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February 23, 1968 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-02-23

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'The Ho le :Pitch Black and No


(Continued from Page 1)
incorrigible cell. Member Albert
Bredernitz of Saline concurs: "If
we need two incorrigible cells
I think we should have two of
them. The county is growing, you
One incorrigible cell was enough
for a SNCC member who wound
up in the hole for four hours after
refusing to shave his beard. The
brother of the man, contacted
several days ago, explained he
"didn't shave because he had a
real bad chin - his hairs were
turned in; it was very painful for
him to cut off his whiskers." Har-
vey was persuaded to let him out
for this reason.
Harvey explains that "every-
body who comes into my jail has
to have a haircut, a shower once
a day, and must be clean shaven.

This is to prevent disease." Har-
vey admits, the rule has been
applied to those who have not yet
been arraigned. Several weeks
ago, two young men had their
beards forcibly removed and long
hair trimmed immediately after
they were arrested and before they
appeared for arraignment in court.
The two groups of draft pro-
testers were less fortunate; the
first group of seven people was
kept in for two days, with one
"toilet break" and then transfer-
red for five days to the so-called
"steel cell," which has metal beds
instead of the customary bunks.
The reason for this punishment:
the inmates had been melting
Milky Way bars into hot chocolate
by heating the bars in a tin cup
over a small pile of burning toilet
papers. The second group, which

according to Harvey was in jail ers about treatment they have re-
about two weeks later, received ceived in jail.
similar punishment for the same "I've had no complaints about
offense. the treatment of prisoners by our
Even the hygiene rules were turnkeys," counters Sheriff Har-E
suspended for the protesters. The vey.
shower didn't work in the "steel John Gorby, '68L, disagrees. On
cell," according to Chester, "and Aug. 16; 1967, he found himself
we didn't get to shower for five locked in the hole before he had
days. They also kept turning the been arraigned, or was even sure
heat in the cell on and off - it what he was being charged with.
was either too hot or too cold." Gorby had started no fights with
Harvey says he isn't aware who the police; didn't need a haircut;
set the fires, because "when you hadn't set a fire in the jail. In fact,
talk to them, the prisoner knows Gorby went straight from the
nothing and says nothing. We booking desk into the hole be-
find that a convict is the hardest cause, he questioned Deputy Leo
to talk to; convicts have a little Weist about a clause in biograph-
code of ethics amongst them- ical information.
selves." Gorby had been arrested in
But several inmates confirm the front of his home at the scene
fact that one person - an 18-to- of an automobile accident. He
20-year-old who was not a draft says he heard a loud noise, ran
protester and has had a long jail outside, and found a policeman
record - set both fires and ap- questioning a young man who had
peared to be mentally unstable, driven his car into a road bar-
Also, according to a witness, ricade. When the policeman
officer Broderick, an ex-marine turned away from the driver to
who hre Cheters grup ntolook at the skid mark, Gorby says
who threw Chester's group into he went up to the car andi told
the hole said before the incident
hP waiing -r-"n' thenrn - the boy he had a constitutional,

ing about the fact I was a law there are certain minimum stand-
student." ards of decency with which you
When Weist was filling out the handle prisoners. The real ques-
biographical information card, he tion is the extent to which any
signified the "color" box with a jailer has the right to impose any
"W." Gorby asked whether "that additional penalties."
was a significant factor in justice Prof. Thomas Mayer, of the
around here. I then asked for per- sociology department who spent
mission to contact my wife and Christmas vacation in the jail for
counsel, but Weist led me into the his part in the draft protest (he
hole, and shut the door. Ten min- was not among the group thrown
utes later they came back and into the hole) says, "Given that
took away my watch." they have a jail, they do need
The next ,morning Gorby was some form of isolation. Some
permitted to make a phone call times guys get out of control..Butt
and was arraigned before Munici- you don't need this incorrigible
pal Court Judge Samuel Elden on cell to isolate people -, they can
charges of disorderly conduct. He be isolated in regular cells."
pleaded innocent. A month later, Harvey believes that outsiders
before the trial, the charges were don't understand the problems of1
dropped by the prosecuting at- running a jail. He explains that
torney's office, the state statutes permit him to
Rehabilitation put a prisoner in solitary confine-
Lawrence Berlin questions these ment on bread and water for 10{
uses of the incorrigible cell: "Be- days "if I see fit. I've never done
cause a man, is incarcerated it this. But I have and will use theI
doesn't mean he's lost all his con- incorrigible cell. We treat all
stitutional rights. We are com- prisoners humanely, but we don't
mitted to the proposition that coddle any of them," he explains.
..... ...................:........ E.

ON A 1968 R1AND Tot
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students to tour Western Europe accompanied by some distinguished
gentleman-scholar. Contacts with the leading literary and political
men were to be made which would last the rest of their lives.
There must be some American students who would never join a tour
guided by a provincial high school teacher (for instance) who would
like a chance to be introduced to some of the leading figures in
politics, industry and the arts as young adults and fellow-scholars.
They will be accompanied by an Old Oxonian, cauthor of several books,
professor of international relations and a mcrnber of leading clubs in
London and Paris. Social activities with young Europeans (Oxford
balls, etc.) will be part of this unregimented tour for intelligent and
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5'J W~ IA...................righ
testers.right to remain silent.
Inside The Hole "He kept interfering with my
The ordeal inside the incor-j man who> was going to give me
rigblecel sdescribednsinformation,"srecalls Washtenaw
rigblecel wa decried astCounty Deputy Erwin Henes. "I
month in a two-part series on The
Daily editorial page. Bill Ayers, told him to get out, but he kept
a member of the group, wrote: interfering and I arrested him."
"We were in the hole until about Gorby's version differs. "I told
8:00 the next morning. There was the kid about his rights and
80 themanextsmoring.waTere a i Henes told me to 'Get out of there'
no room and sleeping was practic- because it was private property.
al shuestoste numrhtmes So I went over the side, about 20
needed to use the toilet. The feet from the car and continued
response was always the same: to watch the proceedings.
'Do it in your pants,' 'Use the aHenes came up to m, and
floor,' etc." Chester corroborates asked to see my indentification. I
this story, adding that "the ven- dI
tilation was terrible. There were arrest, Then he told me I was
only a few holes above the door drunk, and I told him I had aj
onl a ew ole aovethedoo ibeer with my wife over dinner,
frame and a few inches of room nd thattis didn'toefdcnne,
tnder tedooryn tgu a toktreshsaiconstitutional rights of the driver.
tryng torulp'a little fresh air Then he frisked me, put me in the
underthedoor.back seat of the car and dr me
Sheriff Harvey contends prison-baksth ofithescariandHe ne
ers in the incorrigible cell are not to the police station He never
forgotten. "We don't just throw mentioned the intoxication again,;
a man in there and forget him," and gave me no balloon test or
he says. "If a man in the cell has blood tests."
to use the bathroom he only has Henes says he charged Goiby
to pound on the door and a turn- with obstructing an officer in theFLAIR PRICES FROM $125 TO $1500
key is available to unlock him, performance of his duty. The
escort him to a wash room and maximum penalty for this of-
then put him back in the cell. fense is 2 years and a $1,000 fine.
Chester says "everyone in the "I could have charged him with only the original can have
jail is subjected to be a general drunk and disorderly conduct too, the name Orange Blossom
pattern of harassment. They wake but I was a nice guy about it,"
you up at 5 in the morning, and says Henes.
they bang the keys in the door. The maximum penalty f o r
From breakfast to dinner, you drunk and disorderly is 90 days
aren't allowed to lie down on your and $100 fine.f)
bunk, but there's nothing else Henes continues: "I think this :f t (t (n I crr e it 1t Iti uti 't r
to do." Albert Wheeler, state guy is just trying to come along -
chairman of the NAACP, and with this incorrigible cell bus- ON SO. UNIVERSITY O '
Lawrence Berlin, head of the local iness." Gorby agrees: "Once insideO
American Civil Liberties Union the jail I was led to a waiting room 11 I 3 SOUTH U. 208 S. MA IN ST.
say they have received numerous where I heard deputy Henes and " !
complaints D from released pri 0n- another officer, Dpty Weist talk-,

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-Axel Kappes
SHERIFF DOUGLAS HARVEY poses outside the pitch black
Washtenaw county jail incorrigible cell. The room, measuring
six by seven feet, is used for prisoners who break jail regulations,
and contains no toilet, bed, lights or drainpipe on the floor. Over
the Christmas vacation, the cell had standing room only.

--------- -


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in Fishbowll 4 = 6 p.m. with the ST. LOUIS ION
TODAY*'-TG itorium, 7:30 and 10900 p.m. TON ITE
Appearing in Concert, Hill Aud c
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