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June 25, 1926 - Image 2

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0ij4 untnt> infractions. There is no trouble for
*I him to bother over.
Air 4 ~i g an B alU I There is a grinm determination about
OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE these husky coaches, and an expres-j
UNIVERSITY~ OF MICHIGAN lion of let's-get-going with the teach-
SUMMER SESSION ers, which is enough to frighten a
l'blrshed evecry morning exc-ept M onday~
Juring thre tniversity Summecr Session by regular student into doing some real
the Board in Control of Student Publica- Studying during the summer.
The Associated Press .is exclusively en-I
titled to the use for republication of all news .The difference between European
dispatches credited to it or not othier wise
',redited in this paper and tihe local ncwtis pub- w'omen and American women is that.
lisped herein, the former are ninety-nine per Cent
enrtered at tihe Ann Arbor, \Iichiqan, feminine, while the America woman


TWIfn flA ' TAL )' 1

A- AT1"-A A- t.r---. l -w%-- -- I.L L.-71L 1 W I'ru Ax, JUNE 25, 12


STO-M1ORROW N'IGH'T: Third per-j
formnce of Blernard Shaw's "Great
Catherine" in Sarah Caswell Angell
hail at 8: 30 o'clock.

TE T B O SFRDepartments of the University
L At Both Ends of the Diagonal

pustofirce asV second class (natter. is only one per cent."-1-elen Dazu. "PIG
Subsripionby crrir, r. o bymai, ____A review, by William R. Breyer.
Offices: Press 1Build"ng, NMaynar t ret,! Wa i os ndtsteSm I tiigcnrs otebitr
:inn Arbor, Michigan. t'a i os ndtsteSn- I tiigcnrs oteb~tr
itier Student Directory should make. 101u8 gayety of "Great Catherine" is
C orin iicatonif signed as eviucnce of ColiCambellClemnts'"Sprng"_
good faith, will be published in The Sumumer ' _______ __ - - ConCmbl lmns Srn
13ily at the discretion of the Editor. Jt - It is a sweet, almost saccharine, ro-±
Signed communications will receive no con-
side'ratioin. The signature may be omitted in EDITORIAL COMMENT \?' mantlc bit about a sailor on shore
publication if desired by thre writer. The I li!'l~lr Ieave and a girl. They are attracted
Summer D~aily does riot niecessari'y endorsemetn at pr
the sentiments repressed in tihe comnmunica- -"_. _. to one another, meig aapr
_____________________________~ TH LAN) O TLE RE" ien ch-p resumably on Riverside
EyDITORIAL STAFF' (New York Times) Drive -, because they are both "dif-
Trelep~hone 490.i President Goodnow of Johns Hop- ferent", twin poetic souls who are
MANAGING EDITOR k1s tte itehyarga oin misfits In a cruelly materialistic
C hairmarn, exercises, had the hardihood to ques-
Editioritmeta lBa rI.. E..'ugeneif. t intek n u The mood of the 1a s etmetl
City E ditor............illiam R . Breer ! hdtuhoftertinlAthm(teamnyand calls for restrained act-
Music and 1 )t aia.........William (C. Lucas \hni hrceie mrc ste
Woman's Editor...........Julia ~Rth Bfroe~wn itnhrceie mrc stelg,- portray al of'aan entirely differ-
Night Editors "land of the free." Only in a qui-li-ct calibre fr'om that demrandedl by
Wilton A. Siinpson Theodore Huornberger lied sense miay our, country now be Shaw's farce. For this reason the
Pattl J Kern Fre'derick Shillito designated, and only in such a sense two actor s make the pardonable mis-
Douglas Douhledlay might it ever have geen so ('ailed.'
Illvos Assistants For a century. hie implies, wve have
;ai l org 1'Mc Ken, I lit ~~ ilcws 'been teaching our children to sing a.;. -
XI iri' /.erding ,Patriotic bit of self-pra ise whlich the


Telephone 21214
(rcnlrtion..................-Kenneth taii
Advvrti ' i...................l-'rrnci', No r rtiit'


I~dwavrd Slrnr

\\iiiain . Cok

FRIDAY. JUNE, 25, 1926

Night Editor-TH N. 11OtNBERGER
Custom does not always suffice-oc-
casionally it is necessary to legislate
in order to maintain a gentleman's
agreement. It has heni heretofore ai
unwritten law in Washington that a
member of Congress should not be
interested financially, in any way, in
any legislation pending before the
national government.
It is trtue that members of 'on-
gress often (10 receive remuneration
for(delivering addresses between ses-
sions, but such proceeure is, how
ever, concerned on l with orgniza-
ions of a local nat ure. Sen. Jamies A.
Reed, lDemocrat, Missouri who 'ap-
pears to be the great es ahernt of
common-sense and fair-play in pol-
tics todlay has brought to light n
astounding fact- -the realization that
the Anti-Soaloon leagte has man'
prominent congressmien on its pay-
Men who are hired by any agency
tr corporation cannot 1bexpected to
render disinterested opinion for they
are necessarily biased. Congress-
ional legislation is supposedl to be car-
ried on by men who, after listening
to the facts, will vote according to
the dictates of reason. This cannot
be the case at the present time -
employes are by necessity partial to
the views of their employers.
Suppose that the banlkr associa-
tion or the steel trust paid menbers
of Congress to speak ini its behaf.
Would such a condition lbe tolerated
by the people of the nation? Hardly.
Yet the Anti-Saloon league is the only
national organization violating the
rules of decorum, and it is able to do
so because of a sentimental back-
But things inuist be brought down to
earth. The Anti-Saloon league must
not be allowed to continue this gross-,
ly unfa ir practice It. its leaders are
not courteous enouigh ti stlbit tJ
suggestion, then they mst be whip-
ped into line.
Not so gidd~ily collegiate, this crowd,I
the student body of the Summer ses-
sion. Of stomping heel-plates, of
screaming golf hose, of kollege-kut-
kloteths, emrodered chiffon, and1 dar-
ing scanty skirts, there are few. The
downy cheek and the painted cheek
have given way before the oened shirt
collar, white socks, 16 inch bottoms
and cotton stockings. Stiff beards
and long dresses betray the stuent
who is here for business.j
The camptlus is now taken over by
school teachers, coahes, the ambit-
ious undergraduate, special students.
and, of course, the usual allotment of
flunkers who must make up hours.I
Work-that is what they are here for.
Bolts are a thing forgotten In sum-
mer school, the professors claim. For
why should one bolt when one is here
-terrible thought--to go to school?
With the Summer session the Dean of
Students spends his time on the golf.
links or in his garden, for with the
passing of the regular session have
passed drinking and other disciplinary ywa eddgvsnwrao o

Y j
. i

historical facts do not entirely war-
rant.. Even the "desperate adven-
ture" of the fountders wvas not madle
with an idea, of establishing "'the
land of the free.'' They wantted to
be free to follow the dictates of theiri
own conscienctes, but they were niot
disposed, with certaln isola ted excep-
tios, to give like freedom to those
wtho did not agree with them.-
After indIependence was won there
weas some abatement of the earlier in-
tolerance, but the sense or responsi-
l'ilitv l'or the social c'ondutct and spirit.-
utal salvation of one's neighbors anti
the self-confidence of vigorous ('har-
acters persisted and tended to make
a twilight zone along the borders of
the Bills of Flights. andi that formi-'
dlable circle which, accordiing to do
Tocqueville the majority drew around
thought in America in his time. Lord
Brve'e believed, when he came to write
oht the American Commonwealth,.Ithat
this had largely disappeared; but, as
President Goodnow observes, even
Lord Ilryce failed it prophecy, for he
piredicted that in no imaginative fu-
ture" was there likely to lbe any at-
tempt "to repress by lawc or by
opinion the free exorcise and ex-;
l)ressioul of representative thouight''
on any matter not within the imme-
diate range of current politics. What
has been (lone by statue in Tennessee
and certain other' States and by opin--
io n oh r n rl to o t e t ahing of the theory of evolution has
brought within the actual present what
senmed beyond any imaginable future.'
lHappily, the annoying attempts to
restrain freedom of expression andi
soc'ial condtuct do not put limitations!

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t! (1

Amy Loomtis

take of being, of anything, too sub-
(lI t.However, in spite of the fact
that their lines frequently cannot be
heartd, Amy Loomis and William Bis--
hop do almost prefect work.
Bishop, as the diffident "Gob" not
,wholly at one with his surroundings
i. adinirably suited to his r'ole. The
poinat in thle play where he em-
b arassedly, hesitatingly, reads the
I ragm cut of verse he has composed is
flawlessly done. lie is Willie Baxter
init sailor's uniform, without the
'l <rkington character's youthful as-
Miss Loomis, as the "Skirt' 'alter-


jean Goldketre 's Vaaod
Agre Notv Playing at
T]he Blue Lanternl
Dancing Every Night Except Nond av
Sunday M~atinee

u pin the hiuman sp~irit. Such inst itu- ! nLes toetvveecu rulute-class pru uers,
flions as JIohns HIop~kins university,a and the hard-boiled protective armor
whose teachers head their students out (of the girl who tries to remain=
upon the very verges of the known.,"nc.
i to fearless reckoning with the truth"**
zthat is (disclosed to their inquiring "11ATRAC'K" COMlES TO THlE STAGE2
-minds, into the clearing of what Mr. Mencken's "Mercury" is to be2
Sidney Lanier in a lecture in the ealyj credited with the latest contribution
days of the tuniversity called the to the art of the American theater.
Western Woods of Time, are doing From New York comes a bulletin an-
muht aeAeiapeennnl onigta rmnn rawy"the land of the free." That Presi- producer has devised a stage version tn.Gonwhshdtecuaet !o htnwfmu ml-onld
calling his country also) the "home of! of the streets, "Hatrack", whose his-
the brave."E tory appeared in the pages of the "Am-
--- - -- erican Mercury" some time ago. All e\
I1l('KSV11,LE STAN 1S PAT 3 of which would sound interesting
( Detroit, Saturday Night) I enough if it were not for the fact that
l~o yers nd ear crel umo- jthe play is being constructed from a111
ists have attempted to laugh the pleas-j piece known as "One Flight Up"whc
ant village of Ilicksville, Long Island,; opphed in Boston last year. Of course
point (of desperation the burghers ofmamkeapty good piece, but we
H Jicksville flocked to the piolls to pass dioubt it. " * *
upon at new designation, but whten the! AS THlE PL1AYER.S PLAY
ballots were counted, the ancient namej Fromt Mr. Tom Denton who handles
was upheld by a vote of three to one. matters of business for The Players
For the ashes of their fathers and the when La Henderson is otherwise en-
temples of their gods, the mien ofI gaged comes the astounding informer-
Hlicksville placed their cr'osses in the! tion that enough customers were
pr'oper 5square'. turnedl away from the first perform-
Anti so the name of l1icksville ance of ''Great Catherine" to fill the
I sand. Lt te atemt t dihonr house two times over. Which is rather
o famous townx with frothy titles lbe
a lesson to other communities. If civ- srrsn ic h hwou sb
- i pridhe in Punmpkin Center runs as n en e nteeprs
ic The abundance of cash trade must i
high as it should, the residents will
I ee to it by legislative action that theirbegaiyntoheAu aeCncl
city shall remain Pumpkin {."enter forantoTePyrs Cnidigth
a thousand years. We understand! standard of production the public is
that the taxpayers of P'olkvll1 getting rather the best of the bargain,
Schafe under literary and theatericallathtsol nuetefeig fn
lashings, but he heroism of IHicksville one that the promoters of the enter-
;will surely sustain them through their Iprse are making a good thing of it,
ibuain.WudBte re too. As they play, so shall they reap,
a bigger and better city tunder any and front all reports the first week's 1
other name? No, never. Fired by thet(harvest has been nothing to sneeze at. e
veal of Hlicksville, what community Sarah Caswell Angell hall, by the t'
would have the effrontery to abolish way, is in rather de luxe condition.
its Main street sign though Sinclair The aesthetic appeal of the multi-
Lewis himself lived there? colored seat covers and the potted
You might almost call Hicksville palms is considerable, and a little
dynamic though it has not yet sponsor- bewildering to the eye unaccustomed
ed an Arctic expedition, to so much magnificence.L


101-105 S. MAIN ST.--ANN ARBOR, MICH.--330 S. STATE






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