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August 03, 1926 - Image 2

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0i4P 'LLIuner Fbut inmproved stand.ard of morality.1
Punblice adoptio011of re0volutionary ideas
tu , i-gan ail may be avcom lp1ished without, utiterly
OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE eto ;piilshadd ow1
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN o from the past. A process of adapta-
SUMMER SESSION to will 1e the means whereby the
Published every morning ec,\( C0 Monday ilbn't
during the University Sumner Session by 11111(bl illFCft
the Board in Control of Student Publica- It is unwise and hardly fair far one
tions.' tc,('eldentit, with out a thborough un-
The Associated Press is exclusively en- dlrstxtndinr of thle problem. Men
titled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwisei whose horizons are only a few feet
credited in this lppe and'the local new s putb- a l a v canImot be expected to render
lished herein.
intelligent opinions.

hnldOg-,deu Stewart, of haddock
Sand the p~erfect. fool fame, has said
oneo swell wise-crack. And it is as4
cleant as a new born babe. One youI
cani tke your lunch, sweetheart, andj
faiiIy to, without bluslhing to the


Special Tables ot. Books of
Interest" to Educat4ors
At Both Ends of the Diagonal

Enteredi at thc Anni Arbor, Michigan,i
postoffice as second class matter.-I
Subscription by carrier, $.50; by mail,
Offices: Press Building, dayna: d Streel,E
Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Communications, if signed as eviaence ofF
good faith, will he published in The Sntuer
Daily at the discretioni of the E'ditor. Un-
signed coninum icat ion s wilt receive no con-
sideratio n. The signatitre may be omttcd in
publication if desired lby the writer. The
Summer Daily dtoes niot necessarily e..dorse
the sentiments expressed in the cominunica-

. .

"The Spectacle of Ch'rist ian nat ions* *
s~might ering anttd butcehering each oth-
rT in t his enlig htetted centn rv bew ild-!I Or'a 1Haziac iwould haYe exiressedl
cred and cuhockel'pagan' Asia.''-Ki. it, a w ise-crack of goodly proport ions,
Kx. Ixowalwanit.j(delicately flav ored, .is new as the sunt
in the mtorning, withI the glitter in-
-To l earnt IHist ory tor howe to (1e- cielided, a true wise-crack of deli ;ht,
late during ones scool life is far a i 'ia wleea*I htmei

Telephone 492,)
Editorial Board ...Eugene 11. (-: tc''"isr
City Editor............... William 1<. Brcy-%cr
Music and Dramia......... Williain C. Lucas
Woman's Editor....... ....TubaL Ruth Brown
Night Editors
William Stockwell TFhecdorc Itornberger
Paul J. Kern Frcelrick Slilito
Douglas Doubleday


bettIer as at
ro I(cirn fo(


prepa rat iontfor liffe tan laugigtas a robber dotes Ithe( gat lois, it
at ball." --- alltes, W. Doll- dev ilishly droll w4ise-crack, a iat iitl-M
aly enticing' little wiise-crack, ai wise-3
-_---- crack w hich gives Won e edesire to
-~ - imake a new one just as good In order
RIAL COMMENT , to perpetunate ill this lower wiorld the
glorious it arks of God.
Detroit P're-e Pr'ess) As the coltd adage goes, things of val-

htaljust a few


Dona Boyle
William F inlav
Frances Gusien
Lawrence Ilyinan

N ita Kellcy
Vary Macl)onald
George TI. McKean
Margaret Ward


Telephone 21,214
Circulation ..... . ............lS.Cnnt Hhaven
Advertising ..... ........... Francis Nor quilt
Mabel Chambers Laurence Van'Puyl
William F. Cook Mildred Williams
Edward Solomon
Night Editor- --F. .IlSI1LI ITt)
The entire Nation re-ardlcd the TexNaS
gubernatorial pritmary withitat'ea:t
deal of initecrest, beca use it Was an ,. -
ent of t remen dotts si-iicance.
Thle vot ers olTexas may ble t:oil-
grat ulat ed lor' oust itt g "Ma''"Pergu -
sont. They elected itert' only to have
the state run byv htr husbanld. The
loyal wife is a godthlittg for te
home, but she is out of )Ilaco in Ithe
role of governo'.
Mrs. Ferguson Itas bei .tl deh'ae
notbec'a use of her sex. but Ii('(amlse
of hter disappointirig record as hold-
er of the state's ? ; 'I- ottice. She
has been govetrtor' i ini only aiid
ill thin ti jsii sititte as splottsot'c
a. gtreat deal thiiat il: contrt'a r to thew
interests of Texas . Ieor' Ho ti tderill
senseless adnittist rat iont at last, sttin-
ulated the des ire fot' stable go0re 'n-
Texans are tired of being "thet
goat.'' Da tt 'Moody, govx tlo -'elect
f'or all praticPalIpurtposes, ts a soulec
of c'onsolattiott thii'mghott the stte'.
Ilis constant op~position to Mrl s, F!eri-
gusont, t oget her with ltItis polities of
fair-play anti cottm10)0n-sunis'' are
enough to end orse hIm.l
It is Ia niet i bi that the na tioni's
first wom1an go Verin o' has b011cit so
much of a failur ie.110 wexe r', inittellig-
ent citizens thtroughtotut the coun11try
will not al lowxx this fact to caiuse tibent
to discriminate againtst a iitdidtlte
on a basis of sex,

IFoirmerly G. Bernard Sha xNN xxasj i( commonttly cotme in stealIIpackets.
clever anid conceited, the coitceit be-* *
}t itit pa rt ti lobvious115pose. The FTe Wise ('rack
ge-nt lenwII 's latest effusiont, his r'eply )It-. Steirt visited H ollywood.
to a message of birthtday congratula- Wh1,ile1 tere, Ihe sa's lie iietmniy
tnfront the (German fore-ign linist - iev iteestng ele~P4, who later"
er. HIerr Streseiann, lae the die- turned out to be Lonu(Chaney.
pressing implressiton that atbotit all Th'ere'Iyou3 have it. Sic It ur ad
hat remains of the equii Ptit iIof Mr, t~t ra.
S51mw uplon the cotmpletilonlo)1'three * * *
scoi't and ten vear's is thW conceit,
xwhi ch has tnova-becoiu a. ha bit and is i 't isi wise-cratck possesses u locall
no lounger a<l pose. Tlisi-diagn osis nuav a pltAla e'atse' everyonte kntow's, or
he a;I rifle premnaturie, but, it s object shlild at I tst-1 that t he atmbiguious
is not ia 1Wisott xxWIo tan tjutst ifiably I Lou is pj i-rel itta (calmptus imovie
objectI lbcattse ant idea is a little ini pala'e.. Nrot art adv.)
adxaut- o h~t'.* * s
Tb ere wats a peritd xxwhen t . Shawxx's js a sx l1leatttgi
t emari'k sreg ardti ng himself anid hisJ
Ilow aboiut serving Lon (Chaney coick-,
g ra tt nessandttlbri llanctthada5srola tilIs in sof't drink parlors.
t etiden e% to0 provoke a react ion miadei * * *
upi of a t Eltisetun tt olerat ion attd11
irritaItolt. The, colossal itmpudence of! The itdeais. you see, you pgo iti and
temlantamid his deliberae flout in g of order a ELon C'haney cocktail. You see
all rules of gotdnlitaituci' antd good: both you and barkeep make oniit'
aste ini ordet' to ad x'e nIise him self! j ita drink of good oltd pop or s011W-
xere a I muost. Olylu pia t i and xere inl al thitn'ti'. hen, the Lon Chantey princi-
mnen stre for'gi xa Ide because of the real jple mixes lit, and you're sittingr pret.-
uticeit tof' itch of' his ach~iex'etimeitt andi ti. See?
b-( nose of 1t4,liesc(es- xith xwhichi het
n-n It, st tutt itigs(oftte non-social'
withtolt public r.'nlizal mit of what he it seems to its, that Lon wxould be,
\ti iS 0 hr~i4 'a lp'tty handyr 11ait11to have arouttd

iale of -a diiffhrence
cents make"
tux i
. ~4-......ti
f- all the difference
between just an ordinary cigarette
and -- FATIM A, the most skillful*
blend incgrteLsoy



But lie liaus xxhichiiO=haxbs xwrtit-
tln to St'Al' itattiare, ill a tout lal'-
only-the ifl iniofthI eanuciettmot-
bu-st s xv t ii1101W of their lotantd
a it t'tnartdtShtawxalillri'tiitivc''hpse!
kithi only tis rootinue t iilitlc uttil-
I'5:tling awaxy x'collies to aill otr us i
wulive lotng etnough, bittvsoue people.'
buaieof iitem(peramt or t01 ecauts

ini thtoso lid 'ciltnia .-studios.-A lilt of
tutes a idireitorin teeds an textrai ape,
(Torutsgit'l otrit'ittat'ureststs. "it 1
:t lb'xx left tittake-titl 'httiges, Lon
coitld till the bill x'et'nictely.
* * *
But thiat xxouldthe so hard. Whtat
wxoutld rieally putt Yon ont his mettle
iiotild l let iheni the director Would C-Ill
for at 4reel scelne ini I'ari'.. a rant-
schatIile but in thle A diiontlack'., orit
herd of elethatt iin at s diipede:a long

tIf lie Itaxvc pt'tpi i-cithlt'm0selvxes for thle 1'Zaimbhezi. 1311tltlien, of course, it
cantge, IIlufaL, etI 0etffectta letesslblt minut litpretty3'1h11,4d to put one over
gr acefu ll-. Vittortu nat ely , personaI ott Lon.
gi'acelultiess 15 0111' a-colitilishluent. I+ * *"
(I.Ihr itard SitaN xx- scentse-r to have
dli-x'loped. Possibly I t'e atriliutt l A NIEL I.IN THE FLION'S 1 'IW
'wx ot Id Itovi' leelt inconiparable With t 11Ptay
hti,-; pirofessiotlwitaclex-el' personl. I . -


Nfelberls of thbe 1101l's Kitcen gang,
cool emough wxhen t'oit ftssing crimes t
which would ettaipttnisinnent i1o
Itt1* oeseriouts I0l1,11I1'ltes in Pi'isont,
b7rokle dowii antd gt'ovel ed beFort, wit-!I
ni1s-e-,xWho connectedI them with)
tci n o's which'l tiv senid them to the

1Kingd; Dariu s...... .r
TitdLion . .....

LI o

'Ii an cy

( mr. i (' haney)
Plane --1011'i Den
(Mu't. Loil Chaney)

"'It is tnotlte flpper'or ttchorus- ele(ctricit-chia i'. Initlits respect their-
girl who is it oh t''lttininlg liiOi'Ulit y''Acttions tally with (our previous e'x- jhlit i r cast ticculpies plat foi'ml as
declared thli Rev.,h 1' M. Gili s, ed. v;entr x'ih(''niitaslba xh one{,iturtaini rises. A burst of music is
itor of the Cathotlec Worldt, in a retcemit t hi u xvhit'h rea I lx strilkeis then with . hhen rd, xhici'l latei' turns tont to be mt'.l
spee'hi at ()fd ett 1ibutg, N ".' "xe mesi terror is t his goul ish seatt wit Ii thle j('111111(ey it. one of his initmiitable dis-
seek the mttallitIiighe t'1tip. It'= is geti - - eect nodes rnti straps. IPrison they do guiIst's. IEx'orytote is silent. Stiddeit-#
orally to be fttid1(1 u tpylitg a chair ! not feat'. Tt is uin pleasanit,. but it does j ly all break out inito0 'dslowxxchiant,I
il soi50ll iI Etrt~io er tgo ei tlstfrvr vnV'Itl ti 'Ias an ybod y here seen Ch'anley.?
is pt'esutm ll ly a ginaxe phi losoph em-or ' It P Po~etit1 i sI fio'r terest of the'i r Curtali
a writ er of serioutialkis antd arit iclIts;imortal livies. thIiere is alw ays a1, htait (E (Mr. Lon Chancy)
on moral quiestio~ns,'' 111£1tatsotite wax- Can be0fotun d toge'l -Aretlno.
Fathierl' lls rondtlitet ich lt men out. Btut thle electric-chai' -that is I
as Bert rand 1Rutssell Ianld Sigmut ridas finlas ]asst. dlot 1)1'the dootms- Ietst ctimeii'oitil our xx'l alendariItIii. 1111w
Freud for holditng views ('0ntratry to dnay jounal, aniti for' tIt tt heasoti they wte are going to deal w ith this situna-
the best ittternests oif ruorti lit y. "'Free d reatd it. t ion is onte of the concret'te' problemts
love'' and "'release thle itibjit ions'' A pparcnit ly, thlen, the mnoral is plain,. we must face in ourers ocp
are phrases worthy tif' contmitctptac-- Olin tchief tconcern is withIi ritoes of wit hicr'imle.
cording to this clergyltni i. They Art'a vi olenitcei and tiv(' shall httave a speetd y,
contduciveto I)"'a ido us y ou please'' at - reducttion in t hoe it' we soeidtill nlrn -l A RELEASE L~LEl ('O'.'E I A PE11
titude. det'ers to t lie (hairin. Since thlithu Itg (The New York Times)
No dotubt Revxoetnd(Gillis is alt o- ftears this snotre th atia nythinlig else. Thou gh the Ftrench miil it ary authlor-
getheir logical IillInaying the lebttne on Ittexx-ill lake (,,,tr evetn when It' has ies in Syriat have conti 'rned the sell-
those behind ithe gultis. Fit'iidilanitl nink xxo rk aftott to lt'a xe his pistol fence to eight years' hard labor patss -r
views on. lqltestions of01 psyt'htology htave it ]loin" . tindt so liihumait Iiftxx'ilIlbe - ('1 on1young Doty as penalty for the
trementdoiis inufluen ce amtoong a gre att-ttcollieaSti i'n ly stafor. The Itoile trimte (ot' tesertion itt the face of thme
many peole(. Tlhte0press has al wa ys' is, societ1y is a wxl ha tos becomue al- leny, the chances areo that before
been a powerful wxay oif form tilat ig imost,'as squtiamitish A bout (fiii'-chaii' as lonmg hiis punishment will he shiortened;
public opiniioin.-'The p lnhighetrlip'' thletcrittinattawtis. Juitries'5a re tnwill- lby e'xecutiive cemency.
Is tic ouetoIt)at tc, buit i15, doub t- tik tO tot0tietuincon vitciitisxwiien thycv Nobotly atcuses Doty of' cowardliceO;
ful mnatteor whether or no)1t ese meno;kinow thimrlI veric tI ieans t hat sonic his offense was rather lack of discil)-1
deserve c'ondemniat itn. pinort'wit clhItist pay xxith his lift', line'itt an extreme degree, and that,j
Men whoc catise thle plihic' to t hink 'Thus xvci-each antimlltpasse. If the though bad enoutghl, is somehow differ'-
on questions of otoralit y are in the chiai' were ititescapablo in aill aut'- I emit . The French recognizedi that when
long run a1n intl uence for good. It is ldtir cases we couldxirtually abolish I they ditd not shoot him, as, under all
but natural thatI lie iniceptioni oh' tewv to urdet', as it has beemialmost abol- military law, they had a right to do.
ideas often caiises mionment ary (chatos. ietd ill parts of F'um'opc ; but senti- But eight years in to disciplinar'y regi-
Father G illis eviltiettly sees no filrth - I ment Iintt is, coil it ry being ats it is,1 inepit in North _Afrca is so little less
er than this era of "chaos. The views {Ithe onte effective punnishmnent becomes thant a sentence to death that it hardly
of Freud and Russell wil'l ultimnately ( very Unntertain, anti as a result inut'- will be carrietdotut in a case that has
contribute much toward a los' narrow 'deer has become' notoriously the saf- atractedto o much attention.

' "- - -This giant hiydro-electric unit wei4hs 750 tons and consists of a vertical shaft
hydraulic turbine attached to an electric genterator delivering 52, 000 kilowatts
--° - t 12,000 volts.
BigerGh tos
Cheapr ElctricBggrity,

The General Eleetric Com-
pany, as of Decenmber 3, 1924,
had 37,716 stockholders, of
whom 45 per cent were
women. The average nuim-
ber of common shares hel
by stockholders was 55. In
ownership, policies, past and
present activities, G-E is un-
selfishly dedicated to the
cause of electrical progress.
A new series of G-E adver-
tisements showing what cltc-
tricity is doing in munny

A 70,000 horsepower hydro-electric unit recently installed at
Niagara Pails utilizes the same amount of water as seven
former 5,000-horsepower units, yet does the work of fourteeni
such units. And it saves 700,000 tons of coal yearly for the
As more and still more uses are found for electricity, larger
and more economical generators are installed. At the power
plant, as well as at the consumer's end, important changes and
startling developme'nts have 'steadily reduced the cost of
electricity for light, p~ower, and heat.
And wherever eiectricity has: blazed its trail-in towns, cities,
industrial ce-nters, and rural communities---comfort and progress
have come to stay.
Generating and distributing electricity concern the technical
student. But electricity's application in the betterment of
industry, the professions, and home life concerns every edu-
cated person. Cheap electricity means many startling a chieve-~
meents today, but countless and unbleievable possibilities




1.9 j) j
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