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March 16, 1969 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1969-03-16

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age Nine

Sunday, March 16, 1969



Sundy, Mrch16, 969THE ICHGAN AIL

. -WL . - -








Council Seats

My campaign is based on the goal of
constructive black participation in stu-
dent government on a level-where it counts.
If most students feel alienated from or
manipulated by this institution at times,
the black student feels it more strongly.
He has little or no representation on the
student boards which have responsibility
for student government and student activ-
ities nor on the faculty nor in adminis-
With these goals and hopes in mind, here
is my platform:
-The language requirement should be
,-Distribution requirements should be
reformed' by curriculum committees with
an equal representation of students and
--Curriculum committees with an equal
representation of students eAnd faculty
should establish; more courses which deal
with today's relevant issues such as Viet-
nam, white racism, Black Power, student
freedom, the Middle East, etc.
-The Vice President of Student Af-
fairs should be a young person with a grasp
of the issues which affect students today.
-All istudent organizations should be
funded by the University.
-The State Legislature should not set'
up inquisitorial committees to investigate
state universities merely to pacify constitu-
-I will work for the creation of an of-
fice to deal with the individual student
problems which the University is either un-
willing or unable to cope with.
-The summer work-study programs
should be expanded to include more stu-
dents receiving more money.
-The Tutorial Programs should 'receive
adequate funding from the University in
order to prove the University's commit-
ment to the "disadvantaged" youth of Ann
-The Martin Luther King Scholarship
M Committee should consider scholarships
for qualified black transfer students.
-The exchange programs with Africa
should be enlarged to include more stu-
dents from the University to Africa.
I support the current goals of students
and SGC to reduce prices in Ann Arbor:
the fient Strike, The Tenants' Union, the
Discount Store, and the Consumer Union.
- - v
William WO
Scott i
There is a very urgent need on Michi-
gan's campus for new life and direction;
educational and political, in that, students
will be heard and honestly represented,
when decisions to/for, the governing of
their lives.
As it has always been, only the elite
few determine for the whole student body
what issues or conflicts thast will be pur-
sued; many times reflecting only small
group desires. Student apathy must end
and thus, immediate participation attain-

ed. Also, I see as a violent problem in this
society and on campus' is the complete
alienation, and insensibility toward my
black brothers and sisters for our 'educa-
tional, political, and social needs; regard-
less of the attempts that some white peo-
ple have made in our behalf (not that this
is to be discredited) but attempts in them-
selves do not correct the ill/problem: as a
people and students, we must have rela-
tive power (political, social, econ.) in de-
termining our destiny.
Other goals that we will attempt to im-
plement in the coming year, are as fol-

There are several major issues that I
feel SOC should concern itself with during
the coming year.
I was very disturbed by President Flem-
ing's statement, after the cast of Dionysus
was arrested, that the University was not
a sanctuary. A university should be a place
for experimentation and creativity-a
place where, new ideas should be heard. Ex-
pression should not be kept within the
bounds of narrow provincialism. We are
all here in two roles: As residents of Ann
Arbor, and as students. As citizens of Ann
Arbor-shopping, driving, living off cam-
pus-we are subject to the laws of the city.
s students, however, of a state owned uni-
versity on state property, we are not sub-
ject to intrusions by Ann Arbor police.
The quality of teaching in undergradu-
ate courses, particularly at the 100 level,
is poor. ;Many teaching fellows and as-
sistants without the least idea of what
teaching should be are in charge of class-
es. The University should provide a short,
intense course in teaching methods as a
requirement for any teaching fellow.
Whatever else we may be or do, we are
consumers. In a great many situations we
are paying vastly inflated prices. SGC
should continue supporting the rent strike
and discount store, and I hope that the
proposal for an SGC bookstore will be
passed in this election. The role of SGC
should be expanded in an attempt, through
various forms of pressure, to obtain rea-
sonable prices for students.
Tuition here is one of the highest of
any state university in the nation. This is
at least partly caused by the low appro-
priations the state has been giving the
University. Pressure should be applied,
and our needs explained, to the state.
The proposal for a new type of degree,
the Bachelor of General Studies, is a
good one. This way, distribution and lan-
guage requirements can be avoided by
those who care to do so, while others can
still work towards a BA.
These are just a few of the possible is-
sues. If anyone would like to speak to me
about them, or would like to bring up
some other questions, f will be at home
from 9:30 to 11:30 each morning, and from
11:30 to 1:00 each night. Call 663-5119.

The students at this university are
caught in a dilemna. Dependent upon a
hostile state legislature for a large propor-
tion of their funds, they must also wrest
from that legislature certain rights and
priyileges they deem necessary for them-
selves as citizens as well as students. Each
year the University receives a smaller
share of the state budget, and this in turn
affects the quality of education it can pro-
vide. The present campus investigation
committee headed by Senator Huber is
just an example of the growing bad feeling
and mistrust that has existed for some
time. Asa member of the interim steering
committee for the Michigan Association of
Students I intend to work towards easing
the present strain. This newly formed or-
ganization seeks to encompass every insti-
tution of higher learning in the state, and
represent the interests of students to mem-
bers of the state legislature. We intend to
form an effective lobby using sophisticated
political techniques. Obviously the task is
enormous ... but not impossible.
With regard to projects that more spe-
cifically affect SGC my position is flex-
ible. I support the expansion of the pres-
ent SGC store, and the formation of other
student cooperative enterprises wherever
the need exists. I feel that one of the du-
ties /of SGC is to insure the student a fair
economic as well as educational deal. All
projects that further this goal-such as
bus services and the projected Student
Credit Union should be studied and im-
The most important issues this past se-
mester have been the rent strike and aca-
demic reform. Needless to say neither have
been satisfactorily concluded at the pres-
ent. Both these issues must be pursued
with the same vigor in the future as they
have been in the past. The factors of time,
apathy, and approaching finals, have us-
ually proven to be the most effective de-
stroyers of student movements. The mach-
inations of administrators and landlords
serve to encourage rather than dampen the
flames of student protest. Thus when
movements die we have only ourselves to
blame. I would like to remain on SGC
because my position on the table allows
me to continue my present work, and keeps
me informed as to the need for other
Robertr K:
r .
Student Government Council should
have two functions: it should represent
and it should initiate. SGC, when it passes
rules governing the student body, should
cater to that entire body and not to any
elitist groups. On the other hand, SGC
should be constantly initiating constructive
reforms and changes whenever and wher-
ever they are needed.
Reform of our academic program is long

overdue. That many members of the fac-
ulty have already pointed to the inade-
quacy and irrelevancy of our present lan-
guage requirement makes me question the
existence of many other required courses.
Underlying this relevancy, however, is the
admittedly more important aspect of who
has the right of decision. To be sure there
are areas, in which the student belongs.
But there are areas in which he does not
also. These areas should be defined and
students should take their rightful place
within the academic decision making pro-

EXPERIENCE-SGC member-at-large;
former chairman, Student Consumers Un-
ion; co-chairman 1968 Anti-Tuition Hike
Campaign; niember, University Human
Relations Commission.
In order to be a dynamic center of
student self-government and involvement
now and in the future, SGC must con-
centrate on the following areas of student
ACADEMICS-The academic area is by
far the most relevant issue facing all of
the students at the University. As such, it
should receive top priority in terms of SGC
time and commitment.
A. Student participation in decision-
making must not end at the level of dor-
mitory visitation policy; it must be ex-
tended into all academic areas: depart-
mental, college, and University-wide. Stu-
dent parity on all decision-making bodies
(particularly those dealing with immediate
student concerns such as curriculum and
tenure) must be established.
B. Coherence must be given to the now
fragmented attempts at academic reform.
Efforts could be coordinated, comunica-
tion faciliated, and change fostered with-
in the literary college by the formation of
an LSA Union. Furthermore, SGC should
create the Office of Academic Coordina-
tor to further academic reform on an all-
University level.
C. Language, distribution, and physical
education requirements should be elimi-
nated. Toward this end, I urge a "yes" vote
on the language requirement referenda.
D. A policy concerning student records
should be formulated which would: 1) in-
form the student as to what records are
kept on him. 2) allow him to examine his
records, and 3) require his written per-
mision for the release of such records.
A. SGC should continue to support the
following projects:
1. The rent strike and the demands of
the Student Tenants' Union.
2. The comparative price surveys of the
Student Consumers Union. Moreover, SGC
should carry out more surveys of this type
and should take definitive action on these
3. The SGC Discount Store. The present
store should be expanded as much as poss-
ible: branches should be established both
on the Hill and North Campus.
B. SGC should, at long last, establish a
student-owned and opeated bookstore. For
this project to become a reality, a "yes"
vote on the bookstore issue is imperative.
C. SGC should take steps toward: 1) for-
ming a Student Credit Union. 2) semester
and separate room and board contracts in
the dormitories.
A. Steps should be taken to implement
the Green Report which termed the Uni-
versity a "rich, white institution".
B. SGC should continue its voter regis-
tration drives. Students must have the
right to become full citizens of their com-
C. Policy decisions of the Office of Stu-
dent Services must increasingly be made
the policy decisions of students.
D. Finally, SGC should remain alive the
local, state, and national issues which af-
fect students as students, citizens, or hu-
man beings.
crepancy of price between similar items
sold at different campus stores.
The feasibility of allowing freshmen to
sign four month dorm contracts should be
quickly investigated. Under a four month
lease, a student would be able to move into

a, fraternity, sorority, or apartment in his
second semester freshman year, if he so
The potential of an incorporated SGC
should be fully realized. Last Fall council
members pushed a referendum for separate
funding which was defeated. Many\mem-
bers of SGC stated that the fault lay in a
misconception by the student body. Four
months have gone by and nothing has been
done concerning the already set up cor-
poration or this alleged misconception. Ac-
tion towards immediate funding should be
initiated so that SGC, Inc. can start work-
ing for the student body.

The Student Government Council could
better be named an Association of Stu-
dents for, in fact its purpose is not to
govern anybody, but rather to enhance
the educational experience of the students
within the University community and to
further and protect the interests of the
students in the society at large.
S.G.C. has been working hard to further
and protect the interests of students evi-
denced by its voter registration drive as-
sistance to the rentstrike, Consumers Un-
ion surveys, and the establishment of the
discount store. I strongly endorse and en-
courage the intensification of all of these
efforts, especially the expansion of the
discount store.
S.G.C. has efficiently dispelled the
notion of in loco parentis but failed to
move into the academic matters with the
same momentum.
I feel that it is essential that there be
a change in the concept of an education.
Accepting professors as absolute authori-
ties and writing down and reiterating their
comments is not an educational experi-
ence as I conceive it, and is all too often
what success here requires. It is my sin-
cere conviction that most students are at
least as capable as professors in the art
of critical and creative thinking and rea-
soning. The University environment must
be made conducive to such a response on
the part of students in order for there to
be the opportunity for an educational ex-
In order to enhance the educational ex-
.perience, S.G.C. must also: 1) Gain equal
student representation -on the curriculuni
committees of all colleges and depart-
ments; 2) Gain extension of the pass-fail
option to Freshmen and Sophomores; 3)
Make the pass-fail option applicable to all
The method used by S.G.C. to gain the
implementation of these or other propo-
sals bears careful consideration and is the
stage where many good ideas are lost. De-
manding the implementation of a new
proposal or the abolition of an existing
system is an excellent beginning. If the
demand is ignored, which is often the
case, it is essential that S.G.C. not stop
there, as I believe it has done in the past.
It must work within the context and on
the level of the people that it must con-
vince to institute the reform, yet never
lose sight of its ideological position. In the
case of gaining equal representation on a
curriculum committee it must not simply
demand it on the basis that it would be de-
mocracy is inherently good. This is just
not the case. S.G.C. must show why equal
representation inthis situation is desir-
able, i.e. why it will insure curriculum de-
cisions that are most conducive to enhanc-
ing the education experience of the stu-
What is SGC? A group of students sit-
ting arouni a table trying to play the
"we're grown-ups" game. Another elitist
group. Another bureaucracy.
What is the philosophical basis for the

student reform movement? Freedom. Tear
down the binding walls. Let students be
in control of their academic lives.
Who are the reformists? Alienated
youths, Separated egos not in control of
their own selves. Inhibited youths.
What happens to people in a bureau-
cracy? Personalities are lost and people
become roles. Replaceable parts in a work-
ing hierarchy. SGC members relate as
councilman to councilman, business re-
lationships not empathizing personal rela-
tionships. Cliques are formed and one half
of council never relates to the other half

The following, in my opinion, are the
most important and relevant issues now
facing the students of the University of
There exists a polarization between
Black and white students at Michigan. As
a white I feel there is definite lack of
knowledge about the Afro-American.
Polarization, the sum total of this de
ficiency, is the root cause of the friction,
the conflict existing between Blacks and
Wrmites, for example, the Ferris State situ-
I feel that Whites must first get 'our-
selves' together before we can even begin
to learn about and understand others.
If elected I will attempt the creation of
more courses and an enlarged treatment
in the Psychology and Sociology depart-
ments of white racism and white identity.
Moreover, I intend to institute a series
of informed lectures by and for students
antd faculty in order to create a greater
awareness of ourselves and our situation.
The language requirement as it now
exists should be forgotten.
Given some students will be going into
countries and employment where a pro-
ficiency greater than "Voulez vous . .?"
is necessary.
The rest of us, I feel, would profit more
from the establishment of courses dealing
with the present day situation of other na-
tions in terms of its role in international
affairs with emphasis on its relations with
the United States, along with considera-
tion of casual historical and cultural fac-
I support the findings of the SGC Con-
sumer survey. I am in favor of the poten-
tial consumer boycott of those merchants,
and I am in favor of the existing boycott
of those landlords, whose only function ap-
pears to be that of exploiting the powerless
majority-the students. It follows that I.
am also in favor of the student run cam-
pus book store.
I am realistic about the decisions being
made in Lansing. Specifically, the proposed
nonsensical anti-disruption law "reqtuiring
the automatic expulsion of any student or
faculty member inciting unrest"; and the
"under discussion" tuition raises. SGC is
now lobbying, to an extent in Lansing, to
prevent such proposals from becoming law
(and order),
I agree with this method, but would
first concentrate all efforts in this con-
cern to a victory on the voter registration
issue and then visit LaNsing and our local
representatives and their governor with
about 10,000 new votes.
Again much more could be accomplished
witl a favorable decision on voter regis-
tration. Students could then influence, to
say nothing of elect 'local officials who
hold the interests of the University com-
munity close to their hearts.
Legal action could begin against the lock-
ed up skilled trade and construction un-
ions with respect to their minority group
hiring practices.
It is interesting to me that ah enlight-
ened and intellectual university such as
ours can find a logical conclusion to the
argument of not dealing with racist unions,
in the statement, "Well, if you don't hire
those unions, we get nothing built."' I won-
der how long the unions in question woul '
"not build anything" once they begin to be
denied and lose their lucrative contracts.
Here, as I did in section I, 'I will charge
SGC with ignoring issues of extreme im-

portance. Agreed, not all students have
cars, or like SGC, not all students are even
concerned. But I believe there is a major-
ity of the students who are concerned with
the $1,000,000 and that the city makes
each year from parking tickets. I believe
there is a majority of students who ar6
concerned with institutional as well as in-
dividual racism. I believe there is a vast
majority of the students and these issues
SGC has turned its back on.
victories are only half-victories. Students
must free their heads. Righ energy al-
ready exists, and now it must be con-


I feel that the major issue in this elec-
tion concerns student demands and their
relationship towards University policy.
While acknowledging the desirability of
certain reforms, I oppose without qualifi-
cation any disruptive action, whatever its
purpose. I take this position because I feel
that such action A) disrupts the University
and therefore hinders the individual stu-
dent in his pursuit of an education and
B) that such action tends 'to create an at-
mosphere in which force and power domi-
nate instead of reason and ideas. As the
alternative to disruption, I feel that chan-
nels should be opened to students within
the University structure so that student
discontent and University policy reform
can occur without disrupting the lives of
the individual student.
In regards to the allocation of S.G.C.
funds, I feel that the S.G.C., since it is
financed equally by every student, should,
in allocating its funds, act in the general
student interest, and not merely for the
benefit of any one clique or group.
Regarding the R.O.T.C. question, I feel
that since a university should include as

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