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June 25, 1926 - Image 4

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Pu blicat ion inlh1311 liI t~iu iis constr1uct i vti ce to all members of
the University. Copy received[ at the office of the rummer Session
until 3:30 p. m.in 11 :30 a. in. Saturday)
v~olumie TI llhi),ky. it411 :::i. U1; f Number 187
Faculty and Students:
An informal reception for the faculty and students of the Summer
Session will be held this evening in Barbour Gymnasium from eight to
eleven o'clock. Edward H. Kraus.
Excursion No. 2:
Detroit News Building, including WWJ radio broadcasting station and
the Detroit Public Library. Luncheon in the New General Motor Motors
Building cafeteria. Party leaves Packard and State Street station at 8
a. mn. (not 8:15) Saturday, June 30. Trip over at 3 p. m. Total expense
about $2.50.
To increase adequate car service into Detroit, names should be left
in box, Room 8, University Hall, by Friday, 6 p. mn.
Carlton Wells, Director of Excursions.
Bureau of Appointments :
All students who are actively enrolled with the Bureau of Appointments
and who are attending the Summer session should 1111 out location blanks
as soon as possible. Candidates from the field who are back for the sum-
muer should also bring their records up to date.
Margaret Cameron, Secretary,
Niagarai Fails Excursion:
The annual excursion to Niagara Falls will leave Ann Arbor, Friday
afternoon, July 9, and return Monday morning, July 12. The excursion is
open to students and friends. All interested are please asked to see either
Dr. Hussy, room G 127 Natural Science Bldg. or Dr. MacCorthy, room G 223
Natural Science Bldg. Morning hours 10-11. Afternoons, 2-4. Arrange-
ments should be made at once.
R. C. Hiussey.
Rhetoric 202s:
Studies in Literary Types and Forms will meet from now on in Room
2208 A. H. ilarris Fletcher.
Prospective Teachers:
Students who desire the services of the Bureau of Appointments in se-
curing a position for next fall who have not already enrolled with the
Bureau should call at the oftice of the Bureau, Room 102 Tappan Hall, at
once. Margaret Cameron, Secretary.
The lectures in the course on Molecular Theory of Matter by Dr. Herz-
feld will be given the following times: Monday, 3 to 5; Wednesday, 4 to 5;
Friday, 4 to 5. The first lecture is on Monday, June 28 in Room 1041, New
Physics Laboratory. It. X. IRandall.
Phi D~elta Kappa Liucheoni and Registration:
Tuesday, .lune 29th, at 12 noon, in the Lantern Shop, corner of South
University and Willard, the first luncheon anti get-together meeting of all
members of Phi Delta K~app~a will be held. Registration of members of
Omega chapter and any other chapters is requested at Room 106, Tappan
hall. Russell Thiomuas, V ice-President.
.Notice to Cinese Studients:
Everyone is cordially requested to attendi the :social meeting in Wesley
Hall, corner of State and Huroni Streets, on Saturday, June 26, at 7 o'clock
p. M. K. Ho, President

(By sscite Pre'ss) club, a large par ty
ILANSING. June 2.4- Protests studlents toured t11
against the recent action of the state countryside yester(
conservation commission ordering route coe e
th ale faot2arsongsrite'ltiof 1the awuCl
lahd saleofg haserAarqeotate v (' n <n hoe LwdC
in Msoncounty for development 1 ield [loose, rend cf
I prpoeshave been received by John j elriircsideii ('V and~
Bard irctrofcosrain As1 to (1 eddes Avenue.
resultcehe s decided to appraise ! 1'ut~ was; follower
and inspect the land personally. The thenice' to the Bal
s~ale of the tract was requested by the club. 011 the returi
Pere Marquette River Co., Ltd., which VI rds were cover(-
proposes to build dams in the streamsI endinhg at the Natt

Club Hosts To Students
First Summer PExcur2 .3*ct-Par


b111 t~\N',.1 t1'~25'. 1926;
h~'5k ~ -t the Library at
'toAli o o U '11100 vas the last
hasir'e >hi SO o. ti riii1, <t lA).it

os provided tliro"9l4
hle tocal IExchiange
of sunmmer seSsiol I
h(, city and lnear-b~y
1111 V aft ernooni. The
past the east side
lartha Cool:IBuild-
'1111, then to the Y'ost;
in throughl the east-
Sfraternity section,
T]hen the Boyle-
Al, to Aain Street.
11trtnIlills country
ru drive other lboule-
ed, the trip finally
,oral Science Build-
inispec~ted the Ui-


I 'o li t d(illg-1; to he' Lie 1et1lsMorn -
orti al Librark-, thiey weiresun w ilte
i exhibit of old inaps; aid rare docn-
i 3int s and llelters ili't cases
tlw(Clenient s Libre, ty eo:ists of a
a a dens> of mo ii'Ithan 20,000) volunms
1Mul1th e sources oft noirai [ist ory,
Ili original gift, to the University.
STo this abhout $1 5,000 wvorth of mateor
iiOi is wdi'(l1manualliy. AS most Of
lhb o naf cii is in) Lat~ini or Italian, it s
chief appeal is natu rally to the grad-
oia e Iui dit. The library conitains
-ev oral valuable colle ctionls of let-
Serti, iilding. manly by .1ohn Adam,
Blenjamin F'ra nklinl, anid others. Soni,
of eilie oAtiitif eretinig are codle imies-
sages betwceei Arnold and Andre, dis
u. s lii g- the contetmpllated treason of
(;etieral Arnold. A recent addition
colosisi s of some 1 1,000d(oc:umenits of
the i nith-isi c neral, Sir Henry (Clin-



i BY

Nwo' "zd e rss)

for the development
telegram from Mason

of Power. A I fl .
county sports-! Next the partyi

15 ~j1]I-,-ll-giving Up
1; r..~jo tbo habit, if the fig-
tza i"oF L )C -4~twio munici pal
1)1; 0 <l . 1 ,i indications".
TI e-e i::it ~tons loaned 1,258,9")5
~ ot~t e 181 081' LIllcresiof 36,263
l~ii~,, l::sti~nUtotnole bohrro1w20

mcin objected to damming the stream
on the ground that the trout fishing,'
for which the river is famous, p~rob-
ably would be spoiled.
According to Mr. Baird, the com-'
! pang owns ab~out 30 miles of land'
along the stream iiow and perhaps
could build a dam without thowing
over the snmall state tract. In view
of this possibility and the fact that
there have been supremne court deci-
sions compelling the state to offer
11 rmi est rid lands f'or saile, tbe coin-
n1111551811 der ited t0 place the land on
the mnarket.
4It will 1101 hir, sol d rcga rdle'ss of
precede It , 10 eeunlt il t hepillr-
chaseir guatrantees 1t) deed to the state'
the fishtinganid Ii unting righits and(]if
the (('11 l lmy ill (ques tion11buys the
propeorty he wvill inIsist that the p ublic
be alIlow cii to fish antd hunt on its land
all alon rg the river, Mr. Baird said.
I )REISI)K' , iAdopt ion of mtotr'bus
rtoads is utndler olsiut ion, ie co i'd-
in - to HIerr (;tlir'itlrat Otto Rope lie,
of I )resden.tle rum av, wilie11<1sjust i
left the United States, iwhere he li-
su-ied iiiotor operationu.

Vei'sity Liblrary, going through the
C atal oginig detpar'tmtent, part of the
stacks, the ledical readig roorn, Per-
iodical m0011, and ti pper study hall.

SU ME x /


Kt~ kk
4 Fr F v 1

f B S O711

:" ,.

West Wind Lending Library
I ie i ti i l t, of )ctenu l 'f~ i roy -- Jolin 'rsknc



a. . .... ,... -_ , _ v w

I " ARR1I( See It before

s.as.+ m, - nve.. 6 ..u dy_ e i
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _..__ _N .
A' M A j "7


- Ann 1itt1
. " ,. . .v. nd GARRICK CO.r
Ii a rtu~ m tt ti f A .H E E S K I M O "0

to fri., our spcw1IV
prepared lunchies,


I F eu

- . , .'

to test for uourself
their superiority.
Lunch Room
338 Maynard St.

News From Other Colleges

17 Nickels Arcade

1~~~ .t r/ililzilV '811 ii>Neu 2


Subscribe iur 'I'lie sttmmer Paily.!

PROV IDEmNCE- -Research in mental
hygiene will be inaugurated at Browu
university next year under the direc-
tion of Dr. Arthur 11. Ruggles, head
of the Butler hospital. Associated
with him in this work will be Dr.'
Charles A. MacDonald of the Harvard
medical school and Dr. Paul Ewer-

course. The former wii] deal with
the basic course and the advanced
i!aval gunnery and construction and
tire principles of navigation, Iparalell-
ing the preliminary work in military
traini-ng The advanced course will beG
offered only to those who have coin-I
lleted the first two years' work.

...... ...e,

Hotsy -T7otsy 1i'o's Rss
Or' llesin.I n
Su.-,-" Old Lo . 'ves art~id Y_ ' II I LEg+i JSTON



2:00 3:30

NlI I i Frl
7:, io 1)))
W c, 3:>, 5()c

1 . __ -

: ,t.

- --- IOWA CITY---Among the plays
PRINCETON- -In a recent issue of :scheduled for the rummer term at the
The Daily Princetonian is a facsimile l'niversity of Iowa by the Out-Of-
of page 1 of the first issue of The !lBoors players are Claire Kummer's
Princetonian, dated Jumne 14, 1876. ! Rollo's Wild Oat" and Shakespeare's
The Princetonian at that time con- ;"Th Tempest."
sisted of 12 pages and was published,
once every two weeks. In an article' PRINCETON-Secretary of the Navy
in The Princetonina of June 19 of:r Curtis D. Wilbur commended theH
this year it was brought out that the ;study of mathematics in an interview
late President Wilson, as the third with The Daily Princetonian here re-

managing editor of the paper in his
undergradluate days, was largely re-,
sponsible for placing the affairs of
the sheet on a more solidi foundation.j
CAM HRI DGE---A new department
has been added to the curriculum of
Harvard university. Next fall a naval
reserve officer's course will be offered
to studlents, to be administered by the
ne9w departmtent of naval science and
The wvork will consist of four years'
training to be divided into two parts,

tently. "The attitude of the student
ini higher niatliematics is that there is
an answer to his problem, and with
this in mind, lie can solve with readi-
ness any that he may have,", he said.
WASI IINGTON.--- The Norbeck billi,
increasinig the penfsions of veterans of
Owe Civil anid Mexicani wars and their
'widows and widows of veterans of the{
wvar of 1812, was passed Wednesday byJ
the Senate and sent to the House.
ReaO the Want Ads;

A Story of Today_
Comedy--" Buster's Mix-up" Felix Cats
Coming Sunday
No mlvaucc iii prices


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f r1 1
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, .. .ts



IT 6,.cS

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ri. ..



VA~NNLP1I3.A~ '~'M~"7. Ix~
flOC/~'Ll IT F I.AOt, J ( 1)1 L' V ~ u''iJ5h
A R E C H O R U S G lf L -5 W I D
Qhrilo e ontzc g~

S1it 1£A t'

"The Blind Goddess"

(I IA' l K
°' i(4O1I ;
" ' t ; 9lm

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