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May 09, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-05-09

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No. 160
"VARSITY MviEET TODAY the tine is. They play the senio~r lit,
tnest Ttuesdaty.'
The linietui of te Nwitiicti teem was
Hird Competition Today for Places s fiillow : Staciik., p.; Cilark, C.; Stew-
an the University Track Team- tirt, Sttixtt, 1: Ftwit', 2; tay, >; Flii-
Seventy-Five Contestants meii.: .Lewis, .; i'. itstoti. i.,Vce.
The sopihiioiore entiteet's jiityei
.1-ilitst the fresth etihettectoyesterdahy
'This afti'rnioii at 2:30 terry FieldI atfterinooni. 'Theisi-tire wats 12 to 7, in
x11ftibe the scete of the lg Wasity favotro tii'sophomoriites.
r1'z meet, the finl tyttiotf the fTe gmie betweeth ie senir adi
Hrof thee eandidhates for theti'nOiter- jiiiiie its wtas te closest chiss gitite
_Ttittp~ ycilas yet. The gnie wts eiled
a ty 'tac teaimt. Onthe rsoltstodaisy oft t seen olThek oni tccunitt of
ivltc rid ~ nthe imakeupitof the tettims tdarknies. Te sore ten stod 15
31e20 i estn il seniulagaist ('iicugo ti14 iifavor of te seiiors.
sAU May 1ii and to the til more ___________
o iie es (iofereice tat, whieh OAO IA OTS
- e ttmirtheittwestern champion- OAOIA O TS
tSfi2" 1 ily ..___
Tbhe 7istiof etries pulihtesd coi- Michigan Won Second Place in North-
laIitta ale nitnes of seety if the
bizs'L~ taletces iii he Univiersity emn Contest-Marshall's Work
caI fee tgle foe slilirt.,liicweili well Spoken of
.; esd atirth weiliesitg. Traiter_____
flzaaih prteiicts thitit"Varsity tec- it the titrtee years of the League's
v EDtf be brokent in at least two
;asf 11mlthitt several othlers tre ini history Micigait lis wot eight itst
g issl'egi':' ofleig siiiict-Oell. ihoiors one secotd ad oiethiri. The
JAuIng tie' week, these cuultsirtts lst tiiee tre cosierel hoiir plalces.
itase t iarci I iteilitious aitoiithe I'rie positionitof Michigei sillb tictetri
auleoue of eculif tie' veits excet ipcillwhn tisciuout-t
tte:ongt -udistnci'e'tilekevets. I i'' e iti
ituv'is s-rnile ivint K'e'lligg Jitidgig thatWioin, icagoiani-Mtn'e
Ic-sma is pstpeii'ifoirimtncues. soil stt liies' uevet receiediI itst tuor,
stun '1sf pittcsswth Waitie secoiti, andthaitt i ineslttigsecondlphweu''tiis
ntir stlsI. ' sitilteis. Stont, Mliin, antd Iys'ttt'Sitatsalli 5wointoeitheitss'three,
~t feny lghting for thirt place. isies Iwae attdlOlerlit.
"flee imie cwi let' i t, eesxibiitionT helii'cotest this yetii iMiineitpolis
it--t)mtPitrytiandiS. 3.('oniger' is the is ti roytl one. Sliit~i's repre-
saa.t-e~i'iois. ewitih'itetc'oiseii'setitilie sioki'his lest titd rcivedisi
"itc,'eee(thfiemi.IDoids or L. 5. (onger iii oiatiiuiiat liii'ietilofhis spiich.
P> -crolcablygt'thurdtpliatce. Not te slightest disirimintioni
JtaO 'ogt ti ci liii'ehltf i gootS giiist tiu ott atcont ofhis color
t3m th t arflttillit ndi t il lahway itvis osi'r'vs'iifrot the itte the de-
iltitig fit' s''ondiii.gtioti lft AinitAt-or. Stieciltpinsiii
t, Srt- rour'r'itileei'Iblstoik.swhoailbeenititalke iy iiesittithat lits
-Vnon1its"enititil''ist-ear,'eems liklyct-soll is' t-i'i'e indluscatreI for jst
yV e In- e e lt i tttith s-il iishut ci liiis-of oilerdeleigtilois.
liaget. I$liitidiitutuWtonlsit sruggling ir. Mtirshtll waseatwtrded ie
'for 'Ike; Ltilrtwo1 plates. Litwdenltst S'liimni of 571t. Besides
.Nassaten is seeti fist- toihifyitg the this hie rei''eni a fee of .2( for ain
F-dtriov maitde tin te otter e'n'its tattdress it oue of te cooretcittrces
4xEzmA l1at Sturegeot oce seeis to f St. Paint e wis also etertaiet
- h a itde te best of it iifteiit t udie by thelealidin coloted
,i~ nip, haittntg s ctleared soer -22 socities of st. Patt. Just bfore lett-
'1 .'Wdedtyaftfet-ntoon. lgfot- sinnetpolis le reetivd ian
- . tyission to tiemeiset willle iivittiloitto giel iadtdritess iefore
>,:nd largtecrowdsIis expected lt'e gt-tduaitiig 'ctass of te Alpiti.
g' 'euaaemenit o ake adantitage SHlit-t., high school. i-rthSis it' is to
-a treIeratei'i'i'eiee$25 anduShis expeses. 'tese
'thie Licals for the duy have been eieices of gotd fortue itt-c very
-'xklMotea s follows:, graifyingg o is frens who kowv
2hulges of tFinish-J I. Thomas, that le hs had ittttd struggle o
V -F X.SSnelp, Dr.S. Al. Wenley. tik itts vuy thrugh ,college. Atit
-F' Judges-L. W. Smith, T.'J. they 'wiiite gltutto kowvthatSlest'
"-Pu t, Hebert Graver. helps :ii itfiantcil eway have nmade
-12mes-B. S. Xilliam, Geo. Haler, iS potssittit for im o dcite to retiri
' tiS ite utiseuiy foithis lieary te-
'" ua-T. it. noserts, i. W. Kid- gee
j~- A. Effinger Te next .cuntiest of the Torthern
,rCorse-Si' WX. Millard. ifeigte ewil ehis'lutuiiAn Arbor
.Assiutitt Clet-is of Curse-HS. .' MtyAlso 1 ).4. The lttt one o come o
'A infortls.E. J.' Wotigenuth. uses t18.
Annowrcer-Darn MieGgai. -
t twas-Bieee Fitzpatrick. Adephi-Apha No Joint Meeting
'ESt &y'S Class Baseball ames F'ioll ing iutlong estatblised custoid
he Adephi Ltesrary Society tutd the
late sotnost exititig bsebatl game te Apha ilNoeill -)oisd a fluittteting
.attplnmuc its estet Wa teaoon de- ouight to he Adlphbi roomts ttti
Wu-red 'ltec'fresh Lia by a tr t, of o iscis. A1 picgan of l gt numbier
a il'it 5. Th e igame wesitplayed Oil tits bse'n arratngdlbysotmittetses frot
ikTa'erry Fiedand was witnessed tus#le soieties. 'his ewill cotpris
4 F :'at Cross-is of rooters for both itusi,.itidebteuiteeiutitai. irtadl
- #.d'ea- tg. oiuui'htaity rili tut iltduiii's
wSis giesas replete ei lu goot hut- it'C.1,or1in of te inseury departut
-aal k bto- ?othi tetums. ut te '(53nieutitenmtt.SMseimbu'rs tf lbot soitis ttu'i
d!etrr< 'teltasised ther oipoen'ts ituartestly requeus'tedshtoihe' prsnt
5t 5tte l poinitstOof te cotet. Ini_________
t t irltesever, they st-rc wa-uk.
euacs5 'c-io tpitched lfor tesotho' May Festival Rates
jmorei- prossedto be a shre, siltful Aulst'erailoastinhutfie southen
aetd Sotdy upaer andh his excellent uitituot11aaselitgist' uxu'ntsoitii'hts't
vj,:gkws-i iigreatmuteasre resiuonsible fr ta ftre' iiiatthrdu for the-'itth
, fta- do-ietlory. Flmeuuur, hie''03 short- Mauy F-stil god ftoustWuuiteday
, xo144 also uiiyu'uha, star game, and Shty 13, to 3Shsuuuututy 1(;~'It. til
o-eergu tueutonthSitetam udid wel. ciii gisethStu'friendslo tf sudeiru'ts uit
, lie eshe the freshmen_ did some 'potuniuuhty~ to vsihoemuct. 'fhose wid
ue -workounS Gule, the pitcher, wstushav o tnt suteccud iktkilofurte
xv~stedintgly coolu-heaesd atdsrt. His Say Fostitid thudo outy- e' 'uig ott
atwiring clledt fistthu utitny compli- 'ihouisutC(. ('tubutiti.scrtettry fth
tsaSftrnum te site 'lnes. Uivecrsity Shotostiof Miusi. Te
aluc of Cle chief fetures of te Knit-isoof 1Uiersiy Hallhareu''ti is
- acreu waas te rooting of teh teaum. otice. "There are situ sunuguod siats
-~c 'fi t eethvied with te'0-5 rooers let.
:and the ylling throlglout he play-
--.usy was voeiferos The game lasted Bishoop Jamtes XW. tHamitoni. ).;i.
fff nl ealy o'clock.:- The vitorious of Stn Francistco, Ctl., seaks at thus
> ,7bomores putt up a 'splendid game Methodist uhurucubtomorrow vndetuithe
:: 7. aee nosy _hopeful oU gettingUito auspicts ofthe Xesleynutbuild.
'- h its nniuArbor thigh schluo baiseball
Dlecide to XWear the 'Cap end Gowvn" teatmt still hlly ('lu-try Busli'ss Col-
Sugebhisufte'ruunoSniii'hefati' gronuduis.
-Steps Taken Toward Reor'- 'This gameti'tuuromlissitolee the best
ganizationi-Invitations ottte sc'hed'ule asitOthe lewo Sttes uaue'
__________ intitsui-u'this seaisout tutud\AnntArbor'
Yesterday uaftenuoonu it 43te egradt- bly 'i eot iiut byut suture if 5 to 3.
uat stdens o th seera Iheart Bt huttltiast ht-u-t i-iletig ito
lutus' indtut of he ee-t-a ii thes'st shuaupe poussile n'forthb gatmhe,
isis-hts of te University hldutant inte-t atut it thtut'efore proistises to Sue ant
estitug meeltiug hut'TapanuuHallh. 'Thue uuusuallhy ulouse ote'. Shtut;it toutTaft
quetiont of wehether or tuot the grutuu- wise-lt he itesteny fisthts'homeiuteSant.
ates shuld be robusithtte untiformti i htute catlled it 2:30.
c'ap antd goes-t sas,ateir consisder'able
discusoaun, decied in ttavtor of itoshue- OTHER COLLEGES
thug se-st-utntg commenu'ucemuenutweek.
'The grauduautes are to hue eongrattuledl Tile seutior ciustlax it Printeon is
for StainggShuts step.usit scitt addut$l(_;.
mtuchlthowardureletrut-tighue eottutieus'i- 'Tile date of She anuaiuh tuackt:necet
nzietut exe'rcises mtore impr~uessiv-e andu huutee'iYaule autdliHarvaurd tus beent
chauracteistic of uutuiersiiy nuage. anouncuiued a s Shay 21.
Nvith all of thue studentso of the 'Uni- .
i Ati1 c+sf va.. R...v ..., .. ... .., ... u., i., .. ...,
versity elothedulinthSe cap ush goesi
chc-uuhi ties-has'tuueis''tic f this'dgree
Nchlieachst tudenmt is ut scandidalte fr.
thue effet willt hi'a very tnotieatbe
titu peatsig one.
Oltheriutuatters o nmis too tueest
antd imuportances's'hauttrec'ed faisoi"
atte icuttioi evis te passing of at rs-
ulut uumpowering te schauiranuo1
applott a coummuite whchi is to it-
vestigaute tesituatuiont andta ke stils
necessarey o effect a reorganuizatontu
of the (Gradumate ('lube of te tUiver-
site, ehichltses to hatve ptsseout so
of existenuce somute sttlo estgo.
The vaulue as mtSiprtance f uts-i
tutu oruganuiauton autotg t' sudenuts
whlo itt-es'ngged init higuci' wornltthus
Universiy cant hatrly hut'oere'ti'i-
mtedlu. Theuedishotf the syitt issi'
tuer tuthandi nothistubut litte' cant
Sit acc-ompulsissd iinthe ce-ue of slitti -
ttuig educional weuuu sork butut hrt'is
nohigi ithe tunature o heliicsass'hi
precudtuue su-hi atrorganizathin of thes
ucub s eill huring tlt of te grauatuuues
inuo closer tout- it etsah-ithoue titnS
aufforutt er oportunmity' for ueomimg
acquuaintetd, if noting mtore.
it waus also te setiment of te
metetig tat uaproritey cmngraedss
inveitations shoud be scented by he
rautue sttudents imstead of usnigte
ittitons of te ude-graduttes
classes, whiuhha uts entte geeral
c-ustuune iretofore.
Inter-University Baseball Standing
The tamusitig of, tS ivee htsetall
teaums munte Imter-uiveis'ty's'ries t
hus tune is as foloss:
XWom.ost. Cntt.
Illinois ........ 5 1 83
Miichigan ..... 3 1 750
('iicgo ............3 1 750
X\isiutsitt-----1 4 200
Northwces'tern ... 1 5 10Q
Golf Club
'CItl( foloscing memutbes of the ,Ann
Artist-G(litC("blslitgo touDetertit
thismorning to plauy aututchitechhie
Xoodwardu Av-s-ue ('lub hcytsciii
itst enteanithe lm at luumtciiou:
Jocelyn, Thomas, Felker Smouot, h.
Trueblood, Sweley, XXheeler hEato,.
Notice, 06 Medics
The 'O1St mesictlauutu_ ciiiuhld usmut-t
thg Sioutsiu at 5 tcoek uihut' uuser
le'sturemi' ntt. ImpotanuSuut. lReort f
commuuiisustitte tnmthtodsof excutiti sf
A scuonventuionmuof G emantitYungtu h'to-
tut's'Stiltis sf Cetrlichtiigntilcii
behis- 'uihSiuietturdyan.Sundaity tu't
tu tu h heof Stuy. hluslutss.nieetihngs
silt he thuttutu Sturda~y. RvIt.hi
hDs-ers of Saginawec'eill deivhe'r te
sermnuiSundatuy utonig. Itthe eu's-t
tg s-i-citl uuonleill se-it rht'nderehdu''u
unduser thul tietnioi f its Flot-n
Cntss oftetiituho fSMusic. Sits.
1R. I. Kcmif stlitsing ttthis-uaflur--
St. -Granuge' wiii enarge theut'd
sil thus summtect, in such a 5waty ttI
a party of thirty, or one hutntureduatut
thirty coupes citt bn'rperlcny tkenui
care of, asn emjoy te eurrouusiugs.
ae'w',,,9t23 stutdenits e'rol'edtin'h utAmuei-
u-tut colegs. 'Tus is sie studetuto
'city 780 tinhabitatsh.
'I'eu'Law55ii-L i'tttv Sctiety f thits- mt
vesityof SMinnmesotuet n '''-tly debtie
uptiiihe ut' tione: "Ressovedu, ht this
deatuhitof shut butcheuors is tprefeabe
hu th marr uutitags-of oldunwtis.''
It wihl tke a ?C-acre ot o histide
rioti for'the seve e wse'builigs for
Harvardut-i's C'tllege of Medicies. Thu'
u-lst situlhut'$200(000,Ohalf tf schich
tits leni given-iby T.SPieponit SMogan.
Class Baseball Squads
'Ciii"fuollowcingttins-thus'lisnof te
eanduhidts-orfithevsuit-ous elass hbase-
hballh htus ibutheii iter-claiss tutris-s
It04 L its'i'uotutsoi, Pliumert,
Jennity. SweetCr. ('utuh, sounsu, (hldss,
ihun , uui.Si-itoeder,'iu'u.Su. ('it, Knappe,
thuttihi'. hittgi-n. Sis.Seymur, ui' Hosw-
at-u. SteisSualmtern.Hoen'usoe, etis.
Aldriduge,. mtantgr.
1t904 Engineer'ts--Dusen'iruty (Cpit.),
FanmiSplutuer, 't'huitut'tt.Zener,SMus-
tard, Hailuuuton,. Xathers, Xokon,
Dlooge,. Sltueisonu. Emeurson, Tutke,
LeavitSwiefturd, Stil, H~oker, Mc-
Doeloutt WariX'ung, SMcLea,uuiu, trret,
(tbleH arrn' , utM-on taugue, Grvert, DSlot,
XXiket. Bronsu.
19(4 'euits-A. 0E. .Xnderonu, E i.St
Andierson, Biggs, Birminhmigiui, Bis-
kit-kCitfornd,IDomagiue, Erinceit, lls,
aild, ;iller, Kerr, Kusteue, Tryamn,
cox.,TYal. hBurns, 'Evuns,SMimk, Ellis,
Vauughua, Richatrdshowe155r. C. J. Lar-
stun, mtauam.
190(1 Enmginer-FordL ymndon, Tumk,
Stretcht,,Spemuer. Xilis, Sibley, Pets-
tou, Siumlim, Daisteh. Mcnld,,Re -tiad,
Reid, Ttf Cr. Nstosr.Lthflrop, tssky,
ithrmnm, Hawuluey, Kennueny, Pinc,
Clark, tFost'em'. Feinug,(estge, Tibb,
1%(I3 Dcntat-ShiCottueik. XWhitte-
uore, itberly, Cat-l, X'Wihlm. Ferris.
Guitiss, Pu~t" trauintc'.,'Tonte'vhot-
t, Gkey, lutymis, X'unhuurg, XX'l'h-,
IW 195 tmgiuuets -Fi" Bir.hil-t, (hodt-
inghRaen,. (ut uthuhui-. ('nuhi'. hoistk,
FItbi, lBarstowus. SIuuuunwar. Stts'Dot-
Dorn. lc llt iifuitu ii. lturriugtsm,
Obru, IRyani. XX'hsuuu. .Lauglinamiur-
keri, Hartdin;u;. Si-heii.
S Ilutuniti-I hmttiiii (S(\gs', ecker,
Hatntg0Lewsis (Catup.). Hhuuuu'stu'tut. Sam
surns c, uu iel I h eri nguuu hutugon,
BIutu1s-,.EtohiLi. tugnweuhiSlleur. tarry,
tulsugit, '.iuthi'.1111Sttgr.umatsot.
S-ohoriuug ut-u' adtuionsihumto ucatdi-
hutetis to tiiio '6l it tamti: II is-itesis,
Sutiuaul.Brownsu, 'C'htsuussuuu.
thi. Frankinti ('. Sonuuhuss'uu'ht. hut'si-
th-iten t. o euuilet 'huutlugis-tuSctutu.
eis-pun SwSiutuin bunnliiAbor antitu
uuu'u'uuu-i m t tltitr t uian rl 's'. -tI h
a younig tuii eelwho ewtonuisi utuIit s
at nschlar'at HarvardUit-ix'ueu'isih. His
subjectS ciii o.i'I ''his'C'luist ilt Sil-
bl''ini lii' 'isstut l-lenSituryi't.
SI\TASi i-tu.
The amotiututlenhicionuoitthe Sltnder
Assoociationbuil stitt helit n btRoom t7,
'.Pest Situt Saturdaiuy. May 9 I. hi 1u p.im.
All wncutuutunof the ssociaution, titu
mtes' tuitituhsiu forutu positions ou the
editornilheoaur, should ahtutends.
1". A. XVAGNn,
(II) tPresident.

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