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July 14, 1926 - Image 2

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04 uunr The trial lid not conie until some.
[ { time later and during the meantime
M ir i gan Da j 1.ih defendent was at large. Thlu
OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE judge, the jur~y, and the lawyers were
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN biased andI prejudicedl whites who re--I
SUMME SESIONse1ted the intrlusion of these "'North-
Publishe-d everyv morning except NI onday cuNges' h ri a hr
during the University Summer Session by lEnNlg1S"TetatNa hr
he sBoard in Control of Student 'ublica- and to thei effect thAt any other South-


The Associated Press is exclusively en-
titled to the use for republication of all niews
dispatches credited to it or not other wiseE
credited in this paper and the local neCws pub-
lished herein.
Entered at the Ann Arbor, Michigtan, E
postoffice as second class matter.
Subscription by carrier, $1.50; lbv mail,
Offices: Press Building, Mia.% tStreet,!n rbMihg.<
Comnxnnicatioiis, ifr signedl as evioence of
good faith, will lhe published in The SummerE
Daily at the discretion of the Esditor. --
signed commumnications will receive no con-
sideration. The signature may be omitted in]
publication if dlesired by the writer. The
Summer Daily does not necessarily endorse
the sentiments expressed in the communica-
Telephone 492i
C hai rman,
Editorial Board....Eugene 11. Gute-kunst
City Editor..... .......... William R. Brever
M1usic and Drama......... William C. Lucas
Woman's Editor........... Julia Muth Brown1
Night Editors
Wilton A. Simpson Theodor e loinberger
Paul J. Kerrn Frederick Shillito
Douglas Doubleday
Gail Lyons *l'iaddcus "Wasielewski
George T. McKean :Morris Zn' rdling

ern gent leutan would have dlone theI TIRE PLAYERS
same thing that the illiterate and so- With the great Moliere farce "Thel
cially inferior defendent had done. l Doctor In Spite of Himself' and Colin
lile was freed! I Clenents' romantic melodrama "The
And we Americans pride ourselves Haiduc'' The Players will conclude
on this "laud of the free" and this their ambitious program. Financially,
"'home of justice to all." When affairs the Venture has exceeded all expecta-
of this natutre are allowed to be stag- tions. The public has found these
eld withbout any wails of protest, in at sprightly comedies and farces much to
item ocracy, something is wrong. Eith- Itbeit- liking, and packed houses haveI
er our courts are a farce or our (on01greeted every performance. After allj
slit ution is a mere scrap of lpapel'.ithe final test of theatrical success is in

Special Tables of Books of
Interest' to Educators
At Both Ends of the Diagonal



flow call intelligent Americans sit b".y
and~ allow a low class whiite to murder
in cold 1bl00( a man who is uindoubjt-
edly his superior mentally -- even
though he is a Negro? It is nearly
time that the great mntiddie class were
jwakini;tup to light for universal jus-
Live and to tear away that chlidish
p~rejudice that is retarding the ad-
Valicein et of the southern half of our
(The New York 'limes)
Professor Thorndike of' Columbia is
Ii4 50 1),to m:1h wrought tup as are someilj

the box office, but the performances I
themselves have been of an exception-
ally high order, The program has
been boldly experimental. Rather
than confining production to the co-1
called "sure-fire" comedies, which
usually mean summer stock, such en-
tertainments as "Nothing But, the
Truth", and "Come Out of the Kitch-j
en", the director has ventured to offer
Shaw, Gilbert, Milne, and the extreme
modernist Colin Cambell Clements.
The latter's "The Haiduc", by the way,'
promises to b~e the "high-light" of the
season, exceeding even the "The Doc-
toi- in Spite of Himself", for lavish
protduction. Paul Stephenson is at
present in Ypsilanti training the large
secondary east which forms the back-
ground for this colorful play.
IThe Players presented W. S. Gil- r

Telephone 21214
Circulation .................. Kenneth Karen
Advertising..........rancis Norquist


A Demand Filled
Beyond Expectation
Blarber for
For ap~pointmnents call 9616
Nickels Arc~ade
Scientifically selected and
prepared foods
11:30-1 :30 5:00-7:30
Open ce'iy i'veninrg ec ept Motnday
and Titesda'.
600 Ti. Liberty Phone 9215



DYou uzze Over
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--over questions of geography?
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More than 106,000 entries. A special section shows,
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book for every student.

Edw'ard Solomion

W\illiam F. tj o

Night Ilrito I'- DI. F. l)OUBLEDAY
That the governmilenit at W\ashinigtoni

by the c ul'reI ' revolt of youth.'' lert's '"Sweethearts" in Pease Audi-
t 'etha Ps he h3as seen it tot) oft en to be'toritim, Ypsilanti, Mlonday evening.
a fraid of it . Possiblihe was in it The 'Monday evening performance
himiself at a time when it was bliss toteiwllearguriemnthr
program for the remainder of the sea--
bealive and very heaven to be youtng.. on
Anyhow, hie thinks rather better of If "'The Haiduc" proves as popular
young mnen and womien because they in Ann Arbor as it has elsewhere it
rebel at a good deal of what they see is possible that the season may be ex-
in the wor'ld. IHe is confident tht tended another week, although there
has been no definite statement to this
theirt redlire protests w il in timte efct
pass into the steady light in Which l * *

See f tY u ollege Bookstore
or rit fo iformatlion to the
Pubishrs.Free specimen
pags f ouname this paper.
C. &~.Merriam Co.
Spigield, Mass.

is niot undler con11trol of thie repriescit- G:constructive work can be dlone.
atives of the people buttis5 (outroll(,d It is nau irally in the colleges that
by our ''landed aristrmocracy" seems1 tliist of this youulo1 revolt is tdetec't-
to be confirmed b~y the suppression of Bu ht at wimt thinks is it mtainly
a recently inaugurated nmagazine, iilllkd ? t 'olle e, boys Want to get. rid

"New Masses."
A copy of the first issue xv aS sell?
to the Post Office il pai'tmn tIa lonig
with ali a p1plication)1f10r'sec od (:1class
mailing p~riv'ileges. Shortly afterward4
the editors re'eived i not ice t hat the
mungs zinie was 011 mailable tunder the
act forbidding the mnailing of l ewd ()r.
obscene literalmiire. Nothitng de'finite
wvas wvritteit with the o'd er. AtIe pro-
Ieltati ci-of ithe Itiagazine'%vas sent to
Washiingtoni to illqilire abouimNthe case
--le was informed that ()t,,, pem',n.I
few psae fromi a couple ofi
andi the :,etment' otte of allwhr lath
c'alledlfor'thithIle de nial of miin lg p'i
xileo es.
T'he i igzie fais to Jmrpres~i hill
as beinig ohsceli-'i'0tleasl.t, ot a it 0 1(
that ow, can biuytvat a vl' liiwSs slitid..
.)ottrnia I-i'' - c liitltct s, fila t'tle amid"
unfatvtraiilc.fail Ito lilthe aInv Inentoltn
of ihie awful lewvdness. It seems "qu eel'
that among all noarray01ftteiiodicals
that ('at eir io theli -etlill man"''thai
a quiet, puirposeful Itmagazinle liE' Nelv1
1A i;ses houdI1!be itatitied. Hut, per
hiapsthereis allothler' reasoni.
Thte real r'eason why It'e refusal
was sent to thlis, publication iii pt'tit'-
tilam is be('atw>'e it aittacks and t'on-
(lemns illie preset' it (oliolnic a xteni
anti show~~v a gr'eat. deal of conite(mpt
for the prIesent pol iti cal ot'der. Mv i-
de t y someone, ill Wa shiingt oll was
af'i id of thle ('otis('(ttitces of such it
ma-azitle spr'eadintg its doc'tr'inte'.and
so reverted (to the- easiest tmanner of
stoplping ftl' el 1ech ltini this c-ltos1
Succeeding issue,, if hI l iagit'/.llt-
haves goite thttotugh the hails I tt
motllestedti, t dot'smnot appe'a!' that
the perlsoni resposn sihtle fom' the onil-
ha~s Cdone a ax't bin g hit imnc-a r ii
sat e s.V JUSIC
A coloritedlsolthitm' of Ithe regutlar
ai'riy, l-mlox\ as one11 of thme best driesr,-
oid atl(I hest heia veil ilietinil his col-
punly, was standimng onIlltie edge
of at sidewalk1 over eifrht frt t wide ili
the villa;;(, of Ameicus, (eargi~l ieI
was tacinig the r'oadl way, moolest iiv-
no one.
Towvn the sidewalk cam e a umibe r-
yard night xatchinan, ill-kept, shilft
less, and utnintelligeniitil aptea'anc<i.
With hini was his wife a mi itle1
dautght en. 'Tlle side walk, rem emober,'.was f
eight feet wide butitt ppa telit ly theri't
w a s n o t ro o m fo r' th is ''s op e riiorwh t " s h e t e r i o l o u y p s -
ed the (doughboy inito ithe,'streelt withIi
the a dvice to get off' the sidewall-. The7
soldier was unar'ned, ide no pre-I
tense of fightinig, and other nearbyt
soldiers claim he nevem' made a retoi-
to the gruff commtanid.lint the her('o-
ic nightwatchman wheeled about,;l
whipped out his gtun andl h illed thet
soldier on time spot. All this happened1
nearly a year ago,c

of compnlulsor'y chapel and smnall blame
to thiemi. They wouldt like better'coiu's-
es if in smtmucionxwi thItImore inuspirit;
teacthercts, and still less blame to them.-
T h ey a i'e rep elle~d by cu r r'ent. st a nid a t',nl t r tu e a d a t ad o a s .
ECvery hkind of ciensorsh ip oultriage.
thiemt. ilhey (crave''I'nt irie freed omiitoi
'utter thie thoiught~s tlSat arise in theni.
N\ so('ia i onvettiou amid cumstomar ly
hpl't pettit's of htumali intercourse xwhi ch'
the er el ievt' to be wit hot reawntabmle
jilust ificat ion (li'y'snapthi t intger-s in
scor't. In ibti('f. theit' instict ofIe
volt dir'ects itsel, as is tnt utahlniomighi.
ogainst Itr'aditions and practices amid
rules5 \\ it ichlibt hex atr'a mostiinine-
diattt'Ix-itnconituct , an d vhiiht' h 1ey
Ought they not. howvetr. to lift uI
!Ii ii' eyes so as tite itle to see e-
fuoiris chit-lisliouldt he str-iventifor omit,
sjlthle li'social a attl iadliuic walls lie-
hin whm xlichithex' live? \Windt ve itean
is iliicatedl in the remark of an Enmg-
lish lectturer' whlo hastbeeit ' eli51c'i it
sotme time iln an mi erniican 111i vet-sity.v
Wruitilug of the imiprelssionms lhe terti vet1
r t mIN"yotithi le was itryig to
etich1, lie Spea~ks enithunsiastically', ot3
t litc' lene'gy, thieit' keennlestot tearni,
litMt hopeful out look, their or'ganilzingl
ab~ility,. the'ir'grouip atctivities, llhei' I
hiappy c(ontfidence'l- hlint he wxold o?"
thitoughit andi art lit's plastic' unlderE
WA'Y hiatids. Buit1one' lack lhe niotedl
It wxas thIat. all t his stir and 'nlar'ge'
nicil't 'it liltett inturt'mllettes had altmost
inl t-ouditions'' It almost 5seetmi5an
it lie thotughit of time evtlt ot' youth ii
II, ourl untiv ersities a's, aftei' all, a
aloist et-ed rtue, itIdidl nottiimpinuge
upon~ te gr'eatt'ltlitllttit V about it.-
tlommit less thie cotr atst, w.it lI uglatud
andl the ( mitimowxas in Ithe back (V
(1iia1 it.ughishi anitlPretich and (1eritritn


1"A(' LTiY (ONC(ERTr
'MariatiSt ruble Fireemitani, tviolinist,
Auaude Okkelberg, pluanist, and Barrej
HllI baritone, will present the fol-
lowilug progrminil the tird oft~lI
setries of Faculty concer'ts this even-
ig at 8 o'clock in lill auditot'iumm.
IC ri to Tt'' he Masked Ball"''...Ver~di
j Allet'gl'Iianali le
l l tha tit'raniquilloI, Vivace
Atlle-grettr'o grazia so
r ;Fs. FrMltanl amnd Mrs. Okkelbherg
'T'he (C'ryst al CGazer ........ Kramer
Little h atese ......Pierce
I I leineoi ima lice ..........,.Taber '
The Last. Song ......... Rogers
Mr. Hill . . . .. .
Wa Izer ......... I Itinel-IIuI'Iestet'
The WValn11ut Tree .... Schumtan n-suer'
Mr's. Freemn
.'iotii liten ii 1>y lv Ms. Maud(e Ok-
1reli1crg amid i)wight Steere-
Tihie awxvardinag of the P'ulIitzer' Prize
for t he tdratmn to "'(Craig's Wife'' by
for t' c tedrantia 10o' Craige's Wile'' by
I G eorg e Kel ly seenis to mueet wxith thelie
widest approval. The play was gen-
erally hailed as the highlight of thej
altun1111 seasotn in New York. The
vxxorEc of the ant hor' of the 'Tor'ch-
iic~i-em's"amid the t'5ho' off it is, where
hose are light an imin tsely funny, C
,t grim relentless chars eter-study, in
e-very irespet succes sful1. The wife who
sacrifices ex'ervone, everything, around
hier to ltwep her hiome' her ownt- - a
Isptn lss, isen mlless refl ectioni of her -
self', is a masterful (Teat ion; awr-
w o-a n i ru ri ta t i nig , in fu rm ia ltin g a t , t i ma es , a l-\% ; V m o s i u l e n h r
orre mnyi fin shI's of A1-. Kelly's wit
tt moo ginitit I tie pRitau~tilits dulihtyis
Ibseneque -indeetd it can standtil its
ffeet beside most of Ibsen.-
Tfhe Illax' is itncluied itn the most
r'ecent issue Of the 1ui11'ns :BanmtlIc ''Best
Plays;''sel"ies, and i is wormthi a careful
' eatliuig, as one of thoi very fewx sig-
niicant i'ontriibui tis toiiAm ericanm
drua mat i itetraturme.

Read The Dally "Classified" Columns

'When you and spring
are thrilling to 'the opening game
of the year-n-and your favor-
ite player drives out a
homer-as the stands
rock 'with cheering
-have a Camel!

WH1EN the first ball game
is here. And the heavy
hitter cracks the ball
shrieking into deep cen-
ter for a home run aeaCml
For Camel adds the
magic of its own fra-
grance to life's most fes-
tive days. Camels are of
such choice tobaccos that
they never tire the taste
or leave a cigaretty after-
taste. You'll get more
contentment, more plea-
sure out of Camels than
any other cigarette.
So this fair spring day
as a redoubtable batter
lofts out one that it seems
will never stop flying-
oh, then, taste the smoke
that means completed
Have a Camel!

alth Near-iFaster'it mittvel'sities senid a***
2ri'l t itnv ll ;ein'to ittpublic' life;ihiehi' BOOKS 0O" MUSIC'AL INTER ESTI
a tndoemlisbel'ot-c gratduat ing, take all ''LISZ' by Pretenhrick(Cot'der'.
livelier interest imi political affairs, "RIICH ARD )WAGNAR~: As lie Lived''
anld class thtemiselx'es its 'aliicals not btv williatn Wallace,
univ toti1the itellectuaR anth theoretic ''I~i)hIiF10' SCiI MANN''byHr er'iert
side, bultton pblic h(- ilest ioims, 1WNe (to'-BedIfordl.
not huax'c soi ititi-hof(t hatiin this t'otun- tiiai'pet' atil Hros.. ''A-i'st ci's of AMus-
Itx', thoug.'h it wold1wb well it' we padt i('' ser'ies).
11n0m'(. We shtould like to stee omtm T'hte three volumues listed abtove ar'e
yoliiilt tioivot ag~iinst, i'lt''tltionlin itIthe fir'st of l'te ''Masters of l'.lsh''
podl its. ag-aintistigitoramiee nllwatlst-ties wiit' i lam'p'ralmd 13m'1ot ' 1'sE3
of chtaracttr'i'n lpubl~ic atcu, aginist jp rojectinig, to i nit]clde soni fottlitlhes
hwIn4 thaIlit iiax'e ottlivetlitliii'timnidut Iintall. William Wallace's study of
their mts'ftittiess. againlst stupid and Wagnar' is a tune, full lenigtih poll1'1tit
oppr~tessivcem Ittitis of adililtisti'atioll, Iof1 the gr('at comiptoser', am illumintatitng
ag ainst ev'er'y lit tkin fotrt otf itius-- tii mm origimial analysis mfit' is wxork, antd
tiee iltlt' >somcial oi'der',lBy all mtetams! atml(estiimate of his inusttcul signitic-
let ourl*yoth ne volt.-''her'e i iltno lalice. Ill(, book is wrtitten withIttdis -
lienlso ist11 ?oppilg m hiei, if wx-exwishedtl incetion and charm, anid is a vatlu -
to. IHit onicannot111) help thinking what I alle fadditioni to the Wagnai' librar'y.
a ie thimng it, would be if, thelir -__________________
rebelliotis andI reformng spirit (c01l(d 'A statesman, We are toltd should
be0 dimected less to private grievances follow public opinion-doubtless as al
and restricted evils and mnore to the coachman follows his horses, having
public mischiefs and wrongs which firm hold on the reins and guiding
cry out for correction and redress. themi."-Hare.

'c ...
t _ .
/ 1


Into the making of this one cigarette goes all of the ability
4f the world's largest organization of expert tobacco men.
Nothing is too good for Camels. The choicest Turkish and
Domestic tobaccos. The most skilful blending. The most
scientific package. No other cigarette made is like Camels,
No better cigarette can be made. Camels are the overwhelm-
ing choice of experienced smokers.

Our highest wish, it
you do not yet know
Camel quality, is that
you tr~y them. We in-
vi'te you to compare
Camels wsth any ciga.
rette made at any price.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco
Wit~ootleiu, N. G


0 IN6

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