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October 04, 1958 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1958-10-04

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Eley Suggests Michigan Constitution Needs Revision

t ...


A suggestion that Michigan take
a "bold, new look" at its constitu-
tion was offered by a University
expert yesterday as he spoke to
the public corporation law section
of the State Bar meeting in Grand
Lynn W. Eley, supervisor of the
Lansing office of the listitute of
public administration, said con-
stitutional revision should express
faith in the ability of voters "to
enforce governmental responsibil-
ity where power and responsibility
are centered.".
Clear-cut means should be set
for both the legislature and the
governor in carrying out their
functions,, he added.
Improve Policy Making
New ways to improve policy-
making by the legislature include:
1) increased salaries, especially
for the president of the Senate
and for the speaker of the House;'
2) election of Senators for four-
Board Visits
Atoi1e1 Pla1nt
Twelve members of the Univer-
sity's Michigan-Memorial Phoenix
Project's governing board recently
visited the atomic energy facili-
ties at' Oak Ridge, Tenn.
They also held a business meet-
ing to study the future financing
of the project, which is dedicated
to .finding peacetime uses of
atomic energy.

year, staggered terms; and 3)
provision of improved legislative
research facilities and a legisla-
tive post-auditor.
Eley pointed out that the duties
of the auditor would be to check
the general performance and op-
eration of the laws by various ex-
ecutive agencies, in addition to
the task of examining agency's fi-
4nanlcial status.
n Revision of the constitution
would give the legislature power
to use whatever kinds of taxes it
wishes, subject only to the poli-
tical control desired by the people
and the restraints of the federal
Give More Discretion
The legislature should be given
more discretion over state revenue
spending 'and should also be able
to review the "earmarking" of
funds, Eley said. At the present
time, he commented, two-thirds
of the state's income is earmarked
for specific purposes and is out-
side . the legislature's control.;
Present constitutional provision
proves to be unduly restrictive
where financial powers of local
governments are concerned, he
said. An effort -to ease' "the
strait-jacket effect of the 15-mill
amendment and to improve the
adininistrative machine'y con-
nected ' with property taxation,"
should be made, he said.
Local units, cited 3ley, parti-
cularly cities and villages, need
to have the power to adopt types
of taxes other. than the property-

tax-possibly a municipal income
tax-at their own discretion. An-
other problem which might be
considered by the constitutional
convention is that of local debt
control, he added.
Pattern Powers
On the state level, the powers
of the governor should be pat-
terned after those of the Presi-
dency, Eley said. The governor,
under the present constitution,
may have to contend with such
things as partisan opponents
within the executive branch.
Otters Establish
Zoo Residency'
At niversit
"You otter come and see us,"
might be the motto of the two
otters who took up housekeeping
at the University's, little zoo this
The couple is establishing resi-
dency in a special cage which in-
cludes a swimming pool and a
ramp to slide down into the
Valued at $350 apiece, acquisi-
tion of the small mammals is the
result of the efforts of Irving Rei-
mann, director of the Natural
History Museum. "We waited
seven years to get these animals,"
he said.

Also his authority over person-
nel management is weak and he
lacks power to dismiss members
of nearly all executive positions,
boards and commissions for policy
reasons, Eley added.
"By limiting the governor's
term to two years,the constitu-
tion has given him precious little
with which to counter the "willful
men" who frequently sit on
boards and commissions for as
many as eight years."
Impede Central Direction.
The legislature has approved
123 organizations, a "monstrous
impediment to central direction
and control" noted Eley, creating
new problems because the present
constitution fails to prescribe a
general pattern for assigning ex-
ecutive functions.
"The executive article of the
donstitution desperately needs re-
vising to end the situation in
which entrenched minorities, in
most cases without direct respon-
sibility to the people, are fre-
quently able to thwart the ac-
complishment of a popular man-
date," he said.
Even though the governor is ac-
countable to the people for the
results, he definitely is denied the
authority and the tools that are
necessary to achieve these results,
Eley commented. When people
change governors for policy rea-
sons, various agencies and offi-
cials are still in the position to
ignore or challenge the new gov-

.. . .. ... , ....,m.".:".m:.1.t... *r ;"1.ws .Ji..7'd r'n .. ;":¢: ,.z vJ.,,1.... t n. A ~ s a,"v' ,. - ,.¢ ," r F'r: "' " +A
: ":. .: s,.'PX 3 , ,.,n Mr. Y }J2 J~fr.C.".'t:"Jh.". .J:".... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4...',.±i, ..
"J,. . ~ *~ .N.

(Continued from Page 4)
donesia and Africa." Dr. Marcel Huet,
director, Section of Hydrobiology,
Groenendaal-Hoeilaart Research Sta-
tion, Belgium. Mon., Oct. 6, 4:00 p.m.,:
Nat. Sci. Aud.
Public Health, Assembly: "Historical
and Social Background of the Modern
Fublic Health Movement I." Nathan
Sinai, Prof. of Pub. Health and Direc.,'
Bureau of Public Health Economics.
Mon., Oct.. 6, 4:00 p.m., School 'of Pub-
lic Health Aud.
Academic Notices
Engineering Mechanics 'S e m i n a r,
Mon., Oct. 6, 4:00 'p.m., Rm. 218 W. Eng.
Bldg. Coffee will be served at 3:30 pm.
Hadley J. Smith will speak on "T-he
' Velocity Distribution and Stability of
a Laminar Swirling Flow."
Doctoral Candidates who expect to
receive degrees in Feb., 1959, must have
at least three bound copies (the ori-
ginal in a "spring binder") of their
dissertations in the office of the Grad-
uate School by Fri., Dec. 12. The re-
port of the doctoral committee on the
final oral examination must be filed
with the Recorder of the Graduate
School together with two copies of the
thesis, which is ready in all respects for
publication, not later than Mon., Jan..
U.S. Iubber Co. Foundation Scholar-
ship: Undergraduate men who have
completed at least two years of col-
lege at the University and who are
planninga career in industry are eli-
gible to apply for the U. S. Rubber Co.
Foundation Scholarships. Applications
for this- scholarship will be available.
until Oct: 15 at the Scholarship Office,
2011 S.A.B.
Placement Notices
The following schools have listed
teaching vacancies with the Bureau
of Appointments for the 1958-59 school
year. They will not be here to inter-
view at this time.
Belleville, Mich. (van Buren Public
Schools)' - 6th grade.

Fraser, Mich. - 1st grade.
Milford, Mich. - 2nd grade.
St. Clair, Mich. (St. Clair River Area
Schools) - Mentally Handicapped.
For any additional information con-
tact the Bureau of Appointments, 3528
Admin. Bldg., NO 3-1511, Ext. .489..
Personnel Interviews:
The following companies will be in-
terviewing, at the College of Engineer-
Oct. 7: Link-Belt Co., Chicago, Ill.,
will, be interviewing for B,S.: Civil,
Elec. Ind., & Mech. Type of work: De-
sign; Production, and Sales.
Automatic Electric Co. and General
Telephone Labs, Northlake, Ill., will be
interviewing for B.S. and M.S. in Elec,
Ind., and Mech. Engr. and Ph.D.: Elec
Engr. Must be U.S. .citizen. Type- of
work: Design; Res. .and Dev.; Training
Oct. 8 & 9:t
North - American Aviation, Atomics
International, Canoga Park, Calif., will
be interviewing candidates with B.S.,
M.S. and Ph.D.: Nuc., Met., Ceramics,
Elec., Mech., Chem., Physics, Chemis-
try, and Math. Type of work: Res. and
Autonetics, Downey, Calif., inter-
viewing B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.: Aero.,
Elec., Mech., Physics and Math. Type
of work: Res. and Dev.; Sales; Tech.
Writing; Field Service & Training.
Columbus Division, Columbus, Ohio,
interviewing B.S.: Aero., Elec., & Mech.
M.S.: Aero., Elec.,. E.M., Mech. & Met.
Ph.D.: Aero., Elec.,, E.M. and Met..
Must be. U.S. citizen. Type of work:.
-Design: Res. and Dev.
Los Angeles Division, Los Angeles,.
Calif., interviewing B.S.: Aero., Chem.,
'Civil, Elec., Math., E.M., Phys., Mat'ls.,
Mech. and Met. M:S: A ro., Chem.,
Civil, Elec,, E.M., Instr., Mt'Is., Mech.,
& Met. Ph.D.: Aero., Chem., Elec., E.M.,
Instr., Mech., and Met. Must be U.S.
citizen. Type of work: Design; Res, &
Missile Division, Downey, Calif., In-
terviewing B.S.: Aero., Chem., Civil,
Elec., Math., E.M., Physics, Mat'is.,
Mech., Met., and Science. M.S.: .Aero.,
Chem., Elec., Civil, E.M., Instr., Mdat'ls.,
Mech., and Met. Ph.D.: Aero., Chem.,
Civil, Elec., E.M,, Instr,, Mech., and
Met. Type of work: Design; Res. and
Dev.; Production.

Rocketdyne, Canoga, Park, Calif., in-
terviewing B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.: Elec.,
Mech., Chem.,"Civil, Aero., Physics, and
Math. Type of work: Des.; Res. and
Westinghouse Elec. Corp., All divi-
sions, Wilkinsburg, Pa., interviewing
B.S. & M.S.: Chem. Elec., Math., E.M.,
Physics, Ind., Mat'ls., Mech., Met. &
Nuclear. Must be male U.S. citizen.
'Type of work: Design; I Res. and Dev.;
Sales; all phases of Mfg.; Purchasing.
Oct. 9:
National Steel Corp., Wierton Steel
Co., Weirton, West Va., interviewing
B.S.: Elec., Ind., Mech., and Met. M.S.:
-Mech. and Met. Must b6 male U.S.
citizen. Type of work: Res. and Dev.
Oct. 10:
Elmco Corp.,. Cleveland, Ohio, inter-
viewing B.S.': Chemical. Must be U.S.
citizen. Type of work: Sales Engrg..
For further information and inter-
view appointment, contact the Engi-.
neering Placement Office, 347 E. Eng.
Ext. 2182 or 2021.
The following company 'will be in-
terviewing ii Detroit Oct. 4 and 5:
General Electric Co., will be inter-
viewing for engineering graduates with
backgrounds in Mech., Des., Servo
Anal., Controls System Evalu., Exhaust
Nozzle Des. Compressor Components,
or in fields related to any of these fore-
going. Engineering degree and U.S.
citizei ship a must. The company will
pay agency fees, trip to plant and re-
location expenses.
For further information concerning
the above interview appointment times
contact Bureau of Appointments, Ext.
Personnel Requests:
Daystrom Weston Industrial Division,
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., is looking for a
Senior Electronic Estimating Engineer.
College degree in, Elec. Engrg. with a
major in communications, or electron-
ics, or a dhgree in physics with a con-
siderable amount of electronics train-
ing. U.S. citizenship and the ability to
obtain security' clearance is required.
Must have considerable exp. in prepar-
ation of propdsals for government busi-
ness, Exbellent salary.
An Institute in Ann Arbor is look-
ing for an Assistant to Business Man-
ager. No specific training, but want
broad exp. in several areas of business.
Specialized in broader problems of or-
ganization, Staff function. Desire Bus.
Adm. degree with work or exp. in En-
gineering or an Engrg. degree with
work ex. in, business.
Michign State Employees Associa-
tion, Lansing, Mich. is accepting ap-
plications for the position of Infor-
oation Representative. Age: 25-40,
however age will not be the determin-
ing factor. College degree or equivalent.
Training in journalism, government
and personnel particularly helpful.
Should have exp. with newspaper,
trade publication or house organ. Pro-
motional and publicity exp. helpful.

This association is an independent or-
ganization of state employees devoted
to the improvement of the welfare of
state employees in all ways com-
patible with the public interest. It is
a dynamic and growing organization.
Lake View Trust and Savings Bank,
Chicago, Ill., is looking for a young col-
lege graduate who desirably would
have some scholastic background in the
broad field of finance, and with a live-
ly interest in customer public relations,
business development and advertising.
Exp. in college leadership, and particu-
larly in publications would no doubt
weigh equally with formal courses.
Oliver' Machinery Co., Grand Rapids,
Mich., has an opening for an Assistant
to the Sales Manager of the Packaging
and Label Division of the company.
Travel away from Grand Rapids -
possible 20-25 per cent of the time. Age:
under 40: Married. Prefer a background
of field sales work and direct customer
contact and must be supported by en-
gineering- training or exp.j
Executive Manpower Corp., New
York, N.Y. is looking for a Production
Superintendent. Basic function: Plan-
ting, scheduling and expediting, of
rocket manufacture. Age: 30-40. De-
gree desirable, Mech. Engr. preferred.
Thorough knowledge of machine tools
and machining operations. Ability to
supervise, organize, delegate and stay
on top of job. ,
American Medical Association, Chi-
cago, Ill., is looking for a girl who
made good grades in - college and pos-
sesses a genuine desire to do research
work rather than teaching, personnel
work, etc., to work as a Research As-
sistant. Prefer major in social sciences
and those who are some way closely
associated with medicine. 37% hour
For further information concerning
the above positions, contact the Bu-
reau of Appointments, 3528 Admin..
Bldg., Ext. 3371.
(Use of this column for announce-
ments is available to officially recog-
nized and registered organizations only.
Organizations planning to be active for
the current semester should register
not later than October 10. Forms avail-
able, 2011 Student Activities Building.)
Stamm Foundation of Evangelical
United Brethren Church, First Meet-
ing, Oct.B5, 7:00 P.M., Lane Hall. Speak-
er: Reverend. Roimundo Garcia of Do-
minican Republic.
* * *
Wolverine Soccer Club, organizational
meeting, Oct. 7, 8:00 P.M., Rm. 3R

WANTED TO RENT-Parking area or
garage, vicinity of Lawyers Club. Call
NO 3-7962. )L3
LOST-Travelers checks. Please call
John Weimer, English Dept., Ext.
539, 2785, 3384, or 2-5250. Reward. )A17
LOST-Pearl ring valuable to owner.
Reward. Call Norma Herman, NO 2-
1238. )A18
LOST: One silver spoon marked "M.W.,"
possibly in Auditorium B Friday,
Sept. 19. Cal John Weimer, English
Dept. or NO 2-5250. )A15
FURNITURE, clothing; you name it, we
have it-at the Pi Phi rummage sale
Sat. at the armory, 223 E. Ann, open
8:30 A.M. )B27
GIRL'S Bicycle, less than one year old.
Good condition. Call NO 5-6318.
41 FT. Richardson House trailer, 2 bed-
rooms. On lot. Ready to occupy. Make
offer. Must sell. Call NO 5-6856.
-~) B29
B & rJ Press Camera with flash and two
English bikes. Call NO 2-5377. )B26
FOR SALE-Mink cape, excellent coridI-
tion. Must sacrifice. Call NO 5-7344.
BIANCHI Bicycle, man's, new cond.
ww, gen., S-A shift. 'Best offer. NO
8-6312. )B21
BIRCH, kneehole desk and chair, blond
Baumritter. $65. Call NO 2-2824.
ARMY-NAVY type . Oxfords - $7.25;
socks 39c; shorts 69c; military sup-
plies. Sam's Store. 122 E. Washington.
FURNISHED HSE., oil heat. 1g. yard. 4
bedrooms. Whitmore Lake. $12500 a
month. Phone HIckory 9-2138. )C73
LARGE Single Room in clean quiet
house. One block from Campus. Be-
hind Administration Bldg. Linens
furnished. $8.75 wk. Call Rock at
NO 2-3179. )C67
APT. for rent for 2, 3, adults or a
couple. Very reasonable. Call NO
3-4402. )C68
TO GRADUATE student with trans-
portation; a study, bedroom and bath.
$50 a month. 2107 Hill St. NO 8-7240.
EFFICIENCY apartment. Completely
furnished, first floor, private en-
trance. pleasant and cheerful. Cam-
pus area. $68 including utilities. NO
8-6787 or NO 2-4346. )C71
SPECIAL rooming opportunity, main
floor front room, 411 E. William, con-
tact occupant, NO 3-7044 after 5 p.m.
AVAILABLE--Doubles for men, Suite
and double room, near campus.
Phone NO 8-8681 after 5 p.m., 1011 E.
University. ) C65
IDEAL 3 room apartment for couple.
Newly furnished. Ultra modern. Ex-
cellent location. Immediate occu-
pancy. Call 8-7878 or 3-1887, )C63
PLEASANT furnished, 2 bedroom home,
oil heat, shower, insulated, reason-
able rent to responsible party. NO 2-
7207. )C60
WANTED: Two men to share apart-
ment. 3rd floor-share kitchen and
bath. Call NO 3-6919. )C23
CAMBRIDGE RD.-71430. Huge double
for men, private bath, shower, 2
sinks, large closets; linens, beautiful
location. )C55
FURNISHED HOME, 4 bedrooms, 2nd
floor. Living, dining, kitchen, den on
1st floor. Tastefully furnished In-
cluding automatic washing machine,
ideal for family, group of boys or
girls.1023 Church St.
Unfurnished apartment, 2 bedrooms,
living room and kitchen - dining.
Nicely decorated. 1114 S. Forest.
Phone NO 3-1447 or 3-5098 to see.
SINGLE room near all sport areas.
Clean and quiet. $10 per week. Stop
by 402 Benjamin or call NO 2-8372.
2 ROOM SUITE for men with attached
clothes closet. 1 block from cam-
pus. $9 per person. Also double room,
$7 per person. NO 3-7242. )C58
ROOM for male students, 3$ block
from campus. Cooking privileges. 417
E. Liberty. NO 5-7588. )C52
SINGLE ROOM for man. Near Campus.
NO 8-8681 after 5:00 P.M. 1011 E
University. )C49

2 BEDROOM HOUSE. Available imme-
diately, unfurnished. Ideal for stu-
dent couple. Gas heat, utilities sepa-
rate. HUnter 2-6014. )C21


GIRL WANTED to share attractive RADIOS, REPAIRS
house on Liberty St. Private bed-
room and laundry facilities. Call NO g
2-2856 after 5 p.m. )E13
WANTED - Boarders. Excellent rates. An amazing inventory of HI-Fl
Call steward, NO 3-8581. )E1O components available to you at
BOARDERS WANTED at Tappan Inter- catalogue price.
national House. 724 Tappan. NO 5-
5703. )E7
We stock amplifier, AM - FM
USED CARS tuner and speaker enclosure
ATEkits in several brands.
We pay top dollars for good used cars. 1217 and 1317 S. University
544 Detroit St. NO 3-8141
'49 PONTIAC-two toned green. Motor
in good condition. Call NO 3-1841.
On Record Players

We service all make foreign cars,


303 Ashley

N 5-80

MG-TF for sale. Excellent condition
with radio, heater, electric defrosters.
Call NO 2-7987 after 5:30 P.M. )N11
Bumping and Painting
2007 South State NO 2-3350



Figure 5 average words to a line.
deadline, 3 P.M. daily, I 1 :00 A.M Saturday
Phone NO 2-3241


Friendly service is our business.
Atlas tires, batteries and acces-
sories. Waranteed & guaranteed.
See us for the best price on new
& used tires. Road service -
mechanic on duty.
"You expect more from Standard
and you get its!
1220 S. University at Forest
NO 8-9168 )


NEEDED-Football officials. Afternoons
and evenings. Intramural Sports De-
partment. Call NO 3-4182. Ask for
Ronald B. Thompson. )H13
REGISTERED Nurses and lab. tech-
nician. Top starting salaries in ac-
cordance with qualifications. Mio
Medical Center (Osteopathic),, Mio,
Michigan. )H14
MICHIGAN DAILY needs carrier with
car to deliver to Pittsfield Village.
Contact Steve at HU 3-4215. )H
MALE AND FEMALE dancing instrue-
tors wanted over 21. Experience need-
ed. Apply in person. Arthur Murray
Studios, 1311 S. University. )H8
SCOTTIE PUPS. AKC registered. Home
grown. Reasonable. Phone NO 8-7501.
Do you know?
Beverly Berney ..........NO 3-1561
Gene Duboff ........... NO 2-7860
GERMAN and FRENCH, Experienced
European tutor. Special method for
Graduate Students. Call 3-2975. )F38
14 YEAR OLD boy needs tutor for 8th
grade social studies and reading; 4
to 6 hours per week until June. Write
Box F32 in care of TheDaily. )F32
WEEKLY knitting lessons for any girl
at League. $3 for 12 'hours by pro-
fessional teacher. Org. meeting Octo-
ber 9. Further information at League.
I AM DISGUSTED. My name is Dick
Richiger and I am.ahstudent.here
with you. Every day I hear of people
having trouble finding ways and
means of supplementing their living
allowance but who are doing very
little about it and I am fortunate to
be associated with an International
concern which at the present time
is giving me 3 important factors
which every college student should be
concerned about. 1) The opportunity
of meeting a large concern for post-
graduation opportunities. 2) The
wonderful experience so badly needed
along with our education. 3) MONEY
RIGHT NOW. Our working schedule
Is flexible enough to meet any school
requirements: I am carrying 16 hours.
If you have the guts or fortitude to
face reality and you have a burning
desire to be successful; call for an
interview at NOr2-5127between 6 and
9 P.M. Friday or Sunday. )F36






You are invited to attend a
FREE LECTURE entitled:
Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church,
The First Church of Christ, Scientist,
in Boston, Massachusetts.



Gosh frosh!


it~~~~ vII Ur i n tikfar






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