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January 22, 1970 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1970-01-22

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Thursday, January Z2{ 1970

Page Eight THE MICHIGAN DAiLY Thursday, January 22, 1970

Proposal SDS ACTION:
blocked by Protesters attack

Gray asks engineers to assist
in environmental iurovement

U"U T"U"'" T

.Etf U.1.) .Ej .1 ilk



is a -

soc ro fs
(Continued from Page 1) red paint
and refused to promise an im the Place
mediate decision on the proposals, cident
Grobe replied, "We will have to ROTC b
declare this an open meeting," ReCuil
Members of the group met again have rea
last night to discuss future tactics dents wit
and decided against any disrup- The n
tion of the next faculty meeting caught co
if "the chairman agrees to let us
know immediately when a deci- attack. I
sion is reached on the proposal." apprehen
-_ _ ._ .they ent
-- ing.
Political Science Prof. Harold Capj ,
K. Jacobson has been awarded the cruitei' sa
1970-71 visiting research scholar- of stude
ship at the Carnegie Endowment's of the P
f o r International Peace's Euro- but mere
pean Center in Geneva. a sit-in.
Prof. Jacobson intends to de- Visser
vote his research toward a forth- in "wha
coming study tentatively entitled planned
"International Organization a n d avoid say
the International System," and to is what
complete a comparative analysis when th+
of the impact on the specialized paint on
agencies of international organi- Gunne
zations of the entrance of a large Marines
number of states of the develop- age coul
ing world. ertson's
away. T
A new research program honor- full of
ing the late Prof. James K. Pol- oxide."
lock, an internationally known po- There
litical scientist and former chair- ertson's
man of the political science de- injured
partment, was announced yester- hardened
day by the University's Institute cleaned
of Public Policy Studies. could oc
The program will stress joint Allied
research in political and social be- was pu
iavior by German and U.S. schol- claiming
ars. It will a 1 s o offer research only in
training for graduate students. had cea
The program continues strong do with
cooperative ties between the Uni- Howev
versity and German research in- Chemica
stitutions established by Prof. to the r
Pollock during his 42 years at the chemical
University. He was chairman of turing D
the political science department this wee
for 14 years before stepping down our stoc
in 1961 to return to research and An SI
teaching. He died in October 1968, continue
four months after retiring. ticide

ntinued from Page 1)
t graffitti on the wall of
ement office links that!
to another incident last
which windows of the,
uilding were smashed.
ters and administrators
acted to yesterday's inci-
th surprise.
iilitary officers were
ompletely offguard by the
There was no attempt to
nd the group of youths as
ered and left the build-
Eric Visser, a Marine re-!
aid he noticed the group
nts forming in the lobby
Placement Services office,
ly expected them to stage
said that the group moved
t was obviously a well-
attack. They seemed to
ying anything except 'This
we think of the service'
hey dumped the can of
Officer Robertson."
ry Sgt. Scanlon of the
added that "a lot of dam-
d have been done to Rob-
eyes if he hadn't turned
he paint they used was
mineral spirits and zinc
was a danger that Rob-
inner eardrum would be
as the paint dried and
d. However his ear was
before any complications
Chemical recruiter Hickey
zzled by the incident,
that his company dealt
"low toxic pesticides" and
sed to have anything to
'er a spokesman for Allied
1 in New York admitted
recent distribution -of the
. "We stopped manufac-
DDT a year ago and Just
k sold out of the last of
ks," he said.
DS spokesman called the
d distribution of the pes-
"obscene." "Their con-

cr_ _ters ByNANCY__ARDIFplayed-a great.role.in.the The Daily Official Bulletin is an
? official publication of the Univer,.
By NANCY TARDIFF cplayed a great role in the rea- Gray said that even though the sity of Mici . Noties shouli be
"The environmental problem is tion of the environmental problem environmproblemroblem is depend- Room" 38 E. Sn7 RIrTE d g befor
sciences weren't bothered by sell- deeply rooted in the educational, but he said it is "pointless a ent on the Western system of val- p o day prce pub-
social and economic system of inaccurate" to lay all the blame ;n nteWsen ytmo a-'lic"ation andltby 2 pan. F"rridatytfor
ing the stuff for a year after they which the engineer is a part," on them. ues, we can not find the solutions Saturday and Sunday. Items ap-
knew it was poison," he said. Associate Prof. of Civil Engineer- Gray gave three main reasons without the help of science and pr once o student organiza-
Though the Allied Chemical re- ing Donald H. Gray said last night for the environmental problem: technology. tion notices a r e mnot. acceptenfor
Thoughvromnalpobe: tehao ,spublication, F 'o r more infrmma-
cruiter has continued on to other in a lecture sponsored by Environ- i-n. phone 764-9270,
campuses, the Marine recriuters mental Action for Survival (EN- vene massively in nature (via our The role of the engineer will be __,_
are scheduled to be on campus ACT), the New Mobe of the anti veny i n ur a- crucially important in solving the rRSA JANUAR
today and tomorrow. There was pollution movement. technlog ot ounu environmental problem ing the T
no indication on whether any Speaking to about 150 people derstanding of the consequences
further incidents of what SDS in Aud. B, Gray recognized that of such actions. next decade," Gray added. Dy alendar
terms "trashing" would occur. scientists and engineers have -"Second, we have been rather Gray saw educating people about 'Wept. of Physics Resonance Group
prone to View the fruits of tech- Lunch Seminar: V. Wong, "Parafluid-
pneo vw ted b-- the seriousness of the problem and ty in Helium", Physics and Astron-
Snology as unmixed blessings, be-' mkn hmaado h ass omv. Colloquium lam., 12:00 noon.
lieving that the costs to the en- making them awar8 of the causes m.Cloum .,1:0nn.
lievig tht th GosS t0the n- Dept. of Physics Nuclear Colloquium:j
S IsJ to i vironment were incidental. toand consequences of pollution as structure of teCi:
-"Third, we have tended to the first step in solving the prob- B. H wildenthal. MSU, "Nuclear
ask primarily, 'Can something be lem. He felt the environmental Aructre of the N ual NucleiP
done?' rather than, 'Should some- teach-in planned for March will Frontiers in Geology and Geo-
] n1thing be done?'' ab d sI physics Lecture Series: Dr. Jack G.
all G E co n n esGray charged that enginee be able to do this effectively. 'illsDept. of Astronomy, "Formation
By JANE BARTMAN , - largest military contractor in the "can no longer afford the luxury Most of the responsibility for PeslaAstronsystems." Rm 170, Phy-
The Ann Arbor Student Mobili- I U.S.," she continued. "It's making of non-involvement in the conse- solving the environmental prob- Bach-Mozart Sonatas for Violin and
nation Committee is in the process lots of money while the wages of quences of his actions." lem lies with the public, accord- Piano: Performers from the classes of
of drafting a petition asking the the worker are being cut by in- The value system of Western ing to Gray. He added that a com- fuscss rt and Ange s:8Sch:l
+ .nvrith fl ti hirh i t i lt man can ultimately be seen as the~

Pkicnient Servic
Spring (,raduates apply now f o r
FSE:E now if interested in Fede, ov.
employment. Applic. duce F'eb. 10 for
Feb. 21 exam.
Inquire about these programs at ca-
reer planning, 230 SAB, call 764-6338.
Caree rs wiith State of New York.
booklet and application procedures
St. Louis University announces d a y
and evening session summerprograms.
New Yo' rk State Depar'tment cof
Transportation, booklet on career op-
portunities avail.

212 SAB. Lower Level
The Last Test for jobs in the Fed-
eral Government this summer must
be applied for before Feb. 4. This
test. will be given March 14. Applic.
and info, at SPS.
Interview at Summer Placement:
January 26: Miss Liberty, London,
Engletnd,representative, will interview
interested students Mon.. Jan. 26 from
3-5 p.m. Openings for men and women
In igeneral officer work. Evenings and
veekeds free to travel, etc.



University to sever atl tles wni
the General Electric Corp. and to
bar GE recruiters from campus.
In a general meeting last night i
SMC approved plans for the pe-!
tition and educational programs
in an effort to mobilize campus
support for the nation-wide work-
ers strike against the General
Electric Corp.
SMC'has two purposes in mind
in organizing local support for the:
strike-expressing support for the
demands for higher wages and
protesting GE's role in maintain-
ing the Vietnam war.
"t ., _.. .. .,. a,.,

za ion, w cn in urn is a resui
of the war."
SMC is enlisting. the help of

basic of the environmental prob-
lem, according to Gray.
I"iti is a system of values largely

piete solution to the problem
would involve a new life style in

General Notices

Heavy Duty Steering
and Suspension Parts

other local groups in tseffortt0r dnWsrRegent's Meeting: Feb. 19 and 20.A
inoe lcalgrUpisnitsyeffothto rooted in Western religion which Wa sneddi e-reigcommunications for consideration at u -JON'
inyolve the University in the sees man as having complete of is Gray sa Th-rdub- this meeting must be in the Presi- IDLER ARMS
strike, notably the Women's Lib- dominion over nature," Gray said.jof priorities, Gray said. Th° pub- dent's hands no later than Feb. 5. " TIE ROD ENDS
eration Front. GE pays women as Gray added that another West-tlie must change its outlook towards xistory Make-up Examinatinn will
much as $1.50 an hour less than ern trait that accounts for the the environment and its consump- be held sat., Jan. 24, 10-12 a.m., 429, ANN AR O
men doing the same job, accord- violation the is tive habits, he said. Mason Hall.m Alstudents should be
menlatio ofth environment is there at 10 a.m. Please consult your in-
ing to SMC "our massive reliance on economic Technology already has s o m e structor, then sign list in History Of- U F E
determinants." valuable answers to pollution fice, 3601 Haven Hall.
The group is coordinating its: - -_ __. _ w_
organization of support for the "We have become mesmerized problems, according to Gray. But
strike along with preparation for by economic statistics and the it is up to the public now," Gray Da iJly CI ass if led s 23 JACKS AE.
the spring National Student Anti- concept of growth-growth for it- said, "to insist that some of these7659
War Conference which will be self, whether in material goods or solutions be implemented when Bri Re uts *
held in February in Cleveland, people," he explained, appropriate."g{
The purpose of the conference
will be to organize spring activi-
ties in opposition to the war. our stacked-up loafer of crushed patent for Miss J
Local organizers are attempting to
gather a wide representation of :
workers to attend the conference. rides high on a8StaCke8 heel With an Up-tfront


When you support the GE
strike you are supporting a very
real thing-the right of an indi-
vidual to maintain his living
standard," says Debby Bustin,
SMC coordinator.
In addition, "GE is the second

EllI3$ iOUSH
(Need we even say 'need we say more'?)
$2.00 FRI.-SAT.-SUN.
DOORS OPEN 8 P.M. cheap

$10 per month
FREE Service and Delivery
Ne jac TV Ileitals

tongue topped by a gleaming
Sgolden ornament. It's young and
lively in shiny black handsewn
patent.leather with a
. .-h ' y'.crinkled textuare. 16.00
Jaeob oi2.**
,j S

t d


the greatest beauty is
Organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things, the divine beauty
of the universe. Love that, not man
Apart from that, or else you will share man's pitiful confusions
or drown in despair when his days darken.











MARCH 11-14

If you are interested

in promoting an awareness and understanding of the sickness of our environ-


ment-and learning what you can do about it-contact these students in your
gram, who are planning departmental or school activities for the Teach-In ...

department, or pro-

ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN-John Gillespie-761-2807
Susan Jorgensen-663-7493
EDUCATION-Sue Allan-761 -6557
ENGINEERING-Bill Jackson-665-8564
Kevin Leaman-663-0470.
Pete Parker-764-3381 or 426-3107
JAPANESE STUDIES-Tony Chambers-761-7435
ISR-Dick Roistacher-763-3552
Pat Tomlin-764-6595

LAW-Bob Olson-76l -9220
Roger Conner-665-9616
LIBRARY SCIENCE-Ruth Fleischer-662-0532
LSA-Anthropology-Susan Harding-482-863 1
Asian Studies-Ann Miller-663-5107 or 764-0441
Botany-John Remsberg-769-3334
Classics-Rick Weis-764-6623
Economics-Steve Ettiger-668-89i 5
English-June Sander-764-8894
Georgraphy-Joan La.ubernds-662-2290
Howard Mielke-663-4905
Geology-Dave Cowan-NO 3-2671
History-John Rozett-665-0722
History of Art-Misty Connors-665-7438

Physics-Leonard Sander-764-3460 or 662-8337
Psychology-Jerry Gardner-764-0426
Sociology-Howard Hammerman-769-1596
Zoology-Dick H iI1-461-3220
MEDICAL SCHOOL-David Sobel-761-7643 or '769-0233
NATURAL RESOURCES-Roger Anderson-769-0722
POPULATION STUDIES-Pierre Pradervand-769-7360
PUBLIC HEALTH-George Coling-662-3351
Dick Wade-662-3598
RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE-Shari Danch-764-3602
PANHELLENIC-Marty Mosher-761 -3661


If your department has no representative at present, or you can't reach him, contact Frank Cajka
(764-9144) or Dave Damm (769-1296), co-chairmen, Interdepartmental Coordinating Committee,

I "TI-w AkI.AII°J " n

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