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April 04, 1968 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-04-04

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THE MICHIGAN DAILY Thursdov. Ari 4 1Ot

,. . ..u._ _ ...__ _ __ . _._ i

Il ~ Sa.47, r* S.11 '[ 1 7I

'U' Students Mail In
Draft Cards at Rally

Do We Have Pants?!


Levis !

(Continued from Page 1}
speaker Prof. Tom Mayer of the;
sociology department denounced
the Vietnam War and the Selec-,
tive Service System.
A student who refused to iden-
tify himself leaped to the foot of
the Graduate Library steps and
heaved a pailful of water at May-?
er and those around him. Shout-4
ing, "You bunch of filthy mur-
derers of Americans," he tossed"
the pal at the speakers.j
He was later identified as a'
veteran who had served in Korea,
Japan and Vietnam.3

Mayer condemned the "wave of
euphoria" that "has sent many
radicals into the liberal camp"
supporting Sen. Robert Kennedy
(D-N.Y.), or Sen. Eugene Mc-
Carthy (D-Minn.) in opposition
to President Johnson. He called
such action a "grave mistake,"
claiming it is the institutions of
the government rather thn the
personalities which undermine the
Another Diag speaker, Arnold
Bauchner, Grad, called the Viet-
nam War "social and physical
genocide" and labeled conscrip-
tion an omoressive and obnoxious'

Note: New Shipment of Turtlenecks

just arrived: white,
gray, red, plus 7 other

black, brown,



across from the Campus Theatre

Refuses to Speak instrument."
He refused the suggestion he
address the rally, explaining he Make Statements
was "no orator. My water was Each of the seven who had
wsymoi noporato."M wtr a planned to mail in his draft card
During his speech Mayer con- madedabrif stateenttocth
tended that the turning in lf Diag crowd.
one's draft card reflects the mor- One of the resisteirs said the
al and inspirational conscience of United States was on trial in the
the individual and has the effect world community. "In this trial,"
of applying political pressure up- he said, "I do not want to bear
on the administration. this evidence (the draft card) on
Mayer said the action also my person and I do not want to
s sands as a sign to other nations stand as a witness iii the coun-
that the citizenry of the United try's defense."
States is not united behind the "I do really love this country,"
actions of its government. another said.

Join The Daily Sports Staff
I- -

-Daily-Richard Lee

--Daily-Richard Lee

Draft Resistance

. in Ann Arbor

...... ...i{........x..t v1:v.h ....:......: ........r.... .....{{..r..n........................ ... ........:,.v :;.{ }....:N
r..rVh rh. .. ::J: :.. .: J..t1 ,J:J ...t . :. .... ... ..n . . f . r. ... ... ...r ,.r ..r ..r .r~.... ... ... .r. .... r..~r~r.. ...a r.. . r ... r.. .... ... r.. ..r ...r ...r.. ... -... ... ... ... ... r.. ...t:: .Y: v:: ::: ::. ... .... .. ... ... ... . .. ... ... ... .... ... ... .. .... ... ... ... .. ... .. ... ... .......... .. ...

Waitresses, Maids, Bellhops, Busboys,
Kitchen Help, Desk Clerks
Earn $1000 and up beginning May 6, 1968
Room and Board Included

The Daily Official Bulletin is an
official publication of the Univer-
sity of Michigan for which The
Michigan iaily assumes no editor-
tal responsibility. Notices should be
sent in TVPEWRITTFN form 'to
Room 3564 Administration Bldg. be-
fore 2 p.m. of the day preceding
publication and by 2 p.m. Friday
for Saturday and Sunday. General
Notices may be published a maxi-
mum of two times on request; Day
Calendar items appear once only,
Student organiration notices are not
accepted for publication. For more
information call 764-9270.
Day Calendar
Bureau of Industrial Relations Sem-
nar-"Management of Managers No.
55": North Campus Commons, 8:15 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m.
Industrial Application of Radioiso-
topes and Nuclear Radiation - Regis-
tration, White Aud., Cooley Bldg.,
8:00. a.m.
Michilan Association for Educational
Data Systems - Registration, Small
Ballroom, Michigan Union, 11:00 a.m.
School of Music - Voice Department
Students: School of Music Recital Hall,
12:30 p.m.
School of Natural Resources Confer-
ences Conference - "Opportunities for
Women in the Resource Field" - Di-
ana MacArthur, Coordinator, National
Youth Conference on Natural Beauty
and Conservation, Washington, "Prob-
lems That Affect Our Environment",
Assembly Hall, Rackham Bldg., 1:30
to 4:30 p.m.
Computing Center - "Short Course
on the PIL Language", 311 W. Engin-
eerfing, 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Physical Chemistry Seminar - Mr.
Stuart M. Rothstein, "Some Chemical
Applications of the Irtegral Hellmann-
Feynman Theorem," 200 Chem. Bldg.,
4;00 p.m.
Professional Theatre Program -
Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's
Dream", Lydia Mendelssohn Theater,
8:40 p.m.
Mental Health Research Institute
Seminar-Mieczyslaw Choynowski, De-
partment of Measurement and Evalua-
tion, Ontario Institute in Education,
"The Psychometrical Laboratory of the
Polish Academy", 2057 Mental Health
Research Irrstitute, 3:45 p.m.
Department of Slavic Languages and
Literatures - Lubomir Dolezel, Visit-
ing Professor, The University of Michi-
gan and Member of Institute of Czech
Language, Czechoslovak Academy of
Science, "Karel Capek and Vladislav
Vancura: A Comparative Stylistic An-
alysis", W. Lecture Rm., Rackham
Bldg., 4:10 p.m.
Department of Near Eastern Lan-
guages and Literatures - Zwerdling
Lectures in Old Testament Studies -
Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon, Chairman, Dept.
of Mediterranean Studies, Brandeis
University, "The Phoenicians and
Greece", Aud. B, Angell Hall, 4:15 p.m.
School of Music Recital - Piano Ma-

jor Students: School of Music Recital I
Hall, 4:30 p.m.
Cinema Guild - Max Reinhardt's
"Midsummer Night's Dream", Architec-
ture Aud., 7:00 and 9:05 p.m.
Computing Center Lecture - Prof.
Bernard A. Galler, Associate Director
of Computing Center, The University
of Michigan, "Introduction to Experi-
mental Use of the IBM Time-Sharing
System for the 360/67 Computer", 1210
Chemistry Bldg., 7:30-10:00 p.m.
University Players Department of
Speech - Sophocles' "Antigone", True-
blood Aud., 8:00 p.m.
School of Music - Graduate Concer-
to Concert, Theo Alcantara, Conductor,
Hill Aud., 8:30 p.m.
Generalt Noices
Doctoral Candidatesrwho expect to
receive degrees in April 1968 should
turn in 3 unbound copies of their dis-
sertations (complete in every way ex-I
cept for binding) and 3 copies of the
abstract to the Dissertation Secretary
of the Graduate School by Mon., March
11. The report of the doctoral commit-
tee on the final oral examination must
be filed with the Dissertation Secretary
of the Graduate School (Room 1004
Rackham) together with two copies
of the dissertation - ready in all re-
spects for publication, not later than
Mon., April 8.
Mental Health Research Institute
house - 205 N. Forest, April 5, 2-5 p.m.
Center for Near Eastern and North
African Studies - Prof, John B. Kelly,
Dept. of History, University of Wiscon- 1
sin will give a public lecture on "T. E.
Lawrence and His Friends", Fri., April
5, 4:15 p.m., 200 Lane Hall.
The Computing Center announces an
introductory short course on the PIL
language. This is a highly interactive
conversational language, primarily for
use with teletype and similar termin-
als for the MTS System. No previous
experience necessary. April 4, 2-5 p.m.,
Rm. 311, W. E. Inquiries may be di-
rected to Prof. Frank Westervelt.

Does not apply to students in Law dinator, for all areas of toiletries, cos- typewriter and a completed Form 57.
and Undergraduate College of Engi- metics and baby products through pro-
neering. duction. Man, degree in areas related ENGINEERING DIVISION
to art, design, indust. engrg., and 2-3 Make interview appointments at Rm.
Student Accounts: Your attention is years exper., pref. in pckg. dev. in con- 128 H West Engrg. Bldg. unless other-
called to the following rules passed sumer goods area, wise specified.
by the Regents on Feb. 28, 1936: "Stu- Columbia University in the City of April 10:
dents shall pay all accounts due the New York, School of the Arts, Theatre National Bank of Detroit
University not later than the last day Arts - Beginning in Sept., 68. Theatre
of classes of each semester or summer Arts Div.willl fferer ursers adingdtng th ..................................................................
session. Student loans which are -not Doctor of Philosophy in Theatre Arts.I
paid or renewed are subject to this For preparation of careers of profes- """"
regulation: however, student loans not sional, teaching, research or criticism V
yet due are exempt. Any unpaid ac- aspects in this field. PhD, only, 3 years jI
counts at the close of business on the incl. MFA degree is 4 years. Deadline N(OTICES
last day of classes will be reported to for applications are June 1, 1968.
the Cashier of the University and

-Ayn Rand Society, which has a table
in the fishbowl this week.
* * *
Southern Asia Club: Bag lunch, Fri.,
April 5, at noon in the Commons am.
of Lane Hall. Mr. Allan Guskin of the
Dept. of Psychology and ISR will speak
on "The Assimilation of Chinese Stu-
dents in Thai Society."
Bach Club meeting, Fri.. April 5,
8:00 p.m., Guild House, 802 Monroe,
program: a discussion led by John
Harvith, on The Gypsy Tradition (in
Haydn, Mozart, Liszt, Brahms, etc.)
For further information call 769-3342.

For information:


Browns Lake Resort, Inc.
1p00 W. Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois 60603

"(a) All academic credits will be SUMMER PLACEMENT SERVICE, USE OF .THIS COLUMN FOR AN-
withheld, the grades for the semester 212 S.A.B., Lower Level NOUNCEMENTS is available to officially
or summer session just completed will Interview April 5: recognized and registered student orga-
not be released, and no transcript of Good Humor Company, Detroit and nizations only. Forms are available in
credits will be issued. other locations, work outdoors, make room 1011 SAB.
"(b) All students owing such ac- good money, men and women. Appli- *
counts will not be allowed to register cations and details at S.P.S. Baha'i Student Group, informal dis-
in any subsequent semester or summer Opening on Mackinac Island for lady cussion: "The Way to Peace." Fri.,
session until payment has been made." housekeeper and cook over 25. Good April 5. 8:00 p.m., 520 N. Ashley. All
wages and transportation paid. Also welcome. Call 662-3548 for transporta-
' Docoralposition for young man as houseman, tion.
Doctoral ground maintenance and care of horses. * *
Typing Test for Jobs with Govern- George Reisman, Assoc. Prof. of
e - ti ment, GS-1 through GS-4, Summer po- Economics, St. John's University, will
sitions, will be given Saturday, April speak on "Capitalism: The Political
Eugene Francis Gonzalez, Music: 1'6 at the Main Street branch of the Ann Economy of Reason" at 7:30 p.m.,
PerformanceronThsrsGzAepril 4atsIArbor Post Office, Main at Catherine Thurs., April 4, in Aud. C of Angell
8:30 a.m.in Rm. 2251 Sch ool of Music Streets. Test at 1 p.m. Take your own Hall. Sponsored by Libertarian League
Chairman: W. H. Stubbins.


Apollinary Mukasa Mango, Environ-
mental Health Sciences, Dissertation:
"A Comparative Study of the Effective-I
ness of Chemical Ovicides on the Sur-
vival of the Soil-Transmitted Intestinal
Nematodes," on Thurs., April 4 at 9
a.m. in Rm. 2538 School of Public
Health. Co-Chairmen: M.S. Hilbert and
R. Porter.
3200 SAB
Peace Corps Week, through April 5: -
Rm. 3524 S.A.B. Center, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
No appts. necessary. Speakers available,
call General Division, Bureau of Appts.
for arrangements, 764-7460,




Students: If you need to order a Current Positions received by Gen-
transcript without grades for the pres- eral Division, call 764-7460 for further
ent term, you are urged to call in information :
person at Rm. 515, Admin. Bldg., not The Mennen Company, Morristown,
later than April 12. N.J. - Packaging Development Coor-
~ I

Z (C
Got Some New Ideas for Dates?
Sign up now in the UAC office
2nd floor Union, to join
the Calendar Notebook people
(Offer expires April 18.)


this iS an ad


if you want to sell ads.,..
if you can (lesign ads .. .
if you want to be in on
homecoming, labor day weekend,
soph show, musket, creative arts festival
and michigras all at once
get yourself on the list in
the uac offices in the 2nd floor union
now while you're thinking of it.
positions are available for those who are interested in
being a billing chairman, a secretary, and national and
local advertising chairmen. if planning on summer
school we really need you!
(offer expires April 18)


April 7
7 and 9 p.m.



a documentary film, in color
75c - at the door or diag table - SPU, SbS



University Charter
Caledonian Airways
c %~Fn~ n r .



.- ' I


why cart all those
clothes home?
e Call Greene's Cleaners today!
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