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May 17, 1903 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-05-17

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npringr TH~E U. OF M. DAILY
En~h ~ ter e s l t titmter tAnnArbo
The lareecouiegeosyearLE t th IUnsit y f.M' chi.
C011tti( l in he of BUSINESS IIANAGER,
RO'COE B. HIUSTON, '(04-b.
in Aimn Arbor will be foundi
at G. 14. Wild &s Co's, 108
EF. Washiiigtoii :!t. Glreait
paits haye beeniitaket ini
the selecetioni of '1ll snil-
ings, trtoiscrintgs i'k over-
coatings for this season.
108,E. Washington St.
Assigntment Ed.itor
Th~omas Ii.litbtst'.'b4 J i13ts ,'5
Syli'tier ttoulO3. Jitoglas 1 ii So'
Ifunleec itoi, 'Si. Roy 1'O Ottsf(i
Ltouis A. JBarton, '03.1 Cliffr .5tt'crclio, I
Thte subscripiion orie of the IT. of '1.
tDaiy is $2.50 for lie eoiiege year. INo-
Dieco, cootmoonications. etc.. must tie Scptided
in it the Daily office b'efore + p. tn., or
miliid to the editor before noontiot the day
previous to that ot i ich thry are expectrd
to apper.
SotoubscaesRill conferat' cor ticreptortinig
protmptiyatithit' otticeany tailue of carir
to drilver paper.
Ail changtstinitadeertising matter toilt be
ton the office bty 1 p. n1. ott the dasy pi eiout to
that otishich tttey arc to oppoe.
had beeni a soaling of iltrt. it:
seemted, iiIinecouitry, intd ijus-
aboulgt tli('suplatedaniit'tols toioiii05i Popnula~r i rice d
bicycleing, ('tiltil'ndit allTennis Racketl
horn-ral'iiii:;;but this ceaon they i s
t's' t1h111 550 ev'ei' knowntibeforetti' dth These Racktfosi'e nade 1,y
50 lft' as lihe' iltti'l.'itiet' i ll chlis W'ight & Ditson. th1e(coiding;
i11 :ill Itoictic's maor 7I 111to l iiiii as'm k crsof Teonic g. oils itnthis
1"le: id is tl'(' e it cSitrect iniweight and lmodlel.
W.1ttvI scknott iufromtttoceanttoI o ut'tit LongwoodI-well baliatcedslfrantc
o-- tnd :Miill t' 1e ttitt'lices, 1lilt' t of whte cali. soint thS roat
111 ic 1's . anid c ihececd hanitlcis strumti
't('ha titotius 11flintt'ire ii oeli wit ot10fine ogtililr' iof'giut $3.50$
int iittt iipl ot he A0 lc' Au ("ti-fll sd friametccof white
1' itit tittil: 'iii'. f or liltoigli 11011511 cah, l 11 ltrot t r tutig witho
edi, it1 as1 evr11 ospr i. ecIp ioa otou lity of' 'cilantl wh(itre
Ottitilt Afritcat'i t'l iiiI tthe tltt't'nettu Huh-The (test losw'pri'tedl 'ocket
is-4 111s ltli' g tttant 1'ie i ll('t ra111; tn ire ha idle.......,.t.i . it' Qi
to ile niii etot t ii1Itltoittin s eiou "tilt- In 'addiitioni 5e0carry in10exctellent
(Inv o se 111' s:lne od pefm-11an1e stci ofthe (higher pice rck
lit' ts cii stlt' ' 'etcCampbhell, Pinti, etc.
oucoe5tl, ls 13tltoi Tonre1 iiesei
Iose, to'e lttttdt'illos awti paltAT
the1 hariped1(1 sticki' the blls'n's 0,
kill1atoreaotilt tats o 00' m IWA R~S BOOKSTORES
th tito(talo ot be(toi hat the peopl
IOfic the ai t ly'Arkos office, Nit. Itt Sooth 4it too cot', It isto l otoe mli t ttuili
Q O ' pliticuet y ti'ttMoss(lldelighitll ttht'e _______________________________
I .55055W tort's '1'Spanuish (tlooldi i peoi-h
Nesss Edlitor Todaty,. J. S. tltley.iIf stilts ft'e Spanishi to otitttil i H
111Ileo' su i lti 111t i l s"iii ali o ve s.
- ---tirri.analthtptnlso Ba ku tyThetie sp~eci titles h(limitediquticty~l) Ilotheti rt' 0i'ioi scnroft'tocI'ollierhoses ths'sl t 0 roon if ottoof thoekAptc
at this very loss'price. 'etk13'is toalllto' chult isceutssion11of01 eoasllitot lits ofth le stroke tundtheii ihaenmnso 91
t p obe as to whtsolittst iitilt('s the I tic ctto' o" io'oi'ioo of tiaoinog : ot t 0
The Casvolier, by Geo. . X'Cabl.tl' Io' lis r ftsciot n it otio l ich igs oto oilof 'a toldtoreakl, to'e hglhsloo ll iica- Complete with general orders ait
The ''atley of Decisioni, to;.Edithi Ito' bctst'Ioli "fout" -whsoitois i'11copoesiteo lot' be weanedlfromItti loio(Ial oto forms only 2 c. Gel a Copy,.
Whatono. G (.1;1i'oterii, asiss looss' 113'il s o' Nv ite, of cietie f tot ii'tet-skt'l o tol of _______
Utnlc'sueavened reaod, by' IoblerttGrn t. IAl"i. llsoolltooi h st oudooluoto'g. Iltlois- fotbl . 1 Itius ottll uI to otthe t 'ict u ti.
Dorlty 'Vernonof IHaddou Hatlt,toy (I li t'ioo ll(,atr lthottliour syill 0Atndlwhut. u, eis it ill ttoseil 'It icl h Have you seen BeersiEdition . i
Chaorle~s 'ojoor. hitrt: npponltoi het 3''n epea-
Htouse Witohuthueen Shutters, by'fI''"oe olet'ii i'sill s513'ht.11 es1(110 i't oti"t'ri'otit'0iStephen's Digest
Geo. IDoutgas. 'fou r t iu t. ''rut'o ihil ol toat I Air. lltuolo' ti h en b(oosglues to 10"
The -Mi. tc'temots of Nouit'y, by Eico- is a 101(1i1tuoe'.I slouiu o 'ulio'(11i03'. t'x (o1'prss his tbliefthtothef too' ouo E ien
lisr Hoyt. 'i ot' too' oil sorts oof . hitoots. 1Olt vtisshiut heit'euuo'a~s f'oralt Amer'uic'ans
A Dtootble-Mrltlttd Detective Story,whasiotil(otto het m thu uoldls ':1(0ssoft (0001iso'tousoed 10'ytoll-ig hits-ometolls Just the work for student~and
toy 'laruksTwsaitn. plc inobuositne's oscourdy afte''r(1 . 10(0'Ootit '13'. 1H o'erthttm11(0' te, practitioner.
Viau Cruels,11y' 1. AMoiotoCroawfourd. foot'atoseason,. 0111tsaolafter seo-the rob t'tlmistoo intere'stitng otto: 1101d
The Hlmeuot of Nairreto, by Berthautsooti Alonhooto.wotildove:;150' ind n(111110 oilt o 1013' tio Iwsoiltads s'oul dhhi;lltNwRay hmsnsae
Rbukle. .o longotghe 1oo .gt Booson tu atot olo'ei thel'liis~tlt'ei't'(5111fol h l' tts.sn
The 1isussof iltt o'ruoby11'Mlrs. Stele'. faileduot t'11t1' ii l 0htounth iio' t'tIiEquity Pleading and Practice.
The Laduoy Porouotti, (by'Hteniy lHari- lis(dcsk. hoB1u 3 b ut eey one ros111(11 Broatoiltoss'$215tmatdioguitarllt
latid. 0 tleo' g it s111 ell lit' not'.l thot 1(0'for .$17. Inutoire tt331 Paockardthsltet.
Catllinog CardcsEotgros't'. wsioto somel' mth ii.with oilthers a ;'Fear Fresh Allegrerii noeoots at Cush- tfh
h'ine Stoitin'ry 113'thoe potutnd. -outl tor''is u '.t'ery So sgotlss otf tog's Phartmaey.I I
iliitoius outsitI . basH.ll r11lts own
clas,11.11-ofoutof-do'ouoor sp001t1,.it isl HALLER'S JEWELRY STORE. EIl
66h fl &1 0ono ta~geatl otsy .1,it3'HiIis t'e ;yes tested anti otted tC 326S. State St.
UnvriyBosle s o0)little'flutt~ithti i tlihl cas stu rnttted 10 N. _. .LA'flhhhOPScodFlo
320 S. Slate St. at utystery. lor sonicyearthere it' 67 1007 E. Hlurotu. cn lo
See our window, there is only one
quality, the best; there is only one
price on them, that is $3.50. If
I you have never had a pair ask
your friend 'how they wear.
~ i
Athens Theatre:
Seat Sale at Stotilet's News Stand.
;. Supporting
Ladies Free Monday Night with every paid
30c reserved seat ticket.
SluICES ............................................10tc, 20le atud 2oe.
ILow Collars Have the Call. ,* -*
tilA man'nt hoeat ese inC han SucomdohtaOhble collhr. Cohhuss-F R
Coon ciohs are tl s o m etfohrtobioe I citose this fit. Thiey're. maideo
rglut anid thecy soeaor honger (hian thie..ordinatry Ikihnd. Sold ISehver.....
4i~:iinsI'i<5 Wher', 2 for 25cenit s o to or(hi s titnof -.-
r "the Man In the Collar."
71 Maklers.U

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