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February 06, 1968 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-02-06

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N Canipus Stirred by Board'
rie^+t~nof ditor

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fo ro P rv tlt~J la2 - P1zb11 #y
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t~i Rejection "eG}ti
'ft're I or adI PTh
0tX }ielt nomination-hu
'2t tjVW 0 alyr c~l f s l t heM e oday bT e Boa+ D' t l , b (
1111 rkf't 2 h d ics tee on a i V
pS diyCnro f tdetPul tt, .om
Otis u v, ver~.s ito of he iga n u'1 t 1ot L
S an ti n xw s elth a~ na-tidiscutovppo the rjected, ht tortiet lef ar1
algaS 1S otrvr yA'1 ,e b a n
7Je t eTelP tth nwsapes taf.wa
" * tr~; ti y, fedr in thr e ajox ag efor. tud e new tpa e . e
ent oeSeS so Wohou e~t naTedbputh enoterson aTv e
ev a ay aO'~t e s5 tail .at pg sO~ e usa lst o ae betenBa h~rz t rb O nf . tle(i
usit~ -asO et. a et p ~ editO1'5t thipghuter a Jic int ,, stdt;
. .W W taafa ltaiefl~lo1u! bns t o app P iftr P 1 Y i llGA
aeo I m sier 0 he can a r tie nf otio ?"lt tt
e arh S01 e Oiltss i~il a aaoeS., p ~otmijntiornfr
lkte.<iet . i D ile a ta ts b a Slenir'or t.st a a sf+r e o r N rz
" i °C t eC. tyc.oec ; ie adlfi
1uctl Ye -- an subs 9 thC~ie ten h 4 f~rti
i e p,.Iat$ asisC' -~a Spartal xQ 5 cthehe univeb"
atu hat *O gron ofgener
boY5ier ex~ t j r aes 0 o1es se1"edtorth. Stt den
ADOts 4 a Q at, e p c ns trailenrandsome tan I,
1\ sP O1COe J urn C. considerxste the . 1 a
li3H M bxig tl ed ewP i i Vle o S'~u X oe n 4rox. e oiintebarts h,, ,.
nte b~ e o1 ~ 0:saa bysvsth t5ut sx dvblaing torunane mdncr
il alyo bat rof nd of o :~te
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Ile thabe tV~fe1Xa aL 0~~~o~~1~e .~yov~apu h~1itt4
e dKuton l i tr °h bos~ar'cOt vte tel a, "jutl~o
b atte a anlntreCd l alieS w- vtxtex e esast l ichtx. V tY a .c0 etXWss ;anl0'L ~
Ite t oC tW tofe tn ie ]
g u is o u e I f t e I h g n' l y Y 1 u a i t c a u a , vthe s etn t C O o f 'a c t s i nr-,ca r 1
rorandlsome of Xxt VtL n. an
anaed heSlick, pun Micigan. SW NN Aditted d
th X s eQ an .Nlatai C V n cllie e e - Th.adesi
ate ro ae° toal es tory .l3 O ie t °nO uYtO* inC ~ c x in v~osetY n sdenedanydO1
Al'ex dAiSa tik nea hea 1N0d N vXsie lt ppe r butXhas 7.
coato ao? eCavd v\sh X n i 1 peaue
'teat uha otes8 We pia es ar- n L.
Orki? xd~ljxs ollee Q nal D a"Vl boa ONtl0
Itbe. gx We ths ~fss°w apYSbulei ilin lii a 1 ie sty vrstys y' Prn;': rri I--t~
~ )g iie' at' .cso ° oil 5W' Zt
srI"T 3 sd'~ b .e*.i-1as ad n Vo
£teuer, , day tat 'k C ,c a. nr - e

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1-'j C' 'C ' li' I_4 ' 14
,f, ) t th y'Lnj0 filet ~Cy aCfc 1
tt~ tr1,20 . c ; t
RAPIDS P RE S S ij'op ~/)2 kas t1 IV
{>?2t? j ' 1c 0 'd.,rs, a t
I t/ 0, Z~r/
r ea /yqf72
/ ~006
s; f O ~, 11k2.'2 ~eC'S "
t ! . . 11 1 i
(. ' / ,- 0 ,; k , fe
Inrain C


FIJI U1?P ri'4-I-ucm
LVLU V ~ It.LJL L1~5(IUtjU41 LUI ~
The - decision of the National "All i-top

A' sociate Managing Editor
c ~ ~ ~u~l ~'dents for a
Democratic Society (SDS) voted
yesterday to hire and train 30
full-time regional teacher-organiz-
ers, to move the headquarters of
the Radical Education Project
{REP) from Ann Arbor to Chi-
cago, and to give full support to
the Spring Mobilization to End
the War in Vietnam.


Council of SDS to train 30 organiz- m'.~
ers will become the primary re- p
sponsibility of REP. These region- gtxn
al organizers will be responsible . 1 r
for meeting the immediate educa- ~
tional needs of the local SDS 1 1
chapters. This will entail the dis- -S *1 ,5xi
tribution of film, pamphlets and \'%Cell T
aid in campus organizing on such
issues as student power and the
A sunmner institute will be set ur
for the intensive training- of Lb,


TYIIo e Sai ta' ". -ll l
a D t* eetyha
- n 11d to't < e " a n y m e a~ -
ix ofin ' s s tttoo prevent public
< "" o2 Ol\loof "an interimxup
V t 'cl ,.pdispute- could thus spr
(~a~"~e ~squidt eniiege town at
o a~Wri~le - li s ..~ of Detroit.
t~i a a x' o r l1O( , ,, l ~ a tall, long-ha
~cC~ ~ \\C i'-'ii i ma jar. asserted 1
ti'eff ce''hib \al - inter view that: r
c- . , e to to t4-won't be a 'Brl
t~ :IWre -' noV. h t -t cr 'ltomeC l bsre gfor hi
,L . i~. - ' t aeCor ,ndd s1 s something hthat e
too said tr /)t orl'ln 11*xialo te =dtifY ..with."r
Vtan of hab or n C '~- "L ntial ..tudent op r
Lyio admee rs Uan s socia ehe<," ° ioes of e riy s celebrati
.t e b r and ore SA VI u a oal t o f e~ s 'iversary and i
ti year, adA }a - laut o0 ertr lols sl-,55.mi'onfu n' rc°f

1, - -_ ..
UY -
iC" '




C" 'I' C"
D o


-' ~-- CFA (Jampus ditr
Few campus newspapers are more in-
fluential than the Michigan Daily at the
University of Michigan here, and Clarence
Fanto is what is making the Daily move
these days.
Mr. Fanto is managing editor of the
piper. An intense, energetic young man,
he infuises the paper with the same seri-
ous mien -he displays in carefully answer-
iii v iitor's questions.
To him,* the paper is a disseminator of
iiews, a purveyor of opinion, a poser of
questions, and a forum for those who be-
lieve they have the answers. What the
paper prints, he emphasizes, is not always
! what the neonie like to read. We play

V& tr VAX
r 10 e
vu,, X31 - Astra
- ' -- -----~ have
-' :paper

[ilinois Bid To
Elliott, Combes,

trol of Student pub-
;:,><<<{ lications initially re-
:::... 'f u s'ed to approve
next year's editor.
who is always rec-
ommended by t h 6,
-- ~ -current editors at4l
rarely turned down.
.e The board irons
"'the Daily. "Occasi-

4Connecticut Daily Campus WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, 1967
Michigan Daily-Finest
Student Paper-limier Study

' _ _ '.

th~au inkI Iprtn t he.n-UadL&y 4,1eru iiin-~
thnkI iprtn t he. Mr. Fanto .an11y criticize ui
o 7, ,--qPrinted closely after we print 5O.3a:-
r ^+11~entsthing, but they have never eonsred -Irly-
+Ii before publication," says Mr. Fui.
.4,npndence that enablecs
Z ~ to crus vVx
forlnpo I
thleea ae" i
Anaop i 1 iqllS/in tr ed pn
b t beEditor ' ' f
II~tr rtrhb eause x b thbco~
for e. wl anstu hoCl'ga i iesInntter0' ~a e ). jai 01t
is th 5tS9 teItt rdalob iepaneiy heta xp8 'i
W p artienula ral m 0re~ h ,npr oat ve stresses lof t it h n e te a llb b u h t h n h
r~ g h t 'I e v ~ a 'p oi t l u s R e t e ti m e °t h e e s o c l a U 1 c ule rs t s d a i e , I t h i n k Y r c a n i k i i i
reidn o e 8 ie DOIlt obben re1te ntd ut nertnd2Iai
~eO~the ~nlvW1~the dif..
.e te wyesterversitJ? edci~8tet°Isiuinrtiso0s ed On h hea3 r
an t r~d at alin j iz, i betle:j th, Ar .ou ah j0t tt o As'b.. ie
be t._ ue t._

TCOVchigan DArpJY, seen by
many observers of collegiate
journalism as the finest student
paper in the- nation, is about to
be investigated.
The University of Michigan's
Hoard in Control of Student Pub-
lications has asked that the
Committee on University-Affairs
(FACUA) establish a committee
"to consider the properpurpose,
function, and responsibility of a.
student newspaper in this uni-
versity community."
A resolution of the publi-
cations board asks that the new
committee investigate whether
"the existing arrangements at the
University of Michigan ade-
quately serve these goals."
DAILY editor Mark. Killings-
worth stated the Board's request
for an investigation did not in-
dicate if such an inquiry might

to expand its scope or turn I,.
the problem to another more rp- ,
resentative group.
A formierDAILY staffer, W; O1i?
ter said that. the problem °'4 t
now been stated as "just a','"k 2lo' h1
vestigation of the relation o*2 ltal'i-S.
board to the DAILY." sllthe 11c
'This doesn't mean IRIf' tj
it's going to be a c 4A ?l't 'o,0
move," said Winter t l °Q to2Yk"0 ° Ilo
that among the proble lob t PlS
sed might be the *e' t " -1 <IS' ? r
making the DAIL' e %t V~b'° al I' 'CV1
and the possiblV t. j,.' 4& '4<~pq4 e
a second newsp 2d 'c %Q?°£' . Qi ) °c'
A rb o r c a m p u s . 1''0. 00 t /.,rl °
Wl0ter n e fy 02wl tffe, 7 ''
e is now out Belt % 1 % Z 1' a
neOw editC 4 tot at ('0 4 ?' ll f
coming' °S Ck to . t, 2X06 01
.to ?I +1 2- '%

CH1ICAGO -In their final ruling
o slush fund case,
the Big Ten Faculty Representa-
tives yesterday told University of
' "'inois President David D. Henry
' Coaches Pete Elliott, Hat-
.Ir~t I{'andt Howard Braun are!
l s , -cli21,.Illinois
'-70 12 y g2i L.j
- 117 to r j.s I n e c p e


pry2 11. *
,71 q?'l
1 - p ,
0 2 . 1 1
?f11 t

- - AdVILOP.-

near O'er:
kaMes liit et tle like ±eg ~ue tr h a lt1 'he
~~Le the-

lnes or,
the faculty
Ad one against
mrte on which
~ t- o

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