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May 19, 1959 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1959-05-19

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~I~r£irfigan Da~t
S7 tOTX:,dk Yea
L~I~r~A~~ MI~ALFi~ TUD~T or~ir Urvr~m r jcu~T
:. i nt{ ~ ~ tYN"'.RS7'TOe:Y r:A CO 114, r ST:I",DEXT;:'"F S"Ti

"He Realy Has A Summit Complex., ltesn't He?~

'How je' Ou idrawrs
League Fountai
?'Rl:heoc r pngi1o iiel s re"v-iewt' r ?1TnI into
loa o-ofrit lowifehas;orgt %en 1ovwabard:, mat

-AY, MAY c,9li9 P


Predictability Thill%
Geneva Conference

:) i s AC o L, aLl.: sts ay r
tont prac? tice smtilessthn hs is the
~e a lest i th ~UitedStae.ame nrcns
tain lac tthoitoiri.oai
but I genral astnv.rfealk
r. years v. ersion of 1,i." ct eis Ygneva.Cn-
- tha:I3°it ._},isIf nyne]s Iteese
(] 9]l w -loa3faki, a-zn 7o t,
"eCanCh1eqa _l wi Irea; I.by ltsiple
What; £'£Z7 tz bf AIta- mtcreeto n
n Rusinsmpn 1Ces'traty wfitha
~- a trea:Z- whch wou'Cld w his: the three
We tnrr oc~u powers 2out of West Berlin-
and l_;Bri I omuit ad
IT IS y ETScneto htsc
C~n:atyofhninuf ingcl war LBtI the ten-1
whic av s onddGermany 7f and
the nwt So' re en i p$t. would no-t, be r~eove
f!?t°7 . -Celro~assall of Eu.ropef
rn, fmade lh:-cptlve But the C omImu'-
n.stc re n owi_'nC th. GrmaI :P_ alonIe,

to:, comp'jlete.' Europea _.domintn ai it isl
Alsoof runeconern o te Wet i tha th
from iithe1Vrt Aateic . oatyOrganiztin
this.wuld dinitel-hurt.an: might ,t even^a
?0HtR 1;.:7 little0 wonde1 that r'teaso-
&ies i no grt o n'h]l ~ ne i ' t
tiuae heser:ve n I West-
goal i - to .m ai ntau z in thet erritoial a c o li
peetay waknig ofth W s"s mir r
poiini urp soe hc sdameta.-
rintcalopsdt h iso h usi
2ft Il:ng to reconciei:~cnial pas hs
ino= comiaio 8 n with thefact t h _ighi


negotiating in the foreigi
ministers conference at Genev~
under the eruel pressure of stead~
ly increasing dangers to vita Brit
ish interests in the Middle East
it is not merely the Berlin erisi
which Britain must face alo~
with the rest of the West. Beyoni
the Mediterranean iraq - whic]
both the Tlnited States and
British have so long so Iv
keep in the pro-West camp - ha
now seemina,.- ~.on all w
into international communisni
Moscov has turne th M ddl
Eastern screw at a brutally ap
Responsible Alforinants ii
Washington therefore assume a
thet~ must. that British poltc~ a
Geneva over Germany is bound
to be softened by British conceri
as to what the Russians migh
further do in the Middle East
A chief Western negotiator a
Geneva is thus being distracte~
and weakenec by fears as to w
might happer £ long way fron
Berlin The long story of decini
ing British power in what user: V
be a great h 0 Brit . in
fluence the Valley of the l~lle r
developing a sad nev chapter
AT T~S Y~LESENT Big you:
conferenot America will no; b~
similarly ~edevilled and eniee~le
b~ perils elsewhere to Americaz
interests But there n a rrsini
possibilit~ that one da~ in somi
other Big Fou' meeting over Em
rope we too will have to figh

Pressure on the WTest
1. iti> ne *n vhle tnt other tht'dange .1
~ had grpesfor olutonsof pob- ome fro o:
~ lms ar waystairmiiar.po
- FoilntdSae nlecei ianr a i
- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -1 thIat2-ainae o a omto o
Amrc scubin wta u ecn naino
-- unoicd inorprocuaio u ol Fhv
~~~'0 w ith te O d W rdyh s v sti;"ol e s m
D a mria xasei u ra er2(-wl-r
r~~~~ diFna phr'onfunc sPh Y^ se acr
e Midle ast sed o beto te bu ~; s frfro
L- Br1sh Aditi4tesureo
C_ m uch o: ou. t real e,:;? :_ zcomic A rE V Lur f \ 'Odi


him as a genuine preparationTis
play was written during the TV'
quir program epidemic the PM
epidemic, and the Asian Flu epi-
,en oit more thn:cnsioul
reacts aaistat last te fsttwo
ofteo its abaitdatedsx
Audiences who only last. week
watched wthsthe three wthshaving
a 'a-pull with fluorescent or-
ange poisoned entrails now can
watch a ore cneprry group
lexhume the isolation booth for a
final desecration
hal ispaydthe extroverted manner author
Phoebe hbron must have ia-
~md. by Charles Rohn z'dorer
ly Will Stockdaein ' NosTime fo
Segens" which should give you
a clue drkpurposes knownI o is rn. i
onl t Mis phonheisunem-
ployed but anyhow married -to a
r agt:o atrhere by Leon Ames of Broadway.
Simms is thle scessul lawer
type--like all gooad Pths have
for fathers, And of couse his
convetionl soul 'rebels at Howie
who is stayin on as a most un-
likely house guest
Simms has a wf e and another
daughter (unmarried but learning
fast and several friends but no
time for them because Howie has
{ fnally found the natural outlet for
his peculiar talent: television,
AFTER THE smoke has cleared
Howieha shown the world that
xhe knows mr about Geoge Elit
than the Deans Conference he
(Hlowie, nt the Deani saved
from a life of catch-a-catch-can
in the N~avy by a suddenl appear-
ing Civil Service job as Keeerof
tePeidetis EGReods
As our pul ship pls awa from th
stage, and the audience is
slowly in the West the ims
family sagter the fatted calf
°while Howie and wife dash up-
stairs to celebrate in their own
way first grabbing the Egyptan
fertility goddessIsis
WHAT HUM R is latent in
Isuch a situation is developed'o
exceedingly high contrast by Miss
Ehroan, to the deligt of a major
portion of the audience. Very little
is left to the imagination and the
'tpestry on the north wall often
tremibles to echoing laughter, sift-
igdust down on crfe heads
caereThe set is well designed to fit
into ILydiame Al?
hnoue stage: costumes are unob-
trusively adequate lighting i
obtrusively adequate; and 7T is
as always, impossible-or at least
highly improbable
Now we have time fr others
inm the cast' Nancy Sheridan is
charming and forgetful as Simmas'
wif e, Li M mis blonde and
bosomy as Simm, younger daugh-
e elegant as Howi's wife and the
producers r quiet and deadly as
Sthey come up the tairs Ioking fr
Summing up: Humor abot n
level with MyFsia audiences;
occasional chuckle forthhi-
brow set who are otherwise better
off an the League Fountain
-David Rend


POW-c .z, tLng to dlevise means of ipeaceflI
t bIn a a8 -estaura nt and
~Si LE othe UOnitedStae ehiito. :-Moscow
-Yon se. r-ighthe-, we have brought r-
"thexit n t eniner Ihav evr seen"r
er to Aramrecoe
*: he;Pal ciadlpfrlhi er"xa Us cleague
he ::_the Am:ricanin: charge.of
the rcitctu ndsit-pan
co)R rTMe. Nd A.-I an say. ._ s that theC

Rulssians 1habe xrml. oprtv n
excelent to wok wih I kov iLmay .or1b
so'.ionable to say his but it is true
Th dpuy.enrl !o'te exhiblC,,-- L .Hoard
Or Mesoehsdietd aytlie Sae
ineratonlk iiions Re said c 'I have


Panamwoa ro
fled en Thlnis
cARY overun
tIdaa intoerbl

official publication of t f ihgn Ta bh The
The e i int vs c m ho
tu abfre2pmtherdy eint
pubU icaio. Ntc o
Meen I. fc 01 ofthe 0iMqe i
Purpose Rmin VneU mdLi
4:15 pm 4
Angell HalWed, May20, 3pm .'I
ait of the 1 . ngt yndlmef
.The Frw at Ba '
student G ammrnCondi, aends
May 20 ISM , Wpm., loui t'l
ZOfficer reports: (30 mnum)4tw
tenlet ters ieP~iet (tee
Appointnments: hairman .OMO
ml Coordinating g.d EunjO
mitt".eRuhinStudly Commrit.
Vie-President (Adin, Ntatl V
Treasurer Budget
Ol Busmnea -Xp u t
mmnd. ;State Uniersty C
AAUP motion (Beter(31) m;)
motion (Re )l(30 ina; Bt k
Commrittee reor.sCianltion Ca
Student welfare Cnri Tikt 11
change (i5 mmtl Studenit Atii
-iraqi Student jClb rqet for 2W
mi gn ege(iS-IS mi.) a
Ritton d~in1~c f
tee. Progress repot (i3 min,)
New linea iesilt (K1l {
min:Meting procedre motion (o
*The ime etimated on this gw
guie to&~comngto the meetiSM S
piily to ate reors nd to no
age as eniepee~ino
as posible.
Following are the o~g
who will be on the mmi this V
on the dates Indcated Poges z
rangemnents are being mae by I** 2
terueitional Cnter* imMCild
Father JwCe - 'tft
Ghana !II eeo e,-
Narmaie S e d1~d
Prfor at th~euedeTua
Lanuag LaoraortSaint Ciin
Sefine at Oa ~neMy24.
try ivrstft nLctur. Dept of 1ahs
W. BXoionan .,a~,
chiatnic istttan Ciic 1
burgh. 50p,.Tue. Mt" -0 , ~
drn's PEThari ~~ And.
Gorge fir i , hi o -
ed prezy ofAmianumna
rra of ,Amseribyan uene fi
anst 7 au:. May 'N 30p.,
W., May 2, fi5 ~
at?' Bymphonry Bn, ne: te
tion o01wSIAa..fl:eeii, O~n
Genierl iyary land at
A Cadntid nm!ei

Foreign A -id Problems

Write Say Residence Halls Have Great Future

Is ?1rss es nays
ARTO AY ifeet proce
y o ei n aciii n one7he a n nu t a
;c 4 rad other propottsOcare Ltakiitg such pain
.I Ciarcpulcaeninbtthogte
E~proval of7-theleary1fur iliondolarsre
fc= byethe admn istr.aiois oE.ofthe
inesieevrInadiin ogoenmn
an h,ae beennlist,.and give wholehearteds1
tnaithe yars o b.opsto t h iipo
Costthouh iportnt des ot sem t oS

need be and to this extent ther question the
stoth claim that the tlniteci States is buying
military security b~ this means far more
cheaply than If she trier 'to d It all herself
Economic ate is criticizer on the grounds that
much of I; shows no obvious results although
there seems 'to be fairly genera1 acceptance that
the objective 'to raise the living s'tanoaros sue
the purchasing power of unoerdevelopec coun-
'tries is good.
There is an admittec neeci for greate: coord'-
nation with outer nations ano 'the Ilnitec l~-
tions in 'this fleic
And there is the ole argument that the good
wil of nations cannot ne ooughr anci that
I undanrenta. long range obiectives snoule oc
placed aheaci of 'temporary politica~ expedienc~
I or cold war purposes.
NEV> Itnitee I~ataon~ Epeciu Fune pro-
gram puts the emphasis or long range ef-
forts wincl nave lirtie If an~ immediate effect
its first list of 'technical arc pre'~ec'ts includes
such things as providing 'teachers oooas and
equipment I or the nev Miodle East Tecnnica.
Dniversir3 a; Ankara T'urke~ There s a pro-
ject it Greece 'to teach boy to differentiate ne-
tweet wat~er -bearing sue non-wate" -bearing
Merftorius out no; immediateb 'telling olows
against Comm.unxst ~rpansion
There is also some tear that Russia b~ keet~-
ing her aid prograir. an a more strtctit business
nasis on the surface arid counting upot iarer
commercia. dependenc~ f or gains ix> powe: over
smaller countries may be making a more haro-

To the Editor.
I P~~EN~ to ;ne ediranra.
entitled "Residence Rall~ Big
Business ot Education"' foune in
the Ma~ 3'th issue of The Daily,
woulo like 'to clarify several
points I or Mr Lanake' ano the
student oodr Wixile ~ agree witi>
Mr Rabaker when he says that
resicience halls shauid be an edu-
cational experience wouid point
our tha' Mr Jo& Stonenam is nor
responsible f or the eauca'tiona.
program in the Quaarangie Re is
Business Manager ane is respon-
sitile I or the business and physica.
piant of 'tnt Quad Thade: the
Michigan Rouse Flat there is at
educational staff and if "the res~-
dence halls eciucationa. program is
no; adequate here is The place 'to
put the blame
Fran' 'the conius.ioi it 'the ed~-
'taria~. 2 was nor able te quite corn-
preherir: wna' v-as neing ques-
tioned If it was the eciucationa.
program 2 have answerec tixis in
part If r' waf the Business Office
arid their past i:,ehavia' ce' -
tainv~ coule see iustiflcaticn I or
student complaint however Mr
Stonehan snoute no; receive the
blame tar past Business Office in-
effectiveness resent his oeirig
made a scapegoat
IN THE F'IIIST p.ae n~
quotec out of cantex' v~rncl die
nor I airy renresent Mr Stone--

aents feelings ane he has worked
with them to make better condn-
'tions in 'tne Quad. Mr Stonehan"
has also done much to further the
Quadrangle educ ati aria. program
b3 giving the men assistance ano
cooperation in establishing movie'
programs. etc that greatly er -
hance 'the cultural atmosphere If
tire 'University har: more men liae
Mr Stoneham student opinion
concerning residence balls would
ne different thar it is a; the pres-
ent 'time
FI~ALL1 Mr Eabaker gives
the impression that 'there is no in-
tellectual atmosphere in residence
halls This statement is nor valie
2 ao~nurt tna; 'the eciucattonal pro-
gram has nor beer. adequate but
because we fee. it is of great ini-
portance - West Quadrangle as
well as 'tnt other Quads have taken
great stnines ix this area ouring
ane past year Poetty readings
cultura. movies faculty guest
speakers and expanding student
hora"ies ~ proof of a firm
grouna work in the eciucational
nxei, There is a great future in
resicierice halls necause of the er~-
pandina acaoemic sacia. and ath-
leta programs These possibilities
ax> aric are being advancer: b'
:ooottatior atir: interest in 'tire
nouses Quads sur: 1HZ : tee. trio;
the pessimism seer ix' 'this article
tine otners is riot ius'tiflee
Dan Rosemerg~

hei bcaseof-the nture of the,
-piaryLot Thacker Pey
c uire: thatever-letter fto- punli-
H -wever tenae of tewriter.
vktc iL'n~ 11n eT~-5.
o the Ei_..
arrived on cmus Thi s m
itisth Dtc aret' Kienk

ain who ha1teoeE'"i-Mers.Bt,
of th e ppleAfter all,. one has
'to ? b.a "green immTig rat" of not
more than1ten months with-a
-Thoai D. Sal-ter Grad,

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t TT.L g c

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