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May 21, 1903 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-05-21

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wCO,4 ~e4
Two=Piece Suits in Tweeds, Serge~s 119-111 E. Washington
and Flannels. G .BSMr
RENTSCHLER, ARTISTIC FRAMINGI You wl a Hue assortment of
A bol ished Cr. Main and Huron St&. Phone 389, 3 rings. Suitable for wedding and
N, tvNdsopdad INTERSCHOLASTIC MEET South1 Ps. lrd 'i, 1'Ii1 aye'Ohrgitiateatvslile adDeRE
light in li milnutsilicIol~df-01 sie01
Conie and ti' I it one111 iiiil1at1,pcOl Adtii 3Ictor lii Ii lorn, AR S
or 'sto lTi11l'daiL My 21, 1'. S.. Bee lier, (mii. ii~'.s uh'llit-1n hoAC iii'. N siiRi'i' l' n, i i tuio S T
to53anid 7 toil, 19aiiil Iips o l otwnp (toni II. ter; 1o t itll!Crekliiiii'. Rols: Chii217 S. Fourth St.
CALKNS' PHARMACY. iwoth; Lewis oIisinii French,1h)liiilvi'y iirliiiii i lvi'i' ii RA1"N"ASPE IA.
324 S. State S. I rent. liou l 1'tiill. 1t(11kN.(a in ity]. Adlen oard. ('ilo bluetri1
Inslitnio. lt l il~oii Iridhall lii o I REav ii
1 1 1 81h ( 8 '1'1 1 1 1 1 1 W e V E 1 1 7 h I~ .P , P _ R C E . W i A r n d D r V C V u g a i
ti i!or Jas, I H Wuo. lii l~l 11101tI.ti 1(10 i(ae E Mils
N n n i, ii'ii'iiiix, sii:l ' lu'onu I tll j. lliid l lto( ln'rIsi l ler'iN I 1yeJn htiarer
JonKnch tint H 5 Csrha
v o v a1 ' t i , J h on ( mll. 11m i ro iuiul I. '11i'uSt riuuoi: Allegani.Ilul]nouiroos,. IiFrak 5'ilonee Chis tia Martia
Cluett-Peabody neglige lc'it . l, uu1n'sr, s(o'iii1111t ( in l;ithtli II t lDu Annt i t l ocksul pV
shirts _- tare made fir1st for 0coi- ier, t ('I andii 1 . ti Iii'. s ,indtut ook.i toing l fe, Nuul t api a l StoHH P50WOi'Sar lus Ba0000
trisucsfor, but style and elegance of '! ncer: tLu'i Inslstiute, Itle nlellii.ituiwr I ulutRowe: li ii! hV +.i Oranuededteoorees tu L aw,
materal ar in ten] to. : V:I lll e~ot 11et'ttgoI'Ina Chufd CrotheAcottnurro : HaiihtagthllItate
matril re in he t . :ii n huitl'Oiil 'i'l l l tii. l etral ul l \' 111 11 LeetS nfii' I l 0 i c 5uoe epoits, bys ad Flt51 hng
Cluett Shirts, $1.50o p ' u. 8 o 8uiili 'urlni ' o l IItii 11 1 n 1tts pr in ils of the t'iinited S ates.
P ('Nilsoupsaicproper ldo, tiaoatlnn
.Monarch Shirts, $1.0 iili Ci!. 1iounis i.!l I n oth( ,lio' t ' lndieIi' hawiiii til )tnt i n. ro er. it ic ati'h o n .
(ILlu ett, P eabody &1(Co.Ilt1LI':t' ;'ner.''. lll Ii i !! 11): llrinl1'. ( IS.'.It.K ee , H ri man i ce-tl i'o t'e.; S.J. Fr(' shi .
( H T 1 1 1 C N 1 1 . ' ' I N i l N t t d W i l a s u e n rlBa i l e y & E d m u n d s l i r i o n . I o h . i S o l o I' :vv s o l . i Wi v .n t . H upS fi O h i o C n r l i n e s
9 IS!''1 r(ons]. F Eu'S n Ott r ' i '+tlil: ,! lo 1s i1l.Ienti.
F=OR DECORATING. FijI 'Dtrit i'li'i l.in; (SI t.' \tlii 0li. Foi 'I OL[DO AND (IUMBU5
121 ]E ast Liberty St. IDetroit 1'. . 1'etiiilel l uall! '. 1Wii i o it ?r l keen it lioi ~ Pror Iaron altis
_______________________ u'11 ii. 'tlson:i (Louisi i. A3101.1 .tnch i, Nil w l to , Coi, 1w
EU 'rC IIushl'lit. uitiui.'tuui1111'lililliii. 1:e.u I rlt DY..A. A, & J. RY. Standard Trn
11 ..iDI Jic:i 'aiuuuu.talk((Iy: Siulilil8 Kul ike}: 1'1iluuuiii'i ~For Dero al hourly from61:5 a.
B dl 11uuire iuuns. i' Wa l'gneru! iui; ,(l. 5m 811 i . muntil 6:15 p. u. Then hourly utl
OPEN DAY ANJ NIGHT.11. WN.'tniu. r, (', olliiilt. ('lit i'i. 1115. (or Ypsilanti oly. a1 12:15 a.
MILE UN.n. and 12:45 a. i. For Jackson hourly
w. C. BINDER, Prop. -usthui, lituisuiir.C'iildus I. Wis All kinds or Ariss' and Phstog fronm 6:15 a. u. until 7:15 p. m. Then
120 E. tHuronStirn tcu: louu; , Pou.st:inni: Ath o tlc.raphers' isuplis. Cushng's Pharn- at 9:15 Ip. im.ad 11:15 ptum.
Eagle,________________ iN ii sdi'. lore; IRot't'iiCrka . Waiting room Huron St., W. of Main,
iiha n & e re ito ,RIlf 11 11': ('ii i''rx. (ssulvei,
P Ctn8 ioitSicholiiuiS :1111] Sundetirs:It'ls'- Eye glsses rpaires. new leses at ANN ARBOR RAILROAD
hand 1. S.,((ulrilig. 1Thomau~s IBrouwn,. ALLER'S JEWELRY STOE. a-vn±srEa r3> Lrxrx.En;
DEALER IN 1etrot. dunI''l i. t, ilitny. 1aI Iuur Trains leae Asn Arbor by Cetral Stan
Fresh and Sat I'1eats. Wit on:IDetroit V.S..IKotr, Col- Anti Arbor. Ohio Cntrl, bocking ardTme.EfcteOt.1,(W.
bunwlats ,an pto t . Wa 10 Nly and Chia~go, SMilwue &. t. Effective________Oct.____26, _______02. _
607 E. William St. 1D um'e; Lew'hitt Iiuituihi' (ORa, CllaoisPPlhlltransottionlat 151.pesr ciit SOUTH NORTH
1(1ian: 31 sstunuuu, Royce, u' nder-i' discount. Inquir t 531 Pactard
111 '0(.11 n "tisiu.t.1 11110 ll s~rd. ~ N . -Il:4: A. Ma o. 6.-123 P. M.
BUY YOUR_____________________N________ o 4.-8:2.5 P. . No. .- 4:63 P..
At BROWN'S DRUG STORE. Prtzes given ah (iy. 707 N Vnvris~Tan1, i, ,0.46s51,dalyeeptSunday
Curer Maini and HuronriSteets ' vr sityJAve. Free chair cars on No. 1and 4.
J. . KRY, . P. A.
Luck repairing, key fittingAblecpnoawtue C IA
Knives Shears, raz ors atd ci r nhir logtlbil'wNaaaFlsrou
skates groundit. athe iOGIvLar uf getGgr-ntoESHOT NEaaFll-ot.
WLJ.WEER,11 E Liery tretelstes that are winning te ANN ARBOR TO
_________________K handof01man03'snckers CHICAGO
Pillows and BannersNGet a 'hd"els. ll.BUFFALO
No ms-dels.NEW YORK
DARLING & MIALLEAUX'S Plain and Cork Ti. Wln dretonescons atCiago Ior et
AT enforIi. oi!,Kasa tyW CSt. a nthennW Art.
]'ancy Goods arid Notion Store I For Intorain and throg tice call nnor
Cor. Slate anid Liberty St.wrttoWW.CSAeAnAbr
Single admission 50c, $1.00 An essential part of your college gquipment is a Tickets, entire course $ 1.00
Stious'Lecteroe Association Tighet.,
The Association sells ticknet', not to'"make money,"hiut to he shle to tiin to the Watch this space for S. L. A. an-
Ulniversiry .6f Michlig'an the greatest nraituors,1ecturers and entertainersof the unorld. All nouncements and dates.
money in returned to the student in the loram oflecutures
M I XA RD'S Spring of '03- Woolen~s have arrived contain-
ing prettiest line of Hiome=Spans ever shown

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