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May 05, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-05-05

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VoL.: xII.
No. 1.50
!:Many Excitin Contests are Promised
in the Annual Meet-Chicago
Hes on May 16
'nlu' yes of te athletically iun'tlned
poriull of the Uiersity' are now4
torowd towad The annual 'arsity
raknmeet.oinetrwvilt take jplaeesuet
Satilav afternoon on ctery Fel.
I nerest in 1the succesn of Iihiiawn
tirick lamifor 1 510010 s mreilteneG
11hun m fr sme time pat tease of
the gre'att posibiltie open11to tis this
'Tbreec 'ears 5)31 when the We~tern
VOnfmine wan fotnd tby the "lBigI
.Niue" malieitien of tie west, pald
ni1 .&co o C('itiago donated to the
ofernae a msive andialablahe il-
1 5 scupltt'i' permanel ttipy to te
Cop''dfor bythte tirakteams111 of
135r it it ea1c11yea isigraed ott
th ~ llit tie tiop~hy in otto ie
come ils plrnpert' of ally idividua0l1
5101510 lexcetig ii teimpriii~otbbl
,eet 0f1oneiinivrity 0wiingIii t
AMi ill yde111) 1 alm1ost (out of
the 11Ill tol posiblitietlI 'thtl Itee.
b9 ~ ye'axmuchtiithe 0cha1gri of XX 10
(0011510 01011 t'lieai'ii raiier Ftaat-
yolk.i't"rIiged to trn otit 11tetihthat
-aatlt rd' hed i'trick. Ad(Inow0 111
-gnrstil tIItmot geieailly dicend in
lvsen n'ilel1til'0'irles is 0111 5111-
i}p in 011111' l'lmilultstill iagan ils
yea 1111'heanswrls pr1 liolleilitilt.
sui~oll 1 0s 1111nd 1onl11tihe 00111 lell
thie Vile Bttne10001teles, the 51nio-
flog a neset Satriday) in the'Vr-
110)10 10111111to 111101'fultire lprdi'tins.
'Pit' mccl titef wil furiiih11m11ny1 110
"'lihogo on11 May 10, 111e'strg"''l'sfor
s'ipln'osfacamong111(15teI' lge 111111 ol
'on'ts('lnaas tosure to 110 11ig110'eit
i ame te ie nnerII1iildoubtful11110(
even101m chose few 'tere will is' h'rd
slrugt,'100 011)'the se')'nd ploees, a'1
owing 'ty the fact that Mlihgan will
be -.tl'soed to puit iii twenty"i0e11101
avm t hicago a larg number of
weds 1andeven t '00'ew inners of
1 mon xae wl'111 0n10ered1 lgit
Ditea iltzpiatriek is 'confident that
a imlr of 'Vars ity record will b
51) 010 iSatrday, iiid a statemencit ito
'str' " 0a rcord 'bieakig m'etfomi
.zsc'o a 0110sratve' 000100 st thin
armt-u'doubtedly lo"ig ot a 'lage
?Ease ii lfor Gte e
Ute o'toadiig of the foorteams01 in
the fFner-iverity' seris -is as f-
Won. Lost Cent.
ChX'l5..,.......3 '1 750
11A2 :t.. .... .. 3 1 150
'Mt '$1 0-" .......2 1 166
'WI Itzlfvit 1 3 250
$oiastrn.... 1 4 200
lrrv m'e tanr~it gaies will e played
3n 0100 ' intruiviersity 5Leage series
'idis week, the follow0ig being the
'osltay- inois vs.on' orthwestet,
at Evanston.
Vedefilshy-llinios vs. Wisconsin,
2t m.0lisoii
Thlursday-Northwooestern vs. ichi
ato n Artor
Sattrd'v-Chieago vs. Northweo'stern.
at Inston and1Ilinoids11-v50's. Zlhigni,
at haiiliikii
(hit 1 0is ti01withIlln010 for first
pt., in 11epert n tg o c um,dc
spite iher coslings defeat at the hands
or ""k '1 Roch's proteges last Sat
rlqyoithi'Michigan a good second.
1f Illinois wins her games with North'
'atern and Wisconsin she will geta
Dead on the other teams thet =it will he
hrd toovercome l ess iligan sets
her kick I peg1,)'by 11111I t Chain- GERMANY AND COMMERCE
tout1 of1th t ell llli''g1e columnii is Prof. Moneghan of Bureau of Foreign
tluttiliIS 1111 )goodIrticle' of ball11:11111 Commerce Speaks-Witty and
111l 1111ouItedlll 1for tte'nbest Interesting Lectore
11101t tof 1Calpta1111itley's 11111ill)'h
-:11il1' wi11l1he'thell'tnte11)'at hometifor1'Pref. Molni'glal, fornierly' of Win'
sole t i'me,111a'ndisit eo10 ilen 1toin i'ver110sity.andatrte theli''d
lb'-w'k arst salr1obnae1't'h'tiof 't'e1)1 0-ll oflorignClo' lluec
the111') it illo' 1(11il1 be)'s1 lare us)1111 i t ho 'lnew' dep a ('11111111 ('1111
Tiheilyf'asi05ot bse 'lltei aolit1)theIre(Istinganliylecture)1 ilok l 's)''1pp:I1
ml t i s i l ieill hicaho foo'i ll in lb 0 10 ll e s111a)1 r1)1' ( iiil'il'lit
thefrt __meandSwrmedualitlehisosubet.iliteCe rc iantoures) tll
BRILLIANT SUCCESS greatest1)commet'rcillpolIre1r. Already
________ilnleisO iprogres s 11 1 ')'een 11)11)1) in
Girls' Glee Club Entertains a Lan go still lilly a1 tllgiilllilgllS;hs 1)1e'p 11ade).
Audience-Reception and Dance 'Mil1 1theuill ted ttes is nlot tetir111)
in Barbour' Gym Afterwards Ithiangyittis ml~l o et.liNot to be1
Ssaid. there are the IIrs, .1111 to'e(Germns
Altargt' crowod, Ilompiosedt of facnlty tie anion:ilgthi'fotetnosi lot ttie'e.
Szial C aswell Aingell Itill list eo'en- 111lans it'llslow 1and)1phlegmattic a)1)1 lot
i'nil'rsity Gils' Glee Club11. Ever'tyonie trary' teoy are inven'itiv'e. 'lily in-
A .s ,,osis lie first year of ite ex- gll)iI)100')t)r.(If courseitheseln'wer)1e
ciIea to till'first perforntance of I)11ma)de t1111em l'r111icIiI'.
lla' I orll')'.1ion10 'wul'd t noI'tbeil 111' IhWe111(., IIter under(111111)he if 01')
;rn .1"rnderedll'i'h'l'ncI'ls1)1)11e1ieze)1 'l)) the1111)) irlil c hratrstc. 111)lill'l5 thelll
1elI 1 ver 11 1 " lih11)111ithot I11 1Sit le cimateI )1of te coun15tay t-e. T he 01
Mho yp 5thll ~ltan thewn At'henets dTh e re.'ihhi
ji~s~lyred Se ai tsealdee'euy4t tonc Sherdi ehn'is Booke
dnludd lenor t eeStoe lat $same .emng is h tla
IlnllurĀ°i 10fascinatig.
Inii iilifalltlrirtg, te Ge1111)11ete-
tilelt tf II'l'5lo'1'ik'e its shown lts tlf.
canno 1110 pet1ith Engll lattdo1w'die
liltst-theImtis 11tur e niesary.15 tll1 11
utr~i i l1111tsinted ha115v'lpor~izer 1b1
wh smitts'If0)1r1 e flo'isatiie'oillyitfur-
(adOt souse tfte her1' mairketsmadeths
te try I' of'I'll y lesii i the.ttit iisgiia
wter Aid the e Enmp'r' r t m1111aet.
stitee ll' ialiseechite iii tub 110
it i )11ho 11)00tiyiia ll ver 1th- op ot
-r E'v'e n l theiltis. inigiiais
nlrn)'ieaos pefpler.goltitogefeo'syeir
formedl fllI tita we'eOBlld fbenth
anion."''ad contibt(edotai''p'nhisi
0015 ailihd Empeorlto bull'ildtotaefleet.O
aid i thsoialitesaoiedofn1111s mo010
me'nt.illNaprolo Lfiledmany lite
la o trilvy.th 0Em0'per ill1ila-sees
ths dis boll. trigitild -tutp ia
grat shii)nellpower.tbSiuh iliti
1)11)I'lltill' inthrse 1daystiske'ingoit
'eryieailtoIs ofI hig daitiia 'e11ye0r0
thipsed n atOtIlaw)1ste ofllodslin-a
por01tefromthil teman itihey 1beathe 01)
00115 ijo'lelthe sa0l':55 of XX't'oost.
"hii)' s10il 11'(Of anir itaei th ttf i't-
er ip bsotlh ws eve1011'm'd111)acrosts
Comedy--Aticthe AthnsaTheatre
-ratsosemedSeato Still Lf)to
110.1 oo'dihacborl'tskte 111agriniof5tel
Thope chli ins be it(,o'eati friva1W"
he 'aoo' Eknglnandtheiiemre 15onth
bei.01)11)0peed but or sayty'.e Fo
bI'' te tlst o ineus 1a1thatd
thae hiliio 0-lr lithuito'ferlhe
iTe r'ue.ThrolelKiseal iole-')5
laethayIil beiimeat watilheti a idee
han'sploaid saitrslumber fse as
were oldc. iltueeatel tay good
honest hec1. Phit sritootbe.f In
tits cntinth spokelor~lf Joid then
they wcill loll tl10athe1)1i ie
lofmlitc' hievtteet.Fah ad
Ilics-oneof tl c o'rgrehtesie goaoes"ts
ofrmn Mi'.lslo deie. ot o'int rouice
"ArnIoprsigcone i'yente cst
"Mitdiend FomInia"Sprkin
Mi' Some Seradats-Still Left Silo
Mr. cbiris.ready.frlo 11 itserot
Mric. wichkewill-... plan.etierhont
lit'.c("ith.s1be-S r.Jems'i' o' ed-e
br.ntcloeIt'mael"Mi re. O entFrie
ir. Qothenosanuccasf.....lheyhht
Miss-Skelton. lI..... StMarion HaIyste
MTis Whbeeer, Ils..Be'nie Imiderholt
3isso"Elliott. a. -.. (terlrode Ttmieerhiolt.
bliss-tall) ro10' u .s. ..."Al
G t
tielniloer woithioioliii 1n1)1fluiteoere'
wohllpplandedl'(. SilsSartallh owardhs
'san)- her sollo part in ".C rid Mh Sade'
Lo)10' tthIe- St 1 " 00"t a1biiiiiiiiig
.1c-0' paut it hI)'Oh oh I 11, ini aniex-
troelil.-'leasing1115mannelir. PTho'i'ren
O(rn o' f(hi " 'Pelloowaitd111u0" antd
Il"uiitiiteii's "String Soing" by'tihelb
airt' asteooorthy- tof eseciallmenttiont.
After the hprogrS'mtlRsreceptitonlwa0,
held 'ini till WXome's nleague palorsl',;
form1 a'ceionIthe gym tito'r.
Senior Social
'lhie last setnior' lit-enIgineeltrinig so
cial-thi is sI - til'hilii',almost loll
thettic iniitis sta~temen~t to lime thoulght--
ful-nililed. And foil';just this re:ltollil
it is itouediitil' oill be1 the best of the(
snreliu. -tt uteirn -' risdtl)evenlinig lit
('-iang01's5 . ogItn,. oo'li ibegin promlipt-
1' it Slt). 'ri'ckets.--1,1111y' le lad of
Chairmnm 't~tt'uti or Kirk.,liBirtn,
MtcAfeeCoont, VIuoninkX'lke itidiFoote.
'Lolanthe" Seat Sale
The reserved'set sale for "tolitbhl"
opelned woithm a ruhh.tondsy morninig
at Millet's dlrug store. tFromithio ad-
vance sale the opeira Mill h'e greeted
by crowoded houses. It behooves those
whio have not got seats to secure them
at once. Time cast has been practicing
tot three montlhs and will give a fine
meni are') stronig. 111'e' 110eiit ixedi
owithifour'tignmloodt 115time EngishiareI.
Thu most idoliiiiantlIlorian chaaci'tr-
istics 1are petsevu'ueuicetandstability.
1o ot oioreimson IPtof. Soneglmaim b-
lievied that tt littlo' infusion of German
1b11)o0 intuu the South)Aunereani Re-
ptihics wo'uld hue the teot thting thait
cooulh)posibile hpen to them.Time)'
mighlt got in this w0ay a little stailtilty
in their goIverimients for a few wveeks
at heast.
tim1,18748 Gerimany passed aimitItperiaml
P. 11111 laow'Wh11101 lhad a001'y'bele-
(ficial eff'ct 11p1051industr'). IBefotre'this
a ('irntln liventohoad to g0 Io every
petty' kingmhtim nd itprincipamlity in the
entpire for the)1protecthion of a pateitt.
Before this('ermoog oowas.fouiiteentlh
11s 111 iinv'enitinlg ntonm. NOooshiohas
jumlpe'd to se'conu lacelid. Thuos sue
surpasseOs 0 Iigltiidlwho e rs t tther
ouwness , and France , wvithm ill her
imagiitatioit.Germnity's plent law'.
lire inowvtim test in time world. G'er-
imny siands fist in chel'miclldisovoo-
eries antdtinventions. Guimiany) uoil-
our11 imethods. ''lTus she 1is1imitativ'e 11
owell as iventive.
Hto ieat tools yip time favorabtle 1locm.
'ioinof Germny, withi wvate'roways
on twvo sides.:Ithiss excelleitt liar-
hors and nav'igoble rivers. Phiey haye
covered the country with 'aiuet-workh
of canals. The story of the develop-'
Iintent of such cities a- tremen aind

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