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January 19, 1966 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-01-19

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Reductions from
331/3 to 50%

Brand Fires Icers' Defense

Personable -Hank Brand has
just recently come into his own as
a first-rate defenseman on Mich-
igan's high flying hockey team,
His fine play has helped spark
the Wolverine puckmen to five
straight WCA victories and sec-
ond place in the conference.
What's behind this sudden
change in performance? Accord-
ing to Coach Al Renfrew, it may
be any one of a number of fac-
"Hank has been playing regu-
larly; this may be one of the rea-
sons he has improved so much.
He has definitely been moving the
puck better lately, and his spirit
and aggressive is indicative of the
entire team's attitude."
Hank himself is not quite sure
what has caused the change."A
New Year's resolution to play bet-
ter-that's the secret,"he jokingly
In a more serious vain, he cites
self-confidence as playing a ma-
jor role in his new-found success.
Mental Block
"The more I played, the more
confidence in myself I developed.
1 Possibly it was just some sort of

mental block I had to break be-
fore real improvement could take
Born in Holland, Hank didn't
start playing hockey until four
years after moving to Sarnia,
"When I was 11, they handed
me a pair of skates and told me
to play. That's how it is through-
out Canada-every kid plays."
From this background Hank
progressed to Junior Hockey com-
petition in Sarnia, and continued

important also. "A defenseman has in the Boston tournament.
to be able to rattle an opponent Turning Point
and break up his rush. And after There is no question in Coach
he gets the puck he has to learn Renfrew's mind as to when Hank
to set up plays and get the action came into his own. "The opening
out of his own zone. This cannot game of the Minnesota series was
be done individually; it takes two the turning point. In the second
men working together to do the game ofntha set, Hank
ob wellthrough with the game winning

Spending Some Time
At the Complaint Dept.


Partners goal." After that series, Renfrew Walt Whitman wrote that he loved animals because they don't
The man Hank has been work- called Hank the "outstanding sweat and whine about their condition."
ing with on defense this season is Michigan player of the two In another attempt to separate myself from the toads, sloths,
Mark Thompson, a junior from St. games. and baboons of this world I'm devoting this column to assorted com-
Hanl is the puck out of the On the season, Hank has one plaints compiled during the haphazard meandering called survival.
Hank"wors te puk ot ofthegoal and four assists to his credit.
defensive zone very nicely and has This is not a tremendous total, but First there's this girl, a dainty, petite little thing built like a
gained respect with his aggressive a defenseman isn't supposed to butter tub. She jaunts into class, honks her nose, then blows
style of play. lead the league's scorers. His smoke in my eyes. I'm a tolerant soul, and I find this endurable.
"This is probably the reason we clutch play within the Michigan But then she cracks her knuckles-the dear thing-one by one in
have been effective lately. Hank blueline has more than made up a totally rhythmless pattern. Something about the gnashing
has b e e n playing aggressive for his lack of scoring, and his
hockey while I drop back and cov- one score won an important game. sound, the snap, crackle, and pop of it all mixing with the son-
er near the net. I play more con- Cworous monotone of the lecturer makes it a thoroughly noxious
servatively, eso Cwe work together Ha vale to thetsum edy musical composition, a bit like John Cage might play Stardust on
we vel l y s a team ."e he Ha k' vform ica.te m er
frankly, "without him in there,
Tha f1- fie4-, 4._ .cZ. ..U __


711 N. University

902 S. State


Join the Lloyd Graff
Fan Club

ne two 1irist paired up during playing the type of hockey he has
their freshman year. They started been, we could never be a great
playing together this season about team. He has played a big part in
a month ago, in early December. the team's recent surge, and his
Thompson feels that they really spirited p 1 a y has contributed
started to click over the holidays greatly to the team effort."
Pistons Stun Celts*
Royals Win, 119-108

"Comparative Christian Worship"
Six Wednesday Sessions at the Guild House


By The Associated Press

Royals Stop Lakers

802 Monroe

7:30-8:30 P.M.

Pistons overcame a 22-point defi- CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati
cit and survived a foul that could Royals whipped the Los Angeles
have tied the game after time ran Lakers 119-108 last night, extend-
out to beat the Boston Celtics ing their National Basketball


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An opportunity to learn the background and meaning
of several forms and traditions of Christian worship.
Today: THE LUTHERAN LITURGY, Dr. Henry Yoder
Feb. THE FRIENDS WORSHIP, Mrs. Johan Eliot

to play Junior Hockey while at-
tending classes at Port Huron Jun-
ior College.
Right from the beginning, de-
fense has been Hank's specialty.
"Ever since I first started to play,
I've liked defense the best. It
looked like an easy job at first

116-115 in the first game of a
National Basketball Association
doubleheader last night.
Mel Counts, who came in for;
Boston when Bill Russell fouled
out with 9:12 to go in the final
period, was fouled as the final
buzzer sounded. With Boston be-
hind 116-114, Counts converted the
first shot, but missed the second,
resulting in the Pistons' second
victory in five games against the
champion Celtics this season.
Miles Tallies 32
Detroit trailed 71-51 at the half.
But Detroit's Eddie Miles, who
scored 32, and Dave DeBusschere,

Association winning streak to
eight games.
The victory, coupled with Bos-
ton's 116-115 loss to Detroit,
moved the Royals to within one
percentage point of the leading
Celtics in the Eastern Division.
The Royals increased their 59-47
halftime margin to 17 points in
the third quarter as Oscar Rob.
ertson and Adrian Smith com-
bined for 20 of Cincinnati's 30
points. Early in the final period
Cincinnati opened up a 19-point
lead and coasted in.
Hawks Beat Knicks



Gopher Ducats
Tickets for the Minnesota
basketball game go on sale to-
day at the ticket office, 511 E.
Hoover. The Minnesota game
begins at 1:30 p.m. Saturday,
and, according to available in-
formation will NOT be broad-
cast on TV. The Wolverines
have not lost a home basketball
game since February of 1964.

x4Va Rov4ev4

on selected groups of§

All itemns of clothing and furnishings offered in this §
sale represent excellent values in only the finest of inn- §
ported and domestic goods. Every article is front regu-
ar stoc and re G uced for quicclearanceN §

and I guess I was just lazy."
There is nothing lazy about a
college defenseman's job however.
Obviously, his most important
function is to keep the puck out
of the net.
But Hank sees other duties as

who tallied 24, helped the Pistons ST. LOUIS-A blanketing full-
to cut the margin to 93-90 at the court press enabled the St. Louis
end of three quarters. Hawks to erase a 19-point deficit
in the fourth quarter and eke out
Detroit then scored the first a 109-107 victory over the New
eight points of the fourth period York Knicks in a National Basket-
to complete a rally that gave them ball Association game last night.
a 98-93 lead. Joe Caldwell's field goal with
who had fouled out only 44 seconds left gave St. Louis a
Russell, 106-105 lead and Len Wilkens
10 times in his 10 year pro career, added three free throws in the
left the game after fouling Ray last 20 seconds to cap the rousing
Scott, the Pistons' center. comeback.

Honey, if you're reading this, you know I mean no malice.
Next complaint covers the Detroit Pistons and playing basket-
ball coaches. Dave DeBusschere shoots adequately, passes poorly, and
I coaches worse. The Pistons have been known to go six minutes without
ever passing toward the basket, and a quarter without an offensive
rebound. Detroit has a miserable team, perhaps the worst in NBA
history (that includes the nascent Chicago Packers, alias Zephyrs,
and the old Milwaukee Hawks) but they could still double their vic-
tory output with a trifle more teamwork.
Eddie Miles, the Man with the Golden Arm, made about three
assists last season, but hasn't approached that mark so far. Ray
Scott once tossed the ball into the pivot and the center was so
dumbfounded that Scott would ever pass, much less to him, that he
tripped on his drive toward the basket.
It was a pathetic sight to watch Bill Buntin (admittedly a bulbous
Buntin) freeing himself for shots only to wait endlessly for a pass. The
only time he ever scored was when he rebounded himself.
The ugly point is that DeBusschere hogs like his teammates.
He dribbles up the court, stops 30 feet from the basket, stares at
his dazed charges and lets her fly.
It's really a shame that DeBusschere isn't General Manager
also. Then he could trade himself to the Boston Celtics.
Another thing that bothers me is that a guy named Pat Nugent
gets a soft deal in the Army. Pat and Luci Baines are fixin' to get
hitched you know, and young Pat patriotically enlisted. He'll train
for four months and then be transferred to Washington, D.C., to
finish his stint near the banks of the Potomac. Wonder who he
Next complaint concerns a certain weekly newsmagazine that
picked General William Westmoreland "Man of the Year." It's a
personal bias, but I wouldn't choose any general (except made a
Marshall) for the honor. Supervising a killing operation may be noble
in a neanderthal way, but why must we exalt our war heroes. West-
moreland may have organizational talent, but so does George Halas.
My choice for the honor is Ringo Starr who brought more
happiness to more people last year than anyone else on the planiet.
Second choice would go to Lorne Greene, who's been like a daddy
to us all.
Final gripe of the day smacks the University. Over in the ad-
missions department they appear to be gleeful about the fact that 90
per cent of out of state freshmen were in the upper ten per cent of
their graduating classes, and the percentage is rising. Besides, if you
come from, New* York, Chicago, Waco, or -Yakima< you have to be
honors material to get in. In other words your Board Scores should
total over 1300.
Needless to say, if I was applying this year I'd never get in.
Look what they'd miss. But what's crushing about the admissions
roulette game is that so many creative people who may not be grade
grubbers or test wizards have no chance of admission here or at many
like institutions. What we get at Michigan is a neat bundle of ex-
tremely high achievers slashing at each other to reach their nezt
goal-good grades to be admitted to grad school. It isn't a community
of scholars but a cauldron of tense grade masters.
The fantastic drive for grades which exhibts itself at finals time
is one of the most nauseating and distressing sights I've ever seen.
What an utter perversion of education to sponge up facts en masse
while whirling on dexydrene at 4:40 in the morning.
With admissions standards progressing (or is it regressing),
the future for this University appears brilliant-in a grotesque
sort of way.
to Please !! Coach After
-CLLGITEBlanda Feud
Try I HOUSTON, Tex. (R5)-The Hous-
U" Of M Barbers ton Oilers of the American Foot-
ball League fired Coach Hugh
(Near Michigan Theatre) (Bones) Taylor last night,



Comparison will prove a shirt laundered at Greene's is
as white as the day you bought it,
To claim to produce a sparkling white shirt is one thing,{
but to prove it is another. That's why Greene's say simply
. . . compare a shirt laundered at Greene's with a brand newf
one. See for yourself that even after repeated wear, a shirt
laundered at Greene's stays as white as it was the day you
bought it.
.4y :. NO 2-3231 r
At the Store ... 5 convenient
locations . . . to your door ...

The ,new coach will be Wally
Lemm, a former Oiler coach who
recently resigned a similar job
with the St. Louis Cardinals of
the National League.
The announcement that Tay-
lor's contract would not be re-
newed beyond its Jan. 31 expira-
tion date was made by Don Klos-
terman, who Thursday took over
as the club's new executive vice
president and general manager
with the power to hire and fire.
Klosterman said the decision to
let Taylor go was based primarily
on the continued feud between the
coach and veteran quarterback
George Blanda.
In a prepared statement, Klos-
terman said:
"The decision was made pri-
marily as a result of recent news
media commentary indicating an
apparent inharmonious relation-
ship existing between Coach Tay-
lor and George Blanda in which
certain statements were attributed
to both parties involved creating
an atmosphere not conducive to
a winning football team."



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