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April 06, 1968 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-04-06

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C I i

Sir i!3zr


Clear, chance of
freezing rain

Vol. LXXVIII, No. 157

Ann Arbor, Michigan, Saturday, April 6, 1968

Ten Pages











Rioters Burn,
16 Blocks



Guard Quells
In Detroit
DETROIT ,P) - Police and the
National Guard 'moved swiftly
into Detroit's 12th Street area
yesterday and put down violence
that erupted in the wake of the
assassination of Dr. Martin Lu-
ther King Jr.
Michigan Gov. George Romney
said an 18-year-old Negro, a sus-
pected looter, was accidentally
shot to death in Highland Park,
which is surrounded by Detroit.
when a patrolman's gun went off
as police attempted search him.
At 2 a.m. yesterday morning, two
Detroit policemen were shot and
wounded while patrolling the city's
near-west side. A police spokes-
man said both officers were shot
in the legs by one of three Negro
men standing on a street corner.
Police later arrested a 27-year-
old man and booked him for in-
vestigation of felonious assault.
Officials said a large quantity of
ammunition was found in his car,
but there were no weapons.
Cavanagh Tours
Detroit Mayor Jerome P. Ca-i
vanagh, who toured the city's East
Side last night, said state and
local police and National Guards-
men' were "buttoning this thing
down very well.
"There is a great deal of calm
all over the city," Cavanagh said.
In the afternoon,'Cavanagh de-
clared a curfew from 8 p.m. to
5 a.m., and ordered all taverns,
4 liquor stores, gasoline stations,
theaters and establishments sell-
ing firearms or ammunition to
close immediately. Many Detroit
suburbs imposed the same restrict-

Mayor Cavanagh

ctive ne
A e
Youth Killed
Rifle fire erupted last night
on the campus of Tennessee
A&I University, in the area;
where a three-day riot occurred
exactly a year ago. .
Police and National Guards-
men on duty in the North Nash-
ville area converged on the pre-
dominantly Negro campus but
did not immediately return the

In Chicago
CHICAGO UP)-Three thousand
National Guard troops moved
into the streets yesterday as a.
day of fires, looting and shooting
continued into the night and left
six men dead.
Fires and looters swept through
a large, predominantly Negr o
area on the West side where t o
Negro men were shot and killedE
reportedly by snipers; a third was
shot and killed by police after
officers said he opened fire on,
them; and a fourth was found
dead in a burned out grocery
Fires caused extensive damage SOLDIERS WITH MACHINEGg
along a three-mile stretch of Capitol in Washington as rioting
West Madison Street.
Police Tauntedxr
ICrowds in the ar'ea reportedly Ia
taunted police and firemen,ryell-
ing, "A white man killed Martin
Luther King." Police said bricks
and bottles were being thrown at
firemen. One fireman was shot k
in the leg.
At least 20 buildings were
burned to the ground and many
others were badly damaged. Po- i 'The Asociated Press
lice reported more than_ 150 ar-
rests in connection" with the dis- Urban violence and vandalism
turbances and more than 200 per- spread throughout the nation last
sons were treated in hospitals for night.}
injuries. Disturbances were reported in'
Sporadic Shooting New York City, Philadelphia,
There was sporadic shooting Boston, Lansing, Toledo, Denver,
during the night as police tried East Palo Alto and Oakland,:
to chase looters from stores. Po- Calif.; Wichita, Kans.; Freeport,
lice reported an exchange of gun- N.Y.; South Bend, Ind.; Trenton, j
fire with a band of youthful loot- N.J.: Jackson, Miss.: Buffalo, N.Y.,'
ers, but apparently there were no as well as in Washington, Chica-
injuries. go, Detroit, and on many collegeI

-Associated Press
UNS or with rifles and fixed bayonets stood guard over the
rocked the nation's capital.
isin Breaks Out

Fires Gut Mile Stretch
Of Eye Street in D.C.
WASHINGTON (R)-Burning and looting scourged Wash-
ington last night and authorities reported at least four people
were killed and 350 injured.
At 1:20 a.n., EST, Cyrus R. Vance, the White House
trouble-shooter who helped plan the show of force that quell-
ed the outburst, said the situation appeared to be under con-
Vance said more than 800 persons had been arrested.
Initially, city officials had reported five dead, but Vance
said one of the deaths was in a holdup and was not related
to the outbreak.
Mayor Walter E. Washington, pronouncing himself hope-
ful but cautious, said the curfew enforced against Friday's
outbreak will be imposed again at 5:30 p.m. Saturday.
At 5:30 p.m. yesterday curfew was enforced by some 5,000
troops ordered into the capital by President Johnson. Only
small groups of people were on the streets last night and
there were few head-on clashes with troops and police.
Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division landed at an
Air Force base near the capital early today for possible de-
Military authorities refused to discuss the arrival, but
it was reported a brigate of some 2,000 of the Army's !toughest
troops were being ferried into the Washington area from Ft.
Bragg, N.C.
Dan Henkin, a Defense Department official, speaking
for the District of Columbia ;reported the deaths in two days
of outbursts which followed. r
the assassination in Memphis
of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther


Demonstrations - some violent
- hit a number of the nation's
campuses yesterday following the
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's as-



Later, the mayor said fire dam-
age had not been great, "con-
s i d e r i n g the circumstances."
"There are about four more fires
than the average, which is not
an unusual thing," he said.
Heavy Damage
Three buildings were heavily
damaged after a fire started in
a vacant house on the East Side
and spread to a four-family house
nearby. There were no injuries.
Cause of the fire was not clear.
Cavanagh also said the num-!
ber of arrests was running about
average. "There's relatively low
activity as far as incidents are

sassination Thursday.
In Tallahassee, Fla.. a 19-year-
old white youth was killed when
students from Florida A&M Uni-
versity fire-bombed a white-owned
grocery store near the campus. A
small band of snipers armed with
small-calibre guns and one bowj
and arrow took pot shots at police
from the A&M campus and two
trailers near the campus were
burned. Several persons, including
some students, were injured.
In Greensboro,N.C., five police-
men and National Guardsmen
were injured in an exchange of
gunfire with snipers near the

Witnesses said portions of a 16-1
block area on West Madison}
Street were a solid mass of fire
and smoke. The fire department.
issued five alarms for the fires
M and later added four special
} But people milled through the
neighborhood, looting stores of
everything from liquor to appli-
ances and furniture. Witnesses
said police did not try to stop
looters but kept them moving out
of the area.
Elsewhere in the city. there
was some burning and looting on
the South Side and the Near
North Side.
Brig. Gen. Richard T. Dunn,

Police were on the alert in many |
other cities to prevent any out-
break or to quell any recurrence
of violence by angry blacks in re-
sponse to the slaying of the Rev.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Crowds of Negroes moved into
midtown Manhattan last night,
smashing windows and looting
some stores along Broadway and
Sixth and Seventh Avenues.
Arson and widespread looting
struck New York's Negro neigh-I
borhoods Thursday night and ear-
ly yesterday. There were about 60
fires and more than 100 arrests,
Mayor John V. Lindsay said.

Helmeted police arrested about
15 youths at Broadway and 42nd4
Street, part of a group of about
150 that gathered in Times
Square and refused to move.
The area was saturated with
Despite the clusters of Negro
teenagers at various points in the
Broadway theater district. other
persons strolled along window
shopping and looking at the
Earlier, about 1.000 demon-
strators surged through and over
wooden barricades and massed on
the lawn in front of City Hall
in late afternoon.
Most of the crowd slowly dis-
persed when it became apparent
that Lindsay would not talk to
A group of about 30 Negro
youths reached the Times Square
area about 8:45 p.m., but moved
along quietly.
Lindsay said earlier the mood
in New York was one of "great
grief and deep emotion." and said
he feared that extremists might
try to incite violence.
In Philadelphia, Mayor James

H. J. Tate, as a precautionary
measure, declared- a state of lim-
ited emergency last night. Police
immediately began closing all tap-
Under the proclamation persons
cannot congregate in groups of
12 or more on public streets or
The emergency is similar to one
put in effect last summer which
averted racial violence in the na-
tion's fourth largest city.
Police Commissioner F r a n k
Rizzo had placed his 7,000-mem-
ber force on 12-hour duty in the
morning. Shortly before the ma-
yor s news conference announce-
ment, Rizzo ordered patrolmen to
remain on duty to 3 a.m., instead
of quitting at the end of the mid-
night shift.
* There were scattered incidents
of vandalism-mainly the break-
ing of store windows and car
windshields. In the afternoon, at
several high schools, students ex-

" {{4

Henkin said Cyrus R.
former deputy secretary+
fense, has been aiding in
to control the uprising.
Vance Aids
Vance went to Detroit as
dent Johnson's trouble
there during the 1967
which seared that city.
The dead in Washingt
eluded a 14-year-old boy s
police, but the circumstance
unclear. One account was
policeman's gun went off
dentally as he tried to stc
eral boys looting a store, s
the boy, Thomas Williams
The other deaths, incl
man shot and killed by a
man as he looted a liquor
an unidentified man foun
a playground with his thro
another unidentified man

Vance, Funeral Set
of de-
For T uesday
shooter FBI Joins Search
For Murder Suspect;
;on in- $150,000 Bounty Set
hot by
es were ATLANTA, Ga. ()--The funer-"
that a al of Dr. Martin Luther King,
f acci- Jr., will be held here Tuesday at
op sev- Ebenezer Baptist Church, where
triking the slain civil rights leader and
his father, Martin Luther King,
uded a Sr., were co-pastors.
police- A spokesman for the Southern
store, Christian Leadership Council said
d near yesterday that following the serv-
kat cut'ices there will be a march to More-
lkilled 1n arlraQ nP nint

concerned," the mayor said. campus of the predominantly Ne- commander of the Illinois Nation-
Earlier in the day, a white cab gro North Carolina A&T State al Guard, sent nearly 3,000 guards-
driver was dragged from his taxi University. men to the streets to help quell
by a group of Negroes, who then At Western Michigan Univer- the disturbances.
set fire to his cab. The incident sity in Kalamazoo, 400 black stu- Dunn said the troops would be
occured on 12th Street, on the dents entered the WMU student armed but were to return fire
West,.Side, the scene of last July's center at about 6:30 a.m. yester- only when their lives were in
riot, the worst racial disturbance day and closed*the building. The danger, and then only at the or-
in recent history. The driver was students left the building only! der of unit commanders.
treated for head lacerations at a after the administration met a Lt. Gov. Samuel Shapiro or-
nearby hospital. list of six student demands. dered 6,000 guardsmen to report
See GUARD, Page 2 See DEMONSTRATIONS, Page 2 to immediate duty yesterday. He
was acting on instructions from
PeGov. Otto Kerner, who is in Flor-
Ann Arbor P; i Guardsmen Report
Seven hundred guardsmen were
" B lk s ordered to patrol the North Side
P arley at 10 p.m. There were 1,800 to
2,000 guardsmen on the West
Side. None patrolled the down-
By MARTIN HIRSCHMAN "We can do no wrong because town district, but 700 reservists
and DAVID SPURR we've been oppressed for so long. were being held in the Chicago
Ann Arbor remained quiet last Can you dig it? Get the gun!" Avenue Armory,
night as over 200 blacks met at King "showed us that racism The guardsmen were requested
the Ann Arbor Community Cen- exists everywhere," said Mann. "If by Mayor Richard J. Daley and
ter A discuss possible action in they get one of the pacifist lead- Chicago Police Supt. James B.
response to the assassination of ers, what are they going to do to ?Conlisk.
the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, the others?" Conlisk also ordered all police
Jr. Mrs. Albert Wheeler, chairman working Friday to remain on 'duty
On campus, the Michigan Union of the local chapter of the Na- until further notice.
Grill was closed at 8 p.m. report- tional Association for the Ad- Many offices and businesses in
Giedly in respect to Dr. King, vancement of Colored People, the downtown area closed early.
City Councilman H. C. Curry urged the group to seek "other Storefronts were boarded on the
(D-First Ward) summed up the avenues than the gun" in seeking West Side, the predominantly Ne-
mood of the relatively calm meet- emuality in the United States. gro area where racial rioting oc-
motd ...,, .h, +~ail -iim meet curred in 1965 and 1966.

Viet Bombing
Lull Continues

SAIGON {P) - U.S. jets have
struck no farther into North Viet-t
nam than about 130 miles above1
the demilitarized zone for nearlyz

The White House announced
that Gen. William C. Westmore-
land, U.S. commander in Viet-
nam, would go to Washington in-
stead of Hawaii to meet with the
President. Westmoreland was en
route to Washington Saturday.

48 hours, military reports said
yesterday. But there was no of-'
ficial word of a further curtail-
ment of the 225-mile bombing
boundary set by President John-
son last Sunday.
The U.S. Command said the
farthest north American fighter-
bombers ranged Friday was about
100 miles above the DMZ. It would
give no indication whether raids:
would continue to be confined to
the 130-mile stretch south of;
Meanwhile, the United States
has taken steps "to establish con-
tact" with North Vietnamese rep-
See Related Story, Page 3
resentatives with the aim of get-
ting talks started, the State De-


changed blows. A few teen-agers 'when a wall collapsed in the No n in eWIaWAtlantathat
suffered minor stab wounds. aVrii Negro institution in Aln a a
National Guard units were alert- northeast section, and a Virgina King once attended.
man who died after being beaten A memorial service will be held
ed in the Greater Boston area, and an tbe aryFia.Ameoilsrie il ehl
police sealed off the downtown and stabbed early Friday. there, the spokesman said.
Boston business section as a nev President Johnson stayed in: He said King's family felt the
wave of violence swept the city's close touch with the situation in funeral and the march would rep-
Negro section. Washington and other cities in resent three important. elements
Surround Downtown turmoil throughout the evening. in the Negro leader's life: his
Police surrounded the shopping He conferred with Mayor Walter church and religion, his education
area quietly, and shortly before E. Washington, and Deputy Atty. and intellect and the use of the
9 p.m. began diverting all motor Gen. Warren Christopher, the peaceful march as part of his
traffic away from the section White House said. *work
which contains the city's largest By mid-afternoon Johnson pro- The Rev. Ralph Abernathy was
stores. claimed a "condition of domestic named yesterday as new head of
The National Guard was placed violence and disorder" and 500 the Southern Christian Leader-
on standby alert. rifle-carrying soldiers in battle ship Conference (SCLC) which
Police reported roving gangs, gear were deployed in the down- Dr. King headed. He called for
mostly made up of teen-aged town area. They were posted near silent marches around the nation
boys, going through the Roxbury : the White House, the Capitol and tomorrow in honor of the slain
area, smashing store windows and 'in the downtown area. leader.
throwing rocks at any auto- Even as he disclosed his actions, Meanwhile, in Memphis, massed
mobiles moving in the section. roving looters smashed into stores:, forces of the local and federal,
By mid-evening police said 10 within two blocks of the White governments strove to snare the
stores, half of them liquor stores House and black clouds of smoke assassin of Dr. King.
and the others radio-television ! from incendiary fires hung low "I am optimistic that this crime
shops, had been broken into and over the city. will be solved," said a top police
looted. See GUARDSMEN, Page 5 official here. But he added: "We
Firemen called to a blaze in the have no one in custody."
Grove Hall section and a detail With some 330 law enforcement
of police assigned to guard them I FUNDS NEEDED officers seeking the slayer, the
rcstfomeoutof thedsan School of Public-Health fac- Memphis city council added
No Injuries tyand students yestiaceh $50,000 already posted by news-
No injuries were reported, education of Dr. King's chil- papers here.
In Lansing, about 100 Negro and dren. Contributions can be sent Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark flew
white youths charged through to Dean Myron E. Wegman, in from Washington early in the
the State Capitol. They were ' Room 3524, School of Public day and told newsmen:
headed off only yards from the Heh"We have put all available re-
executive office. Mrs. Jacqueline Evans of the sources of the FBI in this area
Earlier, Gov. Romney had joined Center for Chinese Studies an- into the case. We have commit-
the crowd of more than 150, and nounced that yesterday's cam- ted everything that could be rea-
immediately was surrounded. _ ,1nofi nv. sonably committed to solve this

--'FR Calls



WASHINGTON ('P) - His face
deep-etched in grief after the as-
sassination of Dr. Martin Luther:
King Jr., President Johnson yes-
terday called on Americans to:
"deny violence its victory."
The President announced he will
appear before a joint session of
Cnngre sn . teiver a new and

Iwouldn't wan us toall vtL

Commuter rail stations were

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