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August 31, 1965 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1965-08-31

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AEC To Select
Accelerator Site
The Atomic Energy Commission should recommend the qualified
sites for a several hundred million dollar atomic accelerator within
two weeks, Michael Berla, administrative assistant to Rep. Weston
Vivian (D-Ann Arbor) said last week.
The recommendations, consisting of approximately one third
of the proposals, will be sent to a Natjonal Academy of Science)
Committee along with the other proposals and all will undergo further

Bergmann Explores Sartre 's
' Theories of Self-Deception

Fall, 1965, Programs at Campus Religious Centers,
The University of Michigan

and more extensive study. Such
of the site area, location of the
SRea' Attacks
Tuition Plan
Walter B. Rea, Assistant to the
Vice-President for Student Affairs
and Director of Financial Aids, re-
cently denounced the installment
tuition plan as "making good1
copy, but not good sense."
The plan, originally set up in
1938, was designed to aid students
who could not afford to pay their
entire tuition in one sum. Under
this system, a college education is
financed through monthly pay-
ments and hundreds of schools
are presently using the arrange-
Rea pointed out that the plan
has detrimental aspects because
it is a plan where a bank acts as
the intermediary between student
and university. As a result, the
student pays an interest rate
which Rea estimated to be 7 per
"I do not think that this in-
stallment plan would help or en-.
tice students," Rea said. He also
mentioned that the University has
equivalent plans which are better
because they do not involve banks.
According to one plan which is
in operation at the University, 50
per cent of tuition is paid by
September 30th, and the balance
does not have to be paid until
October 29th.
Residence hall payments can
also be met through eight install-1

things as geologic characteristics
site in relation to air terminals,
and several other characteristics
will be investigated. This phase of
study may even include on-site
visits by members of the com-
Science Academy
The recommendations from the
National Science Academy Com-
mittee will be made to the AEC
and finally sent to the President
for selection.
The final decision is expected
next spring.
Originally the AEC had hoped
to make its recommendations
public sometime in the month of
August. However, because of an
overwhelming number of prop-
osals, the AEC has not had a
chance to study them all and
consequently has not been able
to meet its deadline. Science mag-
azine reported recently that there
were 117 formal proposals from
46 states.
Propose Northville
Among the site proposals is one
in Northville Township.
According to Robert Burroughs,'
director of Research Administra-
tion, "We feel Northville should
survive the first screening. Not
many location have the combina-
tion of qualifications that it does."
Burroughs said the site was 'in
the vicinity of two institutions
which maintain major research
programs in atomic physics and
related areas. A second factor
Burroughs mentioned, were the
cultural advantages of the Detroit
and Ann Arbor areas which would
intice employes to live in the
Burroughs explained earlier
that there were a number of rea-
sons why the accelerator would be
desirable for the area.
The accelerator would bring
money into the state simply be-
cause of -huge operating costs.

Professor Frithjof Bergmann of
the philosophy department spoke
to an overflowing classroom on
the subject of existentialism last
week as a part of the orientation
lecture program, which give in-
coming freshmen the opportunity
to sample some course material
offered at the University.
Bergmann, after explaining that
the existentialist philosophers
have "as little in common as dif-
ferent vegetables" approached the
problem through Jean-Paul Sar-
tre's explanation of self-deception.
This explanation, he said, is cen-
tral to Sartre's major philosophi-
cal work, "Being and Nothing-
ness," because it tests the validity
of Satre's theory of the mind.
Bergmann went on to explain
that Sartre views the mind as two-
demensional, with no subconscious
or unconscious dimensions.
He said, if Sartre can explain
so complicated a phenomenon as
self-deception in terms of his!
theory of the mind, this explana-
tion strengthens his theory.
Sartre, said Bergmann, begins
his discussion of self-deception by
criticizing Freud's treatment of
the same phenomenon. He shows
that Freud, by separating the hu-
man mind into the ego, the id, andj
the censor, deal not with the1
actual process of self-deception,
but with the deception of one part
of the mind by another, Bergmann
said. This is, in essence, no, dif-{
ferent than a lie told to oneI
person by another.j
Bergmann explained that Sar-
tre, in the context of his theory
of the undivided mind, sets forth
the "paradox of self-deception,"I
the condition of knowing a truth,
and at the same time not knowingI
it. This, says Sartre, is the only
true form of self-deception.
Bergmann then showed how;
Sartre explains the paradox of
self-deception. Sartre divides the
mind into two different but not;
separate sections: the factual part,
which deals with objective facts.
things that have already hap-
pened, and the transcendent part,

stealing for years, yet denies that
he is a thief, then he is denying
the factual part of his mind. If
he says "I am a thief. I will always
be a thief,"he is denying the
possibility of change in the future.
Therefore, the paradox of self
deception is not so complex after
all, Bergmann noted. It does not
consist in the hiding of facts, but,
in the refusal to draw a conclu-
sion from the facts, he said.
According to Sartre, Bergmann
concluded, the best condition is aj
balance between the two portions
of the mind: the ability and will-
ingness to draw the right con-
clusions about whathhas happened
in the past, and the recognition
of the possibility of change in the
I Read
Classif ieds


which deals with the possibilities
of the future. Sartre says that
self deception is the act of deny-
ing either of these portions of
the mind the importance it de-
serves, Bergmann explained.
For instance, if a man has been

Introduction to Modern Protestant
Theology. Tuesdays, beg. Sept. 21, 7:15
p.m., Lutheran Student Center (NLC),
Hill St. at Forest Ave. Instructor: Dr.1
N. Patrick Murray.
Basic Themes in the Bible. Thursdays, beg.
Sept. 9, 12:00-1 :00 p.m., lunch 25c,
Wesley Foundation, 602 E. Huron St.
Instructor: The Rev. Jean Robe Bissell.
Communist Faith-Christian Faith. Tues-
days, beg. Sept. 7, 12:00-1 :00 p.m.,
lunch 25c, Wesley Foundation, 602 E.
Huron St. Instructor: Dr. Gene Ransom.
A Survey of Christian Theology. Mondays,
beg. Sept. 13, 8:00 p.m., University
Lutheran Chapel (Mo. syn.), 1511
Washtenaw. Instructor: The Rev. Alfred
The Secular City. Beginning week of Oct.
25. Resource reading: Cox, The Secular
City; Doedelus issue on the Metropolis;
and, Mumford, The City. Guild House,
802 Monroe St. Instructor: The Rev. J.
Edgar Edwards. (For further details,
check with The Michigan Daily, or call
Sept. 1 2: Milan Opocensky, Prague,
Czechoslovakia. "The Church in Czec-
hoslovakia." 7:00 p.m., Presbyterian
Campus Center, 1432 Washtenaw.
Sept. 24: Dr. Richard Shoull, Princeton
Theological Seminary, N.J. "The Latin
American Revolution." Speaker for the
International Dinner. Reservations re-
quired: foreign students are guests, Am.
students must bring a foreign student
and pay for one ticket (50c). Spon-
sored by the' Protestant Foundation for
International Students, 662-5529.
Oct. 10: Bishop James Thomas, Bishop of
the Iowa Area of the Methodist Church.
9:00 and 11:1.5 a.m, First Methodist
Church; 7:00 p.m., Wesley Lounge, 602
E. Huron St.
Oct. 31: William Stringfellow, lawyer,
layman, resident of Harlem. 7:00 p.m.,
Lutheran Student Center & Chapel
(N LC) , Hill St. at Forest Ave.
Beg. Oct. 3: First Sundays of each month,
"Moody Science Films," 7:00 p.m.,
Grace Bible Church, 110 N. State St.

Newman Class Program in Catholic
Thought: Eleven different courses in
theology, philosophy, history and ethics,
beg. week of Sept. 12, Gabriel Richard
Center, 331 Thompson St. See special
brochure for further details, or call 665-
Christian Faith in Social Issues. Sundays,
beg. Sept. 19, 7:00 p.m., Baptist Stu-
dent Center (AM.), 502-512 E. Huron
St. Instructor: The Rev. Paul W. Light.
Bible Synthesis Course. Sundays, 9:45-
10:45 a.m., Grace Bible Church, 110 N.
State St. Lecturer: Dr. Raymond H.
Existentialism: A Quick Look. Beg. week
of Sept. 12. Resource reading: Shinn,
The Existentialist Posture, and Kauf-
man, Existentialism. Guild House, 802
Monroe St. Instructor: Mrs. Patricia
Stoneburner. (For further details, check
with The Michigan Daily, or call 662-
"The Church in the World." Sunday eve-
nings, beg. Sept. 1 2, 7:00 p.m., Presby-
terian Campus Center, 1432 Washte-
"Discussion of The Secular City." Sunday
mornings, beg. Sept. 19, 9:45 a.m.,
Baptist Student Center (AM.), 502-512
E. Huron. Leader: The Rev. Paul Light.
For Freshmen, Tecumseh Woods Camp,
Sept. 10-11. Sponsored by the Lutheran
Student Center & Chapel (NLC). Call
"The New Morality," Judson Collins Camp,
Sept. 10-12. Sponsored by the Wesley
Foundation. Call 668-6881.
Sept. 5: Labor Day Picnic, sponsored by
the Protestant Foundation for Interna-
tional Students and the Ecumenical
Campus Staff. Leaves 1 :30 p m., returns
after supper. Call: 662-5529.
Sept. 17-1 9: Rural Hospitality Weekend,
Opportunity for all foreign students to
live with rural family. Call: 662-5529.
Sept.. 21: Reception for new students,
First Presbyterian Church, 1432 Wash-
tenaw Ave.

State Board Questions Plan

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By JOHN MEREDITH he said, but by itself would not
State Board of Education Presi- acpishe maproach this thing
dent Thomas Brennan has ques- slowly and be criticized for in-
tioned the advisability of quickly action than make a few superficial
approving board Vice-President maneuvers for publicity," he coin-
Leon Fill's proposal to begin de- mented.
veloping a master plan for higher Brennan conceded that a master
education in Michigan by asking plan should have been developed
each institution to define its several years ago, but said the
unique role in the state's educa- boardmembers, who took office
tional system. only last January, can hardly be
Although Fill predicted two held responsible- for this.
weeks ago that the board would He blamed the current delay in
aprove his proposal-soon, Brennan part on understaffing, explaining
said last week the master plan that, although this year's legisla-
still has not come up for discus- tive appropriation for the board
sion and will not be considered for was encouraging, there still will
at least another month. not be enough money available to
hire an adequate number of top
"The master plan is much too flight research personnel.
important a project for a rush Moreover, Brennan said, the
job," Brennan remarked. "We MoevrBena sidth
should review the whole issue in board must take care of two prior-
depth before making any pre- ity items on its agenda before
limintymoremk."petackling the master plan problem.
liminary moves. . These are:
He continued it would be a: -Appointment of a new super-
mistake for the board to adopt intendent of public instruction. A
Fill's proposal without giving con- subcommittee of the board will
sideration to the overall process meet next Wednesday to consider
of developing the plan. Fills' sug- candidates, but Brennan said the
gestion would be easy to approve, best that can be hoped for then
to Ann Arbor's largest stamp store.j
Whitman and Harco coin supplies in stock.
Visit our new expanded location.
1102 S. University
at the Michigan League, Conference Room 2
HONEST TO GOD by John A.T. Robinson
Speaker: Dr. N. Patrick Murray,
Ass't. Coordinator,

is to cut the present list of 56
candidates in half.
-Consideration of Gov. George
Romney's proposal to reorganize
the state's devartment of educa-
tion. According to Brennan, the
board willdwork on this problem
next Tuesday.
MSU Plans
Brennan added that the boardi
will also continue examinging
Michigan State University's plans
to institute Michigan's third med-
ical program and intends to look
into five new Ph.D. programs
scheduled by Western Michigan
University for this fall.
A tentative date for a public
hearing on the MSU question has
been set for October, he said, but'
Western has not yet replied to
the board's request for information
on its plans to offer the new

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