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July 07, 1967 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1967-07-07

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FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1967



c u, a 'a

McNamara Set



Soviets Aid
Arab States

U.S. Backs Congo Government
Americans Leave Rebel City



TII bpthIQ1

MOSCOW uP - The Soviet
Union, seeking to insure its in- WASHINGTON O-i-The State jured during the fighting in the
fluence in the Middle East, is Department announced yesterday city according to local sources.
SAIGON (P-More enemy troops sidering a possible increase in the 1,331 of the enemy were reported 54,000 men fighting under the steering a cautious course in its the evacuation of most Americans Other Americans in thye Bukavu
than ever before-a total of 296,- commitment of American fighting killed in action. These fights cost flags of the other allies. shipment of arms to Arab coun- from the rebel seized Congo city also are proceeding to Rwanda in
000-were officially estimated to men beyond the current projected the lives of 161 Americans and Also in Saigon, it was reported tries, experienced non Communist of Bukavu and proclaimed U.S. separate groups, McCloskey said.
be operating in South Vietnam as level of 470,000. 159 of the other allies. that U.S. Air Force studies pre- analysts reported yesterday. The support for the Congo central gov- Bukavu is on the Congo's east-
Secretary of Defense Robert S. The U.S. Command reckoned There have been reports that pared for Defense Secretary Rob- best information available here is ernment threatened by a rebellion ern border, nearly 1,000 miles from
McNamara sped toward a landing that, despite combat losses and Getn. William C. Westmoreland, ert S. McNamara promise increas- that up to now most of the equip- reportedly by foreign mercenaries. the capital, Kinshasa, formerly
here today for his ninth first hand the bombing of supply lines, re- the commander of U.S. forces in ingly effective bombing of North ment being sent is vintage mate- The U.S. move was reminiscent named Leopoldville.
look at the war. I cruiting and infiltration provided Vietnam, would like as many as Vietnam's supply network over the rial rather than new model wea- of similar actions during the early According to present plans, only
The apparently steady rise in a net increase of 1,000 in the ranks 200,00 additional troops. next three months. Pons.11960s when the newly independent the American consul and perhaps
Communist rolls, which intelli- of the Viet Cong and North Viet- This would put more Americans Because of occasional talk of a The weapons shipments are nation insfca's hearln ge ofvtw ide s ill anin
gence officers six years ago figured namese in the week from June 25 i nthe war than all South Viet- bombing pause, and McNamara's viewed as tokens in a long term torn b cessions. Washington Bukavu, and the others will follow
at 30,000, is a major factor to be to July 1. nam's 600,000 man armed forces, visit to Vietnam, Saigon military political game rather than de- then backed UN intervention to the first group of evacuees to
weighed by McNamara in con-- This came in a week in which regulars and militia, and the planners are set for a spirited de- liberate contributions to another hold the big country together, but Rwanda.
fenseof the present U.S. bombing. Middle East conflagration. The it rates the crisis as far less grave Thea r ndoe
"We have prepared our case, and evidence is that the Russians seek this time. the background of the mer-
C GRESSIONAL STUDY:fend a staff psychological value from the ship- U.S. officials said the kidnap- cenaries, McCloskey said in re-
officer said. "This is no time to ments, to provide the Arabs with ping of . Moise Tshombe, former sponse to questions,
consider an end to the bombing." some feeling of security after premier and onetime secessionist "The U.S. government strongly
Air Force planners point out enormous losses in the war with leader of mineral rich Katanga condemns the actions of those who
that the southwest monsoon winds Israel. Province, may have helped trigger can only temporarily impede for-
over Vietnam promise good bomb- The analysts say the Russians the mercenary led revolt of Con- ward progress of the Congolese
" eing weather over the north for want to improve their image in golese army units in the area government under the leadership
C o n t ib u t s _ o I fla t o n Ccle about three more months. Until a Egypt and Syria, where there have where Tshombe's once prevailed, of Joseph Mobutu," continued Mc-
Cont butes to Inflation Cycle fewa s ago the situation was the been mutterings that the Soviet Tshombe's airplane was hijacked Clo.t
reverse, and the staff planners Union let them down during the over the Mediterranean last Fri "The United States supports the

vince rich in minerals. He gave
the fight in January, 1963, a:
UN forces had seized most of
He later made peace with
federal government and i
named premier of a national ur
government in July, 1964.
Using white mercenary offic
commanding Congolese tro
Tshombe broke the back of a 14
ist rebellion in the northeast.
He was ousted as premier
October, 1965, and has been liv
in exile in Europe since. He
tried in absentia by a milit
court last March and convicted
treason and plotting to overth:
Mobutu, the former army cc
mander who had seized power
a coup.
Diplomats in Algiers say Alge
almost certainly will extrac
Tshombe if it is convinced of a
Tshombe plot in the Congo. pAgi
holds Tshmobe responsible for
death of the Congo's first prem:


WASHINGTON (AP)-A congres-
sional study committee said yes-
terday the administration badly
underestimated Vietnam costs last
year, thus contributing to a money
shortage and high interest rates.
Moreover, the Senate House
Economic Comittee said in a tartly
worded report, "The same dreary
cycle of events threatens again."
"Total spending on the war in
Vietnam during the fiscal year just
ending will double the administra-
tion's original estimates," the
Democratic dominated committee

avoid the cycle of tight money and
inflation which marked last year.
At hearings preceding the writing
of the congressional report, the
committee received what the De-
fense Lepartment called a rough
estimate of $21.8 billion for Viet-
nam war costs in the year begin-
ning July 1, 1967.
The report said an increase of
$4 billion to $6 billion in the cost
is not unlikely, "and it remains to
be seen whether or not even ad-
ditional amounts will be required."
In addition, the report said, "it


said. "And there are already signs is probable that actual expendi-
that actual spending on the war in - - -- --
the upcoming fiscal year may
ieappreciably outrun first es- N egro Self -H e(
'Policies correct'
Administration officials, have re- insiIPlo
peatedly insisted their policies last egrnsin F bo
year were correct and stressed that
the build up in Vietnam was ac-
complished without the wage and FORT MYERS, Fla. {)-Fifty
price controls which marked World Negro youths will begin cleaning
'War II and the Korean War. up a Fort Myers slum today under
But they also have emphasized "Operation Cool Summer," a self1

the uncertainties of war and the
possibiliites of inci'eased spending
if combat operations or troop
strength should escalate signifi-
cantly above levels assumed in the
They contend President John-
son's proposal for a tax increase
this year is designed not only to
help pay for the war but also to

help program designed to bring an
end to racial violence in the United
The youths were given jobs by
the City Council, which agreed
Wednesday to place Negroes on
city boards and commissions, en-
force the minimum housing code,
place Negroes in City Hall posi-
tions other than janitorial, and,

tures for the Vietnam war exceed were impatiently awaiting good
the official figures by an appre- weather for renewed all out assault
ciable margin." on supply routes.
It said the Defense Department The 7th Air Force commander,
has conceded its distinction be- Lt. Gen. William W. Momyer, is
tween Vietnam and ordinary de- known to feel that this period of
fense expenditures involved some relatively clear skies is far more
unrealism and that consequently important than any enlargement
the extra Vietnam cost "should be of the bombing to include targets
considered an understatement." inside the Hanoi Haiphong area.
"In terms of official figures," "We have enough targets, we
the report continued, "Vietnam t need the gpoorte erto have said
new obligational authority out ran recently.
the original estimates by $14 bil- tMomyer is backed by the U.S.
lion in fiscal 1966 and $12 billlion military commander, Gen. William
in fiscal 1967." C. Westmoreland, who is on record
with the view that "a bombing
pause will cost many additional
4p Progranm lives and probably prolong the
fThe coming elections are also
'ida City Sluimi drawing increased attention in
Vietnam. The ruling generals, who
don't want Lt. Gen. Duong Van
finance the Fort Myers neighbor- Minh back in South Vietnam,
hood youth corps with $50,000 of agreed yesterday to challenge be-
anticipated state tax revenue. fore the Election Council his.
The council, which also promised candidacy for president.
to include a $4,000 Negro area re- Reliable sources said the mili-
creation item in its next budget, tary junta had decided to com-
was acting on requests and sug- plain officially that Minh, a for-
gestions by officials of the Nation- mer chief of state who has lived
al Association for the Advance- in exile in Thailand on a $500
mn AsoCioorPeohleAdponri a month pension for more than
ment of Colored People, sponsoring two years, is a security risk.
group for the pilot project. These include challenges to the
Week of Classes purely military ticket of Chief
'Council action followed a week of Cao Ky for vice-president, bas-
Slasse cnducted by NAACP ed on the contention they should
ficers who taught young Negroes resign their government posts to
how to apply for jobs, how to dress !campaign.
Minh was one of the four gen-
wenapy ingucadho a elud- er als in the coup of Nov. 1, 1963,
mentary skills suchropewly a swe- that destroyed the regime of Pres-
phondshouldtberpelysanser-ident Ngo Dinh Diem.
ed and how to write business' Meanwhile, in the U.S., the
letters. White House reaffirmed yesterday
The youths were sent out Mon- President Johnson's expectation of
day to apply at various Fort Myers holding another Vietnam strategy
business establishments. There conference-like those at Guam
was talk of massive economic boy- and Honolulu-this fall.
cotts if the city failed to act. The Press secretary George Chris-
boycott talk decipated by yester- tian, asked about speculation such
day. a meeting might develop into a
NAACP leaders hailed the devel- seven nation session like the one
opments'as a break through. They at Manila last October, said:
had selected Fort Myers, on Flor- "The President has said and I
ida's west coast some 100 miles have said that there would be
south of racially troubled Tampa, other meetings in connection with
as a test city because local Negro the Southeast Asia situation at
leaders feared violence. intervals of six months or so."

conflict. They add that it will be
a long time before equipment such
as old model MIG17s are blended
with newer weapons into a re-
spectable fighting force which
could hope to challenge Israel suc-
Politically, the Soviet Union is
offering public advice to Cairo
about the lessons of defeat. The
suggestion, the analysts said, is
that following the advice is the
price of aid.
Articles by Soviet experts on the
Middle East provide a prescription
for internal changes now. The
articles seem to the analysts to
imply strongly t h a t without
making changes that create a bet-
ter climate for communism, the
Egyptians cannot expect too much
from this country.

day and flown to Algeria. The
Congo central government of Pres-
ident Joseph D. Mobuta wants
Tshombe extradited to face a
death sentence for treason. He was
tried in absentia.
State Department press officer
Robert J. McCloskey reported that
46 of the 65 American citizens in
the Bukavu area, have been evacu-
The 46 Americans were evacu-
ated through Lake Kivu to Ka-
membe in Rwanda. They were
picked up by an American air
plane and flown to Kigali, the
capital of Rwanda, later yesterday.
The plane belongs to the U.S.
Embassy in Kinshasa, formerly
Leopold ville.
The 46 Americans evacuated
from Bukavu include 21 children.
None of the evacuees had been in-

gi#9 # 5 mmi {Y"AYl: .""1 ". ""f."Nf:+".pL" :1"": ":: J:"". .:Y : "};.} iti tiY : ''"':":" #i:":mit

.World News Roundup
By The Associated Press Organization, helping to guard
TOKYO - Red China pro- Western Europe..
tested yesterday in what it called Military aid to Greece has been
"the strongest possible terms" "under review" since the military
against the alleged attack by U.S. takeover in Athens last April. That
planes on a Communist Chinese term usually means suspension of
merchant ship anchored at Hai- aid, but in the case of Greece it
phong, North Vietnam. has meant only limitation, exclud-
The protest was in a statement ing such major items as tanks and,
issued by the spokesman of the air planes.
-CieeForeign Ministry. * *
The text was broadcast by Pe- WASHINGTON - The Justice
king's New China News Agency eparent said yesday
and monitored in Tokyo on Friday. i Dprmn more than half the eligible NegroE
voters in five Southern states are
WASHINGTON - The United now registered to vote.
States probably will resume mil- A statement issued by the de-
itary aid to' Greece in the near partment's press office said Negro
future, authoritative sources in- registration in Alabama,- Georgia,
dicated yesterday. Louisiana, Mississippi and South
The primary reason is that Carolina now is estimated at 1.25
further withholding of military million, a 78 per cent increase in
hardware would impair Greece's the 22 months since the passage
role in the North Atlantic Treaty I of the Voting Rights Act.

government of the Democratic Re-
public of the Congo, as it has con-
sistently done in the past in that
government's search for stability
and peace," he added,
The Congo got its independence
from Belgium in 1960 and Tshom-
be led an unsuccessful fight for
the secession of Kantanga, a pro-}


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