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June 23, 1926 - Image 1

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For 111omen Of
LEAV S I DAY FOR Legijining July 6, committees of the
Tomen' Leagu will be hostesses at
J U B LY U I U I Vnoon except Saturday during the Sum-
iner session in the parlors of B~arbour
GEOLOGY 1)EPARTIIENT SUPPL IES gymtnasium. All women students at-
THREE MEMNBERS OF THE I tending the University during the
PARTY summer are invited to attend.
Margaret Eaton, '26, acting presi-
IS PRELIMINARY TRIP' (dent of the League, urges all women
at tending the Suimmer session to use
the piarlors of the gymnasium as their
Hiovemient Of Greenilanid Glaciers To clubroom. Chairs, magazines sub-
Be MIeasured For First Tine scribedl for by the League and bridgej
This Sumimer tables have been placed there; and
the physical education department
With practically all details for the fhas equippled the west balcony withi
University of Michigan Greenland ex- deck chairs which women are invited
pedlition completed the three men to use.
from the University who will make the With all interest centered on the
trip, Professor William H. Hobbs, Pro- I ,oning League building, it is the ef-
fessor Laurence Gould, durd Ralph fort of the Women's league, the physi-
Belknap, all of the geology depart- catl education department andl the
ment, will leave this afternoon on the D~ean of Women, according to Miss{
Wolverine for Boston, Massachusetts. I
At Boston the p~arty' will be met byI
the other three members of the expe-
dition, Professor S. P1. Ferguson of the ENROLLMENT GINS'
united States Weather bureau, Profes-
sor J. E. Church, '92, director of the O E IU E
Mt. Rose weather observatory at Reno, LJ
Nevada, and P. C. Oscanyan, Jr. of,
New York, who will act as radio op- iett ni 1iigineteri'iiig ollej es
erator on the trip. %rteralyScols'a
From Boston the group will go to ShowhoosTh
,North Sidney, Nova Scotia, where the ____
100 ton schooner "Morrissey", which AL OT E SIC AE
has been chartered by the American ALT E SIC E S
Museum Greenland expedition for a
journey farther north into Greenland, Registraitioniifiures at 5 o'clock
will turn in and pick them up. Thea yesterday showed an increase of 170
-ilol fem 'Jxxr nrkover the number enrolled at the same

I ernoon Teas L M iMPFDW M
Summer Session I HL!IU 6U U
Eaton, to make Harbour gymnasium ED IJNAI ID TAFFr
the center of women's social interests.
All women students automaticallys

All men in the School of Edu-
cation are invitedI to the meeting
of the Men's Educational club
whlichi will be lheld at. 7 o'clock
this; evening in rooms :316-3201 of
the Michigan Onion.
This is the first meeting of the
Summer session and will be in
the nature of a preliminary to
the program of the club for the

time of registration. There is no at-
tempt during the summer at League
organization--no) judicial council or
board of representatives as in the win-
ter', -but an acting summer president
is appointed to direct the summer
work which is largely social.
Due to the shortness of the Summer
.Session general regulations will con-
timne ini for~ce. House rules will be
in effect whet her the house is or-
ganized under a student presidenit or
not. The only change in house rules
is in the later closing hour: 11 o'clock
instead of 10 :30.
ANnyone interested in serving on a
rt'ague commit tee may eomimimnicatfe
with Margaret Eaton either at. Bar-
hour gymnasium 01' by calling 6175.

TIO .vr'ri:N 1)



tilimiker, Brocoks, JIens.en, Ramliiu, Stine,
Miniot, Amid Stuart Will (xie
'three MIinute 'lTathis
Studenits inl tlie School of Education
1 will nieet inithe= first assembly of the
Sumimii' essonat t1:00t o'clock this
afternioonin l the auditoriumi of the
Untiversity I 11gb school, IThis will
ive ( all si odei: S whlo arenewo-x to the
I I iiversi ty all opti10~unit y to0 becomte
acqualited withi the policies of the
' school and all those coninected with
the 'chool or lEducation :ire urged to
' ttcnml.
The 'feat mre oft Ihe program inwill he

mumher of three' miite otall, by
RDil HIBt10NFNDe8 members of t( hittion ITOfarĀ°-
olt y w ho arc' new 1to1Ile st aff. The
1101andlldwh ae teaching i

--siorrissey" saiieu ifromILTNeoVr,
early this week, and will sail from
forth Sidnecy on Sunday.
Bartlet Captais Ship
Robert A. Bartlett, famous arctic
explorer, is captain of the vessel, andj
Robert Peary, son of the late admiral
Peary, discoverer of the Pole, is engi-
neer, andi after leaving the Michigan
expedition at Holstenborg they will
proceed north to the Baffin Bay re-
gion where they will collect speci-1
meens for the new wing of the Ameri-
can Museum of 'Natural history.
The work done this summer will be
preliminary to another expedition
which will be undertaken in 1927,
arnd'Mr. IBelknap, who will act as sur-
veyor and glacialist, will drive barn-
boo sticks into the ice at carefully;
measured p~oints and calculate their

inge last year- -3,04-2 as opposed to
2.572 in 1925. Since registration will
conltinuel( thr'oughout the week it is
estimated inl the Summer session offieI
that there will be aln increase of moro
Owan 300 Oomi the figurles up to date.
Thle (College of Literature, Science
and t he arts anrd the ('ollege of Engi -
nieeri ng and1(1Architectu re are the only
schools which show a loss over last.
y ear. 79 more stutdents had registeored(
in thbe lit erar'y (colege in i1925 thani
this Year: anid the College of Engi-
neering and Architecture have so far
enrol led 24 students le'S than last.
i year.
The School of Eduacation and the
School of Business ;Administ rat ion
show the largest proportionate in -
crease with a gain of more than 25 per
cent in each school.

C'ontrol IReputblicani Party
Dl~l des Attention
$130,000 IS RAISED
tBy Associjated tPress}
WASINU\CTON, June 22.---Prohibi-
tion enforcemnent in Pennsyl vania
awith a special fund raised by the
Woman's Christian Temperance Uinion
and the efforts of Secretary Mallotn
and oilier membler's of htis fa mily to
have contr'olling hands in the lRepub-
lican pmolicy' in that state dlivided tlho
at tent ion today of the Senate cam-
pa ign funds commiit tee.
Frmom i rs. Ella Al. Cteorge, st ate
p~residleit of the t em pem'an ceorgaltiza-
I ion, the inivest igators lea m'ned that
alppFox ilnat ely $130 ,000f)lhas bee
raised to enforce the state new dry
law and that Governor Pinchot has
set up special machinery withI two
(epuity~ attorney-getierals paid outt of
lie fund. This jestiinony arousc d
mnemb)ers of thle commit tee, some of
whoni brought up t he legal right of a
private organization to cont ributIe
funds(1 to the common wealth.
'Finally Senator Reed, Democrat,
M issourli, the chiai rmani, cailledl to t ii'
stand Represent ative Graham, of
Pennsylvania, who declared he hamd
not known of a governor ot' his state
accepting funds fo r' law enforcem entf o u h a r a i a i n u tl G v
eror Pinchot had done so.
Mor'e light on the activities of Sen-
ator Mellomi and his nephew WV. ,1.
MellIon, president of the Gulf Oil
comnlaly, in the free primary man -
euvering was shed by W. Mlurray
Baker, now secretary and formierly
chairman of the Pennsylvania Repub-
StSate Senator Max G. Leslie of
Pit tsburgh.

pf'esvn t sessl are Clay I). Shinkher,
jDirector of( ' omnmcrcia I ''dmcat ion ill
theo city schlools oa t I)e'M1oines1, Iowa.,
who is I etich lug r ouine rcia I education
ill ttie Sum ii c'rSEsspi on. XWendall
Staniton Brooks, a ssist alttcdean of the
l oll ege of' Libieral1 Arts of North-
v.(str UtnIllIIiver'sityv, Prian k Arthur JTen-
~ell. supel'ilteldi of schools it
Rtockfor'd, Illinois. Paul Tory 'Rankin
Of tHie H oa rd of Edu cat ion of tDet roit,
}1Michiigan.ll'er1na; Stine ot the State
'NorniIcollege at Minot, N orthti I)ako-
tam, and .Milo ti. Stuari, w\ho is Priinci-
p1 dof .\ r-eua l' echnical Hi 11 Schtool
at Ildianalmolis, Indianta.
'I'lr three minute talks In nwich of
_tti'so inritilty nIl- h- vvXXill crolistit ute
Fthe maoriil portion of the pi-ogi'afl,
awhich Nvill also consist of 1e1eSsary
ami{loti T'tlielIT send a sholt admess
th) a meimier of thme regular facuilty.
Org an,"Rvci*al
Offers Studen2ts
Varied Program
fist, w Xill give a prog ramii1of 'gatn mu-
IO sic n the('tol mian iExpos-t lon or'gant
ire h1ill Auditoriutiithi s O~iI~at
torilock{ t'Oil1inelita ry to :stimm1em'StU-
dents. 'There will be no adtnission
(bcarge and the general public, with
-tl' he XCel)tiomi Of sxnaia1childreii. is
aliso invited.
T Ihe pr'ogramn is as follows:
j Faea IIt( Song of Triumph) .. Mat hews
Andanute expressi55vo ........igar
Sport ive Fauns...............An t alffy
t noel ...........................Mlt
1'r'a rac, Ad iago and Fuge in ('.
. .. . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . .. . . ach
Sketchiin 1) lFlat ...............B ach
SAllegro gi oioso................ Dethier
I l'ov isi t ion on a fa milhai' melody
i march 4 'a nhauser).............agnar

'Urh 114119 IIid lStudents Listen 'To
President Ini 1'11o Speehes
At Conference(
That(Chiristiauity today offemrs a Ire
inendons task for youth but hlt you thi
is tbett em'Iprepar'edlthanmiever before
to mioot it was the bulrdent of two
ripeches by Presidenlt Little at the
Lake Gemneva Wiscomsin, studet con-
ference last week. Dr. Little spoke
io Wenesday anmd'Thursday, June
:1G and 17, beoe more t han 1200) stu-'
;lent s fm tthe miiddl e west, assembled
at Geneva for at teml day religious con-
fei'en ce. M1'oie tha I t wenty Michigan
fmcl attendled.
'it coees clear thlit Youth is in a
position of great lpossihilit ie,'' sidf
the 'esident . If it approaches it ,
ini hiu miliy imvolving self-denial,
con rage developing it to intellectual,
maoi'al, andi spiritual leadership, and
oleranmce which breeds at permanent
anid whole-souleid love of one's fellow
rntii-Y\outh may at any moment in-
it iate' ameformation in our ideals and
pma c~i(' of the Chris tiani religion that
eX ill lead us farm'towa rds the realiza -
io of o1ur11 tru erel at inship xit'
Speaking onl Wednesday on "The
Ba ckground" 1)1. Little outlined the
mleuV freedom frontu dogma, the increas-
i nmumbers of young people10gowing
up w-:ithbout the bonds of denomination,
and1( pointed out that in this new ele-
mient t here was hidden strength likely
to findl itsel1f in new channels. Speak-
tug of the college situa tioii le defined
thle "higher'' in higher eucatoni as al
a dinisioin by those who love youth
hmat it if their highest duty to set the
stage sip thtit sotmetime in the college
cou rse the intellect (of youth my muet
its miiiiter- amd recogmizeflini.Th
address On Thursday was "The Task"
aid em phasizei humility, courage and
tolerance as the characteristics needed
by moderni youth.
Only 244 muen students had register-
ed for nmenmbership in the Mlichigan
t'mon late Tuesday nigt The man-
a gemmemt, outlining the summter' pro-
gram announcedh yst erday that be-
y ining met week the doorini
Xwouldl ask all men enteri'g the Union
to show their membership cards.
Sumiter school students desiring suma-
1m' nlmember'ship) may otin camds by
showing their tieasrer's receipt at
the nain desk.
The Union will contimnue all of its
ser'vices, with the exceptions of the
billiard rooni and thre bowling alleys,
thbromughout the summier temn. The
mmmain dining room and cafeteria will
serve meals according to their regu-
=ltir schedule, the library, barber-shop
antd shoe-shinting services will con-
imue. The swrimming pool is open to
Sunday from ie to eleven, to men
:'.oily front eleven to eleven.
Amrican LIteagliel
St . Louis 4.1Detroit 9

New York 7, Washingtoni 1
NaltionalI League
Pittsburgh 3, St. Louis 1
Chicago 2, Cincinnati 3j
Brooklyn 4, Boston 2
"Philadelphia 6, New York 2

Professor Rollo IV. Brown of Harvard
amid Dr. Rlussell C. Haussey of
Michligan to Speak
Two excursions, two lectures, a con-
cemt, a ,lay and the faculty reception
to time Summer session students are
onm tie University progr'am for the re-
nmaindcr of the week.
The memn's and women's Educational
clubs are holding their respective
maccings tomight at 7 o'clock, and at
so'clock an organ recital by Palmer'
C'hristian is schieduled at Hill audi-
"The C'reative Spirit and the Amer-
can Public" will be the title of a lec-
hure Thursday at 5 o'clock to bogiven.
by Rollo VS. Brown, Harvard univer-
sity lecturer. Mr. Brown is an edu-
('atijonal authority in this country and
in France, where he has spent much
tinme investigating school conditions.
After graduating from Oho North-
er'n university imn 1903, Mr. Brown re-
ce(ived ai master's degree from Harvard
ini 1905. Ile was in the rhetoric de-
paritment of Wabash college for 15
year's, and was later professor of
rhetoric and composition at Care-
ion college. Mr. Brown is a member
of the M~odern Language association of
America and other language organiza-
In 1,921 Mr. Brown edited "The
Write(rs' Art," and previously he had.
published two other books on writ-
imng. lie is a reguar contributor to
ediuc(ational and literary journals.
Starting at 2:30 o'clock Thursday
wxill b)e the annual Summer session
toni' of theo campus and the city, con-
(lu('ed this year by Calton Wells, of
the rhetoric department, with the o-
ep~eramtion of the Ann Arbor Exchange
('lmb. The purpose of this trip Is to
aid those in Ann Arbor for the frst
imie in becoming acquaintedl with the
t'niversity anld the city. In order that
adequate transportation may be pro-
vided, those planning to take the
trip should eave their names in room
s,. university hall, before 6 o'clock
t onighit.
Thre party will board cars at the
side of the Natural Science building,
and precede from there through the
attractive Washtenaw residence dis-
t rict. Taking the Glen drive boule-
vardi from Geddes avenue, the cars
will descend to the river and travel
to the Barton H-ills Country club.
Fr'om here they will go by way of the
North boulevard to Cedar Bend boule-
vard(. From the crest of the hill here
ani excellent view of the campus, the
hospital, and most of the city is af-
forded across the river valley.
Upon retur'ning to the campus,
those who desire to finish the inspec-
ion tour wX'ill be shown through the
gemeral library 'and Clements library.
At the first stop they will be taken
through the stacks, order room, and
cataloging department and will have
explainoed to them all the local lb
lib-ravymnethodls. Clements library will
he exhibited by its librarian, and the

History records which are kept there.
The Michiganl Union will be visited
before the party disperses, this being
the sole op)portunity fom' women stu-
dents to make such an inspection.
On Friday's program is an illustrat-
Ed lecture, "Niagara Falls and Vicin-
ity," by Dr. Rumssell C. Hussey, of the
geology department, at 5 o'clock in
the aft ernoon. This will be especially
interesting to those comntenmplating the
JUniversity tour to the Falls July 9.
From S until 11 o'clock Friday night
will be the faculty reception to the
students at Barbour gymnasium. At
this event, which is an old custom be-
inlg revived, the latter part of the
evening will be given over to dancing.
'rho excursion to the Detroit News
building, the General Motors building,
and the lDetroit Public library is the
only event on the program for Satur-
(lay. This will start in the morning
and end at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

miovemenlt when he returmns next year. 'Phie Gmaduat e school enrollmenlt is
This is the first time that the move- 749) this year as against 641 last year;
ment of the Greenland glaciers was 'While the Medical school anud Law
ever accurately calculated. Professor school both shiow slight gains, as
Fergusomn and Professor Church will does the College of Phar'mnacy.
act as meteorologists, and :Professor'___________
Could will act as photographer, as-
sistant director of the exp~editioii, and lfEPT flQ TlI~
geologist.LJU LI VIL IU Id
Will Have RbidIo AII 1 1 1FAfY


P. C. Oscanyai Jr'. of New Yor'k will HtILL UL dULU I MlUMl
be radio operator of the expedition
and it is expectedi that commniication; Student Directories will be placed
with the outside world will be main- ioni general sale Friday, it was an-
tained thrmoughout the rummer. It is ponced by C'alvin Patterson, '27, who
quite possible that the letters of the with Thomas Olmsted, '27, is arrang-
station will 1)e WPW, wireless pole hug the publication of the Sunmmer
of the winds, if the applicatiomi for' school edit ion. The directory will
those letters is granted. ; omitaimn the names, Anni Arbor ad-
The Michigan party will be pickedl (ld'esses, telephone numiber's and home
tip' by the "Morrissey" on. her return townt addresses of all students regu-
trip) late in September and expected larly enrolled in th~e 1926 Summer
to arrive in Anti Arbor about one weeki school.
after tihe opening of school in the fall. The b ook is now being run off on
It is expected that piermianent sta- the press; late registrations will be
tions will be established in the 1927 limcluded by means of a supplementary
expedition.( list t:o be added to the end of the reg--
Iular enrolment list.
WASHINGTON-(AP)--Opening of 'Thle 1926 lDirectory will be bound
the contract air mail service between betweein blue covers and will comn-
New York, Hartford and Boston on pare favorably in size with previous
July 1 has been announced by the post. h ooks. The price will be 25 cents.
office department.n T
Summuer session work in Univer-
sity High school, including grades 7, [,9tn 0 il tr ensa imn EINfMPT HrAnl

All st udents in the Sumlmer session LECTUREIS ON
are nvied t atemidthereceltioii at
the Congregational chur'ch. 'There LNJt~ EINN
will 1)0 an informal (lance and tea will P rof . Aubrey Tealdi gaive the sec-
be served. and( le(cture of the .Summ'rse ries yes -
A chiaiige has been made in time erday aft ermnooimi in Na. mma Scienc(e
speaker at the student supper on Sun- ;auditorimm. His subject, The Art of
day night at the chum'ch. Harry Kipike t~amttscape IDesigni, was treated very
1,;ill lead the odiscussion at 6:30 o'clock ( thoroughl Iy.- He divided land scaipe de-
Smiday' instead of Miss Eleanor sigh iii twoX 0pairts, a estlmc('anmidlera-
II utzel, iDetroit lpolicewomanl, as p~re-,- monic.


viously announ'edl.


rmuly I IIIUL I/LflU

I (By Associated Press)
et Mai iPARIS. .1 une 22. --The eighth (lay ofI
i thle mimiistemrial criisis appar'ently h-as
cenled with the new cabinet already to)
he intr'odu ced to the public, but held I
up by the (difficulty of the financial
jsituation. PremieirBmiand has at his
disposal eniough men to form a new'I
j N government, but seemingly none of
them wamt the p)ost of ministetr of I
FAIR AiND 101)ERtATE TEM1PERA. Germany's exports per capita are
TUIL. more today than in 1910.

The Sumumer Michigan D aily
offer's practical jour'nalistic ex-
per'ienlce, in both its business and
!editorial departments, to students
enrolled in the Summer' session.
Anyone interested in trying out
for The Daily is requested to call
frmn 2 to 5 o'clock any after-
noon this week at The Daily of-
fices in the Press building on
fMaynar'd street.

' mider m tie aesthetic cer'taini essen1
titil featmres must be observed in the
planinrg of <ihionme aunt gr'ounds, a
par mk, o strleet oit'eveni a c:it y accord-
ig t o Pr'ofessoi' Tealdi.- (Theethings
ar u'ni iity, cont rast. b~alantie, svmnuory,
Iharimiony anud varmiety.
nder the ecfoomic' side the pur'-
l!pose of the lanidscape being 1)1amined,
the aunoumit of mtoney XX'hich ran be
Siftor'ded it. anmd thle suirrioundiings
must.till be taken into consideration.
Sl ides vhichi were't'sho(wnmlatfilhe end
of his lecture' illustrated the poinits
i he had brought out timd gave some
beautiful views. More t hail 150) were
present in the audlitorium.

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