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February 14, 1968 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-02-14

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,T - 4N a L7L 4t i, a' J"LPAo VA'iiV A 1"2, Ai,7VO

Westgate Shopping Center
each Thursday
Trousers, skirts, sweaters, blouses, and sport coats:
70c each





By ELLIOTT BERRY Perrin is presently the property
His friends still call him of the Montreal Canadiens, al-
"Squirt." but Dave Perrin has though on amateur status, and he
come a long way since he first would be very happy to play pro
played organized hockey in Wal- hockey for them when he grad-
laceburg Ontario's squirt division,:uates.
at the age of four. Perrin played his first "big time
The sophomore speed merchant, hockey" with the Chattam Junior;
who stands only 5'71" and be-'Maroons in the Canadian Junior
cause of a rash of injuries is down B circuit for two years before com-
to 145 pounds, has been playing ing to Michigan. When he receiv-
organized hockey for fifteen years. ed his scholarship offer, he jumped
In this time he has developed into to the chance to attend an Amer-
the classic mold of hockey's fast ican university.
little men, like the Henri Richards Double Major
or the Dave Keons. An offer to play for Montreal's
Perrin is undaunted by his small Peterborough club in the "rough"
frame. "When you're small you Junior A league, although a fine
have to watch out for yourself, but compliment to his ability slid not
size really hasn't been much of deter him from coming to Michi-
an obstacle so far." gan. Perrin is presently working on
Seven months out of the year a double major in Geography and
Perrin's life revolves around hoc- Physical Education.
key. "I take my hockey awfully Perrin is an intense hockeya
seriously. Its my biggest concern player who feels a responsibility
during the season," he admits, "I to produce. "I get down if I don't!
guess I should be a little more stu- play well, even if we win. After all,'
dies-minded." His future however, they brought me here to play
is very likely to be in hockey, not hockey."
studies. The speedy winger admittedly

' C

little embarrassment because of much smoother skaters. Many
his relatively low number of as- Americans have good potential
sists. but skating is the name of the
It is because of this that the game. It should take another gen-
speedster is not playing at center, eration to narrow the gap."
where he'd most like to play. "I'd Perrin has found some difficul-
like to be at center because I like ty in adjusting to the American
to roam a lot; I have trouble stay- collegiate style of hockey. "There
ng on the wing," he sheepishly seems to be somewhat of a con-
admits, "but I haven't been flict between keeping up an im-
enough of a playmaker to play age and playing rough to win,"
:enter." Perrin noted, "playing dirty is
Perrin is not at all pleased with part of the game, but it isn't ac-
the way the season has progressed cepted as such here.'
for him. He is his own harshest Start Thrill
critic. "I know I should be play- W i Sthrt g T "ill-x
ng better hockey," he argues. But While he is not "a rah-rah
16 goals accompanying a list of Michigan man," Perrin does take
ailments as long as Perrin's, with great pride in wearing the blue M
>r without a pile of assists, is not on his jersey. "My biggest thrill
a poor production by any standard, was starting my first game for
Michigan," he claims. "I couldn't
Hockey Critic sleep for three days before."
The game of hockey is Perrin's Perrin has gotten a few extra
primary interest, not only his own benefits from his hockey and he
career, but the game in general, is anticipating more. "One thing
He is both a student and a critic I really want to do is see ' the
of the game, world," he relates, "and college
When asked about the develop- hockey has really helped." He
ment of hockey talent in the hopes that some day his hockey
United States, the young Cana- play will take him to Europe,
dian was explicit, "The United maybe through the Olympics. "If
States doesn't start its players I ever dropped out of school. I'd
young enough and the major dif- pack my bags and leave for Eu-
ference shows up in skating. Be- rope right away," chimes Perrin.
cause they have so much more F o r t u n a t e 1 y for Michigan
ice time, Canadians are generally hockey, he's not about to do that.

Suits and Dresses: $1.40 each
Overcoats and Topcoats: $1.50 each



I" I _

- -


(Is For Women Too)


likes carrying the puck more than
anything else in hockey, and the
sight of him winding up in lis
own zone and streaking down the
ice is becoming a familiar sight
at the coliseum.
Perrin's desire to carry and
shoot the puck has led him to the
team's scoring leadership, in spite
of numerous injuries. Nevertheless
it has also been the source of a

} ,

Finally, A New Approach To Computer Dating!

Insignificant factors such as the speed, of your backhand at the ping po ng table, your
dodo bird are not used by MANDATE in compztina your dates.

cunning with the pin ball machine, and your interest in the

Injuries Hamper M ' Tlilnclads

Instead, we have decided to match college students according to matter s that lhave proven to be more important in determining the success of a
relationship between a guy and a girl. Topics ranging from sexual values to political opinions are used to predict mutual attraction for you and your
In addition to this, MANDATE also has the following features:
-a different computer run will be made for each school to insure that your dates will be exclusively from the University of Michigan.
-a rapid reply is guaranteed (2-3 weeks) if you forward your "response box" within 5 days of this publication.
Read the instructions and then proceed with the questionnaire. Before you fill in the "response box", you might want to make some copies for
friends who would enjoy a new twist in computer dating.
After each question, you are given several alternatives for your respons e. For each question there is a corresponding number in the "response
box." Merely write the number of the alternative you select after the ap propriate number in the "response box". Then cut the "response box" out,
and mail along with $3.00 to:
MANDATE, P.O. Box 1687, Madison, Wisconsin 53701

On questions such as number 8 where you are given a scale with 5 choices, select the number (1-5)
on this scale. Have fun and happy dating.

Views on Dating
Relationships and Sex
Use the following alternatives in answering
questions 1-4.
(1) the most important (2) a very important
(3) a slightly important (4) an unimportant
1. Enjoying sex with each other is . ... ele-
ment of a successful dating relationship.
2. Mutual love is .... element of a successful
3. Being "buddies" is .... element of a suc-
cessful dating relationship.
4. Intellectual compatibility is . . . . element
of a successful dating relationship.
5. In a dating relationship, I like to:
(1) spend most of our time together alone,.
without outside entertainment.
(2) spend an equal amount of time by
ourselves and with other couples.
(3) spend most of our time enjoying oth-
er couples and enjoying entertain-
(4) gorout only when there is something
worthwhile, to do.
6. The role of male and female in a relation-
ship is in proper balance if:
(1) the male is stronger intellectually,
more asserting, and stronger emotion-
(2) the male is more assertive, but roles
otherwise are equal.
(3) both are entirely equal in intellect,
self-assertion, and comforting of each
(4) they are equal except that the female
offers the male more emotional sup-
7. I believe pre-marital sexual relations are:
(1) wrong under any circumstance.
(2) permissible if in love and plan to be
(3) permissible if in love.
(4) permissible in any meaningful rela-
. tionship.
(5) permissible any time.
8. I am .... sexually experienced.
1 2 3 4 5
Very Not at all
9. I would. like my dates' answer on the
previous question to be:
1 2 3 4 5
Very Not at all
10. Finding a marriage partner is:
(1) my main purpose in dating.
(2) one purpose for my dating.
(3) unimportant
(4) irrelevant, as I want to stay single.
Political and Legal Views

16. Birth control pills shouldbe available to:
(1) only married women.
(2) engaged or married women
(3) any woman over 20.
(4) any woman over 17.
(5) any woman.
17. My opinion on the laws pertaining to
marajuana is that:
(1) they should be as strong or stronger
in order to curb its use.
'(2) penalties for use or possession should
be lowered.
(3) penalties for use or possession should
not exceed a small fine.
(4) marajuana should be legal.
18. The government should subsidize all col-
lege costs, making colleges free to all.
1 2 3 4 5
Strongly agree Strongly disagree
make- certain that everyone have equal
medical care, the rich and poor receiving
identical treatment.
1 2 3 4 5
Strongly Strongly
agree disagree
19. Our system of economic competition and
profit corrupts men, and makes for per-
verted social goals.
1 2 3 4 5
Strongly, agree Strongly disagree
20. I believe that government should make
certain that everyone have equal medical
care, the rich and poor receiving identical
1 2 3 4 5
Strongly agree Strongly disagree
21. I consider myself:
1 2 3 4 5
Very outgoing Very reserved
22. I would like my date to be:
1 2 3 4 5
Very outgoing Very reserved
23. I can't stand to hurt anyone's feelings:
(1) true
(2) true to some degree
(3) false
24. I like to know what makes a person "tick".
(1) true
(2) not always
(3) seldom
25. I feel compelled to try things that are
dangerous or scare me.
(1) true
(2) sometimes true
(3) seldom or never
26. It is extremely important to me that ev-
eryone likes me:
(1) true
(2) all but those I dislike myself
(3) only care what a few best friends
think of one.
27. I like to be alone:
(1) very often
(2) on occasion
(3) as little as possible.

which is most representative of your position
28. When I walk into a room full of strangers:
(1) I feel at ease.
(2) 'I feel uncomfortable.
(3) I wish I weren't there.
29. I am extremely close to my parents.
(1) true
(2) moderately close
(3) false
30. It hurts me when I hear of misfortunes
of people I don't know.
(1) true
(2) sometimes
(3) seldom or never

Jim Ryun drew the applause,
and Michigan State grabbed the
most firsts, but once again it was
the Michigan track team which
showed the most depth and po-
A knee injury to star half miler
Ron Kutschinski prevented Mich-
igan's powerful two mile relay
team from scoring any better than
a third place finish in New York
on Friday night, but the same
foursome came back Saturday on
only three hours' sleep to record
a first place finish in the same
event at the Michigan State Re-
lays on Saturday.
Friday's time of 7:32.6 was four
seconds off the pace, but with
Taimo Leps, Kutschinski's substi-
tute recording a 1:55.6 half mile,
and Kutschinski capable of re-
peating his 1:49.0 recorded in last
year's NCAA finals, Michigan
must be put in the favorite's role
to capture the title in the event
this year.
Jumpers Out
The high jump, which provides
Michigan with an opportunity to
grab three top spots in the Big
Ten, was a slight disappointment
on Saturday, but only due to in-
juries. Gary Knickerbocker was
edged out by last year's NCAA in-
door high jump champion, Ted
Downing from Miami of Ohio, on
fewer misses as both jumped 6'8".
The Dascola Barbers
near Michigan Theatre

JUNIOR HIGH JUMPER Gary Knickerbocker makes it look easy
as he clears 6'8" at the Michigan State Relays last week. The
lanky junior could do no better, however, and had to settle for
second place behind Ted Downing, the defending collegiate In-
door champion from Miami of Ohio.

General Information

31. My religion is .....
(1) Protestant
(2) Catholic
(3) Jewish
(4) other
(5) unaffiliated
My dates' religion may be:
32. Protestant (1) Yes (2) No
33. Catholic (1) Yes (2) No
34. Jewish (1) Yes (2) No
35. other (1) Yes (2) No
36. unaffiliated (1) Yes (2) No
37. Generally, people consider me .....
1 2 3 4 5
Unattractive Extremely

Clarence Martin and Rick
Hunt, both previous Big Ten
champions, were sidelined by leg
injuries, but both -men have been
jumping this week and expect to.
be ready for Saturday's dual meet
with Notre Dame.
Lots of Seconds
Jim Dolan became Michigan's
first sub-four minute two-miler
as he traversed the distance in
8:59.9, only to be edged out of
first place by Mike Rydn of theI
Air Force Academy.
Junior LarryMidlam finished
a strong second behind MSU'sC
Charles Pollard in the 70-yard
high hurdles to bolster his own
record for the season. A fifth
place finisher in both the confer-
ence indoor and outdoor cham-
pionships last spring, Midlam,
------ -I

must be considered a threat for
the title in 1968.
Kansas' George Byers ran away
with the low hurdles race with a
7.8 clocking, three tenths of a
second better than Michigan's
Nelson Graham, in third place.
While Jim Ryun was casually
recording a 4:03.4 mile victory,
Michigan's Steve Bishop surprised
everybody by taking third in
A bright spot in the Wolverines'
team performance was sopho-
more Lee Grundstein's fifth-place
finish in the 300-yard run.
Both Kutschinski and Kearney,
out with a bruised foot, should be
back on the track very soon. Nei-
ther is expected to compete in
Saturday's dual meet with Notre
Dame, however.

38. It is . . . . important
is attractive.
(1) very
(2) somewhat
(3) not

to me that my date

here 4

39. My race is:
(1) Caucasian
(2) Negro
(3) Mongolian
My dates' race may be:
40. Caucasian
41. Negro
42. Mongolian
Use the list at the right in
four questions.
43. My height is ....
44.-45. My date should not
be shorter than ....
or taller than ..,..
46. The optimum height
for my date is....
47. I am currently a ....
48.-49. My date should be
at least a .... and no
more than a ....


(1) Yes (2) No
(1) Yes (2) No
(1) Yes (2) No
answering the next

. (2)

5' or under
5' to 5'2"
5'2" to 5'4"
5'4" to 5'6"
56"' to 5'8"
5'8" to 5'10"
5'10" to 6'
6' to 6'2"
6'2" or above

John F. Kennedy
International Airport
George Washington

At the center of the greatest transportation complex in the world ... in the manager's office
of the aerial gateway to the United States ... at the nation's busiest, most
modern seaport ... in the operation of the country's only completely air-conditioned mass
transit system ... on the construction site of what will be the tallest buildings
in the world... in the financial planning, operation and administration of an organization
which has invested almost $2 billion in public terminal facilities...in fore-
casting the need for, and the design of future public projects... and in the million and one
ordinary, and extraordinary details that develop in the operation of 23 land,
sea and air terminal and transportation facilities.
Come To Where The Action Is! Interested in a career that daily demands your talents in finding
solutions to the major transportation problems faced by urban centers? Care to
join skill and vision to help the greatest metropolitan area in the world remain the hub
of international activity? Then come to THE PORT OF NEW YORK AUTHORITY.
What Is The Port Authority? Dynamic best describes The Port of New York Authority,
whose major responsibility has been the development of interstate transporta-
tion facilities in the country's greatest and liveliest urban center-metropolitan New York-
New Jersey, an area covering some 1,500.square miles of land within a
25-mile radius of the Statue of Liberty.
Created in 1921 the Port Authority is a public agencyof the States of NewYork and NewJersey.
It is structured and operated like a private business corporation with decen-
tralized line and staff departments. Drawn from all walks of life, almost every state in the
nation and a number of foreign countries as well, an energetic staff of over
7,100 men and women dedicate their talents and skills to carry out the programs and projects
of this universally recognized transportation agency.
How To Come Where The Action Is. Want to get in on the action? Then see our representative.
Ha has theansearsI I t him telll nu nf the manv eciting and challenaina

11. Politically, I would classify myself as:
1 2 3 4 5
Conservative Liberal
12. I am .... of our country's involvement in
Viet Nam.
1 2 3 4 5
In strong Vehemently in
support opposition
13. College administrations' restraints on
freedoms outside the classroom is:
1 2 3 4 5
Highly abusive Quite fair and
and unnecessary ne rv

{ Copyright 1968 Mandate

w iM w M M M M" M M MM m- - - w -M M M M w w w w w M w-w wmww m mwM w,.--.w....,... M.....M . m m '
* U. of Mich.
Response Box
' NAME ...... .... .... ...................... ........... SEX .... .................
S A..
* A D D R E SS ................ ..... - - -- - -- - - . --- - .---" "i

Port Newark

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