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February 15, 1968 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-02-15

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The undersigned are 27 members of the faculty and 349
students at the University of Michigan Law School.
We are opposed to the present policy of the United States
in Viet Nam. We do not believe that our nation has any controlling
commitments which require us to continue to pursue that policy.
We believe that the United States cannot by acceptable
means succeed in its attempt to secure and maintain the control of
}he Saigon government over the territory of South Viet Nam by
military force, and that the continuing expansion of our military
involvement in the service of that end creates an unacceptable
risk of world war.
We believe that the terrible violence the war is inflicting
on the people of Viet Nam is destroying the society we seek to
We believe that it is wrong and dangerous in these circum-
stances to continue to subordinate desperately needed domestic
programs to the increasing demands this war is imposing on our
nation's resources and moral energies.

We reject the suggestion that opposition to the present
policy necessarily implies advocacy of a precipitate withdrawal
of United States forces or an abandonment of allies in South Viet
We do believe that political and military de-escalation are
essential steps towards ending the fighting in Vet Nam.
We believe that our country should take urgent steps, in-
cluding a prompt reduction in the scope of land and dir operations
by American forces, to signify our intention to limit our political
and military aims in South Viet Nam. We believe that such steps
are an essential precondition for the release of those political
forces, both within South Vie+ Nam and internationally, which seek
peaceful compromise and the initiation of genuine negotiations.
We- believe that lawyers can play a particularly significant
role in showing that opposition to the present policy is not limited
to a few extremists but comes from many moderate citizens at all
levels of society and of all political views. We therefore urge
lawyers who share our concern to work for a change in that policy
in every legitimate way they can, including, where otherwise
appropriate, the suppos t of candidates committed to such a

Francis A. Allen'l
Layman E. Allen
Edward P. Archer
Olin L. Browder, Jr.
Paul D. Carrington
Alfred F. Conard
Roger C. Cramton
Roger A. Cunningham
Samuel D. Estep
Whitmore Gray
B. James George, Jr.
Robert J. Harris
Carl S. Hawkins
John H. Jackson
Michael S. Josephson
Yale Kamisar
Frank R. Kennedy
Robert L. Knauss
John R. Light
Arthur R. Miller
Alan N. Polasky
Terrance Sandalow
Joseph L. Sax
Stanley Siegel
Russell A. Smith
Theodore J. St. Antoine
L. Hart Wright
Samuel M. Arnott
Peter D. Axelrod
Philip A. Balkema
David H. Balsan
James N. Barnes
Michael J. Barnhartj
Charles J. Barnhill, Jr.
Ben Barnow
Richard D. Baron
Dean A. Beaupre
Patrick J. Becherer
Jared H. Becker
Howell E. Begle, Jr.
John E. Belda
Richard P. Berg
Michael A. Bergin
Ronald A. Berlin
J. Dale Berry
John J. Berry
Mary F. Berry
Stuart J. Besser
William A. Beuche, Jr.
James R. Bieke
Hobart Birmingham, Jr.
John C. Birney
Gary S. Bittner
Leslie F. Black
Stephen F. Black
Richard M. Bluestei,
Lowell A. Blumberg

Charles W. Borgsdorf
Barry B. Boyer
Steven R. Brodsky
Thomas D. Brooks
Daniel A. Brown
Stephen C. Brown
John W. Bryand
James W. Burdick
Neal Bush
Thomas K. Butterfield
Marisa M. Buttrey
Marilynn Cason
Samrerng Chaichit
Steven B. Chameides
Mervin N. Cherrin
Peter H. Chester
Robert Y. Chulock
Dennis D. Clark
Kenneth S. Colburn
Ralph M. Cole
Thomas A. Connaughton
David J. Cook
Christopher R. Cooke
w Charles L. Cope
Charles L. Copenhaven
Michael W. Cotter
John R. Craig
Douglas W. Crase
Thomas R. Cross
Robert M. Dahlbo
J. Jefferson Davis
John P. Davis
John W. Davis
Robert J. DeGrand
Spencer T. Denison
John E. Dewane
George A. Dietrich
Paul R. Dimond
Francis C. Dinsmore
Richard M. Doctoroff
Diane S. Dorfman
Kenneth Dresner
Bruce C. Driver
Robert J. Dyer Ill
Frank Eaman
Richard A. Earle
Robert L. Eastaugh
R. George Economy
Marshall H. Eddy
Nikki B. Edes
Robert W. Edwards, Jr.
Stephen W. Efroymson
Richard J. Egger, Jr.
Stephen C. Ellis
Stephen B. Elrick
George M. Elworth
Donald R. Epstein
Robert D. Evans
Robert J. Faux
Wilton A. Feiock
Ralph P. Fichtner
Kenneth H. Finney
Bruce D. Fisher
Robert W. Fleishman

Jane Forbes
John M. Forelle
Bruce G. Forrest
Wood R. Foster, Jr.
Jeffrey A. Frant
Robert H. Fredericks
Stuart A. Friedman
Harvey L. Frutkin
George R. Frye, Ill
Michael I. Garcia
James M. Garlock
William J. Garmisa
Robert P. Gates
Booker T. Gaulden
Barry B. George
Ronald Gerard
Geoffrey G. Gilbert
Robert R. Glancz
Lawrence M. Glazer
Emanuel Glouberman
James R. Goeser
Robert Sheldon Gold
Joel S. Golden
Robert H. Goldman
David Goldstein
Robert 1. Gooding, Jr.
Henry S. Gornbein
Richard M. Grant
Joel W. Greenbaum
Robert S. Greenberg
Charlotte Greenfield
Robert T. Greig
Gary T. Grice
Warren S. Grimes
Lance S. Grode
William N. Gross
Peter L. Gustafson
Paul A. Haas
Henry M. Hanflick
Lawrence E. Hard
Thomas E. Harmon
David L. Haron
Philip J. Harter
Henry C. Harvey, Jr.
Howard C. Hay
John J. Hays
Richard G. Hildreth
Philip W. Hopkins
Jason M. Horton
John A. Howe
Stephen B. Hrones
Stephen F. Idema
Howard A. Jack
William G. Jeakle, 111
Arnold R. Jeanson
James B. Johnson
Ronald K. Johnson
Douglas N. Jones
Alfred S. Joseph, IllI
Gerald H. Kahn
Judith M. Kahn
Joseph J. Kalo
Edward S. Kaplan
Robert C. Keck, Jr.

Harry W. Keidon
Dennis P. Kelly
Warren J. Kessler
)ean L. King
Elizabeth A. Kinney
Wayne A. Kirkby
Ralph L. Kissick
Michael L. Klein
Richard M. Kohr.
Peter J. Kok
John C. Kouklis
Paul J. Kraemer
Michael L. Krassner
Joel N. Kreizman
0. John Kuenhold, Ill
Frederick W. Lambert
Louise 1. Lander
Aldis Lapins
John R. Laughlin
Otto W. Laula
Jerome V. Lavin
Diane A. Lebedeff
John Lefevre, Jr.
Richard O. Lempert
Richard A. Lenter
Douglas L. Leslie
Stephen N. Leuchtman
Gary E. Levitt
David B. Lewis
Alan G. Lipson
W. John Lischer
Howard R. Lloyd, Jr.
Steven H. Loewenthal
Anthony T. Lopucki
Lawrence G. Lossing
Charles E. Ludlam
Leslie A. Lupert
John C. McColl
Malcolm B. McCullough
James L. McDonald
Kenneth J. McIntyre
John A. McKenna
Henry T. McKnight
Samuel C. McKnight
John T. McLean '
Thomas P. Malone
Frank Mandelbaum
Fred H. Mann
Mary T. Marsh
Michael A. Mason
David C. Mastbaum
Robert A. Maxwell
Thomas F. Melchior
George J. Mendelson
Edward W. Merkel, Jr.
Debra A. Millenson
Allan C. Miller
Bruce P. Miller
Christopher A. Mills
Ralph J. Mooney
William S. Moore
David R. Morris
George B. Moseley, Ill
William S. Mount

Susan A. Mulchahey
Frank W. Munger, Jr.
James P. Murphy
Patrick J. Murphy
John C. Murray
John R. Myer
Silvio F. Nardoni, Jr.
Arnold M. Nemirow
James R. Neuhard
Richard H. Nimitz
Robert H. Norris
John A. Nitz
John V. Ogden
Thomas M. O'Leary
Robert L. Olson
Larry D. Owen
Steven D. Pepe"
Wendell A. Peterson
Edw. Wm. Pettigrew
Stevan D. Phillips
Louis D. Pierce
Robert C. Pierrot
Norman A. Platt
Roderick H. Potter
George E. Preonas
Andrew S. Price
Gary N. Price
Marvin Ratner
Alan M. Rauss
Jonathan K. Regenstein
Joseph R. Reifer
Urban C. Remmel, IllI
James E. Rice
Joseph D. Rich
Robert E. Riley, Jr.
Dennis L. Robbins
Jeffrey P. Robins
Elizabeth A. Roediger
James A. Rogers
Edward B. Rogin
James P. Rome
Robert S. Rosemurgy
Fredic T. Rosenblatt
John E. Rupke
Robert J. Salstrom
Gary P. Sams
Richard L. Sanderson
Mark R. Sandstrom
Michael D. Saphier
Robert E. Saudek
Richard M. Sawdy
Richard H. Sayler
Larry J. Schiff
Donald B. Schram
Larry J. Schulman
Saul D. Schultz
Edward I. Schutzman
James E. Schwab
Mark H. Scoblionko
James A. Seder
Michael D. Sendar
John M. Senger
Allin C. Seward
William A. Shaheen

Daniel H. Shapiro
Simcha Shapiro
Peter B. Shapiro
Richard N. Shell
Jeffrey W. Shopoff
John E. Siegmund
Linda J. Silberman
Gerald R. Singer
Stephen L. Smay
Thomas L. Smithson
Willis W. Snyder
Ken R. Springer
Stephen J. Spurr
Sally Wasserman Staebler
Hubert Stratmeyer
Stanley S. Stroup
Peter W. Tague
Herbert W. Taylor
David C. Thomas
Michael J. Thomas
William N. Thomas, IIl
Charles H. Tobias
James B. Toohey
Byron L. Treaster
Thomas R. Trowbridge
James A. Tuck
Heinrich L. Videnieks
Carl H. von Ende
Harvey B. Wallace
James A. Walrath
Richard S. Wasserstrom
William R. Weber
Peter M. Weinbaum
Larry P. Weinberg
Robert M. Weinberg
William Weiner
Philip L. Weinstein
Frederick H. Weisberg
Ronald N. Weiser
Martin C. Weisman
James G. Wells
Robert C. Wells
Thomas J. Whalen
Agatha E. White
Frederick L. White
Nancy Wichman
John R. Wilhelm
Donald C. Williams
Franklin K. Willis
Evan D. Wilner
Gregg H. Wilson
John D. Wilson
Ted Y. Wilson{
Steven Y. Winnick
Jay L. Witkin
Jay H. Witt
Jeffrey K. Wohlstadte,
David Woodbury
Frederick M. Woodruff,
Milton L. Wright
Roberto Y. Wright
Lee D. Yates
Lawrence E. Young




- 'I

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