c. Perhaps
8. Do you believe that calling a halt to sexual behavior it.
mainly a
a. Woman's obligation
b. Manws ohligation
c. Joint obligation
1. Do you consider that your parents had a happy marriage?
a. Yes
b. No
c. No, opinion
2. Would you marry a person from a much lower economic
level than your own'
a. Yes
b. Would depend on oilier facto,
ct. Never
3. Would you prefer to marry a pesos
a. Older
b. Younger
C. Same age
4. Do you hope to have children t
a. Yes
bs. No
c. Undecided
$. Hlow large a family do you plan to have?
a. One
b. Two
c. Mote than two
d. Nor,
6. Do you believe to birth control?
a. Yes (all methods)
b. Yes (but only cetain methods)
C No
7. If you knew 's person had premarital etrelations, would
a. Marry anyway
bs. Consider other factos
c. Nuc metr
S. Would you prefer your mate to be
a, Better educated than you
bs. Less edlucated thant you
c. Approximately the same eduatite

M RIAG N o n.
90. Would you marry a person who wonothuer raei
a. Yes
b., Perhaps
1. Is your usual mood iinclined to be
A. H-appy
b. Pessimistic
e. Irritable
d. Moody
c Noe of these
2. Dou you find that you have a tendancy b* be
a. Comiplemenrary of ottirs
b. Critical of others
c. Indifferent to others
3. Do you approach problems
a As a challetnge
Is. Pessimuistically
ct. Avoid solving
4. In rniiig friendships do you have.
a, An easy time
b. A difficiult time
3. Do the friends that ysu hasve remain friends over fai4t
long periods of time?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Somietiiies
6. Are your relations w.ithi your faisill
a. Friendly and close
b. Indifferent
c. Antagonistic
d. None of these
1. Who handled finances in your familf
a. Father
Is. Mother
c. Equally shared responsibility
2. 0f the following which would you save Ffor tst1
a. Education
b. hotme
c. Travel
d. Presenst day pleasures
3. Do you believe in giving 10% to your church.
a. Yes
bs. No
4. Do you think the breadwinnercshould control the purse
A. 'Yes
b. No
C. IDepsends upon the situation
3. If you received a large sum of money aso a gift, would
you prefer to
a. Save it
b. Invest it
e. Spend it
Which of the following do you feel prevailed in yotur
1. Do you come froni a home where
a. Father dominates
bs. Mother dominates
c. Equal interaction bewen parents
2. Do you believe a man should help with household
a. Always
b. Occasionally
c. Seldomn
d. Neser
3. Do you believe a woman should work after marriage?
a. Always
b. Whenever economically necessary
G If marry young and husband needs to continue edua.
cation, but then stop
d. Seldom
e. Never
4. When you marry do you want your marriage to be
a. Huoaland dosminated
b. Wife dominated
e. Fgm:itraction between two
a.uto usband dominated with wife opinitis
t. Melis,',- wile dominated bilt with husband's opinions





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