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March 20, 1903 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-20

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K~rf HN'O W ttv 1 wll' t~' a 'tt'1tC r l}T ilt' tllItf ta\4tI{'i ,2 1 ( 22I1 tll tFII' to1 lCLEA R LY
Cutt nR r& Co.
University Tea RoomsRETCL,
LOVELL'S Cor. Main and Huron S&a.
~pn from 8Ba. m. to 8. p. m. Other Colleges
Tea, Coffee, Chocolates, OC T'ePiel'nnsylv'ana lalseblatllsquad
has bteen reducetd to 22 mien.
Lampsl [5 Hazing hats been modtie t etittinl
offenise by thet'legislature of Illinois.
3 I'neraT1, Chimnite, Wicks, lTe pentilito is a lfine of St'tt(I a1d
iihades. itoyrisoitilet for' six tnotits.
OCas Portables Otttdoa ki 'I asb ltl itlttittt' Ire
outoos wrknginthe inud. Coach
Mantles, Chilnitneys, Butti- Handelin is poisiinng thei pracitice and11
t rs, Tubitig, Etc. 111opest ito ut Wi'otit 111110114the
Tou can always fiod what leainteamitts.
;Fnu want at The .stnltot'.tii' teamt moet of the'
I'O G' lO 1[ SUPPLY I(STVEKL WetSei~n1niVerI'Sttis 01le114e 1(1ltisoon
Cor. State & Liberty Sts. tot i ti taso beenttmadieof six teamts that
tte to c omptete. They are Minnti a,
.aFETER THlE PLAY r'iintnell, Illtintois,-Northwsternt, Vi
drop in and get Oysters in tiny style and ' aonsill an1111hicago4.
Luncihts of all kitnds. Ott ai't'iittt of a sicttlet fevrrepil-
3&1. SAaron St. Next to F. and M. Bank iletomittinLake Forest tii ahe ae -or-
tine black, ft-satthe Atkins. i-st Uiviersity 11a1, tbeen closed dtowni
PROCHiNOW' & SCHIAIBLE. int all I epaitneilts. I-i'ort Iiot n
Ill iilit theitunivei'ty has10beetn'tittiiert
STATE S I'RtthiT "tstrito 11111 itine, tand its suet
Lunch & Dining Room hlv n tten ltItlittledii toraeiti
Sink ,1 2. Illrt ampus. iititholi tihe epidlemti-leta
TyourS pecalISttea,25.Olan aall t 1en1controlei itt th1e intitutliotheIl
aigt.hi Ist totaitotinuloiedtio ispread thel
JSXSON & SAMSON, Proprietors, ily ataithe athotiritie's hitherefore
Dirty Lunch, Ypstiati.opposite dieckitedi lt hldti tilte:i tlar spring
ID. '. A. A. & J. Watitig Roiant. 'aiatiion twotitillks cralier.
I. F.IYICEI'xpert ret lirint'of jewelIry it
IModern ,job Printing 1,1'E S
4 The Kind Yau are Loaking For See e SlihIall's adivertise'mentt of
4 ~Ness Steins oiitpage t. We'are atsuiritd
" hone 28 1-2 215 S. Main St. it1i')ythe lttlttfatirer's titat they intlendi
It______________________________to tietmontstratte tilnlFriiyall(ti]iSat'r-
Switches and Hll aijr eoods d.y of tuis week titattey are p-o
PriceWhteat tithes-reatty to I'11. Ituya
rice pacikageh andthave ti atackage given
a; non is Ito e themnisi the rteatstil we do ttus.
cc, ill alea l ,o e fo
__..W.:Mhi-ir Subset'fit'rtteU. of M.LItity.
Phone 389, 3 rings. DIRECTOR
Office 209 S. 4th Ave. 'Phone 98. Reel-
CALENDAR dence 302 S. 5th ave. 'Phone 314. Am-
' buiance on call.
Fridhty,'Marci 24-11.304medic soeiai t 1.~..
a1 Grantger's. Otto twty to snake tiottty is to nova
Saturday, :Mardi 21-Clack-tLandis it. Butt if yout are watseful 1an4 don't
debite ott S. L. A. course int U'iser- rare tosaves' your monie,otr dot't care
ily Hall. for a lERIIFE"iFIliTindlotte tno de-
SatuirdatyMiarcht 21-Iterschiolastic s dieto look NEArT. dotit come to see
itidoocrnmetet in WXaertanat gytnasiuma. tme. I tmake Wol'ei Sttititngs and
Satutrd~ay, Msarc'h 21 - XX o ., ,tt tuatttanteeaprt firit, stylish and upt-
Leaguet' party itt Wotman's ttitnasiutm. t-dat.,Potrt$16.0lOand tip.
Saiturdlay, 5-Marchii21-elto i itetr- F l A 7 I E .
All kinds of Artiste' and Photog- Over Firtk National Bank. Ann Arbor
raphere' supplies. Cushings Pharmn-
acy. !____ State savinp ank.
Eegaesrpie.nwlneatBRCHAL.LEII'S JEWELRIY STORE. I W .J Booth Jno V Sheehan
1______ _ Wta Arnold He V C Vaughan
Jas H Wade E F Mills
Lio sitllit Sig;nlaFratpill,.,SatmI-N J Btyer John Uacer
hi I"'i't't Iiar it 'ti"'oiyJnot Koch Prof H S Carhert
dayb~tOO1i ii~ray ad 110erstyFrank P Uazier C'kristian Mactin
The R~nn Mror Savines Bank
'I IetlA spte t ' lrs. lttrls'r's Capitol Sto'hkIV't0,000. Surplus. 11t0,000.
tWt4 \tlltiiln tlIriot. HResors. $1.90,0.t
Organised under the General Banking Laws
of thin Stote.
IQNEYI.OANIatdeeeivedeposits, hays and aells exchange
MONEY I.OAEI). on the principalt cities at the Catted States.
Moe o anye10100400tchdes, diationds, Draftttasohed upoa proper identfcation
Satetr tones to coat.
wheels amnd otliepirsontal proplerty. O'ICERS: Chtarles E. Hiscock, Pent., W. D
Ofice at residetnce, 331tiE. Liherty IHartiantic t tePres.;I M. . Fritz, Cannier.
Fa're'et, All buisitos coofidental.1DY AA R SadrdTm
Houtrs, S to 11:30 ia.to. atnd 1 1o30 ""DY . , &J Y.SadadT
and 7 to 9 p. in For Detroit half hourly from 6:15 a.
JOSEPH C. WNATTS. mo. until 9:15 p. mo. Then hourly until
____________ 11:15. For Ypsilanti only, at 12:15 a.
ms. and 12:45 a. ms. For Jacksott hourly
Hoot's 'Mu~sic Hotue, the ptoputlar atid from 6.:15 a. to. until 71:15 p. ms. Then
u~p-to-a-tlte sutpplly hiottse for everyititg at 9:15 p. to. and 11:15 p. to.
tmusical. Ltest tmutsic alwvays itt siock Waiting room Huron Sit., W. of Main,
A. . itselililosrotrseitd. ANN ARBOR RAILROAD
Eyes tested nina 2ttd at AD= u '.CEAb.WM11Tl= .S;
IIl.t. EIS JEWELRY STORE. Trains leave Ann Arbor by Central Stand.
ard Tine.
Mvoney loaned on Watches, Dia- Effective Oct. 26,.1t02,
moods, Jewelry and atty personal SOUTH NORTH
effects. Busitiess strictly confidential.
Terms reaoonable. Office hours 9 to Na. .- 1:10 A. m. No. 1.- so0s A. m.
No. Z,-11:33 A. a. . No.5.-12:30 P. a.
11:50 a. in. 1to.5 and 7 to 5 p. m. No. a- 825re . No. a.- 4ttnP. x.
Call or address WY. '. tLonrim, Room
7, Hlentning block. Phone 459. 151 Trainst Na. 5 and 6 run brtwen Ann Arbor
Trains, 1, 2, a, 4,.1attd Odour exceept Sunday
FrechairencaonNos tan~d4.
707 N. University Ave, IC I AN C AI~
C e si'lilit.' best lities of Statiottary "Te igaaFatsRut.
itt the city,111s0oImakitng a specialty if TEI HOT INE- FlsBat.
tetpoar bi' itider paper by the pottnd TL HR IE
box tic quire itt the lowest filgures. A NN AR BOR TO
Also if yout hatveatty hooks whtich CHICAGO
need'I rebindtinig, call 'itt and get otiuB FF L
licii's. ___NEW YORK
F." J. Schleede, Wlttadirtct contnections at C seago. tar St
Lou is, anatiste,5t. 1'-uittand the xvest.
Fo orramation ad throutgbticketsr-cItltin or
340 S. STATL ST. welts to tv. W.-CAE. AgentAn Arbr{
tbot1dr siti
L.EUN .02tititn S" ti (r Braown
Prite givet eachltay.t
11 .
Every Student .bhould In-
vest 'no Cents.
And 'aet the Detroit crebPress
Arhot'Daily Argits every eneti'
lag. Tr 'best patters it, the
;ta:te'an iity fartte otte price
_.f 14 cents;a'wN1k. -Leave sor-
ber-N for the :'Ittiittiont at
Ha '0M in SI, liters,
ss Wld Ior Ar;.u
1s~ 10 . 1kt tnL' t
recenttly stinted intt rttlliot i -~tour
trtgtulalnbie of slttionalry, lbook-bitnd-
eti lioks.-or jewselry to leeaorind tte
(,altr iliralitt'slierfect satisfactiton.
Ctll) amid inspect cur stork, atartm
clocks, U. of Al. tis, Sic.
Couse icktsSaturday, Mlarch 21iSt.
CoreTikt $1.00. Single Admission 50 cents.
L'O V A ZD Sspring of '03 Woolens have arrived contain=.
ing prettiest line of Hiome-Spans ever shown

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