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July 27, 1926 - Image 2

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TUESDAY, JUL.Y 27. 392f



Iie ummer
Published every morning except Mlonday
during the University Summer Session byl
the Board in Control of Student P'ublica-'

Anonymous communications
disregarded, The names of
cants will, however, be reg
confidential nupon reque

will be
Barded as ""- ,e" s
est. ~ADD
Wois Whio?

The Associated Press is exclusively en- '0 h LliK nww Ann Arbor! In an effort to
titled to the use for republication of all news In a rec~nt number of the sumne r tbeoe h stdti5ofIh
dispatches credited to it or not other wise po(ltbfr h tlei"o h
credited in this paper and the local news nub-I Daily you Nvere courteouiS EnIough1 to
fished herein. iniecmett'tt ot'Simer session, a first hand ho1owi-,
Entered at the Ann Arbor, M ichigar, your editorial page. As my job is e PIf' orilini et citizens of A nit;
POstoftice as second class miatter. I tachling mnodern history I ant natuir- Alrbor',lUOLlaS Ihas Ibroc a redtheic bio-
Q.,hs,,.,.tion byI carrrie'r. Si.;: liv mal;

Spca als BosInterest" to Educators
Al Both Ends of the Diagonal

$2. 00. ally especiatlly interested in
Offlces: lies; Rlinildin3 z, )lat uso1 ti; 'e, it orials on foreign affairs.
Ann Arbor, Mlichigan.
last two or' three years mxos"t

Your' ed-
Fi ortllni
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good faith, will be published in The Summer
Daily at the discretion of the Editor. - n-
signled commnuo0iations will receive no con-!
side ration. The signatu re may be, omitted in l
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TVESI)AY, ,JUILY 27, 1926i
~,Night J'dit or Fi. 11.8111 LIITO
Frenchmen in thei r d emoinst rations
against Amnerican I turrss ar1e act in;i
like a 1hunch1 of ridic uloutsly angry
school boys. Their actions detnon-
stIrafe that the French are in enio-
tional nation for, in lbhis insta nc,
their etot ions hotvxe s wayedI tir in
telligence to a rematrkable ext e't.
Granted, they mtay hiave soito excuse
to be stllen about, t'e fiancial out-
look of France buit that i5I no1 ri ason I
they should assaulht .Xtmita ttavek
W\henr Mr, M\eilont lndedI in Frattes'
he w~as greeteid xithI shahts o* "T'Io
hell with ,Mellon, Down with the
debt s."' While thie fury of the at-
tacks on American travellers was it-
creased greatly. In Front oft Ihe Offshi
de la lPaix side wal1k s pea kers deeIa r-
Qt that toleiglier; itt Pratnce Apre buy-'
ing outt the stores antdt were ttking
advantage oA the exc'hanige sit Oat iou.
Tihoutsands gathered in I te streets a-nid,
took up the cr'y aganist M ellont, Art-I
t rican, and the debtIs. iLx idetlv I 'at'-
isians hate to have the display splen-
dor of their stores spoileld by' buyer.-
-- money in t he cash register does not
please the eye nearly as much elt,-
goodis artistically diisplaye(d on thlei
Le Temips taken ai sane attlitude to-
ward the situation. In an editorial
printed on its front page, it saai(L,
"A~s a nmatter ot fact Atmerican tour-
ists are far frota nwiting thet re-
piroaches~ show'ered Iont t hiem. Tbhey
buy, eat, santd drtin k, and leave us
their (lollarsi', thIius helping to coin)-,
pensate our adlver'se t radle balattee.,
If' manifestations suc'h as htave hap-
pened (luring the last. few daxs cotn-
tinue, there is dIanger of tntr guests
leaving out' cities attd beaches for oth-
er count ries, whi(ch und1 outbte(dly ask
nothing bet ter' than to a tt ract tbenm
and p~robtablly wol d like to see.c these
provocations continue." Further L1e
Temps urges its re4adIer's to mla initain
the reputation theit' cityv has for hos
Somte of these outbrea ks, however,
are doubltlessl1y provoked Eby the at'-
rogance of thte American Babbitt.
fresh from Mai street, whoII is abroad
for the first. tine and~ is labhoring un-
der the delusion that there is only one
civilizedi country - the Inited Stat es
Many instances have beean cited in
which the row has been stard byi It
an Amneican who curses5C the French
for differing witht him, who ridictules
French cust omis, anid who regards
with contempt P'rencb currency-
It seems that both conuntr'ies are at
fault, but the mob spirit on the part
of the Frenchi will not alleviate thete
difficulties. Hlowever, we are inl fav-,
or of "rough house methods" for ouri
"bourgeois-antnered blowers." Cion- 1
trary to their ideas, the world is not a

itorials in this field have beun vry;
wvell infotrme~d andI intelligent,1I1far
tat this Sunday's editorial ol the'
French debt har'dhy measures up to
your tno'mal level. Surtely it our,
ficry natural resentment agaihitslil-
just foreign conmment roe should nott
be led into the sante ('roofit ijust
tie and overstatement.
The inplication in your edtoral~
tliat.ttte ['sited States was tntrtahpetl;
inito the Great WNat'by1100hii isI lt
j retcih-'pt'opagantda' is as itmtcit toC
anl itnsult to Aaerianint el1l;gence a<-
it. is to European sincerity. Thlea'
was Ittch propagatnda intu tiv wr. a,-
in all wars, somte of i soutndt, silllit
of it false, most of i a or-sidetl 01'
overcolored pictre itfIthe facts. Ilit'
the atual historic canst of our in-
tervention inl the war tns thle lmtu
Ier 0of Ametric'an citizenslt 5 111 1hii i
Isms byV(tflitin 5 tbmlfa ii stt e tplichy e
"madite in (itrniuatt-,' ntl aitgeiI
craic trepublic of modern I riata"
wvhich sympttlly is itself wholly cred-
itall to its a t tnatin, latdus to
ior'get fihnt the auorayr ui tuailed.l
from h1l-4 to 191s, it vry real hil ti t
hli, liettits of the world, If (Gemany
is Wrday ait fee andIwi iaeet'itlnation
lip,' result is dine in nio smiall part toIl
.\tnierica's share in te victotry over
Wilhelm 11 anti I und etdo~ff.
Et the itain cet 'iotiniolfityou'
edittial was but ttc iprtsent t i
('tfly aginst Iflht debt settclltots itt
Entglandl IFra ti. anti It aly'ad 1tt,
juistificatilot-i 'ertaiily it lis o ]lg,
ai jtstication. 'The money asloanit
ot tc~l te'tto) whicht te telnl;t'IVes
a.ra nd i'I 811we ave gntetously tald-r
eviid a latrge art of the iit'-Frest to
Tru ti eno'tt li;li also it is ri' ln t ai - I
'-iiitt it'the vasit'tor. t hl x.ha y'n-
itnal" asi'nt of ogur Seeing'i'>of tiul
tna~it'atha~t'twes of raittIentta-et
Iv Al ttatii as ooth tt'Oavy cdttitti'u
n ir'tor lenor ' littitlit xaf'rom h (det,
easepisWus, vButo. nait nthee
been ery lowerstod prelsno' ill iever
tht % iv e ap itis e'otl t'ttdrot'sToad
hthatld isrlh;mn tint IN, Un etltl
is nit ''Lititl vltj'kof'Faceid on h
toihltlna te ittoatkdiieavaimament-
silcthe i-ativ ithe iitman fahily. Bt
hae is ja t tai nahlatn iMs ''1101' r-
lotit iosapeamspnpts.'ui
.Jinitmlpay otear ishe ebo illtneeit
butths, ihe mantast tuprt.Ule ' uli
[i>;n(? I'lteploydchildreisonthver
ctotrrythetdd ost itlland gn n tr-
ous relao ti itl. husin family. Fran
cotsisamilonaeoffnyetIll,, tltpoo est
Jhnl Biugslonas t frms;wer bunetn
tsr, at th lie hast spprtboeenittil
lin uninpfoyevenhildearl 'his itover
liowed ald tf'anltly ullduisamort
('onl sin Aton il taaoas iteetuanoFran-t
cois isrretloof iiys e. Aslmanyeles]
(trn (yahoistneig~haberjtit stit out-'o
It-wi ,and atonyi)hlse arm. The sir
%ieiibor se tiyesateosewofr
vce. able= totalweath ttull lUlt'ope
nihbtst togthr aatrch oe ofncl
Sam's hlnaccoun;tt, altt iecially if nia-


'1~ t
.. . .V M .

1l'loto by \Vti-'kli.

_ _ _ _. _ w . . _

I t- r h' iI' t -(- i irt 11l'! I e S.rel'
t ,I ift:'iii' . 'li, i- .)Gt'a l eh '.h"t at to
1;31ti-t t Nft.A I i itil, I i t l it- I t .
1tul s nen.ItoII iil I'' ll t er, s. L211~t.
hi-'' iNt itili;1,. , -i. lii) ry an- , t,'iii lbt-t' ".
t,:11f lit i " 1 10h t' Il [thotigh is,
'ItI' i hl ]theGl~'il was_
hIlt tM ll ,ti - ii ax . 'al Ihat I am.k
asttl nil that I evil' Nwill tiel. I ow'ti?
ItolksBooh lu-NivIiNu
<I ' _-ote re'iief lf'otthtisht
xx -;t ltii' ° wi xeta v' t'''it cit i nguttg E-a 1
1Y, itto cIoi' iiiatreadig oftat
ito lit r 'wA ,", 11ti fitO ' t 11te It it
A w) oi it t'' ii ,i l,' t, i 'I't-'-t ."o
h~~im, I ttI - ii' Nt' it t I
1, d litit Al I tt 1 ltt Ir; t i hlt
l it 1tlti tlitc itit- ' ~litt t ;,a l ]i'
<Iii u I 'tI i tat.t1 t- tiltfior is t ulI
htt'ir ''-' Il Iil i tii'- 1: I'iitt lt't ail I
I ,llt. f situli is. 11h of'Itsi:1 1..tll,
site oh a itt'Ill.N ittifs huill'- iat-'d
txN thtt! i -uihi' it t t O Ii' a t li ltr t lit
'ha, in;uirofNillsihsti fth Inte " tiit
Nris i'' iN' IhtlI I se i r;i ali ml t e , i
1-ctn ofiret' ,11i hhltit abl 1itex'gi'vt<Ittit-
\\'ittI, t 111 ' limit Iea'dtoo11ha xva
int t el et oitt. Front thenht gltnitag
"Dttirecito ie la st ith the Owxceli-{
vorslily11 le th er objti n onhtl e'-
Ied tio, i ld he re<tldancybltting-
'a It-' wltall2' Iil. IOliiiookauthor'
eIt glet lixn'us's.toroml thexua-l ihiih
ietri, his~next lookst ithileIt'xce'pt-
1). II w[Al , sneery, Inglye"Wtr
chi t.''txLvfo sil eulihb


y ' '
' L

"bWhiat a difference
jet few cents make!P


r, .. ... ....

J ,

tu ral rt'co i rc es a re ri (oa'k o n d i ll w ith -B C I z l iLH0 1 V <r d c e i s
Now alonig conies Itilt'k Samt ilt anl d(<l or t:t'ipplt'ih ; tha3t to' pitrchasitig ,
automnobiileo'(w-hticht ntne if his debt - pow('r of thle tdolla r w as about a (t(th
orIs tat itafford), itis poc k(ts tntlging ;oh it':t'Itt ceNalie ; (tt nitte-teniths of
with hlanl notes, andio m antis th at 0)111 ' Cort'l5its Il I tix oies lhail vattish-
.Joltit Bull, Jeantt Francois, Ant ori ioIt- i XV itlihino trospe.ct otf repla cemnent;k
i a. ,sendt all thle rest pay up, at a't hat our nervet-wr(iehed anid sht'll-
'momtient: wit en half the fttrnit na-c is shock t'l po tllatitm seethedti Xi(tuglya
at an other sort of "untcle''s''and the' - lass ito I teds t linthIlrteatenedi us wit Ii
chi Idrnex in fhe kitchen are cryinig iivil sxtar axd pa ,ralvzeil the effiienzcy
w-itIIlt ltit go' I' wI I. Xx'illlie lie pop-!of the' gitvet-Onaiait;andlthat anit top
ular? ofr811llht;',;oevils we wrere told to Pi
Supposo' tte Pr tles were ttlrntedt t Ualitle of , Jhxnilreds of tmilliontso
that the United Sttes ,hatd heett erneI- ri Ilat's ;ery y(eati' 10a foieignl ct'ed-
ly invaded antd laid -wash;e by five yeatrs t 0' for the next sixty--two yas
of wx'n t' l"It wihr to diiniution of -Arle iwe sure that nonte of us, wottldr
our present population our' natural! grumtblio or act impolitely? 1 onor
resources were redlucetd to a fourth brig.ohtI, iioNN?}
or a fifth of their present amont.; Preston Slosson.
that we had to maintain large armries
to prevent a. renewal tof the invasion Fiaila re of the Ilimie ctrip in tht est
(or titought that 'we had to) : that Indies haks Ceaused spiecial attention t o

Tthe Genaerrah F it ilCoin-
-iny, as cifl Dc itb,, 3,192.1,
h-int37,716 st 'kb!oid, is. of
6.bni45 pu.I : ttwaec
N1ei nJ - 1!11iii.],;,Ci ieldon
l~- ofionii' io 'h" e', inl
tirS-i iiivi 's.G-E i on-
iltiit y dcii, ti Il tot 1 ti
j lu _ f c ; i l t1riogre.s.
A. citex Iisri t -E i v
field i ivitLe-aLtli; , ~ et
Ask for ttt,oktet (IN tl'-1I.

This giant hyid'o-eleetric unit weighs 750 tons and consists of a vertical shaft
hydraulic turbine £attached to an electric genterator delivering~ 52.000 kilowatts
a t 12,000 volts
Bigger Gnrtr-
Cheawper Elect d t y
A 70,000 horsepowier hydro-electzric unit recently install'ed :,t
Niagara Falls utilizes the same amnount of w~ae=. Ls,->
former 5,000-horsepower units, yet does Ic~ work cif fcuns. i
such units. And it sagyes 700,000 toni of coal ;'ea -Ij' for I
As more and still more- uses are found for electricity, kre
and more economical generttors are installed. At t he pt-,., -
plant, as well as' at the consumner's end, important cl.arcs;t,,d
startling developm-ents hav-> steadily reduced the cort of
electricity for lihl, powe'r, a-id elat.
And wherever elect:'i c: ,y bias blazed its trail--ill tow'ns, cites,
industrial c t ers,rand rural coulnnities.--comfor"t anar>":;c ~ss
have come to stay.
Generating and ciistributi:_-; electricity con cern the tcc-!ici
student. Bu eectricity's app?-( tlc;i)n INni ebett-rmxI t C-. -
industry, the r-ofessions, and h-n e life cnen v' Ji
cited person, Cheap electricity enmnyaaringc-x-
mnents today, but countless ;.:nd uni&1 i Ierl usstielus


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