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April 26, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-04-26

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AINN AR13OR, MIH.,S UTN1)AY, APRiIL 26, 1903 No. 149
Yesterday Was a Notable Day in Athletics for the Yellow
and the Blue -Kellogg, Waite, Perry and Conger
Captured the Four-Mile Relay Championship
at Philadelphia-Hahn Second in Dash
'Varsity Won From Illinois in an Exciting Baseball Game
Score was Fourteen to Ten
The- University of Michigan team, consisting of Kellogg, Conger,
Perry and Waite, won the Ntional Four-Mile Relay Championship of
America yesterday afternoon at Philadelphia in the fast time of 18 mn-
uites 39 2-5 seconds. Archie Hahn, of Michigan, won second in the
loo-yard dash, chick, of Harvard, winning in 10 seconds flat.
Miiganitytts Iti-mtile rely taeo v~ ~- rt oiln'rsore. but a total of fori
etted ilself wilt11th d ry Ind -ll th le I 11' 1inte sevenIl ith n 11r IOof il
earnt:1 it ks of vey 11 iriiga 01sup- t Iii tillby l ii I0hu :iii startd te ll01
roln g i. i cithign lol be
of the lUited 'Stoles inithe big mutr op of 1l1111isby addinga like
yetoerdahy 011 1110111o011I'istolklittifiel. utmil r to lire list. W ien theWi llii
Reporl softhle' days evets ar hadli-iil u 1setlel 1ow111tot work ii
rallier noiagrr. tbit:1that MihigoIkwottI teseenthtfivhe moe M1 ician imen
ha r isdthe patt. Hiltoo0k1 lhe
there is 11o1 te slig hteol doubt:. lie tplace of, hBeebe 11n 1this ilig. 1bit 0was
gtodl news 0was0first 'leiet' 1011on11)11nble 1htotop M11111 M iehil' Ii hiting
distancti oe 11 r1t1111 C Iica totabot 'iilo Ill tth le fiati ol tlre 14 to I)
-iti 0 1101 5 lt.'httltl tllsamt the l~u lii wortee unablilt'to 11dd1to
5.15 l . ate., :las tlostli ri' tho rttruls IIi 11 liiliot 111 iot
leaving the basl)tie lgrounds All that 1he1rtotal 1lurlhlt
lii' ioverthe phone t Nerolth it broke I rkl andt clouds-.
B11e1l ' ion. os dltils cuit IeodIdlit tt1 s 1 iii iit i ll'rf-t poto ne
slo r~dn dteheiii li 11 t0iiithebetol er- ili't~'lI t the ga e. T ward i'le eo'o cki
e1Il lii 111-iherI 0111 1 t' Very1'l. ii 01
aieulotu Laf er11 rof101.1 1011110 ill 10101ws41ned~toyco u eu c
Itifli ii 010igt 1111ittle 1 111111 1'-clto du u i. A he 'lc:tu
ju tt1e1 scnd h'e ta 'lt li ii' lelte ll If liltterfle seoition
auile ;is[:tyr. 11101is lis'p111h0 aloIth ol'I1 i ti'littu. iin 0055 t' : psit -
,oated thto t e-ttt tt wltdn sh titeti' tiloe t lIil ro l t hle astor. iluer
tiles tideof oiara 'Ie'"it14t seillf0o111wih th to f l ndnooasd:oo
onds1t' at.. N i-h led to 11:11 M Itil d o N liofhi)a X"gpes ft.I
1111(1 Xpie11 00ilpl 10110 g l ii ltt t liloylid u ht. . .i 0 0h 1lu , 1ItN10
s'xp~t' to I ovrootiendy inntoinuedtittig, 1it('17"M ie
1 ilog o hati"orpa e rry it ittfr o e ator tis the. prpe 2 1u0or 0 fo
the I uuuooecsit tetisynoottit'rW-lt'.ewt......illn 2 0 0 at a1
'iviose '11011leos th toit its li I i m ls i...h... 5 1 0 0e1.
prieyediialltol ii t uIt nths oftit'Dill to11' e w r f t~eti d sr ig o
press. alsocgit teoti"no" thiswyearhehstar of
nte i n :I't'ereousidg oioil thoie lti tie i. ' ..i
' i'n' 110fro of tetl regticl builtro gt the l:1h11 ors t't' im2iIt.....id hi
p11' Pnhu ist a imoenrs ndtihsil ioorloas 1 f. crii. is . I 1e i 4( 1
out thenottcertai justwhentothe m. ltan dalosplendi. s 4i1k1w r i:. 2T 1
Micofte ihign Deetsgationoilscoretisa0s..fol0l0ws0:
'rrite, uttisty non icluig Fit z as- TII Dls... 00141 1 4 1) 1.
bollt-ism erisited ol evetutl~ed th ve-10B3 R I SA 1
andAV~itewil coe rghtt'l~oby Uley, olp........1.. 011i 0 0-10
wi00th hLmtti eCn n erltyofoggmol 1 BIiediguin.........0. 051 43o14
Oto'slee it 4topo 10onedinerryh- utngield....532 7(
ilgton't'ampbel l, s.s.....5 1 1 ll Sltll3
Ksellogg, ftl'riierry The g iiie0000 uterand 1%ivf..521000
ecl et ovihatntsome iiigenwthe .fTroede-hu. ef.....-.tt5i2 Ashniore
tof Uiciganitwhich oos vnuteriyPilse, Recie.2. Th.ee-h5use0itis1
idd in itsitron-tthsinbythe wlbaten ecte Cttng(2, aner-.oei
assensvons of t-Itnpeis nfedast. n bse-Beb ().Baesonbals
ahthiarettein them gae.laBethOr tty2; BeI. trnckPot-
teams hit the halt bard in the begin- By Beebe 6: by Utley 1. Umpires-
fling of the; game. Towards the fourth Huff and toheui. Timue-2:15l. At-
inning, however, :Illinois -seemed t4o tendance-SW0.
GAMEIS I' l- 'u l
S. ill out 1111110 lilt e.se ltot'Ro'c111
111it le t Ittok 1111 iselond oitl ll 1 II
snittofD1v0' 0t't'tullu I. wa
1sit~eoveritsec od, lot ilti too'lt.s
oat-Itt' 01110 oct tit1 0to secondilll
:tt uounlc. Pi l 1-1- aotitul l t t 01 lis
by 'll thrsowt 1fr1'ot-tu-tuavis. . so
IitI 011 Iil -it rsgieatitpus 00d1stiottI
C'utig'1dubl 4o ' oluuhlu-l. ('imtif
wtits lit' ihiiul tuit.eorr ;t
scoed Iutingtadulit lp1100111 1R11hft
'11001t1he tirdot.t' u lul.Aliot
uThe ot t-i t nit 1111 1 .tut' i' thu o-
cam hoehillPs. dolh. eb
rtutuh tti it11 st'lCoo-t'tfo'le005111 til
Cool: stole0 ghut utitt't' h t vcr.o
titueeu'untitnstitalu's "gorit'i. l'oar-
tkr's lit 1.v1e1'st'-od 011111 rts
duleo. whticht 0010 foltooed iutitui-
wbho'c tooas shhatertred sitoi'a'scoir.
oo scor-ng Iva, donet' iitut hiut 1114
fotutht nudtiut i m iis Afc ia
si uceededi ii in totiningone' sor1 du'
ith liix lthI. Redientuuti itit. Wole
wetottiIout thhRolers ohilei'DaoviwsOtl
u-toe litItit lfor i iheintg oit Stolilo
ttto. lRdden-tstole'seond-utwIhoileht
Rohe was p0010atsedlhuto is. iltlygot
Itsle hw'hoouih lcored11111-,.-
vancedluthrlll otilts-if ui. 'tutu ool
lul for'Ituu thre totoses 1111tlt i- w I l tit'til
tilt tutrou' bi Ct.upuuilulit o ihut'o t o
first. Sthl st'ott-teolld1end11Wolit's
d Itow01'oil'Parkiitt-'s gioutiouiuu al-
Michg toiautehckat.thuo- t e
l'ao tiloll sttorillcedoot l 0 itoh et
gu'll Itooas. Itlu'oo 'lltitodttot -t
iui. Wlt' goIt anoiter11p1ss. 1itt b'
u-ost guouiouohoi' to Stbu lwttaoos ltt-
blilt-iloiutlutti'tig tou sitte.Riito
het lot-ot out aothrelit rnttn
AtIthus staof th'ht'ettrutoIllinoios
il.Intoo' glt toIllnois ocoutl ott
otuuo'ltlothil.B hs imetout' iiiouoo'hwuts
outin ing-ou lstli',Theii' u-t-ewohto
totnl vuut oisible' oll to'oviing eotto.
Cu1111ing 'tai tstartedothe u ioiuss too
It sinlouh-ortorhirdu. he thtoot o
Iec otiws muffedlo'o ty Steitto'i'ht'. Het
00eit to thirdmo liit'ompheil's goundero'u
00tuuhichohmioe' kindly dopped~o'o. Pitts
addedool4tothor~heattdy ougo' sooe of
Shlit iii 1b- hrotiu;ig d tto othu
plate ll owbo-hg 'uttinug to so-out'n1111
Campbtoeoll got thir,. Reddenti00100git-ti
a as. gaini Stoinwoedoel tfubled
'a -roundr frotmDaviosbot. lout-le
1rm t111 outhe boat11111dtaiid te etuuuo-I
atol to lsoIs'utilto'excied root'rs lie
stilt ' oableotoo'too hofti. hittug ill t
Reddenlotndotuol Moto. I 0100s10atiily
hit, U te0y 01111t out olialt 1010y'
01 omiuuoo'utou sond.ouo
Tisi-endtuu-tithe gotmtut'.as Ilinlois
Otis tutublilt'to Io nytinginitothur
n11 inth- hut' toghly Sth1liaetto'00I-
bo-ehul, ut outo bwo otRoberitstil
so-otnioeiasy r'uounder'u'tool bur. Thec
fnlscoto'ores Mihiguonit14.Ilinouiis I0.1
untto hitiu t pratiotc'goitie owil le
placyd'il tcloithue ''Varsity and.thehue
.Ann1 Arbor high selhool. It is the'
itntioof ttthu' manauogo'men'ut toonru-I
tingeut'those gotmito-s th111de'lopii
toeami0wot litItiveryout''oisfactortiiy maon-
tno. Metionu'iuphlas tere out 'i''ihis-1
tdtys00-ile the ~Univers'tiy oft tituogoI
is sc'huleuod tote Stuay, Myl2.
C'anidailteote lI9031 lit-erg tiose- d
bllhtmreorlt a1t a'rgrotuds Ionu-
1d1y' at 4-fip.i. I
Candidastes for thie 1904 it baseball -
team report for practice daihy at 4
p. in. at the fair grounds.
Manager. ?
Noted Pulpit Orator f Nw York
Wil! Speak in Ann Arbor
This Evening
1t SIr.\ittio'i'ssl'linc'upil chr
thiueve o- t os ill it' lou
notitei inesl. 1ofills oountryloDhitWit-
Cholulrch. N y or uCty. P'~ yh te
is'luuo osttu 010 till iIlgymloiluolie
is luIl toutusi ttu rd carite tot itthi
ctry eelii yung mlt.lihus ai
stol-Itof Sout.Gorgtelu's lii tuotototuout
ustutuy yea''1s.11his 0111t1 osth tuItedi
antedoibNewt'Yiiok tfailies. lokiuitg
lt-eso' tet-u' iii nyli-so tus, fib us'htt-
o'uluo'us. heIbt'lishuos aotheruluos. Fort
11111 ty itto's Stt.Oh ioutgo's co-uogu'gtolu
0110sii toioi-tl ou thuso' tmilieos aiti
'01010 01 stotIg 1):11'15i.
Wht-u li. hloulistuud buok tilt) hus
wtorklo er tiheluseoldtofaomilshad oou
muoved'on091towntanouthlb c onthgrgoation
Iutnd obodw oidl to oou'to'urteen oommhths.
WhiltilItothis onduuiionuhe umadebithu
00 lit-i' n ofreetcuch 1111nd uoti'der Is
flot-tolal ty thon,lt-heelhs grown'upil
hue toil-gost 1-luisu-oouelonoougeogation anduo
pi ii hu T.huiiohsth'es. hee
1010 hToaty 0S11A1)ittlihlth ilootils 10111-
hosep obo'. factoryillworkerto's, ecl'ok
tud tuiilitot' butwtuu iili to'tii'iil lupont
teill itatiyo ortelirolivinhg As
sltaoledobefore'breItt-re a' tloutsometvoery
i'ougi''iiioii 1. I titlitt t loth Iiie-
i) senuior waorodenloanoduDl.iiRhinis
tod' ight Vaito111:u11tiltooiouu itithue
chtutc ot t ii i s itay.
Dr.ltoliusford'oiis to iihr ooadanlheraoh
boutedg-'tltti'itou00lotho s othit 'ub-
jetdIi.ofIo itisilut tbohis11000
Idea iiintubdtinto-umoh odstofrort1001ii
lou hus teogy hut'is iin 0s1111athyi
w0iiith ouderntishillit s shuoon in ri etemt
thddrses madooe ini 'Phiadlph111110 0 bhk
addoresses havet-rbou-rum o-usderd ho'
somelhO tot Srictl1y iiorthdox. -
Die. haiuootooeu is distinguishod for
his itetn-mse erortnhmess andulferless-
ness iniiltureexpressilo of Is opinioms.
lBeuuse of hus woelI knownoi symtpathy
with Itthe 1mult1iud,.thu e Ioplehdelight
to huarlehimm. H-e is tal Iand of nmas-
shoe froame, hoos a srong but kindly
faoeeoxpressiv'e otthus spirit tumd char-
actor. A nmost intresting ccounmt of
thue life of this wondooerful mantu is mow
runnming mu thue "Outlook."
1D. Raoinsfordl toill deliover aim address
before thue Hobart G~uld ibumilms0ear's
eourse outthor Balowifoumdation at
7:30 ocloeck Sundaylo evemning, April 2,
St. Andrleew's chureh, amd it is oed
he woill 11100preroc-l at 10:0 o'clock
hum thur morninmg.
S. L. A. Election
'Tiii'anuaul el'ctionm of ott'ies of thue
S. I.. .wa~osbhoel0yestrday orninuemug
II thue too'wibuilding ant1phovedo'oohto e
a ot exctitoiniug tontehst Te ees-
o ttiuohiofvouters 00110lbrer and each
c idat hahoocbod madtooo'aosronug ecanva~ss
tote supporot. Tiii'result owos bum the
nauroer ou t o surpurise.iWhile thur out-
coute, toos thouugit t te muchnel u
dooubt, neit~herl coandihat oretm' suiden~ht
hadto expecedo'ltriltltby oe130 ha'
joints'.The final countuimg uhoever,
shoved C'oulter to haove bent elected
10y a mau~jority of 9t0 votes, thur result
beinug. Coultier',28; Hlubbhard, 18. By
wImuuimg itt the loat elepartmmet, Coul-
tot receives Cle votes of 19 of the 15
elrc-hors inthie finmal eectionu, tus as-
utrimng hill] the presiden'mcy. Im the
iteiratry depaurtmment Post's electors
lwere elcte'd woithuout oppositiomn.
Miss Paxson, mational secretary, and
Miss Sinums, state secretary of the
Yoummg Women's Christian Association,
will speak to women Sunday at 3 p.
in., Mu-ondauy at 6:45 and Tuesday at
6:45 at time Y. W. C. A. house, 1017
Noth University Avenue.

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