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December 01, 1965 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1965-12-01

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Many Groups Join Viet Nam Peace March

(Continued from Page 1)
At one point, those surrounding
the NLF flag with American flags!
started chanting "All the way with
LBJ." Teague and his followers
countered with the chant, "Hey,
hey, LBJ, how many kids have
you killed today?"
Opinion toward the carrying of
the NLF' flag varied among anti-
administration picketers: "I think
it's fine," a young lady from
Cleveland said; an elderly man
from Pittsburgh said "I don't
think that it belongs on this
This was the opinion shared
by most, although a middle-aged
woman from Detroit held that
"it's a publicity gimmick to de~-
tract from the other marchers.
It's a device." Her husband added
"I think it's an FBI man carry-
ing it."

shouldn't be allowed to display,
the enemy flag. I'd rather fight'
over there now than have my
son fight there in 10 or 20 years."
Blood, Patriots
A college youth from New York
City, bearing a sign with a quote
from Thomas Jefferson, "The tree
of liberty must be refreshed from
time to time with the blood of
patriots," said "I don't represent
any group-I'm an American. I
don't particularly like Commu-
nistss or pacifists. If I can get near
that NLF flag I'll tear it apart."
As the demonstrators left the
picket lines to attend the rally,
near the Washington monument,
a police captain ordered counter
pickets to stand across the street,
at the foot of Monument hill,
where they continued to brandish
their signs and shout at the anti-
war marchers. Various cries of
"Commie," "Red," and "Don't

by the Polish Freedom
said that he had just
serving a tour of duty
Navy in Viet Nam.

with the

The Nazi
When asked about the appear-
ance of the Nazi in the counter-
picket line, he said "I was going
to kill him. I hit him. I wish

Yet another of the Polish Free-
dom Fighters carried a sign sim-
ilar to that carried by Niles. It
read "free kerosene and matches,"
and its bearer carried a can lab-!
eled "kerosene."
Joseph Shallit of Philadelphia
brought his wife and two small
children to march on the counter-

they'd put me in a room alone picket line because, he said, "we
with him for five minutes!" He feel very strongly about preserv-
added that "the appearance of ing our freedom. We're not right-
that Nazi detracts from the valid- wingers or anything like that-as'
ity of the counter-picket." a matter of fact we're Democrats,"
Jozef Mlot-Mroz, president of he added.
the Polish Freedom Fighters, who Mrs. Shallit said that she prob-
wrapped himself in chains to sig- ably agreed with the anti-admin-
nify "Communist bondage," com- istration pickets on much domes-
plained that the press always lies tic policy. She maintained that she
about how many anti-administra- is strongly in support of Icivil rights
tion picketers there are. He main- here and in Viet Nam, adding that
tained that the figures are always she wants the Vietnamese to be
too high. He spent much of his free from Communism.
time trying to count the number At first several anti-administra-
of demonstrators in the picket line tion pickets marched in the coun-
in front of the White House. ter-picket line, apparently to dam-
With regard to Niles, Mlot-Mroz pen its effect, but soon police or-
said "I fought against the Nazis. dered them to join one of their
I won't have anything to do with "own" lines. The police then sur-{
them. I don't know what he's rounded the counter-picket line,
for, but he's not for this coun- which subsequently shrank to
try." about 20 people.

9-5 p.m.-Alpha Kappa Alpha Ann Arbor CIVIC Theatre's production of
sorority is sponsoring a fund-
raising drive for the needy chil-
dren in Detroit. tu Miller's towering drama
3 p.m.-Paul Miller, president
of the Associated Press and the
Gannett Newspapers, will speak on
"The Crisis of Confidence in the
News": at Rackham Amphitheater.
8 p.m. - The Department of
Speech University Players will give
their performance of "Henry VI
Part III," at Trueblood Auditor-
8 p.m.-Alfred M. Pelham, Vice- Dec. 9-11, 8:00 P.M.-Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre
President of Wayne State Univer-
sity, will speak on "Problems in
Developing Metropolitan Coopera- Thu rs.$1.50, Fri.-Sat. $1.75
tion." in the East Conference
Room of Rackham Bldg.
2:15 p.m. - Manfred Kochen,
mathematical biologist at the
Mental Health Research Institute Box Office (668-6300) Opens Monday at 10:00 A.M.
(MHRI), will speak on "Models
for Information Seaich Systems,"
in 1057 MHRI.

Somewhat stronger opinions to- burn your draft cards - burn
ward the NLF flag were held by yourselves" filled the air, but were
those who demonstrated in favor ignored by the demonstrators
of administration policy. Said one across the street, who had plac-
such picketer, a high school stu- ed their signs in several large re-
dent, "since we're fighting the ceptacles provided by the police.
Viet Cong they (the CANLF)' A man carrying a sign supplied

"t.. . .... ....... . . . . .. ... . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . . t. . .. . . .. . .. . . .. . .s . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . .... .. . . .. . .

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ottila pulication of the tinivez-
sity of Michigan, for which The
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Univesity Lecture In Journalism -
Paul Miller, president of the Associated
Press and the Gannett Newspapers,
"The Crisis of Confidence in the News":
Rackham Amphitheatre, 3 p.m.
Dept. of Speech University Players
Performance-Shakespeare's "Henry VI
Part II": Trueblood Aud., 8 p.m.
Public Administration Seminar-Al-
fred M. Pelham, vice-president, Wayne
State University, "Problems in Devel-
oping Metropolitan Cooperation": East
Conference Room, Rackham Bldg., 8
School of Music Degree Recital -
Ernest Caviant ,trumpet: Recital Hall,
School of Music, 8:30 p.m.
Zoology Seminar: Dr. H. Kleerekoper,
Dept. of Biology, McMaster University,
Hamilton, Ont., will speak on "SharkI
and Fish Locomotion in Response to
Olefactory Stimulation," 4 p.m., 231 An-.
gell Hall,
Lecture: The Dept. of Near Eastern'
Languages and Literatures will pre-
sent C. E. Bosworth, visiting professor
at the Univ. of Toronto, lecturing on
"The Development of Persian Culture,
under the Early Ghaznavids," Wed..
Dec. 1, 4:15 p.m., Rm. 200, Lane Hall.
Botany Seminar: Dr. Winslow Briggs,
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ogical and Physical Properties of Phy-
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ence Dept. The topic of Prof. Meyer's
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ficers, Thurs., Dec. 2, 7 p.m., Cave of
the League.
and the New American Radicalism," As-


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Academic Costume: Can be rented at ,bus, ad., chem., econ., educ., engrg., International Student Info. Service,
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Moe Sport Shop, 711N. University Ave. soc. work, math, mktg., nursing, phar- pus Dec. 9 & 10 to explain jobs in Eu-
Orders for Midyear Graduation Exer- macy, etc. These programs are for per- rope & how to get one. He will be in
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and the Arts for Honors or High Hon- above listed cities. Register early. De- Plymouth, Mich.-Art. until b p.m.
ors should recommend such students tails and application forms available Pontiac, Mich. (Oakland Co. Childrens Employers desirous of hiring stu-
by forwarding a letter to the Director, at the Bureau of Appointments, 3200 Village Sch.)-Type A Spec. Ed. dents for part-time or full-time tem.
Honors Council, 1210 Angell Hall, by SAB. Ypsilanti, Mich. (;East J.H. Sch.) - porary wirk, should contact Robert
3 p.m., Mon., Dec. 27. Mentally Handicapped. Parker, part-time interviewer, at 764.
Teaching departments in the School POSITION OPENINGS: Overseas Teaching-International Vol- 1283
of Education should forward letters di- U.S. Dept. of Health, Education & untary Services has openings in Africa, Students desiring miscellaneous ode
rectly to the Office of the Registrar, Welfare, Lansing, Mich.-Auditors, De- Southeast Asia and the Near East for jobs shuild cnsult the bulletin
Room 1513 Admin. Bldg., by 8:30 a.m., gree in acctg. 2-3 yrs. exper. Some single people with Bachelor and/or board in R-orm 2200, daily.
Thurs., Dec. 30. travel involved. Immed. opening. , Masters degrees to teach at the elemen- Men or women are needed to work
AmChem Products, Bremen, Ind. - tary and secondary levels in Gen. Sci- as assistants at registration on Jan.
Hopwood Contest for Freshmen: All Sales Trainee. Young man, interested ence, Public Health and Sanitation, 3-5. Come immediately to Rm. 3501
manuscripts must be in the Hopwood in merchandising & sales for Flint & Mechanics and Basic Construction, Admin. Bldg. to apply.
Rm., 1006 Angell Hall, by 4 p.m., Wed., Detroit area territory. Recent or Dec.
Dec. 8. grads in Lib. Arts or Bus. Ad. No ex-
per, required. MARGOT UDOLPH
Parking Notice: Effective Dec. 1, 1965, Oxford Univ. Press, N.Y.C.-College
the restrictions on the U. of M. Staff Traveler. Male grad, for college text-
Parking ' Lot E-6 (behind E. Medical-. book repres. Territory of 2-3 states. No
Pharmacy Research), will be extended exper. required. Start in Jan. TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE MOTION PICTURE SCREEN
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ties, associate director of basic sciences, biol, major with engrg. bkgd. Exper.
E. 1. DuPont de Nemours Co., will speak helpful.
on "Chemical and Structural Consid- A. E. Staley Mfg. Co., Decatur, ill.-9
erations in Complexes of High Coordi- Young woman, knowl. of Spanish to
nation Number," on Thurs., Dec. 2, at work as exec, secretary to V.P. of
8 p.m. in Rm. 1300 of the Chemistry overseas operations. Advanced clerical
SBldg.skills. Exper. pref. #

S 6S
in Hill Auditorium
FRIDAY, DEC. 3, 8:30
SATURDAY, DEC. 4, 8:30
SUNDAY, DEC. 5, 8:30

University Choral

Union (340 voices)

and Soloists

Members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Lester McCoy, Conductor
Tickets: $2.50 - $2.00 - $1.50 - $1.00
University Musical Society, Burton Tower
Telephone: 665-3717-Mon. through Fri., 9 to 4:30; Sat., 9-12
(Also Hill Auditorium box office 1 72 hours preceding performancesJ

-Bosley Crowther, N.Y Times
w "
DIAL 8-6416 .: "a tour-de-
force of sex
end suspensc
___ __ __-_-L ife

NOUNCEMENTS is available to officially
recognized and registered student orga-
nizations only. Formsare available in
Room 1011 SAB.
Cercle Francais, Baratin and Christ-
mas play, Dec. 2, 3 p.m., 3050 Frieze
Joint Judiciary Cpuncil, There will
be a meeting of the Joint Judiciary
Council on Wednesday evening at 7:15
p.m. in the Council Room on the third
floor of the SAB.
Near East Studies Club, "The Ghas-
navids," Prof. Bosworth of St. Andrews
College, Dec. 1, 8 p.m., Lane Hall.
* * *
University Lutheran Chapel, Reg-
ular monthly chapel assembly meeting
at 8:30 p.m.; Wednesday evening Ad-
vent Vespers, 10 p.m. "Advent's Annual1
Assurance," John 1:45, 46; Christmas
organ music from 9:50 to 10 p.m. All
welcome, University Lutheran Chapel,
1511 Washtenaw.
* * *
Circle Society, Meeting, election of of-

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