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July 14, 1926 - Image 1

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XtflT rrV v~

VUL. .XVIi, No. 21


1P.T(Vl. L TiTT~ i? TG rpXJ. j.1rJ

, .

Private Lie hI Graeco-Rlomn iEgypt
Is Special Subjct
That difficulty in b~elieving that
people of ancient times really lived is
one of the chief barriers to genera]
appreciation of anitiqtuitv was the
thesis of Prof. Ar thur E. R. lBoak of
the history department in his illus-
trit ed lecture yesterday afternoon.
Professor Boak showed numerous
slides to demnTstrate his point. most
of them illustrative of the more priv-
ate life of Egypt of the first three (een-
turies of the Christian era. The title
of the lecture was "Private Life in
Gjraeco-Roman gypt.''




- I

Musi An Teachers Are UIUILUIUI
Drama It~1t1111111111111tII1 .$ Enrolled HerelOR POLLOCK TELLS
"Blna"is Mille at his best, which .\jlxtxounid ntutisIomror roriipi
should recommend it highly enough, nxilie olge n u ioiolLUUUU IIIIL LU
excep~t that the delicious humor of its ( 'iverctes olgs n jnorclC U
situations, the scintillating dialog, is' l g'are( enrioled in the Sumnmer
hardly to be taken for granted. With - session this pear, accoring to figuresr POLITICAL SCIENCE TIEACHIER
a goodl play theire is one inidiu itable ! : ?,.. : ~:. <'..s... : 1l FR T1(U LT .:,,

test. of a performance ---the audience;
and the audience last night was de-
'lighted, amused, and mightily enthu-'
siastic. If A. A. Milne does not quite
realize the press-agent's dream-"a3
laugh in every line"-he comes very
close to it; light, fantastic, with, an
effervescence matched in few come-

computed recently and released yes-
terday from the office of D)ean Edward
14. Kraus. The total number of
teachers here is 1285, which is 131
more thani in 1925 and is 39 per cent of
the entire student body.
The Graduate school has 635 of the
1285, and the School of Education
406. One hundred ninety-eight are in
the literary school a-nd the rema~ining


Antiquated Methods, IRe-meadinfg
Roll Calls Takie Pp Iainy
Days of Session


If Pinero had written such a play inI


That the machinery of the C"ongress


All the
of actual
brought to

slides were photographs
articles excavated and
:inn Arbor last year by the

University of Michigan archaeological
expedition wihich was located at Kar-
anis, twenty miles west of the Nile in
the so-called Fayownu district. Pro-
fessor Boak was in command of the
expedition, associated with two men
from University College,* London, and
spent the reater part of a yeai in
investigations on that site. Dean
lraus', in his introduction, intimated
hat Professor Bok would in all like
lihood return to continue his disco-
cries in the near- future.
The town of Karanis. said Professor
Boak, had a life of about 7501 years in
whicht it developed ai curious mixtr
of culture as well as rac. It was
originally a Greek colony, its lad
granted to Greek soldiers in return
for their readiness to obey a call to
arms in time of need. Around them
there grew up in time a circle of na-
tive Egyptian tenants, and still later
an element of Romanc civilization,
brought by Roman citizens. It is in1
the mingling of the civilizations that
Karanis is of especial interest.
Professor Boak discussed the con-1
struction of the loses of unakd
brick, pointing out the scarcity ofi
wood. lHe went on 'to show numerous
household and aricultural articles;
lamps, vases, basketry, mallets, grain-
forks and other implements, toys,
combs, all varieties of wooden and
woven articles illustrating the detals
of' Egyptian private life
'tennis Tourney
Has 23 Entries
Entries or the all-campus summer
tennis tournament, which is to be held
under thle auspices of the George Moe
sport shop, have closed with 23 en-
tered in the: singles and seven teams
in the doubles.
Those entered are asked to play off
their matches as soon as possible, and
the tournament schedule is posted in
the sport shop, together with the tele-
phone numbers of all contestants. i
Prizes have been awarded by the
Mr. Moe to the winners and with the
comiparatively large number entered
the competition should be extremely
BERLIN. - President Von Hinden-
burg is receiving congratulations on
the sixtieth anniversary of the first
and only time he was wounded in
battle. His would, received when he
was only 19 years old, brought him
his first decoration of which he now
possesses seven.
--prediets that toay il remain
woler and Yafr,

thosw halycon (ays of "Dandy Dick", 4 ae-inthe.ive 1therschols. tanelcnidertabeilingstyandpolsh
s'"The Schoolmistress", and the rest, he Praink C.Elgcnhlfo(enea b.isrsdnt1teNw- This total number of teachers is i tndnsos a h conieabeo l sindraolwn
]would probably have called it "The pae n nsoswstecnlso rpaper Editorial Association, conven in Los Aingeles or its annul coin- dividedl into 14 classes. Highl school byD.'.N olc ftedprmn
Prepostcrous Mrs. Tremavne", and vention, and Herman Roe, right, of Norfolk, 11inn, now vice president, is teachers compose the largest class. Dof political ine al te eforen
fquite appropriately. This adorable,' slated to succeed him. having 473. With the junior high oflth a M enEdcatoalu in ttlcue he
preposterous flirt, old enough to be- f school teachers, this figure reaches thI e' dctoa lbi h
haveherelf isrecivin th atentons icigan Union last ni'ht . In the
have herself, is receiving the attention151, which is compared with a total of loreo i ak nti ut a
of three men, lint somiehow as playedU EEL tUI 343 in these classes last year. Anicus fhstl a hsrsyrn
' yFacsHrn She is entirely to Uli UEIS flTIIIeh[Liineve uderyrei tethe Speaker ela red that gov-
IERNt;lovely to waste her charms --a pleas- group, wich is smaller than last year ( uiimeit in this country has not kept
Jnan amur ow adftenfeemsquie ?c due wtth atebeasaw m io posecu ofandm
antamor ow ndthe semsqute jdJue~ to the fact that a greater numbe t he sa-n
tething. But her first husband re- IIUIILIJIONIIUEU ofEclassiications have been nmade.t ' i prosptectUe olicans
tun tls--vo eperhaps w Normal school instructors total 33, p~tcan
ishould say re-woos her--and the cur- - which is 13 more than last year; city aecnevtv n eie n
t ain falls leaving uts to expect Belinda ! Chliciev Coffer All (toads beaden~ To "Sox So'il EdIucatIion" is 'opse )i f superintendents number S, county changes, being perfetlyx satisfied
will return to marital happiness. An Towus Shattred lit Nei Yesterday's Lecure By New superintendents 6. Three county wir. thinockashoedtatarege.
impiossible situation, but a vast ',Jersey Explosion York IHelthi Expertnralpiniasr. erledadP1s o lluleshond rates are muc
amuto-un n h am ih eHigh school principals. The gradeI the same now as they were in 1789
1 said1 for comedy itself. RED CROSS ASSISTS , PROBLEMS ARE CITED supervisors group includes 45 which we h ntdSae pn u
_1Warmen Parker apparently dotes oni_____ ____ is 17 more than in 192, andl the grade
the ccetri pat. s te satiticl ,lion dollars annutally as compared
thI ceticpr.A thestitca(B Associated Press) The health lecture which wa given prneipals this year umbrer 7.
Baxter he carries some moments o was_ with the modern sessions which al-
DOVER, New Jersey, July 13-All ;y~sterday a ftemnoon at four o'elock ini propriate fti-e to four billions. One
highly entertaining comedy . Richard B ty B r o ratqae ueta esssfo h
\Vioellhaf and Dale Shafer are excel- roads ini Jrseys shell shattered area lt le dental auditorium was by Mr. Be s lb u niutdrueta esssfo h
1lent in their respective roles of the tonight led backto-k aadoe Newell Edson of the American Social ' ~ ''~ ed
pot n onTean.homes of Mt. Hope, H-ibernia, Pica- yfreAsoito f e ok To Gizve e e every reresentative couldred is the
Frances Horitne, as we have implied, tinny, and the smaller commuunities 11 imcAsoito oIe ok reading of every bill three times al-
who talliethoughiaeachpico"Sgxesoman hasefaprinted
is a grand '"Belinda'", and Camille nestled along the narrow hillside ' B enetalted ttoutgetopih, cSegSocialan has fitrinard
Maslimne adds another good perform- roads. Vehicle and carriage bore re- ,' dtiationr.". copy on his desk. This useless read-
ance to her proa score, as the trigrfge.I icsigtepr sex pasi ing of bills consumed 20 working days
lIrolttnigreftrugcks, IudidussigttheeprtalaysasBetsy Barbour house will give ainte7hcogs.
' dauighter. I ietuknue h avshimmmmamilife, Mr. dson surveyed the bridge partyhfrm62:30 tongo'cloc
_____________covers of miotor transports. in private Tit i oewrigdy r
(-ar an~ in harti'edbusss, u ibjW of eumot ions ini genertal, and Saturday for the benefit of the Warn- ITit i oewrigdy r
rfllflltfhEI fan ilie, ewideied tiu re dvsshowed bow they are based oil human t'it'sLague Building fund. An admis-I cold be saved by a mechanical vt-
tUUiAIUNR SCIEY cile fungtheseleson he aynced5ls 111 prepamatiomi foratviis sinfe of 50 cents wil be charged.
-es~vsi rswr actiigi(iesicfeo some time saving ar-
Four prizes will lbe offered, tdonated igdvc rrneettesekrpitdot
rr~i back to thecir-bi'oken, shell torn pomies. HeI illust rateId by showing that such lv ah',Ghm, an Slersagmnthe pakrpitelo.
HO LOS WEbyEKLY'sGraaMs an 6 't'slaSatg frdaey' radlight-Jur
Eaba ndomned in headlong flight from the emt~a i~ erz~'iist )0 trsai ' AtI-Wsigo iei etigteJn'
area laid wase by Sauda' igt nal and in considering bridge bills
ni n- lt aniuitimi xtiosimi.were necessaryfo the self p)resemva- 'Ihere will e a first, second and booby
sPhi Delta Kappa, national honorary Many knew that the walls of their ; t of primitive mian because they re-j prize, while the fourth will be weedeotherni racti.Presatshroldlfee
edlucational fraternity, held its weekly homes bad cavedl in, that sheds had sutled ini immediate action for his pro- thog;(rwngo umesj asserted1 that the house of representa-
lunicheon yesterday at the Lanterni?('ollapse~ n lsdohed ite- t e('iic's mtionsimamdfe Chairmen of the party' are: Carriej fives wasted two out of every twenty-
an lor dopeand el hseeotosWnma ife Webster, general; Rhea Coverdale,'
shot, .coi'ner East tUnivsity n 'ii- fr.Afwhdi-d xlrtr monit~~~w~~uiiasi h iinane; Forn Brown, reception; jfour working days in considering t~i-
lard. visits imi sea rch of possessions and fc ht1i hstebanpoe oRthBily nomtonai oibl vial matters concerning the District of
Dean Edward Kraus, of the Summer stc htb a h ri oe o Rt aly nomto n oibl realized tie cond~itioni of the regionI Columbia, although the major affairs
Session, who returnedI Monday from it hc hywr eu-ig control t hemin. Onoc of the problems of ity ; Myra Lou Deacon, decorations;oftedsrcaevryblhnld
aninspection tri-il to the geological All afternoon the lRed Cross workers sex social educi(ationm today arises froimi ayBlyn ag i or fcmisoes
canip in Kentucky addressed the or- reif- -s*aet Sh nz, prz sboot y Mts
reifheadquarters in Morristown, at tie faft t has benu realized only Lacking time to mention even a
gaiato. ediscussed cage''eUiedSatsHteweekpt ecnl'ta teeadertising; Esther Ricketts, mefresh-
gaiaii~'~' h ntdSae oewr etteetyta hmcare certainmindi- small part of tie places where the
th haetknpaeithdeeo-busylodn their three day boarders viduals in society who (do not have the I ns ub inr tbe nlmachinery of congress is rusted and
I meiit of the Sumnmer session.linoteodadvrecovyneprpritlgnetoeonzesil chairs; Carol Stover, checkroom. i niquated, the speaker concluded by
that carriedl them ho~me. From temn- values amnd have, in consequence, no i saying that such out oft date practices
/"VGAT To Broadcast porary shelter in theiectory of tie Re- inmotioai cont rol. Puavo unr' li Sets worked a real physical hardship on
G deenmer Church, from the American Mr. Edsonm showed that reproduction AT 1T711 th e members themselves and that with
(old Opera Muic,1 Legion roomms, from the Nartet Street is aiimpotant pairt of the struggle New v VV ortl o ld ark modern ways otr representatives
Mission and from the Women's Comn for existence. Hecmec 1hly law of the sur- (might get a great deal moie done and
Music from the Gilbert and Sullivan jmunity club, most women, children, vival of the fittest operates in that STOCKHOLM, Sweden July 12- at the same tin-i enjoy the week ends
operas will be reviewed on Sunday, boys, and babies went out. Trhe task themrc is a coistantteudency to iass Paavo Nurmi, famous Finish runner, far fmom the heat and exense of the0
July 25 when, at 9 o'clock that night at Dover was completed earlier in one tihrough inherianice those qualities established what was claimed as a new capital, enjoying rest, recreation amd
VWGN, Chicago Tribunie radio broad- thee day. whih ep to strvive amid to destroly wrdsrcrhi vnn hnh comfort and getting ready for sonice
( casting station, will broadcast "TheI The last two days of shelter at Mom- those imdividuals of ti-i species whh covered 3,000 meters ii S minutes, 20 real cnstructive statesmanshipl di-
Policeman's Lot" frotm "The Pirates of tristown had been a busy grind (f car- cannot prioduce their kimd. in flime and 4-10 seconds. Edwin Wide, the lg the following week.s
Penzance" amid "Tit-Willow'" andi ing for the honeless and bewildered, these survivimng quaities become as Swedish champion, was second in 8 The next meeting of thle en's Eo
Three Little Maids from School" from am-d ti-i workers of the Red Cross amd typical of the wole species at,,ihe minutes, 20 and 8-10 seconds. The Icational club will be outdoors and
"Tie Mikado". Sir Arthur Sullivan 's the American Legion, marvellously char'act eristics whit-lInmtamk one species ld recorndwaSmiue,2amd411 will feature a baseballgaeniam
The Lost Chrd" will also be heard. aided. from-i anothem. seconds. open aim- picnic on Ferry Field. This
will be staged next Tuesday, July 20.
Frank B. Leland, former regent of the
Transferrimng its headquarter-s from conmpre~hensive as that tof any school: unable to tcarry on its xwoirk except as *:300high schol ditor adthi aUn ay il ersitydofeMichi awoyled.
Utniversity Hall to a completely ithtei coumtty,'' says Prof. Johmn L. a dining club, -which made it too ex- ; iates. _________________________
eqiuippedl set of r-ooms on the third Bumni, head of the departmrent. "It pensive for the students. Next year Vimgil MNit, editor anu lbisher -
floor of the Medical building, the dofemrs 14 different courses. We dIe- the Studemnt Pmess club, sup~porteth; of McNaught's Monthly, owner of Mc- Dr. J. K. Ptllock of tit poit i-
journalism deplartmient will accommo- I manmd an A. B. tdegree and a B average largely by ie two journalistic frafer-! Naught's Newspaper syndicate, and i a cec eatettle
date 300 students, which constitutes in te rquird curses as reqtuisites citis xvilmeet onc a week. It will ; prorietor of the Central Press asso j als iencetodeparMenttlEdu-
the enrollment during tie regular ses- for a certiicate in journalism. Much lie addressed by guest speakers - ciatiou of Cleveland, is the donorof t ional club iin the last minute ab-
sins.ofthe university publicity is handled newspaperme of the state and n-three medals awarded each year to I ence of Prof. T. H. Reed who
The new quarters consist of an edi- unofitially by students of the depart- fion. students in jounlism. A gold medal wasceudtopak rf-
tonialmoom, mews writing room, audi- meat of jtournialisim. Feature stories Besidsthe fliet activte in is awarded to tefitr who haas hed waslnabetopeak.proes-
toriumn, libr-ary, offices for the staff, and spiecial articles dealing with pr-Pescu interests, tie dep'tment f aitane the highest scholarship stircReednast fthahile eus-o
and ash rooms. The large editorial (gressive educational interests are con- jumis fse'stmavmmnlm et- a edrigforyears' residence cuhoiacontofthfilnsso
roomticontains ln abe o ds ti-f siiplid to the press of tejunlmfses theana et tthe University.hiwfe
longf tablesesit Pfor deskf M st, wo i a emuppoith
wor-k and tiraining in editorial writing. ountmry. ,u ftm iiesi estui~'Mr . ~twoi ebro h
For work in news writing and practice s "Our chief difficulty thus far hasj Michigani which compiss in its nm- class of 1904 of this University, takes a ---
in layout and miake-up, a separate beemi a lack of proper facilities. Jour-I bership tie newspaper men of thej lively interest in the department and
room has beeni equipiped with tables nalism cannot le taught in aim ordin- state. The clumb holds its three day cones here to address the studentsIBA BALS RE
swhich have individual lighits and . ary class room. Now that we are es- c-onvention iii thle fall of each year twice a year. lie will be one of theI
placesfom 5 typewiters tabished in one part of the building, ad is knownu as on-i of the most pro- speakers at the University Press Club If American League
A spacious library which has seven !with igh-t and commodious rooms,1 gressive asstciations in the counnty. convettion this fall. tetoit StNew oi4
Itables, book cases, and filing facilities,C tables instead of benches, and places This year- it wii meet on Oct. 21. The Faculty of tie department anti j Philadelphia 3 t oi
acontains sm 25 daily news-I for the proper isetof typewriters, 1 David Lawrence well-known Wash-claesoorn apoesmasr- Cleveland 6. Boston 1 *
papers amd periodicals, is at specialI anticipate that tie students will de- { imgtn -torespondemt antid editor- of{ vice magazine to be issued monothlyi Washington 6, Chicago 9
feature of the arrangement. velop a fie esprit de corps wlric was th-i United States Daily, wii be one; and circulated among state editors and Nationa League
D~esk room is to be provided for impossible in ourn former scattered of tie speakers. other newspaper meen. Although the St. Louis 12, Brooklyn 10
Sigma Delta Chi, men's national pro- quarters." In Mlay of each year the depatment magazine wvill be tnder direct super- Chicago 2, Boston 1
fessional journalistic fraternity, and This arrangement will also provide lof journalism, assisted by Sigma Delta vision of the faculty, its staff will bes New york-Pifttsburgh {post-
- - _ _ a_: _ i noned) I1'

Theta Signma Phi, women's journalistic facilities for Student Press club acti- IChi, conducts the animal meeting of made up of students and those doing i Y1u
organization. vities. Thus far the club has had no the Inter-scholastic Press association the best work will be encouraged to Cincinnati 10, Philadelphia 7
"Our journalism curriculum is as placeein which to meet and has been of the State. This club includes some wrte for it..I______________

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