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August 29, 1967 - Image 22

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The Michigan Daily, 1967-08-29

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pROTEST 1?LM~ir~u oll for jta t~
PU STA1 'j"I4 r1N/ i2xt hazlos e
NI m u cU, as I I forALL~ ! the / h0 e plove the re verses
ln Jit. th' dpi iopo 'JOhvti
e:Campus Stirred by Board s 2Con. per ''
of Editor ,*.intnhek OWSd; t,,,.

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.+otte ek O ~( DYWALTyjfrrUGASER
t th x \ic110Si \ci to T 'ri 1 '.i O m es
as~ *\e~~V te C OT all 5 ANN ARBOR, Mi h Fe
e } , vrsitY° of -,ichigafl met today}
A , 00 SS e'fs to ewsCeUY G a tangled carnpus
sits e t oy N. 1noihnationof an outsp o ohe n be ',
ex a o o ~e th ' nev m e l o drgraduate as editor of t
nth 't' \\eox x tu 'W n t xe ;Stueni n ela sapntodager teb o
eny.ons xY , W , The dispute centers on a ib
oX.elisted cstao ke d lt' e taXiysl't v0ei'l nu015.ison fsu tPblcd'rrsrF
eCo a x 4 .oxale ast x° ln - .as editor of theMl h~
Cos e n Coll p Jo xotajuir amnVeene~
a e l ,ole$1 axttte th vstY e i p newsasagspisbnk iis apers t. wa
asade cla su l~e veintSxI lynto u'' t la~~ppr. S nfb
ova ~~e ~ .,~iald y heflutgoing5r4tr
AND 1 XeuW 0e - n cn. considers other candidat (a
e ' eaig sst01. h
ath a dmx cxusanominations nvebenoe {ba
6 vYtocalcoinhst wttw o h
anxX O \etantamount to pp~nr O
e ar eas 1V it\y c that wihte,;tudnte
p~Xi t e
vead e C b 1a 'L" las t ew a xi hy pa rt ,alYk evl~ datefc iox' oarhdun
gloa at e tlesl to ~ x cxia t gon is~tof eneraI
dX XsG t Go ~ T h -h eres. la te f IC ag a ' g 1
t'ne er sd dshlsh1i2nf es exOacO x s ca ,t thestuident 1
A \ca o ft ap 5siL T1 es ht o h nv
Kou e nssfl-lxxn eArh orethaTthGoIUthh cdi
"gt14t U th ~ eV x. e5~ W ~S~ pe stud i
p Vi x denied anthd me
tet Coe, Th fOX' Vt x an an a'S.exec'
ex TheW~ 4~e dy thtuLI
3 O G '0edent, Osa ide~ j
"4 '0 tse-ettv ,o ne" pbiato ux o a esSnw ihense set o as aoftei; n ry Vojen an
of 1a ve N a e n exb ok ari&r paer wndri
oaY xs a exepe res0 stua ion anst on cV 0te 0 nwsP x'to IX ie\ 5 ilee wat o its
n&A ean editrial R d oto adma
to n ad iwe thin to te alog fox s as yjes va N a i c *',. re
it r xs es ex in odea etxx estrvi
-lens at -by Orgay izf evi bele o9ol f, - X ioOWhy vxe Cs xc,.
role a L '- to aJ ' 4Q* ~L'

of fhOf 10?.F, t
1 7 jblo .", f'ls
} ?Pop 1.f s tit) t




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1 '7 ~' ' ~l/p(1/ /
of 2 z 2 f, c t b , -
- Jl5 I ): : ° tP 37 j 4r3
lI 12 ; j Y z z r ef.f, .1 r _~~ :0 fzc, '0uht,
ttt)t b tt r ' tq t l.e7 1 >101,
r lE GRANr PAI PRES 1. 0% , tC"
de( s 1, a'qs. perj ;K" / tllt
f, ~'fTHEGAN AID RESn ft. jh tl r t1
X2e1st w rong jO 11' ft) :
+Gt~ebl A ' {'jj ctily° Y
t p
u t Y
L V ,cC~" / A
1t1{;tii ;5:1 t C '.%O I; K ¢I , -
t7 1x yxl 14 al r1 1s 3'? .1 a~
- 4A. G''2


'% ,,~
: , ;
. l e i'
. , '

,LVZM V U Xti JEA A cLtt1Lt(t -Lul

kisoLiate Managing Editor Council of' SDS to train 30 organiz- a, : kit
+.rl i h Daily ens will become the primary re-r.rn
CAM Te Na-sponsibility of REP. These region-
CAMBIDG~Mas. fore a al organizers will be responsible r.
ti dnts or .a :formeeting the immediate educa-
Democratic Society (SDS) voted ' tional needs of the local SDS 11th'
Yesterday to hire and train 30 chapters. This will entail the dis-
full-time regional teacher-organiz- tribution of film, pamphlets and iccli ,AM
,srs, to move the headquarters of aid in campus organizing on such
the Radical Education Project issues as student power and the
(REP) from.- Ann Arbor to Chi- draft.
sago, and to give full sup~port to A sunmmer institute will be set ur
the Spring Mobilization to End for the intensive training of th
the' War in Vietnam. 'teacher-organizers.
---- Gr __ n pu Ls utor 0X '+i e to
ANN ARBOR, MWtIJ. .3:Ek 't i . 00 0
Fwfluential thanuthe MichganerDaily at the tn oV t~i c1Asr


}I ~;at ec't;o <lxi 7 11' to .
io" ad T"yxs i~ba- -1" c N \>yti1 xt
i~it11 ~ ,CCl o -y t -
i tC x J' Eu~ hea tT
\rapA ' 1 eou a ld eituspi
I e hudC if11Ut c t~i
\"N l " T I ' -aqul't (9.to twna
'~. IX ~ xxli4' t ie5 we- T. f er t.
(4 10 19 - nt r ex, ha
'l 1E 'Et wiTi 1i, icdt o kr et." ii
year, adIt 1 ~nAi(1it cli ivercrou d u i~
,,,,.fl s cent
the Boardfi in1 Co an--i tsl TItf ;, o, o7Ta




lIi mois Bi~d To
Elli~ott, Combes,

I' h G . -
- ( ' \ 1 ,ft' o
o . '9~ e,
V S a v e 1 y O
~eia To 1The1 Daily



Vhrnto is what is making the Daily move
th-iese clays.
Mr. YFanto is managing editor of the
paiper. An intense, energetic young man,
be infuses the paper with the same seri-
ous mien -le displays in carefully answer-
ing, a vistor's questions.
To him,'the paper is a disseminator of
x-iews, a purveyor of opinion, a poser of
questions, and a forum for those who be-
lieve they have the answers. What the
paper prints, he emphasizes, is not always
!'wat henenIs imp o ra-o te."w

;. _- --, 4have
in---- paper

2 ?:.

trot of Student Pub-
lications initially re-
f u sed to approve
next year's edlitorn,
who is always rec a
ornmendled by - t h
current editors riut4
r-arely turned ai w41.
eThe boardl owns.
'thie Daily. "Occasi-
on ally they'll infori' i s
r. Fanto - a 11 y criticize ti-
after we print soi9 ,
but they have never cc'nsored ,art
)fore publication," says Mr. Fau: .
.4-n~prdence that enabf)Pt:
4-" to crusaQ?-


0rn-' prinated closely
- t. j 7 -1"i tents, thing, b

4 Connecticut Daily Campus wl
Michigan D
Student Papsi
TfAI t bigan DAILY, seen by
many observers of collegiate
journalism as the finest student
paper in the 'nation, is about to
be investigated.
The University of Michigan's
Hoard in Control of Student Pub-
lications has asked that the
Committee on University. -Affairs
(FACUA) establish a committee
"to consider the properpurpose,
function, and responsibility of a
student newspaper in this uni-
versity community."
A resolution of the publi-
cationS board asks that the new
committee investigate whether

r-Ulnaer Study
to expand its scope or turn
the problem to another more p
resentative group#
A- former DAILY staffer, Wf?1c
ter said that. the problem Cl ~1pt6
now been stated as "just a'2 1 .?jga
vestigation of the relation z 16&04'
board to the DAL.?~ ~
"This doesn't mean Vl~
It's going to be a c '~1 '0"'o
:hove," said Winter ',,.P c1g2 >"
that among the probV '0:, rV2' , Is 0b
sed might be the ' ,? 1- 71SI
making the DAIL e I2 b 0% 01 l Z)rl'rY,frmjb -
and the possibil ',,j>rs jt~ I '
a second newsp ,r100in1j .b X4 Cr.,
Arbor campus, .4 'a,0, - 00 s,r . .z <' ,O 11j

the Big Ten Faculty Representa-
SI ytives yesterday told University of
q 'iinois President David D. Henry
C 3, fCoaches Pt'Elliott,Ha'
--adHoward Braun ar'e
. )i the Illinois ath-
'-ch 21, Illinois
,,,,. lI ltT1inois c
, 1 i to & rce pied ,
her !'' fir4~?o

ta b8' in 2g Th~1 ~~ ere , a)50 e er air d
ar g to t~r h e s and e 10rttery ple beltd / ie sity state.supotrI)
ko lt p ~ _ d t r _ r e r _ jen,, Y o b P e r i o i. - C h a n.o C h .. i t b e , , -" r dort c i-

,l /c 211 'l A Arb oAppOR,


)es or,

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