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March 31, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-31

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Xiiir.. XIII.
ANN' AOM ICt I.Tt-'S2'AY, IAIsC1-III21, 1103
No. I5
A GREAT MEET Rocky Mountain Club Baqut
Oulr Showinig AganstO Conell w1a11111 loo iaii ; l ctn,11 ' ril
Rvelation- Oudoor Work Be- t ie, ~,In eades'vtl
ginls Tody-lIos1Pocts for 110 ls isi ll to de1 2 11 to1 th
Western Conference Wet ltit+rit 211hhil 11fae
111111' ii' till 111111mvkirv1111' ii ili:11111i
- - ,1 111111ed w ihliclt im 11111 ail thl' ldiii
micerntiinti t, ll m et las i ii, Il iijil Ililicc fte ' 1',isc tr sa
seIt ofi itil iiiii s ailt i t'i l illameil 1 1tupe" Il ,l iiiStIrllt i'111 .
as bitt i fithe1' ("~rll ll l 111 it \ tii 'Oil _______111;11________________w_ r
li 11 llt),;. by the c tiltof 4 11 point 11 t Sno a s wl Idle i Ihi
'? J1 lit livt'l Itltll l' li elll .
1112 ttiitit' 115 'lt tirlii'li Motog~am and Much Fun14Kes
ill t1114, mi lein't' 11ill" worhildsindoor2 iefo r s t Ir.F. . Assumedk
revii ilifort he111 iisii't ars i 11112 11_____lz __tel 11ou h th uccit
to 1stand 1for ,'tnll liii' lii ee1n111 ' 11111'f i ct'i 111 .yell'l, andii 1111 folk oIi
11:11ie ccnslllS it ril1-1121 Iltg istol ;;hots to fetll duty geed2 111
4:25 utdoos. iiog ril i l ) l 1 l everyonill present 11 11111 tii 11 1111 ti t) 2 4,u5ii
',il tll 2'u ct'ii. tll li 11it11t.1ol'l2111deri
4 :et ._ liA bolutl'l 5 t tl11111 1 .l i 1 211 ', l oc i: 1124 ti elll ui' c11h 1
Ill l 51111ol \ri t re ,°+21213' 113" savng 111111 her ;I11n 11tir
h iln~e f. '!-ie. , )"I'lorili ices trill a t i m t e th i m n r u d p
phi to eo pel il tllIlaio~tlfou - 'oc'' 11 111' t t ii ll1-0 till i'ttil'lit
Bierht laird inll StnAy p itril tttl_'11'ui'it.s i
Tot ho , ll ol s e nt in 111IIlpo1sI t-111 111115 i L '1211 L E RYltiii t
t i irtll it ol 12 li t'lofttlh t 11h iler liitIIiibiyts itl'it'- - i- t'i 11
Ih n h ln1,)a in the i''sii I' t autti 11111S'io Laws w21 ill Ilge i n h i
might. look 11iiite a ula l lac 11 litk i I 1111' 1lt'Iloflt5 4 111 lt
lentw rti u (is1 e ' 1 ' e 1111 1i AIt al PatyiTo ih --i ne111 ll
ms einilteli liii ull 111111 11 s.tsi()n " i s11 ss1uied
fil1 1hird ilap tlliliiiwi tsiio leaveii Olt
11,3c:11 iimle on2te outide 11st Oraor i aA l o o 1 tpa y
11111111 stillto li, o ter 41 0 Iof 111and ie i 0affa ir s li ii ll i t litl -i
ily, rack o lethits y. IItv~tjtislLoin n I'ii siircils i~ h
balo.tly-ri'elwl o 10111oca
ilt'g1of1the t}.'3 lit- gee l as104:3 sii 12011 C 11 lI ltibylnli ti onlgs f11' llil theii 11a11
M1AR0K I100011 11O1V . I A'I'SC1,',
BASEBALL Rairl Clting is Oil
hiitis Link Bligliter '111310 at 'This li'iii I lii i ll 11 11 ill illn o-:t41t
TeLatYear-A Brief Linle-lip 'ii ''2 its I 'isi 111111 ii iiii, ti' ii 'ill
en the Candidates--Good 1211.2 lhis 21iliii'1112itih:li ill' I 1 -2211-
Practice Yesterday Itil2 s"hwi~-o~ilt o O : 11 11111k
1 it ooo 4 a't1;n 1:+ sl 2j s
111 ss ts lIll 1i11I1, I tinIi iiliii5 11111 1 ii I iiii 111 iiilt 1111
11111 111111i~ili Ii;I1,4,111m,113'11"1111I'' 11:1i(1i is ] t 211111'1112 its' 11
a 1ii 14 it'i li'of 'iiu 1 11 1' ii 0112 113 iic'} tr t a ( e llIlr~llss ' iii l ni111
( I i'iiIft 'ilt' ilt's e11121 il. I'11 i lds.11 i has'ii 1 111 li4dIi s t 11,'l(lilt li ~l _h11
I'h p act i fil'lHoI5'i lt- o i' 'ilNvl l ie 1:1-dl Y i ll113' tss ipiu,. 111 ishl 'til ui
a14 c~ sIl oe ll'lut'h's 11111t1vlsflll otit4)(:1 ha
friususuiuslyIliurilis'tl'', MIhGAN GRADUs aetESav
ii liii' Ill NIuhi'lich iiito t tt l,4 at' 21 Ils___________ld. wa ;ko ("Ilg
'7ok fhill' i;; he anhii' 11t'iiii Them--reat.11 ellst umer onu Te
IiN, til Iii i23 tlilliO'1 1111ii11 lii 'feaa tw cl t hrs -G rec leat M ny et (1-r
Flick d. 'ile ti': ii i '1113' t I'11Iili'l k li,'t'. 4 Lawyers,4lotfa r o alcl-
l11111 tillilt~ t, iii l 1 icked w11ii'i'i Otviri thiiirt is'er lici'n t ofth1112liit"
No sc my lii 11 ti t 1calilirsiIt'a s hgrauteti oft he lilterar211 epatmenthu
he:i of 111( i, i allIrIt's tillde'velitp 1of1tilt,5uniueity harf upliigai ae to t -
111a111 ''2111 tui;Ihi3itchiileri 'h''t ill fo glgt'itt 111111112' o radotr duto nath
liii ani r 1. I 'irt'3' tt' to1 1111 hue yiers bi ei g t 112er1ice rel'ciionthect
1. lfor t t lslcrub" it thel Silli l rs cat' i 11 1 i oissmanufa cu si ns a
t~f he ;':lle :11A hel tle W rsl 011111 aget s ilor a l wortate15lgadr-
111 t''t3'a 'liiit1212110tt 11111 111111li is 111111ltlr-g 11111 ll211 sae
Iliii' lsh l i 3il 's. iliii4' t h eship t' lt'i I d l -lll 1 p10111 e11111 rel bi vlli t a1 d
it' 11112 3'tt fifeiper centiuttt'stlIsohc siaths 'r
diecio and t 111 is teaili 11 to 1 lduiiigsu102 s u ieois.The pli ftiony and12 oceue
lito uiti ' his.l i 111113'ran. Heu lllhtis het' ationiwhitt c 1ltht 1121e appealed1113'o ther
man 2.lrd t a pta'iintI 's y oiil l liilt stum01r ofs'uraute s lo ts
the ls'rill;;itip. i Utley I S' int n eat' met'i ofslt' hei ni versii ty ad h
box fori 11the W:'Ii' i tii it hI i lit lit is ilnmber iofgraduaes'nowin acI c
showetd iootl Icon1 t' and'plt y of cording _to _recentlycollected________
sped. li wllbe i itd '''ap til at inarB astoilo s: 1111hTeachingt n
week oth r e ucatonal wor , 1,65 rdu-
The wor of O'B ien at thid h s rtes la , i33 ilonrai ng,11 1 tr1ad5'ig,
bete war ed1 11.11 t: as een for glii20; init litn tmiiosii15l;
It W. 1:1L 1111 1 i i i itt 1w- i
i t -:5 I. n .il I I I l 1 h alli lt I
iil' 211 l' 11)t' Ii"L Ctiil t'I li i
1:11:hlst 111211 ilt' i' ii ii lis ii
iii ut iii iiuuiuu lui' sill l'i''i'
1'1'1; i'h'2 I:'N 1N11111 0tuii
'f it a-4 at''ii litsii 11141 til ilitt erI ,
ctillt 111 e Iot ot i oNI' 011110 l o
1111111 11 i to P1111121 III' hia i oft1
h)if uh m lii1 ii ttti'25111 5th1 b,111( i'
(}1,i1it"~ f tils oxi tI lil il Ic)111tff e
:dill hilU ins, )o ~ 'll' huhflt' liii)s
init. T'le e 11111ing 'o' i'iiii li I''lulls}'
Il 'i't'i'I' iin hi r ice inii v t
t113' ICi ill ' If.35 1 it'I I I> i t,

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